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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  November 15, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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abc-9 broke down the numbers.... provided by the sioux city police department... for recent public intoxication arrests. from may first of this year....through august 31st, 387 people were arrested for public intoxication... that accounts for approximately 100 arrests each month. and among those arrested...48 percent were native american. deborah: those numbers...have caught the attention of many local leaders.. abc 9's bria bell..tells us how...a siouxland native american outreach teaming up with law enforcement to tackle homelessness and drug abuse. bria: local community leaders and agencies plan on being in attendance for the meeting in hopes to help the native american community as quickly and logically as possible. some recovering natives say that the issue is cultural or generational and this is the first big step in changing the future for their tribes. will meier is a sioux city probation officer who has seen firsthand the side effects of alcoholism as he is more than 20 years sober. he says that
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direction by taking notice, an alcohol ban doesn't seem practical. "banning it is not the solution and i don't hear that in 12 step meetings and i don't hear that any place else," said meier. as a town hall meeting between the sioux city police department and woodbury county sheriff's office approaches, three recovering local native americans chris, michael and henry are eager to be a part of the process because they too have been down the red road to recovery. they say they understand that people outside of their culture may not comprehend the seriousness of the issue as they've heard the feedback from some others outside of their tribes. "never judge until you've walked a mile in their can be done, we've just got to find a way of doing it. you know, getting the treatment here long term," said denny. sioux city human
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rights commission, the winnebago tribe of nebraska health department and mercy medical will be at the town hall meeting to help assist and resolve an issue that affects mostly native americans in siouxland. the support that has been received is well taken by the group because they believe alcohol education is fundamental to break the generational habbit. "i know ck then, we never knew about what the affects of alcohol...what it does to the body, the mind, the spirit. there were so many connections and we become disconnected, i know that's how i felt," said henry love joy jr. bria: when speaking to michael, chris, and henry... a bald eagle flew right above our heads,hich according to them symbolized a good message for the future. there's a native american prayer that translates into "we are all related" and the three say if more people believed in helping each other, the city would be an even better place. live in studio, bria bell, abc 9 news. deborah: just two days after the horrific attacks in paris ... french fighter jets bombed isis targets in syria. france targeted the syrian city of
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considered the capital of the so- called "isis caliphat." the strike involved 12 aircraft.....droppi ng 20 bombs on military targets across the city. while in turkey at the g-20 summit...president obama...issued a stern warning to thosresponsible for the attacks. sot - president obama "the skies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in paris. isis is also suspected of a deadly bombing in beirut last week and blowing up a russian passenger plane earlier this month, killing 224 people. the u-s has conducted a majority of the more than six- thousand airstrikes in iraq and syria. deborah: now new questions surrounding...the origins of the paris attackers. after a syrian passport was discovered beside one of their bodies....causing
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authorities to question...whethe r a terrorist faked being a refugee in order to get into france's borders. abc's brian ross has more. " a major break in the investigation came within 24 hours as police in brussels saturday arrested seven possible accomplices of the gunmen and are now interrogating them. officials today said they believe that commanders in syria planned and directed the sophisticated paris attack. part of a new isis strategy to go global, with claims of responsibility for the paris attacks issued in four different languages, french, arabic, russian and english. isis tape: indeed this is just the beginning. richard clarke: (01:03:37) there is a specific unit for the paris attack, at least one of the ten terrorists was first sent from syria to blend in with a wave of refugees arriving in greece, where european officials say presented this syrian passport with what is probably a phony name. officials he was part of the team at the paris stadium, and was the first to detonate his suicide vest. another terrorist, assigned to attack the concert hall, has been identified as 29-year old french citizen who was flagged by officials five years ago as a possible terrorist but never charged with a serious crime. his fingerprint was matched with a detached finger found in the debris at the hall .
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the obama administration is calming fears of a potential isis attack here on u-s soil. when asked about the matter, officials said the terror group's ability to launch an attack like the one on the u- limited. earlier this year, the director of national intelligence...jame s clapper... said the number of potential threats in the u-s is around 40...and they are being closely monitored. officials say...the terror group's success in america....has come largely from recruiting and motivating online sympathizers.
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deborah: president obama is overseas at the g-20 summit. obama joined 19 other world leaders today in turkey. the two-day summit brings the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies together to discuss trade, energy and the ever the paris massacre was the headline of this year's summit. french president francois hollande ...was scheduled to attend the summit, but canceled his trip due to the attacks. in a sit-down interview with the turkish president...obama addressed the looming cloud over the summit. "traditionally the g-20 has been a forum to discuss important economic issues facing the globe, but as president erdogan noted, the skies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in paris just a day and a half ago. deborah: obama also discussed ways to address the refugee
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crisis...and strengthen the syria-turkey border. deborah: here in the u-s, flags flew at half staff today. in our nation's capitol...the new speaker of the house, paul ryan, ordered what he called "respect and solidarity." flags will continue to fly at half staff until further notice. now to the race to the white house... drake university hosted the three democratic presidential candidates last night in their second debate of the primary process. during the debate ... clinton, o'malley and sanders each took extensive time to address how they would handle the isis threat. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) "this election is not just about electing a president, it's also about choosing our next commander-in- chief. (bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate)e) "together, leading the world, this country will rid the planet of this barbarous organization called isis." (martin o'malley/(d) presidential candidate) "my heart goes out to the people of france in this moment of loss." democrats will debate again on
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saturday, december 19th in manchester, new hampshire. the next republican presidential debate will take place on tuesday, december 15th in las vegas. drake university has released the results of their student straw poll today... while 22 percent of student voters were undecided, bernie sanders took the lead...with 43 percent of the votes while hillary clinton trailed with 24 percent of the votes. martin o'malley came in third...with 11 percent. the results give what is called an "un-scientific snapshot" of students' preferences after last night's debate. deborah: bernie sanders was in indianola today. while speaking to supporters, the vermont senator touched on several topics, but he mainly focused on efforts to unite with other countries to combat isis.... saying in his view ...that people have to quote "get boots on the ground"... deborah: sanders wasn't the only candidate in iowa today...hillary
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by the central iowa democrat's fall barbeque the event was held on the campus of i-s-u in ames earlier this afternoon. each candidate touched on many subjects including the economy, education and climate change. hillary clinton..addresse d the attacks in paris while o'malley discussed the economy. "there is so much at stake in this election the attacks in paris as i said last night at the debate are a sobering reminder of the challenges and the threats that we face and the importance of american leadership. "the hard truth of our time we need to own is this 70 percent of us are earning the same or today than we were 12 years ago that is not the way our economy is supposed to work that is not the way our country is supposed to work." deborah: the barbeque is held by five different county democratic
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groups. deborah: when we come back... online fantasy league gambling is illegal in iowa. we'll take a look at how a current lawsuit could affect the future of the past-time in elisa rain moves in tonight, and it stays through wednesday. and i hope you enjoyed today because once that rain is gone, we can kiss the 60s goodbye! your forecast is next!
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the world of online sports gambling. currently, iowa is one of only five states that doesn't allow it. reporter jacob peklo from des moines shows us how that could soon change. " " deborah/elisa beautiful today!!! deborah/elisa
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10:13 pm m overcast on the kings pointe storm lake and port neal welding company sky cams hd. another warm one! high 63, 16 above normal and even this morning we were 10 above normal at 36. temperatures are still warmer than our normal daytime high, in the mid to upper 50s haven't
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wind, pretty breezy out of the south and tonight that will help bring in some moisture fueling our rain chanc. clouds and a chance of showers overnight mainly after midnight, with a better chance around daybreak. temperatures don't really move much tonight, staying in the low 50s, spotty drizzles tomorrow afternoon. you can see the clouds pushing northward from the south on satellite and radar, that will be our moisture source for tonight. more clouds on stormcast hd, rain getting closer after
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to head to work and school. after the morning, showers will be spotty with mainly just gloomy skies through the afternoon. better chance comes monday night as that low pressure approaches from the four corners region. rain likely overnight and the low pressure siouxland. tuesday decrease, with cooler temperatures some snow can mix in west. by wednesday, we'll see lingering showers through the morning, and drier conditions by
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here's the rainfall forecast, through wednesday about a half inch to inch expected. as far as specifics... best rain chance monday night and tuesday afternoon accumlations up to is low, best chance night, winds get breezy with gusts to 30 monday and wednesday. tonight, chance of rain after midnight. warm, cloudy, and breezy.. only getting down to 50 with gusts up to 25 mph. tomorrow, decent morning rain chance and then spotty in the afternoon. gloomy skies and breezy, gusting to 30 with a high of 57. better rain chance comes tuesday, winds return wednesday and rain finally backs down. but after the system passes, more normal
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over the 70s... and down right cold by next weekend. deborah/elisa not looking forward to real november. thanks elisa. deborah: when we come back...iowa hoops welcomed coppin state to carver- hawkeye arena. alex has the highlights next in sports. alex: alex walker awalker@kcautv. com alex saturday was a state to carver- hawkeye arena. alex has the
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iowa city. the hawkeye wrestls upset okie state and the football team improved to 10-0. what could cap off a perfect weekend for hawkeye sports? how about a win from the basketball team. iowa 1-0 this season....wrapping up opening weekend at carver-hawkeye against coppin state. first minute of the game.....south sioux alum mike gesell drains the triple......iowa takes the early 3-0 lead.... sioux city east alum adam woodbury making his mark for iowa as well....strong on the block...hawks up thirteen... next trip down the floor....dom uhl hitting from deep in his first career start.....18 points for the sophomore. and then its the dime-machine mike gesell....with a pretty feed to uhl....a career- high 12 assists for gesell....iowa eclipses 100 points...103-68 the final. alex for the first time in program history, the iowa football team is 10-0. the hawkeyes outlasted minnesota in a shootout, returning the floyd of rosedale trophy to iowa city. and what a night it was for the iowa offense. c.j. beathard led the hawks to 506 yards of total
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offense, a season-high. iowa also scored thirty plus points for the fourth straight big ten game for the first time in school history. under center, beathard improved to 11-0 as a starter, while leshun daniels added 195 yards and three uising right along. "they should feel really proud of thth. it's significant. there is no question about that. significant last week to go 9-0 match that 2009 team. to push it to 10-0 it feels pretty good i also think we are focused on the moment quite frankly. " "it's very special. it is something i will remember forever. hearing thesde honorary captians come back and talk about is something i can come back and tlak about." iowa has risen to six in this week's ap top 25. the hawkeyes host purdue next saturday. for the first time all season, nebraska has won two consecutive games. the huskers traveled to rutgers andbeat the scarlet knights 31-14. nebraska now one win away from
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a fairly complete effort from the huskers on saturday, but head coach mike riley wasn't completey satisfied. . "i still have all those pregame talks from my college coach...that always said the most important part are right before the end of the first half. and right at the start of the second half and here we go giving them points right before the halftime and i thought man thats not good." a win is a win coach. nebraska is on a bye week. they return to action on black friday against iowa. alex yesterday afternoon, morningside routed doane, winning the gpac crown for the fifth consecutive season. ryan kasdorf tied a mustang single-game record with seven passing touchdowns, leading morningside to a 55-7 win. and with a seven- touchdown day, you have a wild stat line for the mustang receiving corps. jason vanderkooi, connor niles and michael whitehead combined for 422 yards and six scores against the nation's best scoring defense. offensively, 616 total yards for
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of redemption against a doane team that beat the 'stangs in 2014. "just feels great, especially after last season. we have been hearing all the talk, all the noise about how good this team is and they are a good team, there's no doubt about it,m and it just goes to our coaches our preparation and the heart of this team...we were in a similar position last year when we got up quick and they came back and beat us. we just told ourselves this whole game that we were going to fight, fight, fight regardless of the score and we were going to come out gpac champions at the end." morningside will make its n-a-i-a leading 12th consecutive post-season appearance on saturday at home against saint xavier.. and a big congrats to unity christian senior anna kiel. our 2014-15 female athlete of the year has decided to continue her volleyball career at iowa state. in ames, she will join moc-floyd valley grad alexis conaway and heelan grad natalie vondrak. kiel signed her letter of intent wednesday morning and she is ready to be a cyclone. " i am so excited. i know a couple girls from their team. and it is just so amazing to be able to go to such a big university and it is such a blessingh. i will try to bring me best and i will keep working
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on my game and continue to get better." congrats again to of luck at iowa state.
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rain after midnight. warm, cloudy, and breezy.. only getting down to 50 with gusts up to 25 mph. tomorrow, decent morning rain chance and then spotty in the afternoon. gloomy skies and
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breezy, gusting to 30 with a high of 57. better rain chance comes tuesday, winds return wednesday and rain finally backs down. but after the system passes, more normal cooler temperatures take over the 70s... and
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>> the following is a production of learfield sports. music >> hi everybody and welcome to the paul rhoads show. iowa state drops a heartbreaker, 35-31 to undefeated oklahoma state.
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great passion shown by your players. i mean they had a great preparation, they were ready to play, and it's just tough to lose one like that after putting so much into it. >> when you use the phrase heartbreaker and heartbroken and all that, it applies to this one. i actually probably said more than i thought i was capable after this. this is a... that's a locker room that you don't know how to console your guys. you don't know how to bring them up, because they came to play, and that isn't something that happens at 2:25, ten minutes before kickoff, that's something that they've been putting into place alleek long in their preparation and their focus, and their ability to take the coaching. the entire staff you know put together great plans, put together great plans in our special teams, put together great plans offensively and defensively,
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