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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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fishing, not catching," says if you have any pictures from your fun filled them our way to facebook and twitter. jess today...the launch pad had a v-i-p preview for members-only, showcaseing the museum. screams and laughter could be heard from those of all ages as folks with " launch-pad memberships" explored the new city. described best as a hands-on ..regionally based, agriculture, physics, and engineering experience, explorers can gain insight and knowledge, all in a colorful and fun environment. the museum is set to open to the public, february 11th. jess after a long-time battle with pancreatic cancer, david allen freeman...age 66..died in prison thursday at i-m-c-c hospice care unit in coralville, iowa. freeman was arrested and incarcerated in
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hill. charged with first degree murder, freeman was sentenced to life in prison. he attempted to appeal his life- sentence in the iowa supreme court in 19-80 but was denied. jess in international news... a 6 point 4 magnitude earthquake shook taiwan...collapsin g a 16-story apartment building. taiwan is promising to investigate why the high-rise apartment building fell. at least 14 people are confirmed dead and close to 500 injured. while 200 people were rescued from fallen debris, search crews are still looking for others who may be trapped. momo than one hundred and fifty individuals are still unaccounted for. jess president obama hailed the results of a new jobs report by the labor department. it found unemployment is now at four- point-nine percent, the lowest since february 2008, and wages are finally rising again. it's a long way from when the unemployment rate was 10 percent in 2009. president obama said the progress in unemployment is a testament to american workers, businesses and ople being resilient and
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will only get better. (president obama) "over the past six months, wages have grown at their fastest rate since the crisis. and the policies that i'll push this year are designed to give workers even more leverage to earn raises and promotions." the jobs report wasn't all good news though. hiring is slowing down, as the u-s economy added only 151-thousand jobs in january. that's way down from december when the economy gained 262- thousand jobs. jess the new is a big deal in politics. in the modern era has won the nomination without first iowa caucuses or new hampshire primary. while many candidates are investing time in new hampshire -- one person not there is making noise. cnn's mary moloney reports. "blame it on the snow. the winter weather stranded donald trump's massive jet in new york. forcing him to s sap his event in new
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swipe at trump on twitter. saying his 90-year- old mother made it out to campaign. (barbara bush/former first lady): "i haven't seen snow in years." the businessman put out this video instead -- praising the granite state's motto - live free or die. (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate): "it means liberty. it means freedom." (nats): "what a great slogan. congratulations new hampshire." but it's trump who may get congratulated. according to a cnn/wmur poll of likely republican primary voters -- donald trump has an 11 point lead in the state. followed by marco o rubio in second place ted cruz and john kasich nearly tied for third. with bush a hair behind. the former florida governor hoping his straight -talking mom could convince voters to pick jeb instead of trump. (barbara bush/former first lady): "i'm a woman. i'm not crazy about what he says about women." (barbara bush/former first lady): "i don't even think about him. i'm sick of him. that's very strong." on the other side of the political aisle -- hillary clinton is looking beyond bernie sanders' commanding lead in new hampshire-- and focusing on her end game. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential
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fortunate to get this nomination, we can turn our attention to what we really need to do, which is make sure we don't get a republican back in the white house. sanders alsolaying the long game -- armed with a wave of support that's shaking the democratic party. (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): "this campaign is trying to do is to ask the american people to think big and not small." i'm mary moloney reporting. " jess politics d dsn't always have to be straight forward and dry...just ask john kasich. the republican candidate took a campaign trail...for a snowball fight. political staff for a little snow tusseling of the flurry-fun didn't last too long enough to enjoy new hampshire's winter wonderland weather. coming up after the break... not t re what to do with all that snow we got earlier this w wk? we'll tell you what one montana that story after the break. elisa nice tonight.. then gusty sunday and monday.. with blowing snow
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answered yes. it took tate dunkel a week to create this snowown in bozeman. it's olaf from the movie frozen. dunkel says the snowman is for his daughter who has a condition that affects her muscles. she can't walk and has trouble standing.
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for my daughter juniper. and she's a special needs child, so i put in the effort to make it extra special for her." dunkel says when he sat his daughter down to take a picture with olaf... she actually stood up and gave it a hug. deborah/elisa warmer today but gusty winds tomorrow? elisa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m blizzard conditons possible... a blizzard watch in effect for northern iowa. wind advisory for sioux
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wind warning west. no heavy snow is expected in our area tomorrow.. you don't need heavy snow for a blizzard, you need to sustain gusty winds and low visibility, which are both possible tomorrow, hence the blizzard headlines. for now just breaks of clouds, actually a
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night, increasing clouds later, gusty by the morning. temperatures steady all night. just some cloud cover tonight ahead of our front, a dry passage and nw wind shift overnight. gusty winds come in by the morning.. windy all day with gusts to 45 mph. we'll start to see bands of snow form behind the front late afternoon and evening. with falling
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winds, blowing snow is a concern. we'll see snow fall through overnight into a bit of monday mornrng, all very light. monday snow is gone but winds stick around. potential for more blowing snow from the ground. winds don't back off until tuesday. snowfall: light accumulations, less than an inch for most. up to 2" farther ne. gusts, to 45 on sunday, and monday as well. then don't come down until tuesday. so what you need to know: winds sunday morning through monday night. snow, sunday afternoon
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winds 45mph, blowing snow with low visibility and light snow f fl. coul dbe dangerous travel sunday and monday. keep that in mind for the big game parties. winter wonderland on sky cam. up to 38 with sunshine, temps in mid to upper 30s, winds breezy, but not gusty yet. expect them to shift tonight. tonight, 29 with clouds and mild temps. tomorrow, very g gty with possible, light less than an inch. 7- day.. still windy on monday, much calmer the rest of the week. deborah/elisa everyone drive safe tomorrow! still to come
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big game ...we'll have some fun facts and
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more game tomorrow. and some more fun numbers. the age difference between the two quarterbacks cam newton and peyton manning is 13 years and 48 days -- the biggest difference in history. abc's ryan smith is in san francisco with more on the game -- and the half time show. "super bowl 50.....just one day away....and the hype full swing sot: fans cheering go broncos
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denver vs of the game's greatest, peyton manning, in what could be his last hurrah sot: peyton to belechick sot "may be my last hurrah...great playing with you" ...versus the league's dabbing, dazzing young star, cam newton sot: cam - if you go intony game or if yoyogogonto any season thinking you can't win em all then shame on you that's a losers approach (nats practice footage) their teams today, expected to focus on game faces on friday.... and stars and celebs hanging out at the super bowl experience... (nats - i like that jacket) already making their picks sot: ryan: who's your pick for the super bowl? cuba gooding: : hers got it,
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brandon: i gotta pick the broncos... as for the game's super mystery...the half-time show....coming into focus. bruno mars...announcing he's the latest star to join headliners cold play for the star studded event [gfx] tweeting - "mars has landed hashtag super bowl 50" sot: coldplay - uptown funk is our favorite coldplay song?.this week sot: ryan to drew brees - will we see drew brees on stage? sot: brees - i was not blessed with the music gene sot: cuba to ryan smith - it should be you man (laughs) " the first woman to repeat as halftime performer. if you want to catch the game and the halftime show in person, bring your wallet. stubhub says the average ticket price is over $4800 per ticket, the highest since 2007. jess well here's a prediction you can sink your teeth into... ...americans will eat over 22 million chicken wings for the big game tomorrow. with super bowl sunday being the biggest day of the year for many sports-themed restaurants, places like bubualo wild wings expects over 12-million of their r sty wings to fly off the shelves while another restaurant, wing-stop, hopes to sell 10 million wings. about half of all wings sold will be takeout, as broncos and panthers fans flock game parties at home.
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as we talk about digging in. many of us don't even start to think about the dangers of having high cholesterol until we hit middle age, but new studies are showing that young adults should be thinking about their cholesterol levels early ward off dangerous heart disease, later. cnn's adam mccoy has the details in today's health minute. "as a young woman nicole diaz nelson was very surprised when her doctor gave her some unwanted and very unexpected news. (nicole diaz/cholesterol patient) i found out i had high cholesterol about two years ago i was completely shocked because i was in my mid twenties and i had been vegetarian for a long time. and she's lucky she found out as early as she did because recent studies are showing that having high cholesterol early on can put you at a much greater risk for having heart problems when you're older. (dr. ann marie navar/cardiology fellow duke university) so specifically for every 10 years a person has high cholesterol by the time they are 55 their future risk of heart disease was increased about a third. the american heart association the american college of cardiology do recommend screening early
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high cholesterol and then repeat screenings every five years if risk factors change. diet and exercise are the main lifestyle changes that can be made at any age, but for those with very high levels of cholesterol - medicine might be needed to keep it in check. for health minute, i'm adam mccoy " jess your doctor can test your cholesterol levels during your regular check ups. but also many local drug stores offer these tests for free or for a low cost as part of a total health screening event various times a year coming up in sports...nebraska hosted rutgers on legends weekend. alex haha the action from lincoln when we come back. mapleton and ida grove for class 1-a sectional wrestling....stay tuned for highlights from
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alex for high school
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winning state is the ultimate goal...but to get there, you must qualify... the road to des moines began today at sectionals.....the top two from each section advances to districts... and we start in mapleton for class 1a's sectional 11..... at 106....mvaoao bryce kafton flips west monona's ian pinkelman....he notches the fall.......and finishes 2nd to advance.... 120.....fifth-ranked kody berg of westwood......domi nant......pins his way to the finals...and gets the fall there to advance to districts... up to 126....rebel grappler markes myers continues the pin train for westwood....he takes a second place finish.....he is moving on..... 138...woodbury central's cody zellmer....with the sweet reversal.....the wildcat holds on for the 3-1 decision and takes first to advance... 152...9th-ranked drew anderson of
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opponent....the rebel....wins by fall....and scores the pin in the finals to advance to districts.. 20 miles northeast.....we find sectional 5 at oa-bcig high school in ida grove.... 182 semis..nick gase.......of alta/aurelia.....pins alex pick-hinke of ridge view.....the warrior ends up taking 2nd....he goes to districts..... up to the 195 semis.....second ranked ty riley of south central calhoun....gets the near fall...and goes on to pin his way to the title....he moves on. at rylan richardson...out of south central calhoun...pins his opponent one the same in the advance... time....106....sixth- ranked kurtis krager of oa-bcig beats koby hanson with a 10-7 decision...he's fired up because he's district- finishing with the 1212 championship....oa- bcig's jake wulf...ranked the reversal....he decision.....see ya at districts........
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ranks.....a medly of local programs grappling at the morningside open. at 133.....john shadrusky......wre stling unattached......not ches the near fall of wayne state's paxton sternberg...and wins an 8-2 decision.... elsewhere at 133....northwester n's preston hoebelheinrich..... businesslike 4-0 decison over christian velez...i will have a feature on him next sunday night...he finished fourth 141.......morningside 's lane nichols...scores the two point takedown....he wins an 8-0 major but falls in the quarters... finishing with 149....northwester n's elijah dahl polishes off a takedown....5-1 decision for him...he finished in the top eight... alex 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the 1990-91 huskers that shattered the record books.... nebraska won a school-record 26 games that season, reaching as high as 11th in the ap top 25. the current huskers honoring that remarkable team today against rutgers....hoping
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of that early 90's magic. a scary moment in the 2nd half....shavon shields lands awkwardly..after a hard foul.......he was unconscious minute... hospital....but the negative and he released.....he will back to the action....andrew pretty touch deep.....huskers open up a 15 point lead..... then its michael jacobson on the receiving end of a dime.......nebraska blows out rutgers.....87-63 the final... iowa state visiting oklahoma state.......without jameel mcckay....he has been suspended indefintiely... deonte burton filling in for mckay....and he was just dandy....he finished with 11 points and four steals....... deficit at more.....matt thomas to georges niang.....he hits the fall-away shot with his left handf...clones down two at the half.... the second half was owned by glass and in,...the senior had 16 of his 18 points in the final 20 minutes...... isu holds on...the clones have won three straight in stillwater after losing 18 straight from 1988- 2013....64-59 the final. northern iowa on the road at drake...the
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straight win. 2nd half, panthers up 13 at halftime. paul jesperson knocks in the long two! uni i 10. back comes drake, reed timmer with two of his team high 18 on the day. bulldogs within 8. but that's as close as they'd come the rest of the day. uni was just unconcious shooting. matt bohannon drills the three. lead up to 11. then it's jesperson splashing in another triple. panthers lead by 14 and they win it 82-66... deborah/elisa/alex tonight, 29 with
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very gusty with blowing snow possible, light accumulations of less than an inch. 7- day.. still windy on monday, much calmer the rest of the week.
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heart attack on the volleyball court. she's just 17. > she was shocked back to life then exclusive pauljones. her accusations brought bill
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