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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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has been arrested. a fatal crash in lincoln county, south dakota, lelees one dead and one in the hospital. maintenance crews in new york continue thehe clean up after a 565 foot crane fell over last thursday. ss: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jess plue. a 13-year sioux city police veran was shot early this morning after police were called to valley park apartments on several reports of robberies. the officer was eventually released from the hospital, but wrime stoppers is asking for your help as cases are still be investigated. abc 9's bria bell brings us more... bria: eighteen-old-year old isaiah mothershed was put into custody after shooting the officer
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center for treatment. mothershed's condition is unknown and now crime stoppers is asking for your help. "eighteen-year-old isaiah mothersd was arrested early sunday morning afr shooting a veteran officer and himself. officers were called to village park apartments after several reports of robberies within sioux city. the officer who was injured has gone unnamed and was treated and released from a local hospital.. while mothershed s taken to mercy medical center to be tread for his gunshot wound. mothershed has had run-ins with the law before. in june of 2015, he was arrested for assasating and kiddnapping two men over a drug debt. those charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. crime stoppers is now asasng for witnesses or anyone with infomratiti to come forwa. residents at village park apartments say things like this don't happen in their community. "probably like around 1:30 a.m. going on 2, i saw two ambulances pull up and then i looked out the window again and it was a bunch of police cars and of course a round 3 something they starting putting up yellow tape...i just thought somebody was sick, so i didn't know anything serious might of happened," says stevens. a cash reward is
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you can remain annoyomous. if you have any infomration you are asked to call 712-258-tips. bria: abc 9 will keep you updated as me information comes in reporting in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jess a two-vehicle crash in lincoln county, south dakota, leaves one dead and another in the hospital. around 10:30 this morning, two cars collided on south dakota highway 11 when the northbound car lost control and crashed into the southbound vehicle. the 1616ear-old ctim, who was pronounced dead at the scene, wasn't wearing a seatbelt while the other person was taken to a sioux falls hospital with minor injuries. names of the victims are no being released at this time, pending notificaiton of the families. jess in national news-- crews in new york are working this evening to repair a water main and gas line that were damaged in friday's crane accident. the 565-foot long
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north street in tribeca friday-- killing one person. the crane wawacut into 35-pipies and haulul away on a atbed truck. the last piece was moved earlier this morning. they hope to reopen the street in time for tomorrow's commute. jess we head now to san francisco with john kucko game updates, john ya there? broncos hasve won, can you francisco? entire game, did people expect that to happen? jess morningside college football jess former morningside college football stand-out, brandon wegger is living his dream on the field at the big game as a carolina panther. his journey to the nfl has been a difficult one, to say the least. today, abc9 talked with two of his former coaches, steve ryan and roger jansen. while wegger is now mostly business, especially now that he is playing for a team that has made it all the way, one of his former coaches
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the talented former heelan superstar. "it t s obvious that he had a lot of talent and was very commited and driven to win. ow believed that he could do what he' s doing right now." wegher's former heelan coach,.. now, assistant head coach at morningside... said wegger always surprised everyone on the field. "you know i mean, i whole thing about seemed like every something that just amazed you even more." jess the neck-and-neck iowa caucus race between clinton and sanders has now reached resolution on the lingering questions of count accuracy. the outcome remains unchanged...hillar y clinton has come out on top. the iowa democratic party worked closely with both camps and their respective party leaders, reviewing results from the 14 discrepant precinct caucuses. since only five of
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errors, no done. jess and bernie sanders will debate next month national announced today the debateill air on c-n-n. flint was thrown into the national spotlight after it was discovered the city's water supply has been contaminated with sanders and clinton have both issue on the sanders has resignation of michigan synder. argued the crisis part -- because the city is poor and its residents largely african- american. the march 6th debate will takeke place two days before the michigan andnd mississippi primaries... jess presidential candidate bernie sanders held a "get out the vote" rally in portsmouth, new hampshire. sanders got quite the welcome from the crowd-- they were all chanting his name. new hampshire was not the only place shouting for bernie sanders. vermont senator is the latest candidate to take night live" stage.
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night live" stage. last night's cameo comes just days ahead of the new hampshire presidenal primary. "hold on, hold on, wait a secon(pause for applause). i am so si of the one percent getting preferential treatment. enough is enough. " sanders isn't the only presidential candidate to stop by saturday night live. hillary clinton played 'val the bartender' on this season's first show. and g-o-p frontrunner donald trump hosted in november. jess there's a lot at stake in new hampshire, and with the primary now just two days away, the candidates are time and effort to win over voters. cnn's jeremy roth reports. "l"ls than 24 hours candidates are back to canvassing the granite state for more supporters. in a recent poll of likely republican primary voters ...the winner of the caucuses, ted cruz marco rubio bumped and donald trump came in first.. (donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "i picked up a lot of delegates
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hampshire i think i'm going to do very well. i have a great relationship between the vets and all of the people in new hampshire. they just seem to be very positive for me. rubio says he plans to stick with the same approach he used in iowa. (sen. marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate) "same strategy in new hampshire. we want to get as many people to vote for me as possible. and we'll keep moving forward." the same cnn/ wmur poll for likely democratic primary voters ..shows senator bernie sanders leading with 58 percent... compared to 35 percent for hillary clinton. (sen. bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate) "when we began this campaign here in new hampshire, we were 30 points down in the polls..." despite sanders' significant lead, clinton remains optimistic about tuesday's turnouou (hillary clinton/ (d) esidential candidate) "i love the nh primaries. i love it cause the interactions you have with voters in every setting is so sot "i don't know what's going to happen. i know i'm behind but i'm in very good spirits about the process" reporting. " jess republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz gave his reigniting the promise" speech
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room-only crowd at the town hall in peterborough, new hahashire today it's one of his biggest new hampshire crowds to d de. cruz used the opportunity to rail on his opponents who supported drafting women into combat, blaming the answer on dangerous "political correctness." (sen. ted cruz (r) presidential candidate) "political correctness is dangerous. and the idea that we would draft our daughters to forcibly bring them into the military and put them in close combat, i think is wrong. it is immoral and if i am president, we ain't doing it." ted cruz announced today-- he received endorsements from six of new hampshire's top leaders-- who were all formerly part of senator rand paul's leadship team. jess: when we come back...most go fishing for fish,.. but what about cars? find o what's going on in wisconsin, after the break. elisa blizzard warning... wind advisory... both with concerns of blowing snow tonight. details next.
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broke through the ice saturday at lake geneva's winterfest in wisconsin. submerged cars -- -- gave festival- else to watch sculpting cnn's rachel steibing has more. parked cars broke turday at lake in wisconsin. submerged cars --
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something else to watch besides the annual snow sculpting competition. rachel steibing has more. --reporter pkg-as follows-- (jason st. germaine/ car owner) "it was kinda." jason st. germaine didn't walk, he ran to the lake, after a loud speaker announcement said cars on the ice were sinking. (jason st. germaine/car owner) "there's probably four cars in front of us trying to get out and i'm actually nervous that there's so many cars close to each other on the edge there that we were gonna break through." with thousands in town for lake geneva's winter fest and the u.s. national snow sculpting competition, parking was difficult. so, drivers took advantage of the open space. (matthew demko/ car owner) "it was a great spot to go and park." (reporter) but were you concerned because it hasn't been that cold yet?" (matthew demko/ car owner) "no, i wasn't really concerned because i seen all the people out there. i seen the cars on there. so, for me it was, 'okay, if there's multiple cars out there then i can put my car on there." julie rowe thoughtthe same thing. (julie rowe/ car owner) just had angels, angels watching over me. i know it." rowe was especially glad she was able to rescue her own car. (julie rowe/ car owner) "my mom passed away about six months ago and it was her car." divers called foa tow company that specializes in this. a few hours in, they already had half the vehicles out. (lt. ed gritzner/lake geneva, wi police dept.) "the divers have indicated that most of them are resting on the ice that they were on top of, so the weight of the vehicle's pushing them down at certain angles." amidst some award- winning snow sculptures, the mess on the lake was the bigger spectacle. (lindsay urbaitis/ spectator) "like i said just terrifying and just you know, thank the lord that no one was in any of the carsrs"
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lake geneva police said no one was injured. deborah/elisa gusty today! elisa elisisraffa m blizzard warning in effect for northern iowa, concerns of blowing snow and reduced visibility. don't travel.. take winter surivival kit reduced visibility. don't travel.. take winterurivival kit if you have to travel. wind advisory in effect for sioux city, parts of iowa,
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guguy winds.. 40 to 50 mph. be alert when driving, tie down items ananwatch for blowing snow. blizzards don't require heavy snow.. just gusty winds and low visibility. we are seeing snow on hd radar. i've seen reports of them being off and on.. that's what we call showery and we'll see snow showers through the night. winds.. sustained 25
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to 40, close to 50 west. visibility is low in some spots. temperatures are in the upper 20s and lower 30s. there's some of our snow moving in.. our cyclone way up nr the canadianorder. tonight.. we'll continue to see those showers off
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winds all night.. snow ending in the morning. stormcast... snow bands set up tonight as these showers are convective in nature. very windy, so we'e' continue to sesesome of that blowing snow. last bit of snow in the morning, winds stick
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will probably make it down to 30 by the evening, but will be blustery in the afternoon. clouds and winds overnight, winds don't really back off until tuesday morning. clouds tuesday and much calmer. snow... less than an inch for
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conditions possible east. tonight, wind gusts near 50, to 40 tomorrow afternoon and ending tuesday morning. winds gusty through monday night.. snow bursts overnight and end monday morning. whiteout conditions possible east, light snow and dangerous travel. sky cams are bouncing around. tonight... 24 with snow showers, less than inch accumulation. very gusty, blowing snow. tomorrow, deborah: when we come back...the panthers battled the broncos in the 50th edition of the "big game." alex has the highlights from santa clara next in sports...
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alex the super bowl has a sioux city flair this season.... brandon wegher played his college football at iowa and morningside, before signing with the carolina panthers.... wegher has been a healthy scratch this season, but he still got to o expepeence the big game... weweer's panthers facing off with the denver, the likeoy final dance for peyton mamning.... alex the sioux city bandits begin their title defense in 20 days when they open
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erv strohbeen returns tons of talent from last year's team.....but one important when they open the season against omaha. erv strohbeen returns tons of talent from last year's team.....but one important piece is off the roster... 2015 league mvp charles dowdell has departed from the team....the qb has moved on to the indoor football league to play for the spokane empire... as for replacing dowdell? the bandits got a good comes a.j. graham..... the former standout at mahall appeared in seve games for the thundering herd back in 2011....totaling 800 yards and eight touchdowns.... graham finished his collegiate career at pikeville university in kentucky....rackin
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yards of offense...this kid
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elisa tonight... 24 with sn showers, less an inch accumulation. very gusty, blowing snow. tomorrow, morning snow, afternoon clouds, still gusting to 4 4 7-day.. one more
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the following is a production of learfield sports. music >> hi, everybobo and welcome to the steve prohm show. two o mes for the cyclones this week, at home against number 14 west virginia, then on the road at oklahoma state. we start off with the home loss, coach, to west virginia. a very good basketball team that came in here and just kind of imposed their will over the course of 40 minutes.
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there were some times that the flow of the game,
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