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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the clippers, doc rivers is trying to get them to trap earlier. so valuable time didn't get wasted the steal, the near turnover and the prigioni three makes it a
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kerr goes back to his starters. >> they have a foul to give. there's the foul on curry with 4.6 remaining. now golden state will inbound again. clippers do have a couple of timeouts remaining. golden state has one timeout left. >> this game was all but over. they were talking about the next step for golden state. the clippers reserves, iguodala looking, looking. inside. the ball is knocked away. picked up by wilcox. wilcox puts it up, won't go, and the game ends! how about that. a final shot could have tied it and force overtime. doc rivers could even smile about it. golden state survives the final couple of minutes. >> good job of active hands and nying the basketball..
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from thompson. force a turnover. wilcox actually has a chance to send this game into overtime. had open shooters on the wing. >> he should have passed the ball, but what a great run by the clippers. >> just another golden state/l.a. clippers game. klay thompson led scores withh 32. he's'sith lisa. >> thank you, mike. klay, what happened? it seemed like this game was over. what happened? >> we got careless with the ball and before you know it they scored 8 points in about 20 seconds. got to learn from it and learn it's a 48-minute game. they're never going to stop fighting. >> you got the win and before the game you told us you could not have another game like last night. so whaha was different t tight for most of the game? >> the intensity here was special. it's crazy, it's the regular season. it's always fun to play the clippers. electricity in this building g
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and our turnovers, too. didn't have 13 turnovers in a quarter like we did last night. >> you did have 30-pluss assists tonight. for the 28th time which is a franchise record for you guys, what does that say about your team and all the assists that you had night after night. >> that's just how we play. we modelled the offense after sharing the ball. it's contagious when one person moves on and the next guy gets an open shot. it's ways going to come back to them. 30 assists is crazy. it's a testament to how unselfish we are. >> a win is a win, so congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike, back to you. >> lisa, the win makes them 49-5 on the season. much more nba action on espn coming up wednesday. at 8, wizards and bulls. then the sturs and kings. coverage begins at 7:30.
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off the clippers 115-112. for jeff, mark, lisa, our producer and director and our wonderful abc crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching as the warriors defeat the clippers for the third time this season in three games.
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the nba finals.for a night in feburary.. around what our day tim highs should be. but some light rain is moving into nebraska and as temperatures cool, we could see some flakes mix in with the rain. chance tain/snow mix...
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and lingering clouds. a cooldown in the 7-day, that's next, but first re's jess with your local news! "it's the government hurting small businesses is what it is " a bill was sent to the house of representatives proposing the ability of brew houses to sell 32 oz. growlers directly to custsters. "lot of good wines and a lot of good beers" sioux city held its second annual steins and vines event at the convention center "the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken " new in politics, jeb bush suspends his 2016 presidential campaign while south carolina held it's republican primary and nevada, it's democratic caucus jess good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jess plue. iowa legislators are working on
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related bills. one in particular through the state's senate is the growler freedom bill, which will allow micro pubs to sell craft beer straight from the pub itself. abc 9's bria bell has more for us in studio... bria: micro pubs that have kitchens which are commonly refferred to as brew pubs may finally get a chance to sell beer directly to consumers in a container up to 32 ounces. some pub owners say, that'd be a victory for the industry if the bill passes through the house. "it's the government hurting small businesses is what it is," says martin. iowa's senate committe passed a growler freedom bill which will allow brew pubs to sell up to 32 ounce jugs to consumers. breweries like jackson street would not be affected as it already legal to on demand. the bill will still need approval from the house of representatives, but brew pub owners like eric say it's about time. "with the craft beer boom that's happening, it's going to help that increase help small business grow," says martin. in past years, brew
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distributors only to have to buy it back at a higher price than what it was originally sold for to abide by iowa's 3 tier system regulating beer distribution. as of now, the growler freedom bill is in a study period giving law makers a chance to observe if they want to move forward with the new change. "it's part of it. it's to look at the 3 tier system. is it working okay? how can we make it so it helps the 'maw and paw' brew pubs. this is going g come in to question or atleast be studied at. do we need to updatetet, is it working fine?," sa bacon. eric believes the bill would help by not only mandating his cash flow, but would result in better beer quality due to less production interuptions. "you know craft beer is all about staying local with a fresh product. having this bill pass would really help out with our business growth and help a small business open up in sioux city," says martin. bria: house e presentaive bacon says he's looking for the bill to pass sometime
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abc 9 news. jess sioux city hosted its s cond annual steins and vines festival at the center. as one of the siouxlanders look forward to during this time of year. the event which is beer and wine festival brought in a large crowd, coffee was also served. there was live entertainment and people there seemed to have had a really great time. brew-er-rees and winenees from across the area debuted d eir adadt beverages for the public to sample. the festival had dozens of people enter the convention center for the event and received great feedback from both vendors and attendees. "i'd say most of our sales and leads come through events like this. so far there's been tons of people through and sampling and buying some," says sickelka. "i like it. this is our second year here. my husband won vip's this year. i like those better than the general admission. lot og good wines
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of diffrent variteesand i 'm pretty good at drinking beer," says ryan. the event was 3 hours long and there were over 100 types of beers bria and wines from across the area for the public to sample reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jess donald trump comes out on top in the palmetto state. the billionaire businessman won today's republican primary in south carolina. heheook to the stagagwith his family to declare ctory... just m ments after former flida governor jeb bush announced he is suspending his campaign. the heated battle for second place between senators marco rubio and ted cruz is still too close to call... rubio received the endorsement of the state's governor, nikki haley, earlier this week. trump has some very positive things to say about his fellow opponents. "well i want to also congratutute the other candidates, in particular, i have to say ted and marco did a really good job and they did quite well as i understand...yeah come on just one minute, just one second alright? good, we go back to war tomorrow morning, tomorrow mornign we'll be
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to say in his speech-- that he is the only one who poses a real challenge to trump-and that he could be the one to beat him. jess jeb bush just announced to the press that he is suspending his campaign after losing the iowa and new hampshire caucuses and south carolina primary. bush launched his presidential bid last june in a quest to become the third member of his family in the white house. but throughout his campaign he faced questions about how he was different from the two other presidents named bush -- his father and brother. former president george w. bush made his first public campaign appearance for his brother jeb bush in south carolina on monday. jeb thanked his volunteers, supporters and quote ..."all the fellow grinders in our campaign, our staff who never, ever, ever gave up. "the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight, i'm suspending my campaign...yeah
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republican candidate john kasich commended bush's family for running a good race while thanking his own supporters. jess hillary clinton scores a big win in vegas tonight. clinton and sanders were in a neck-and-neck race in nevada-- but in the end clinton took the win. clinton campaigned harar for the support of minority voters and rural democrats. a strong win could boost her campaign ahead of south carolina's primary next weekend and super tuesday on march first. when asked about her win clinton said she had no doubts. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. and this one is for you," oppopont bernie sanders
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supporters in las vegas-- shortly after conceding to the front- runner. (bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate) "i called up secretary clinton and congratulated her and her staff for the victory here in nevada. they ran a very aggressive, effective campaign and i applaud them for their efforts. next up for the dems is south carolina's primary, a week from today. a dozen states will vote on super tuesday three days later, on march first. jess: when we come back... trump may have won the south carolina primaries-- but some people are considering taking drastic measures if he is elected president-- momo on that after r e break. elisa cloudy w wh a mix possible tonight, a leftover flurry sunday and a gradual cooldown... details next. " "
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move there if donald trump is elected president.t. cnn's jeanne moos has the story of the website that's's encouraging americans to come to a trump-free zone. "when donald trump deals with protesters. (nat sound) "get him out." he doesn't mean out of the country. t for those who want to voluntarily leave.... (rob calabrese) "hi americans. donald trump may become the president of your country. if that happens and you decide to get the hell out of there, might i suggest moving to cape breton island." (jeanne moos/cnn correspondent) "first of all, where is cape breton?" it's in nova scotia,
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eastern coast.(nat sound) boy is it beautiful. (rob calabrese/runs cape breton if donald trump wins website) "and nobody has a handgun." cape breton radio d-j rob calabrese is no donald trump fan. his "if trump wins" website started as a joke. come on up to cape breton... (rob calabrese/runs cape breton if donald trump wins website) "where women can get abortions, muslim people can roam freely, and the only "walls" are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses." there are answers to questions like "how do i immigrate to canada?" though often... (rob calabrese/runs cape breton if donald trump wins website) "they want to know if they can bring their cats to canada." the website has been flooded with hundreds and hundreds of inquiries. (jeanne moos/cnn correspondent) "would you consider moving to canada if donald trump were elected president?t? (woman) 'm thinking berlin."." (woman #2) would do it in a heartbeat. i wouldld (woman #3) "no i'm an american. i'm gonna stay he no matter who's president." (woman #4) "i'm moving to europe if he's elected president. " jess/elisa gorgeous out
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elisa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m all these warm temperatures have melting a lot of our snow, look at the difference. but snowmelt is causing flooding concerns. ocheyedan river near spencer at 7.9 feet, minor flooding expected once it gets to 8 feet. snow is gone in storm lake, same on the
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city. got to 48 today!! temperatures still in the mid to upper 30s in some spots. that is 10 to 15 cooler than yesterday, even though we are still above normal. tomorrow, continuing cool trend, a few degrees cooler.. in thlower 40s sunday, same for monday.winds to be out of the north tonight. more clouds and a wintry mix possible, i think we could see some morning flurries too. moisture has really filled in since our 6 o'clock show. theres more of our clouds moving in on the satellite and light rain in nebraska. after
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could potential see a mix, flurries ftover by morning on stormcast hd. clouds by the morning and afternoon for sunday. still above normal. clouds monday as well as we hover 40. then tuesday we bring another chance for light snow. tonight, 30 a late e x possible, ototrwise more clouds and still mild. tomorrow, morning flurry possible, then mostly cloudy.. cooler but still above normal at 42. 7-day has a downhill trend. anonoer mix possibleleuesday morning and then temperatures get back into the 30s,
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normal for the most part. jess/elisa mid 30s are still not too bad! thanks isa! deborah: when we come back...we head to des moines for the finals of the iowa state wrestling championships. alex has the action next in sports. all these warm temperatures have melting a lot of our
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snowmelt is causing flooding concerns. near spencer at 7.9 expepeed once it is gone in storm lake, same on the deborah: when we come back...we head to des moines for
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iowa state wrestling championships. alex has the action next in
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the iowa state wrestling championships. in 3a....we start at 170....marcus coleman beat sioux city north's deion clayborne earlier this season. tonight they met again in the championship. a sold-out wells fargo arena for tonight's wrestling showcase....and this one went down to the wire.... but like the firir time around....colemama comes out the third period...the junior from ames pins clayborne...great season and a second place finish.... in class 2a at's brayden curry taking on top-ranked brock rathbun in a rematch of last t year's title match....and like 2015....rathbun wins it with a 7-3 decision..... in 1a at ranked daniel bishsh of hinton gavevep just four points all urnament...but
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loss. and at ranked rylan richardson of south central calhoun gets pinned....tough night for siouxlanders but congrats on making it this far... championship saturday at the nebraska state tournament as well.... starting in class 152...norfolk's caleb licking wins a 4-3 decision to clinch his second consecutive state title. down to class c....106.....cayden mccracken....the freshman from battle creek.....falls s st a 6-2 decision.... at 285....madison's aaron reynaga caps off his season with a state in class d's 113 title s dominique rickard.....wins a 3-2 decision in ot....congrats! 120......zac hazen of creighton loses in sudden victory 9-4. an all-siouxland title tilt at christian miller garrett zimmerer to take the finishing with the title.....randolph's dr loberg takes wn neligh-oakdales' garrett alemang in a 5-4 decision congrats to all of our champs. alex last season, spirit
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center in a 3a regional final to advance to state...... tonight, the two met again with a trip to des moines on the line. and how about those th-ranked sioux center avenges that 2015 loss to punch their ticket to the girls state tournament for the third time... 55-25 the of luck in des moines. in the 3a, region 2 final....fourth ranked cherokee breezes to a 66-49 win over clear lake......congrats to the braves.....the ladies are heading to the state tournament for the first time since 2005...this school history. region 1 battling east over at west high... and we pick things up in the second quarter...maddien paint...she finishes through contact...24-8 wolverines... east bounces splits the defense and finishes with hand...east down but west refused gors with a sweet runner off glass...west wins 56-34. the wolverines will face third- ranked ankeny tuesday night for
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state. to the college ranks.....iowa state hosting tcu.....ameel mckay sat this one "coaoaes decision." early first half....matt thomas to georges niang and prepare for takeoff! big-time take a second gooness...cyclone s up ten.... right before the steps up and buries the three.....he had 24 for iowa state....... second half now....niang continues to put isu on his back.....the big triple.....three cyclones finished in double figures, including his 27... with mckay out......deonte burton stepped up and d ored 23......cluding this slam....isu wins it 92=83. in the big ten...nebraska hosting ohio state....the huskers 1-8 against the buckeyes since they joined the big ten, but they won the last meeting... late first. marc loving slams it home. he had 15 points. physical game all around tim miles gets the technical here. huskers les 22-21 at half here comes nebraska. jack mcveigh for three. he had a team high 16 andthis game went to overerme. lyle goes to wirk in the extxt period. bucket here puts the buckeyes up 64-62
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to go. === last chance for nebraska but white and glynn watson cant score. nebraska falls 65-62 alex today marks the end of an era.....for a building and a player.... the dakotadome has been the home of south dakota hoops for 30-plus seasons...but that chapteteis over.... the samemean be said abobo senior cole seekamp..t.t senior playing in her final home game....a curtain call for hernd the dome. seekamp and the yotes with hopes of closing this chapter with a sweep of south dakota state.... off. gabrielle boever goes coast-to-coast draws the foul. rabbits trail by three early. on their lead. kelly stewart thinks about it and then fires away. nothing but fogg with a spark off the bench. she'll shoot the s-d leads 25-18. game on her big day....she finished with 21 points and south dakota wins 80-75 to take sole
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place in the summit league. morningside has already locked up the top seed in the gpac tourney...the stangs hosting midland. the warriors led by three at the break....but jessica tietl cuts the lead to one..she had a game high 24 points and 11 boards.... then lexi ackerman retakes the glass she goes...18 points for her.....40-39 morningside... and they began the 3rd quarter on an 8-0 run.....madison braun the third mustang in double figures...she had 14.... morningside goes on to win it 85- 75...the stangs will host saint mary in wednesday's conference tournament opener... the lady chargers are the four's matchup with concordia a preview of wednesday's opening round. briar cliff up by 25....but becky mueller cuts into that deficit with a wing triple....bulldogs down by 22.... and they keep chipping away...laurel krohn to the
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to 20..... but the chargers were in controro...kaylee blake.......with the power move on the low block...b-c shot 53 percent in the second half..... mckenzie shipley working in the paint as well....the scoop shot falls and the chargers win big 75-55.... same matchup on the mens side....briar cliff has already locked up the top seed in the tournament. mid-way through the first half...eli ziegler feeds justin damme and the big fella forces a charger timeout...'dogs down seven... then austin homan takes over....pretet footwork leads to the deuce.....hargers up nine.....and the senior from le mars can shoot as well....he had 18 points.....briar cliff starting to pull away..... the guards so impressive for b- c....shane graves slices through....hangs and hits....the charger men win 98-84. they will host northwestern on wednesday night. finishing with some hockey action.....the musketeers hosting lincoln at the tyson. up 2-0-0...mike gillespie takes s hack at it and the stick breaks on the slapshot....that thing went flying!
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end...muskies looking for a goal and that strike goes right off the top of the pipe....tough break..... even minutes to play in the second....stars on the attack and jack badini buries the goes out in front 3-0.... and it just wasn't sioux city's night....looks like a goal but it never crosses the red wins big 5-2.


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