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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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about the gunman and the hero cop who bught himdown. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> ife builds the wall the way hehe belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-man race overnight. it too little too late with super tuesdays away? marco rubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anye to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to testify in that $75 million trial. and get ready for gold. it's almost t for oscar and all eyes on host chris rock. >> i'm only here causecaca didn't want to do the show. >> what will he say about the oscar controversy and who wl take home the biggest awards of night. will leo dicaprio and sylve stallone finally win?
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morning and inside the theater with behind-the-scenenes secrets from hollywd's biggest night only on "gma." >> and good morning, america. we have a lot of news overnight and we'll get to all that. plus, all that excitement building around the osca. robin and lara out in l.a. ready r all the action. hey, robin. >> hello there. we are inside the dolby theatre right now where the biggestst stars will watch the ademy awards. on the stage right over there, all eyes on chris rock. what will he do? what will he say? more on tt ahead. lara, i hear you were hanging out with the show's producers last night. yeah, no kidding, the executive oducers, the guys calling the shots and they gave me a few tidbits. some secrets, i'll share them with all of you coming up. back to you, rob. >> all right. we will have that and so much more ahead, george. all.
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note, that rampage overnight in kansas where a gunman killed three people, injured 14 before heas shot dead in a showdown with police. abc's claytoton sandel is on the scene in hesston, kansas, good morning, clayton. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. behind me you can see the factory where this all took players. normally they make lawn mowers here but this morning it is a massive crime scene. horrifying moments as gunfiree erupts in amall kansas community. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> reporter: just before 5:00 p.m. thursday officials say 38-year-old cedric ford started his shooting rampmpage, fir firing shots atandom drivers wounding two in separate locations. nutes late ford heads to excel industries in hesston where he worked armed wit a rifle and handgun. he shoots one person in the parking lott before going inside the industrial plant and openg fire on his co-workers. >> and then i see a mob of people running out saying, run,
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>> reporter: witnesses say f ford kept shooting until the first officer t t arrive on scene took him down. >> even t though he took fire, he went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero a as f as i'm ncerned. >> reporter: in the end, four people including the gunman are killed. at least 14 are wounded. two medical choppers and 15 ambulances responded along with s.w.a.t. t teams surround the plant as nearly 150 employees finall flee the building. friends and family outside desperately waiting to find out if their loved ones were okay. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: the shooter has an exteive criminal record including arrests for burglary, battery and concealed rearms posting this picture and this video on facebook in september firing an ak-style rifle. now just moments ago i talked to
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hour and a half before the shootings ford was served with a restraining order meant to keep him away from a girlfriend and investigators say that may have been one of the things that pushed him over theedge, amy. >> all right, clayton, tha you. just a few momentsts ago i spoke to an eyewitness to the shooting. jared trujillo and his wife jennifer. jared, i know you were inside excel when the shooting began. tell me what you saw, what you hearard whenn youirst realized something was terribly wrong. >> we were working on production and i heard a loud bang. i saw a forklift driver running, sprinting and i thought it wass an explosion of some sort like something was on fire. i had travis started screaming, yelling, run, run, there's a shoote they're shooting at us. people were getting pushed, trampled. everyone was ting to get out of the shooting where he was shooting at. >> ah, then, jared, you saw
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you went right into rescue mode? as we were lving the building, me and another co-worker saw chewy and he had been shot in the leg in the upper hip area and we went back to get him and we carried him across the street and we got him down. we set him down and started attending to his wound. >> we saw that beautiful reunion when you two finally found each other after all of this horror. what was that moment like?? >> ias happy. my fily sai they saw him on e news and had been seen him but i hadn't seen him yet and when i finally got to see him, i was -- i didn't want to let him go. >> jared, what do you remember about cedric ford? do you know anything about him? >> there's a couple types that i've walked by him or had said hell to him and he never would respond. he was really quiet. he really didn't say much.
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>> well, we are certainly glad that, jared, y you made it out safely and our hearts go out to those who did not. those who were wounded. jared and j jennifer trujillo, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> yes. >> yes. >> you know, jared and i spoke earlier. he said that all of the other shootings we witnessed over the past two decades prepared him for that moment because he always thought, wt would i do if? >> thank goodness what a sad commentary on where we are. we move to the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote." and with super tuesday coming up, the final gop showdn last night was a texas-size brawl. marco rubio, ted cruz, comin out with guns blazing against donald trump and jbs's jon karlabc's jon karl was there. >> reporter: marco rubio did something he has never done fore in this campaign, he took the fight directly to donald trump. on the debate stage in houston, marco rubio and ted cruz immediately piled on donald trump.
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illegal immigrants t to help build trump tower. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been fined for hiring p peopleo work on your projects illegally. you hired -- >> no, i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> rubio is right they fou him 2k3wi89ing being part of a conspiracy and entered a $1 million judgment against him. >> reporter: then an energized rubio took over throwing everything he had at trump. >> i don't know about bankruptingg companies. you know -- >> you know why? >> starting with -- >> one at a time. >> reporter: it got personal. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million million, you know where donal trump would be right now. sellining watches. >> reporter: later rubio needled umfor more details on his health care plan. >> we should dr. gott rid of the lines. we should have gotten -- we have
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the -- >> reporter: trump seemeddo be stuck on repeat as rubio had done in the new hampshire debate. >> just the lines. >> you have many different plans. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >>ow he's repeating himself. >> no, i'm n repeatingng -- >> mr. trump -- >> no, no. [ cheers and applause ] talking about repeating i watched h him repeat himself five types four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five conds ago. >> reporter: after the debate trump hammered his new mesis. he went after you. >> i expected that. they're losing by a lot and they thought they were going to win. i had fun but it was nasty. >> reporter: what did you think of the way rubio came out. >> i think he's a lightweight. i think he's a lightweight. >> reporter: despite the relentless attacks trump told me that he believed he was the
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did nothing to downplay expectations for superer tuesday. in fact, he told me, george, he believes he has a goo chance of winning across the board including right here in texas which is ted cruz's home state. >> thank you. joining us senator marco rio from texas. thank you for joinings this morning. lots of greatat reviews and great headlines lastnight. >> good rning. >> but the big question this morning for you, is it too little too late? >> well, i don't belve that. i think it's important for people to understand they have a chchoice to make. look, if this pattern continues the conservative movement in the republican party will be taken over by a con artist portraying himself as the fighter of the ordinary person fighting for the working man but he spent years sticking it to thehe worng people. >> why didn't yououake this case earlier? was that a hiss take? >> because -- you know, george, i would prefer not to get into this situation wre we're attacking one another but the cover he's getting from the media these days is extraordinary. you watch last knighton 0 the cable shows afterwards.
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to do to marco rubio like he's some sort ofnvincible force and there are people now innthe media, i'm not saying you, but others rooting for him to win because they love first of alall what it means for their ratings in a general election butut here' the other, for those biased this ans you will have a republican nominee who basically agrees with hillary clinton on planned parenthood and bng neutral on israel, on -- even on issues regarding the economy like the takeover of our healthare system by the government. he used the talking point that democrats consistently use, that if you don't support a government intervention in the health care industry, you're in favor of letting people die in the streets. so, they're holding back and as soon as the nominee they'll open up the floodgates and hit him with a bunch of ories. it's important for republicans and conservatives to be awarere of what is happening. >> he has been hitting youover night in twitter calling you a choke artist, lightweight and puts up this tweet that has the cover of the drudge report this morning asking where do you win?
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dona trump is ahead in almost every state on super tuesday. you're ahead in none. >> yeah, i acknowledge i'm an underdog and have been my entire li, unlike donald, i didn't inherit hundreds of millions. my dad was a bartender. my mother did the job as a maid that trump hires foreigners to do and my whole life i've had to fight and will fightht now. no way the party of reagan and conservative movement, i'll allow to be taken over by a con artist. he calls me a choker. he's a con artist. he spent 40 years sticking it to the people he claims to be fighting for. > where d you win on tuesda if he win eight or nine states, can he be stopped. >> he can because, first of all, if you look at tuesday most will award delegatesroportionately and we'll do well in virtually every state and hopefully win a couple. even if we don't you'll see us continue to pick up delegates. when we get into march 15th
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>> he's up doue digits right now. >> no, he's not. that's one poll. we've seen multiple polls that show a very different race. i am -- i know florida well. i've won there. i'm from there. we are going to win florida. florida is not going to vote for a con artist a and it's not going to voteor someone who in palm beach right now iss now hiring willing americans that are willing to work, instead he's importing a workforce from abroad and out there some immigration crusader. it's a fraud and we'll expose it. >> thanks for joining us. let's go to matthew dowd in texas this morning. you saw about eight months' worth of attacks on donald trump last night from marco rubio and ted cruz. does it change the dynynamic of this race? >> well, i think that -- i think marco rubio lded some punches but i don't think there were any knockouts and one of the difficulties for marco rubio in this is he's been this aspirational, optimistic i'm not going to attack figure throughgh
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different marcorubio. now, he landed punches but i thk that's part of the problem. what is t the authentic part you're running in the race. in the end your q question is right where can he w win on tuesday? and i don't think the debate last night changed the dynamic at all. i thinkonald trump is still set up to win most of the states on tuesday. >> if he wins most of the states tuesday, ted cruz has to win texas to stay in and marco rubio has to win florida two weeks later to have any chance to get the nomination? >> i think ted cruz is probably going to win here in texas but i think he absolutely has to win in texas. i think this debate last night asf tuesday night when we get the results in thisebate will fade in memory and will be going on to the next thing. i think donald trump and his supporters last night watched that debatend all of them cheered and anybody -- this race is pretty set. >> nothing they put on the table will hurt donald trp? >> i think the only thing that could hurt donald trump if in the aftermath some of the
7:14 am
attacks theyade stick over the next three days. not in the moment of the debate debate. >> okay, m matthew dowd, thanks ve much. we'll have much more sunday on "this week." i'll be with our wle political 10:00 p.m. back to robin in l.a. >> thank you very mumuch. back now with the countdown to oscars and host chris rock taking center stage. his monologue one of t most eagerly awaited in oscar's histor i think that's safe to say and nick watt is here. >> millions of eyes on him, the boycott, jada a pinkett smith, will smith, spike lee not coming. chris rock himself has declined, canceled all interviews apart from one and that was before even the nominations came out. we'll show you that in a momenent and testing material in comedy clubs but there is no recording, no video of that.
7:15 am
cryptic posts like these. overnight he tweeted this see you sunday #blackout. previously, getting my outfit together, the space suit referenced to nominee "the martian" maybe and almost showtime with kristen wiig and j.j. abrams, "star wars" in the works? no comments. >> what you can expect from chris rock this oscar sunday is that he is going to go there. >> reporter: we know he will address the oscars so white controversy, not o plaque acting nominee on twitter saying it's the white b.e.t. awards. >> our host for the evening, chris rock. >> reporter: this was last time he hosted in 2005. >> great night tonight. we have, what, four black nominees tonight. kind of l like the def oscar jam tonight. >> reporter: with every hollywood mover and shaker in the room and 40 million plus of
7:16 am
>> if you get up on the wrongng foot, though, it's a real hard holeo dig yourself out of. >> reporter: i think he might relish that. >> i'm only here bause ellen didn't want to do the show. i'm only here because ellen said no. >> reporter: other clues from his last time hoing, he will probably get political. >> bush did some things you could never get away with at your job. >> reporter: he will definitely get personal. wield that sword. >>oby maguire is just a boy in tights. >> reporter: any ti?? >> i might curse. >> reporter: he won'n't, i hope. we like to keep it clean here at abc but -- >> he is a safe choice that you tune in and want to see how far he's going to take things and what he's going to say. >> reporter: rock i publicly proud of hosting a very fast show. last time, fast, furious and funny, expec that. now, my favite clue came on
7:17 am
he tweeted, someone at abc is going to get fired for this. for the sake of our colleagues, robin, i hope that's not the case b he'll take it up to the line and beyond. >> it's a balancing act because, as we sa he'll go there but it is a serious iss but then it's also celebrating those that were indeed nominated. we'll see what happens. fast, furious, funny, what was th? all of that. whoopi goldberg will have a live interview with cheryl boon isaacs this morning on "the view." watch the oscars starting with the red carpet show 7:00 p.m. here on abc and the party keeps going monday on "gma." coming up, a clor look at the oars controversy. more on that, lara, later. yes, robibin. that's true i talked tohe new executive producers about how they promise thi year's oscars will be more diverse than ever. they were also very forthchcoming about major chaes to thiss year's show. i'm telling you these are
7:18 am
i dare say you're going to ve. we'll fill you in coming up, robin. >> we're looking forward to that, lara. i'll head out to the carpet in just a moment with you. sam champion, i wish you were here. the weather is spectacular. >> i know and it's going to stay gorgeous too, robin but we've had such rough week on the east coast. let's look at some of the details in right now.w. more than 30 confied tornadoes of the week of two days actually and remember this one in pennsylvania, that was a long track, ef-2 almost five miles. the big changes afterwards. cold air coming in. take the numumbers you see, drop
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warm-up.grove. turn around don't drown. temperatures, not bad this morning, abe normal. temps to get warm the next two days, near 50 today, low 60s tomorrow! then a cold front comes for us sunday,y, cooler temps, light rain, and breezy winds gusting to 25 mph. warm again monday before another, stronger windier front comes through tuesday. and coming up on "gma," a big day in court for erin andrews. the video at the center of her $75 millionawsuit played for the jury. she never wanted anyone to see it. a 23-year-oldosing as a
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churches will be moved to oratory status ... meaning they will not host mass, but will still be used for events like weddings and funerals. the changes come in response to declining attendance at catholic churches in the sioux city diocese and also fewer priest being ordained. scott: flood warning in effect for the little sioux river at linn temperatures, not above normal. temps to get warm the next two days, near 50 today, low 60s
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for us sunday, cooler temps, light rain, and breezy winds gusting to 25 mph. warm again monday before another, stronger windier front comes through tuesday.
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welcome back to "gma" and take a look at those giant waves in hawaii. over 20 feet. hahaven't been this big in six years a experts are predicting up 50-foot swells and some off
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heading out therere ready to hang ten. sad news to report. three people killed, 14 injured in a deadly shooting in hesston, kansas. the gunman opened fire along the highway and at his workplace before hwas eventually fatally shot. also right now, new headlinesn domestic violence case against hnny manziel. misdemeanor assault case will go to grand jury. and oscars just two days away. our preparty begins today. we have our audience in the fan caveetting pumped up. there's d.j. traci steele. she's here and robin and lara already in l.a. on the red carpet. hey, robin. >> the party is on here too, as well, george. thank you for thatat. think about the hollywood stars that are going to be walking this red carpet. we have stars among us but -- >> hello, everybody. >> great energy. >> oh, my gosh. we'll go behind-the-scenes, take you backstage for all the siegels. you have been mighty busy since you hit the town.
7:31 am
the new executive producers, firstime they've worked together. explosive energy and shared some rather explosive secrets, sececret number one we'll tellou about is the's a big difference in the way stars will give their speeches and theireaction to that was interesting and then also, they even made a change to the golden man himself. they've made a change to the way the statue looks which to me is better. >>hat did you say over there? >> i'm telling y. >> we have things to share this george. >> you got m's attention. >> oscar h also had some work done. so -- >> it's about time. >> we'll get all the details. we do begin with the latest on erin andrews. the jurors saw the video of her. she is suing for $75 million. abc's eva pilgrim is covering the trial in nashville. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. complete silence in the
7:32 am
secretly recorded video of erin andrews undressing in her hotel room. despite everything that experts have tried to do, that video is still onli and this morning her lawyers are pointing the finger at the hotel where it happened. another emotional day in court forrin andrew wiping tear as way returning to the courtroom ter the video at the center of this case was played for the jury. >> in my opinion 60,800,000 and change have viewed the video. >> reporter: the video, which we are not showing you, catches andrews in what she thought was a private moment changing in her hotel room, was made public when it was posted to the internet. >> i know of no way to get it off. people are still posting the video online, a year ago, six months ago, a month ago. >> reporter: the man behind the video, michael david barrett recorded it on his cell phone through the peephole of her hotel room door sentenced to 30
7:33 am
>> her attorneys want those jurors to feel the same pain, the same shame and humiliation shee feels by wating that video. >> reporteter: andrews now suing barrett as well as the owners and managers of this nashville marriott for $75 million, claiming the hotel intentionally placed barrett next door to the tv star. her lawyer saying the hotel failed to notice he removed and altered the peephole on her door. >> stands there for 4 1/2 minutes and videos her. >> reporter: the hotel claims barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. >> he deceived. he connived. he stalked. >> reporter: the popular sporcaster and "dancing with the stars" host telling her therapist, she couldn't stop thinng about the video. >> she was depressed. shwas anxious. she was obsessive and irritable and reactive and it came out of
7:34 am
publicly humiliated. >> reporter: both sides are expected back in court on monday where we should hear from the stalker, erin's mother and erin andrews herself. >> that's the big day. thanks very much. from slking to spying, the latest spy scandal involving seaworld. it's a stunning confession by the park's ceo admitting to sending workers undercover posing as animal rights activists so they could spy on critics. abc's kayna whitworth has that story for us, good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, amy, good morning. one employee going so far as to crea an alias and a fake twitter account and this has en going on for years, in 2014 he tweeted that he had plans to empty the seaworldanks in 2018, of course, we know this morning that was all a farce. overnight, seaworld admitting to spying. its ceo saying the company s sent its own eloyees posing as activists to spy on peta, an
7:35 am
been highly critical of the park for years. peta telling abc news seaworld's actions are despicable releasing these photos showing seaworld worker paul mccome attending several southern california boycotts using the ail yacht tom jones. did he ever try to get the other presters to act out violently during the protest. >> there was one protest that he came to where he wanted to crash through the gates and go into seaworld. >> reporter: mccome placed on administrative leave but seaworld says he's beeeen reinstated as an employee. >> mr. mccomb has returned to work at sworld in a different department. >> reporr:hile they did not say how many employees wer involved, seaworld says its employees were posing as animal rights activists hoping to maintain the safety andnd security of ployees, customers and animals in the face of credible threat the park struggling to revamp its image after losing profits following the 2013 release of the documentary "blackfish."
7:36 am
park's ceo saying thuhursday they will end the undercover practice. so, seaworld saying they madee this decision following an investigation with iependent counsel and an outside company. amy and george. >> all right, kayna whitworth, thank you so much. coming up next, the high school hoax. a 23-year-old who went back to school fooling everyone who thought he was the model student. how authorities tracked him down. counting down to the oscars with look athe contenders.
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now to that pennsylvania high school hoax. police arresti a 23-year-old man who allegedly posed as a student evenaking the honor roll roll. davidright has the story. >> reporter: thihis is an odd one. a model student at a harrisburg high schl who seemed to be really mature for his age.e. well, it turns out he's a grown man. asher potts was such a straight
7:41 am
picture with the youngng rotc cadet she 'stachehashtagged it going places. he's actually a 23-year-old ukrainian named artur samarin doing high school all over again. >> you will be going undercover as high school students. >> rorter: not like "21 jump street" where yououng cops go undercover. police say samarin was a john harris high school in harrisburg to stay in the country illegally having overstayed his visa, police say, he came up with a phony alter ego asher potts complete withh a social secity card and a pennsylvania driver's license. enrolled as a freshman four years ago and was jus a few months shy of graduating. police arrested him tuesday and this morning, instead of gng to class, he's behind bars. >> he's a adult. it's scary. >> reporter: asher potts had a 4.1 grade point average inducted into the national honor society
7:42 am
representedd his classmates at th local school board. he even volunteered at a food bank. parents are horrified. >> i mean, you have beautiful girlss in this school that are minors under age and you have basically a grown m man in here misrepresenting himself. >> reporter: well, police say a tip several months ago led them to fige out the hoax. several other localesidents charged with helng him being charged with identity theft. he stole a public education worth 40,000 bucks, but can you figure he did high school twice. he had to really want to sy in this country. >> he sure did. >> thank you, david. coming up next on "good morning america," is this finally leo's year and which categories will have the biggest susurprises? our countdown to oscar sunday next. how will this year's show be different from any other. lara has those secrets ahead.e yes2you rewards members take an extra
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get a $5 reward fo?.
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lara has those secrets ahead. our countdown to the oscars continues. we're live here in h holwood and i think our guests here are going to sy until sunday. they have front row seats right now. they're not leaving. you know, they're going to just kind of camp out here. >> prime territory. >> i can't blame them in all thehe
7:47 am
stairs, but who is going to walk out with the oscar? abc's chris connelly is on the red carpet with us. got a breakdown of this we're contenders. >> oh, absolutely. after nominations that sparked a national conversation the votes haveveeen in since 5:00 p.m. pacific tuesday. this year's oscar races feature a few front-runners and a whole lot of who knows. >> there's been an awakening. >> reporter: with "star wars: the force awakens" ending the ar and #oscarssowhite setting of its own conversation chatter has been on the back burner until now. >> i want them back. >> reporter: in supporting actor, "ced"'s sylvester stallone is the sixth actor ever nominated twice for playing the same character. rocky balboa. his toughest rival, two marks, mark rye land in "bridge of spies" and mark ruffalo sincere and impassioned throughout
7:48 am
>> are you telling me the catholic church remed legal docucuments tt courthouse? >> reporter: alicia vikander in category. >> we were playing a game. >> reporter: with kate winslet and steve joobs. >> i don't care if she put a pipe bomb in. >> reporte her co-star in "tanic" leo dicaprio expected to take home his first oscar for "the revenant".." while 26rd brie larson on trac to earn a bestctress academy award f for " "room." >> jack, listen to me, this is our chance. >> a as for best picture, not even the hollywood gillsan make up their minds,actors, purchases, directors each honoring a different movie. "spotlight" a big contender but "the revenant" remaiains the favorite. >> s still thinking leo is a lock.
7:49 am
>> stallone gentleman. >> stallone i think is the one that we're all going to be on the edge of our seat for. him. >> he didn't get nomined for the s.a.g. awards. that one. >> doe it help "the revenant" is in the theaters? >> "the revenant" is the highest grossing movie of all the picture. that's really helped a lot. it's the audience picture. i think everybody thought it was no. >> a bit of tidbits. executive producers were kind enough to share big secrets. one was the oscar statue getting a little nip/tuck. the other thing, a little quiz, what do you know to be the first major award gen out at any oscars. >> it's supportingg acto >> okay. >> is that right? >> maybeot this year. they will like to -- they're changing the way the awards are given out. the lineup ofwards will match the way a movie is made. >> i can't -- >> expect to begin witith wters and then moving on from there
7:50 am
i said, so will awe the major together? u. >> still big picture. >> don't take your bathroom supposed to. end. >> they would not reveal that. that would make sense. >> best credit sequence. >> we have more coming up. we have g the oscars coming up on sunday. >> my head is spinning. >> red carpet coverage begins at what time, robin. >> 7:00 p.m. eastern and "gma" will have a really big show monday of all the highlights. bring it people. bring it up, people. there we go. we'll be back. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contntributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months.
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> everyone says it will be beautiful for the oscars and they're right. the forececast at 3: p.m., 78 degree, sungrove. turn around don't drown. temperatures, not bad this mning, above normal. temps to get warm the
7:55 am
"good morng america" is airline. wake up to flying as it should pointed at the governor's desk... controversial bathro bill the bill is waiting
7:56 am
signature and it would make south dakota the first state to pass a law requiring students to use locker rooms and restrooms babased on their sex at birth... instead of the nder they identifyfy with. governor daugaard says he's making sure to take his time considering the bibill "i would say i try to take information where i can get it. i'm certainly most interested in what south dakotans think. if someone outside of south dakota can give me solid information." daugaard says he has until tuesday to decide whether he'll veto or sign the bill if the governor doesn't make a move . the bill will become law without his signature lukas let't's check with for the weather. ott: flflood warning in effect for the little sioux river at linn grove. turn around don't drown. temperatures, not bad this morning, above normal. temps
7:57 am
50 today, low 60s tomorrow! then a cold front comesfor us sunday, coolerer temps, light rainand breezy winds gusting to 25 mph. warm again monday before anotr, stronger windier front comes through tuesday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 a.m. e oscars are just two days away. we are live in hollywood this morning right at the red carpet aninside the oscars theater. revolutionary changes to this yearar's big show. the producers speak out. and all week long we got you red carpet ready. now who's wring what and how will they pull it off? the biggest night in fashion is justwo days away. the bowl and beautiful preview of t gowns and glam right here, plus, get your popcorn. we're about to reveal our galactic oscar trailer event. an entire year in the making. robin takes the stage making her sitcom debut right there in hollywood. you've got the first look. get ready to laugh as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. counting down oscar sunday
8:01 am
d.j. traci steele getting the party started and robin and lara out in l.a. celebrating hollywood's big night in yes, there they are. the grand staircase there at the dolby theatre where the oscars will take place, so, why not raise a glass of our sparkling apple cider to cheer. >> okay. >> cheers. >> sure, why not. >> cheers. ow laris known to spill. this is the red carpet. >> ah. >> don't do that. >> you know what i should do, drink. >> it would bee a lot easier. >> it's ale juice, people. don't write in. amy, we think this is your location. >> yes, very excited.d. >> where you are -- yes, yes. >> this is the last step, a run up those stairs so you're in the catbird seat. >> everyone is looking forward to oscar sunday. she's been to africa and then here. >> i know. >> our oscscar sunday and exclusive red carpet show. oscars opening ceremony live from the red carpet. >> and we'll kp on rolling
8:02 am
after-part live from l.a. "gma" will have all the winners and george will bbackstage with them. the best of the red carpet and, of coururse, every party covered. >> absolutely. we have a party atmosphere going on with these great movie fs here in hollywood. now, wait a minute, guys, the envelopes that they are holding cocould he golden tickets, the winners, the winner will have two special spots on the red carpet oscar sday. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's pretty cool. >> we'll find out who thahat is, george. back to you. >> we'll see your award-winning performance, that "gma" movie trailer fturiring lara on mars, move over, matt damon. there she is right there. some other award worthy performances. truly out of this world. but now to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a possible clue about a motive for that workplace shooting in kansas. police say cedric ford opened fire on his co-workers at a lawn mower factory killing three of
8:03 am
shot dead by police. 14 others were wounded during the rampage. police say less than two hours earlier ford was served with a restrainingrder to keep him away from an ex-girlfriend. the republican debate in houston turned into an all-out brawl. marco rubio was feistier than ever attacking donald trump on a string of issues from imgration to trump's privileged background but it may be too little too late. many analysts predicting the attacks will not be enougho stop trumprom dinatingg on super tuesday next week. well, u. special operations forces could soon be deployed to nigeria to help the militant group boko haram. "the new york times" saidd they would serve as noncomb advisers and bo haram has forced nearly 3 million to flee their homes. surgeons have done the first uterus transplant. she will tak anti-rejection
8:04 am
a controversy involving lands' end. a backlash aft featuring gloria steinem in its catalog. rebecca jarvis has that story. >> reporter: this morning, popular outerwear and clothing company lands' end at its t's end known for glossy catalogs like this one apologizing for what's inside the new spring issue. ierview with feminist, journalist and political activist g gloria steinem after customs flooded facebook with outrage over steinem's pro-abortion rights stance. overnight lands' end releasing this statement. it was never our intention to raise a divisive political or religious issue. so when some of our customers saw the recent promotion that way, w we heard them. we sincecerely apologize for any offense. >> it's very clear whatever lands' end was trying to do backfired because they had to pull it. it's not a stance that they really wanted associated with their brand. >> reporter: angry customers
8:05 am
feel betrayed. after pulling the interview from its website,land end facing new backlash on social media. so weak, a spokesperson for gloria steinem declining to comment overnight. >> what she represents more broadly is women's rights and feminism. it would be a sha if they backed away from it just to avoid controversy. >> reporter: for "good morning amica," rebecca jarvis, a abc news, new york. that. finally police he never seen anything like this. a unicorn on the loose. juliet is a pony who doubles as a unicorn for phohoto shoots. she was in the mood for a good run the other night. took off darting through t traffic and leading the california highway patrol on i three-hour chase. after she was finally corralled she held up this sign on facebook saying "i'm a naughty pony for all the trouble i caused last night. they took away my unicorn horn and instead gave me these horns."
8:06 am
case -- >> no reason to shame the pony. >> no. e just wanted to run. >> i told you unicorns were real. see, that's what i got out of the story, by the way. that's what i got out of it. unicorns are real. . of course, they are, sam. >> great to have you back sam. we'll go to sse. >> what do you mean, unicorns aren't real here's a look at what's ahead. first, robin and lara are live in l.a. this morning. lara has the secrets off this year's oscar sw with the producers who are volutionizing it. plus our tribute to this year's best pictu nominee, a year in the making. trust me, you are never going to look at these movies the same way again and finally, robin's star turn on the h hit sitcom, "last man standing." we go backstage for all the laughs. that's all coming up live on "gma" right in times square. we got the red carpet, julianne moore is my date, way out of my league, all happening here with all of our fans. what's going on, everybody? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by vil. fast, powerful and proven relief
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why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. you know why we're in these director's chairs counting down to oscar sunday, robin andara out in l.a. and they'll take a look at the diverse issue that's taking place this year. robin. >> the sond year in a row that no actor or actress of coloras been nominated for an oscar. the academy is trying to tackle the lack of diversityith a host of new changes but that struggle has a long history at hollywood's most coveted awards s ow. >> to me it see to dust a plaque of gold. it opepens the doors of this room
8:12 am
whole of america. >> reporter: years before jackie robinson, dades before martin luther king hattie mcdaniel became the first african-american to win an oscar. >> my heart is too full to tell yo just how i feel and may i say thank you and god bless are you. >> reporter: it seemed to be on the cting edge of racial equalityut only three more actors of color won oscars until whoopi goldberg's win for "ghost." >> i heard people talk about how long it had been between hattie mcdaniel and another black woman. i was kind of shocked by that. thank you so much. > but the difference between my win and another woman is much shorter time. >> and the oscar goes to halle berry in "monster's ball." >> reporter: challengely berry the first african-american to win leadi actress.
8:13 am
nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance because the door tonight has been opened. >> reporter: after that momt especially with denzel waington winning best actor that same night. huh? >> reporr: many people believed that real racial equality had finally arrived at the oscars. between thahat moment and this one, seven other actors of color won oscars. but now for the second year in a row, not even a single nominee. with a viral hashtag and several high-profile celebrities and directors choosing to skip the event, people are taking a deeper look, not just at the oscars but at hollywood. >> when i would host the academy ards, the same thing happened, you know, people said, well, we got to boycott it because ththere's n folks of color. you can fill the academy with all black folk, all asasian,
8:14 am
folks in the movies that are the caliber that they should be, you're going to have the same issue. >> if our industry is not open enough to be able to look at ourselves and find the flaws, then we're not very strong. >> reporter: perhaps this zero nomination moment is necessary to begin c creing real and lasting change. and that is part of a special "20/20" we will have tight at 10:0:00, 9:00 eastern on abc, "journ through the osrs" a look at the actors and actresses anand the jrney of the oscars themselves and chris connelly is back with us. what concrete steps are being taken by the academy? >> wellll, the academy has announced a number of initiatives to try to turn things around, double the number of women and minority voters for the oscars by 2020 and increased versity on the board of golfers and limit some of the voting privileges of lifetime membs who have not been involved in momoviemakin for a
8:15 am
the difference will come with moviemaking. women and people of color do not get to make movies or decide what movs get made. that has to change. more diverse stories have to be told then the oscars will follow suit. >> you include women because it's not limited to any particular group, wre talking women and we're talking about other ethnhnicroups that are fighting to be recognized by the academy. >> whose stories get told, whose stories get believed or celebrated? the issue from the bioaphy section of a public high scol to the oscars. >> cheryl boone isaacs will be live talking to whoopi goldberg on "the view"ater this morng. and i talked to bryan craton and we talked about the nominees not getting much of the discussion, it's been about the lack of diverseity but he said it's not mutually exclusive. that you c't celebebrate this year's nominees and have this discussion. >> i don't think anybody cast aspersions on the guys
8:16 am
but whene'd dress elba wins a s.a.g. and not a nomination for th oscar, that's something they have to change. >> the fact we have to have this discussion it is a vital discussion and want to see concrete changes. >> more stories are good for everyby. >> that's right.t. thank you, chris. lara. >> i want to say the executive producers who i had the pleasure of meeting and took time out from their rehearsals are taking it head on and say this will be the most diverse oscars ever and because it's just the best talent that they could assemble so looking forward to that. also, they gave us their goals, keep what's great about the oscars, change what could be better and overall just shake it up. this yea an oscars like we've nenever seen before and these two behind it all, making changes that are quietly revolutionary. you two had never worked together before. >> that's correct. >> you were brought together. >> shotgun marriage. >> you guys are kind of aomedy duo.
8:17 am
nickname evolved is the two dads. >> reporter: they say they knew what had to be done. >> we agreed chris rock should be the host and agreed to bring the orchestra back io the theater. >> reporter: how is chris rock doing? >> he has so much material, w have no idea what he's going to do. >> it is an embarrassment of riches. >> reporter: this might be the most diverse telecast we've ever seen. >> absolutely. we wanted to show that like america that looked like the world so that was -- >> right from the get-go. >> most of our booking was done beforere the nominees were announced. >> before everything went kaboom. >> so the w whole oscars so white had no impact on wt you were planning. >> no, we just wanted to get the biggest best talent we could get. >> we lookekedt social media. who do people follow. >> and the most talented people in our business. >> reporter: an array of new faceis just the beginning. hudlin and hill completely changing the order of the awards given out. >> we'll mix it up. you know, i want people to watch and be surprised.
8:18 am
order of the show for people who love films. >> you're going to be seeing things the way y you've ner seen them before. >> reporter: ever wonder what else a winner might say if they had more timee befe tha pesky music. well, now those long list of thank-yous will be scrolled at the bottom of the screen giving the actors m more time. >> there's going to be a lot of experimentation. me of it may work. some of it may not work but it's something new. >> reporter: even oscar is getting a makeover now completely hand cast in bronze before its 24 karat gold finish. whether i4's cutting edge performances. >> lady gaga does this performance that just rips the joint apart. everyone is going wow. >> reporter: or the incredible set designed by derek mcclain, using over 200,000 swarovski crystals makes the stage glitter in gold. >> my biggest inspiration was 1970s glam and, of course, the theme of this year's show which is that everyone dreams in gold. >> we even got a sneak peek of danny elfman creating the musical score for the openi
8:19 am
>> it'sind of a fantasy factory of how oscars are made. >> reporter: the 2016 oscars is about to get wild. i have a good feeling. >> yeah. >> i got a good feeling. you cannot notave a good feeling. their energy is remarkable. other huge change this year is with the oscar itse. this is the original prototype for the new oscar. i know you're looking at it. looks the same. it retains the same measurements, if you will, but it's a younger, fresher version, i'll say. this is the protype for the new oscar which harkens back to the 1929 original oscar, subtle changes, also for the first time made in new york. >> oh wonderful. >> so thesere made in new york like myself. >> i love how sam said earlrlier, of course, oscar had a makeover. it's hollywood. >> a littl freshening up for everybody. >> doesn't hurt. i don't know if you know this
8:20 am
this sunday. i don't know if you heard that.. all the fun starts with our red carpet show that starts a 7 p.m. eastern. want to make sure you got that. >> i heard a little something about that, those oscars on abc. all right, gang, a little cooler on t the east coast. i love when you make signs. thank you. two birthdays, kale, 8th birthday. your name. >> vivienne. >> wn you make an electrical sign, you get on television. one or two things going on. hey, waves are up and just in time for the big surf competition in why maia bay called the eddie. these waves are up to 60 feet. this is one incredible convertion going on becausef a big storm in the pacifi now these waves have been rough all over the coast of california. accidents of high surf along the coastline there. the heat is on. and this warm wave in the west coast will sweep across the nation. everybody gets warm. i know it's a little chilly for
8:21 am
gets warm.grove. turn around don't drown. temperatures, not bad this morning, abe normal. temps to get warm the next two days, near 50 today, low 60s tomorrow! then a cold front comes for us sunday,y, cooler temps, light rain, and breezy winds gusting to 25 mph. warm again monday before another, stronger windier front comes through tuesday. we'e're always in times square. so come and see us in the morning. now let's go to rachel smith who has something to show us at samsung 837. >> at samsung 837 you can check out this cool experience which is called the social galaxy. think of it like an art installation you can walk through and even creates with the help of instagram. right now i am standing in the
8:22 am
and i can check out their past, present, even project into our future. you areike standing right in the middle of your instafeed. oh, hi. >> back from rachel. >> that was rachel. >> it took me a little time to come in. hi, robi lara. >> hi, sam >> hi, sam. welcome back. >> thank u. >> we are counting down tohe very special "gma" tradition. it's our annual movie trailer. we know you have popcorn in hand so take it away. >> we do now. >> we're ready. we have our popcorn. cannot wait to see it. sometimes in deep space, things can go terribly wrong.
8:23 am
>> guys, i wasn't that late. really? you're not -- i mean i canan't just like call an uber. there must be some kind of way out of here >> left stranded onmars. said the jer to the thief cheat. >> hello. >> will lara ever make it home? >>o service. >> she couldn't do it alone. >> i knew i should hav switched plans. wait, wait. i got a bar. i got a bar. don't kill me. don't kill me. chill out, bear. lara is in trouble. she needs my help. >> get your miracle mop. oh, no. lara is in trble. i'm coming, lara. >> lara is in trouble. i got to help my girl. >> lara is in trouble. i'm coming for you, girl. >> one poe pate to. two potato. who doesn't love a tater tot.
8:24 am
mwah. >> but could they make it to her intime? >> aaagh! >> little potatoes au gratin. >> while lara fights to keep her sanity. >> i can't get this to work. i just need "real housewives." i'll tri one more thing. i got it. >> yo, you're going to take a beating like you're going to go down but you're going to get up. u are the potato. lara! >> you know what, rocky is right. i'm not just a potato eater, i'm a survivor. yes. i can do this. i can dthis. >> the clock to save her is ticking down.. >> hey, guys, the weather looks good on mars. i think we'll be tre in about 300 days. we'll be there soon, lara. >> hey, you put my mop on fire. >> this suer. >> whoo! >> the fear.
8:25 am
>> i'm an angry little fella. aaagh. >> the strength. >> i'm king of the world. >> the potatoes will lara ever stop eating those potatoes? >> not easy pouring ketchup in zerogravity. >> "gma" saving the lost martian. >> aaagh! mama bear is back. >> even ginger made it. >> nice little -- i love that. >> i loved that. >> wait a minute. back there in new york, wait a minute, i have something. u know, she really loves potatoes, please, can we -- yes, we just so happen -- wolfgang. wolfgang whipped up a littltle something for you. >> don't mind if i do. >> see there. >> we're all set. >> lara has potatoes. we have the oscar gold milk shake carb bow loading. >> it really is good. >> don't want to eat itecause
8:26 am
>> it's pretty good to eat. >> apple cer for you. >> no doubt ginger would love this. she was the bear and going easy on me. >> back from the red carpet to the oscar stage. our actions on what we'll see on hollywood's big night.and here is a quick news update for you lukas a special plane got a bit of a face lift before debuting as
8:27 am
the iowa air national guard paint facility in sioux city rently completed the craft's new paint job. the plane is an f- 100 super saber jet refurbished to look like one of the-100's that flew misty missions in ththe vietnam war. while this plane never saw the battle field. wasas used as a training vessel for pilots at the u-s myrtle beach military base. the numbers on the plane are the originals given to the plane designating it as a sioux city aircraft... but the numbers aren't the only extraordinary featurof this plane... "it was designed as a slick-wing fighter like this to go supersonic and it was just the new technology at the time that alallowed it," says scott plambeck, vice wing commander at the 185 a refueling wing. the f-100 jets were the first planes with the ability to go supersrsonic. while the inside of the plane is hollowed out...everything on the outside is painted to be historically accurate of the jets flown in vietnam. the next steps for this plane is to be disassembled and sent to andrews air force base to be reassembled before it's final journey to washington d-c. lukas let's check in with for the weather. scott: flood waing in effect for the little
8:28 am
don't drown. temperatur, not bad this morning, above normal. temps to get warm the ne two days, near 50 today, low 60s tomorrow! then a cold front comes for us sunday, cooler temps, light rain, and breezy winds gusting to 25 mph. warm agai monday before another, stronger windier front comes
8:29 am
the battle for gold is on. >> thank you very much.
8:30 am
>> and the oscar goes to -- >> hostedy chris rock. >> this is nuts. >> the oscars, live oscar sunday on abc. and welcome back to "gma.a." we are counting down to oscar sunday. we haveehe party going on both coasts this morning. d.j. traci steele isere in new% yorkrk getting us i a friday fram of mind and helping us celebrat allhings oscar with a group of movie fans getting down. >> too much groove going onon. speaking of deejay, one of our favorites dj kiss is performing at the post-oscar party, the govevernors ba. believable. >> all righ >> fantastic. >> social media fan, everyone will be tweeting during the oscarsrs, we have the exclusive first look at twitter's new oscar emojis. tweet #oscars, you can unlock the oscar statue or this fun emoji of popcorn on periscope. >> in addition to tse great oscar milk shakes that i have
8:31 am
>> only one of us f fished ours. >> from executive chef and ownwner of black craft tap burgers and beer, we have o own oscar statues and these despite their golden appearance are chocolate ones courtesy of the ones made every year for the governors ball. do youave yours? >> yeah, just "brick house." i love the theme song. ay. right. we do actually. wolfgang has been i inharge of the menu for the governors ball for 2 years now, larar and he donates all of thth leftover food from the pty to chefs to end hunger which provides meals to the hungry. >> such a great cause. now we have a special giveaway. two of these folks who came out here at 2:00 i in t morning here in l.a. are going to the red carpet celebration at the oscars sunday night. they're going to open their
8:32 am
who has the golden t tket. do it. >> who has it? >> i got it. >> yay. >> key got one. who has the other one? anybody? >> yay. > wonderf. it's wonderful. we're going to see them on the red carpet on sunday night. now, i know you wereenvious. they were dancing. you sasa them in the studio so if you want to dance behind me, just feel the music. >> i'm going to dance right next to you. >> we're going to see tho guysys on the red rpet. >> congratulations. now coming up i know you had a chance to be "the muppets". >> i did and h h amymy "castle." >> she did a great job. >> she did. >> i had a chance "last man standing,"ried my comedic opss a little bit so it's -- wee going prime time. "gma" goes prime time and my comedy skills, i put them to the
8:33 am
at -- well, tim allen. take a look. not so good. >> no, no, don't -- >> oh. >> it's the show that dominates friday nights here on abc. >> you're not fighting, son. wewee having a discussion. >> no, we're fighting and i'm winning. >> "last man standing," starring funnyman tim allen is a well oiled machine in its fifth season. so, you can imagine how excited i was to join the cast for the day. >> oh, hey, yeah. >> it's tim allen. >lways liked "gma." always been my avorit >> "last man standing." >> what the world be without it. >> i jumped intoehearsal g going over my lines. my prime time debut. >> and, action. >>he buyer is here. >> great to see you. >> this is itteresa.
8:34 am
have to look the part. hello, ladies. okay, make me a unit commander. ooh. that's a definite option. a quick change and we're headed to the final dress rehearsal. almost shshowtime. showtime. i actually commanded a tank maintenance unit in iraq, i can take apart a tank, put it back together in a sandstorm. >> okay, makes it less goofy. >> your attitude at the end, really terrific. give her that iciness, beauautiful. >> all right. >> whoo. take our show on the road. >> let's do it. >> with so many moving parts on the set i asked co-starancy travis to explain how they bring the production to life each week. >> we start new script every wednesday and we read itt and then rehearse it. we come b bk in on thursday, rework whaha we've done, come back in friday, start it.
8:35 am
days to produce the polished product that you see robin pulling off in minutes. >> does this feel pleasant to you. >> i actually feel rather tense. >> because this is insanely y kward. >> you see his character and tim's character when they get going with one another. this episode is ait of a reunion with tim'm' "home improvement" co-star patria lichdson co-starring. you've been off and on. >> i sd it many times. she's taught me so much about acting. she's reay an actor when she comes on. >> you taught marark something today. you taught him basketball i i cool and ballet is stupid. >> you'reoverrereyapging. >> you have the history with us but when she stands here she's an actress. >> i keepp retiring and going away and coming back. now i want to go him because he's been directing. what do you think i should do? >> yeah. >> what should i be doing?
8:36 am
on "home improvement" and a solid actor, you know. >> do this all because we love doing it for you guys. >> okay, it' time to take thehe training wheel off and put my acting skills to the test. in front of aive s studio audience. advice there. this. fun times with a fun cast. now, that's a wrap. [ [ cheers and appuse ] >> ah. >> oh. oh, no. oh, thank you very much. i got --tim, nancy, the entire crew, cast, "last man standing," thank you, thank you, tnk you. you know you a a in greatat hands when y can come in like we have and do that and they can make you just not fall flat on your face. >> not easy to do. >> they're the pros.
8:37 am
i need to prerere my oscar speech afterhat so i will see you on the red carpet on sunday. >> one moredetail. the oscars a for the movies. >> oh, that's right. thanks a lot. i'll do the lara runoff. she does that. >> see you, robin. meanwhile, hollywood in full celebration mode right now. the b biggest celebs hitting all the hot spots in town to party before the big ceremony and our kayna whitworth has all the info on where to shop, stay and play just like a star, right, kayna. >> reporter: absolutely, lara. good morning. right now i'm at the hollywood roosevelt hotel. this is legendary. it's located right off the hollywood walk of fame. it is a favorite of stars past andd present. it's where they start and endnd their day butut i want to show you how ey spend it in between. the hottest celebs descending on hollywood for the oscars. and tir favorite spots for lunch it's all about jon and vinny's.
8:38 am
the stars on the menu. >> that's no zza. that's art, my dear. > reporter: there is a two-month waiting list to get in. worth the wait. for a a little shopping, fred sega is a celebmagnet. no matter where you go you betttter berepared to see a celebrity. >> everywhere you go. >> reporter: spotted here oscar vorite leo dicaprio, salma hayek, even j. lo. >> the hottest trend is wearing chokers. >> reporter: to get your own brbrokenenglish. >> the classic women like juanne moore wearing one or jennifer aniston. >> i really like this because it's leather it's comfortle on your neck. of course, last-minute oscar prep means getting that bod red carpet ready. >> you can go to the secret gym. >> jay glaser's "unbreakable" hidden from view on the iconic sun sunset boulevard and kinara. who does notant to loooo like
8:39 am
>> with her skin, who doesn't want that in? >> reporter: shhh. this is the secret celebrity entrance but they'll let me through today. the red carpet facial is a no down timime peel. >> this is going to feel very tingly. >> tt bubbles like champagne on your face complete with a caviar moisturizer. >> my skin feels great. what do you think? finally to sleep like a star check into the h hollywood roroososevelt. >> you always kind of see someone famous. a goo place t go. >> reporter:/cons like marilyn monroe have s stayed he with the hotel right in the middle of all the oscar action, it's the perfect spot to end the night. and this hotel is full of secrets and hidden gems. for example, i'm on second floor bowling alley. set it up so i could come in a embarrass myself. bowl a little bit. jennifer anist just had her birthday here. you're up next, lara, then it's you. >> all right.
8:40 am
optional there, kayna. so t tt's good too. always got t t be this high heels. >> always in hh heels and so scary. >> goodob and i want to get back to our sam champion for a look at the weather. >> lara! i miss you already. hey, my good friends at "gma" are letting me promote the show that i'v'veen w wking on for the weather channel called "23.5 degrees" by the way we'll he conversatis with all the experts of science, environment and climate change and talktto some politicians. take a look at what we've done so far. >> every day you get to accept things as they are or take responsibility for changing them. >> you know, these kidids would have still been drinking the water and would have been catastrophic. >> you've seen how fragile that atmosphere looks. >> be braced for change. >> i decided to go plastic-free. >> i'm completely falling in love with you. [ cheers and applause ] >> it is fun. it starts the third week of march. i hope you'l'll join us on the
8:41 am
for all my friends at abc for letting me do that. the weather, we start with a warm-up in the west.. don'ttworry about the cold mpereratures in theheast right now. we'l'lall get ahot at milder grove. turn around don't drown. temperatures, not bad this mning, above normal. temps to get warm the next two days, near 50 today, low 60 tomorrow! then a >> we are always live in times square so come say hi. now overo rachel smith at the samsung 837 where she's budget all week getting us ready for the oscars. chel. >> exactly, sam. hey, everyone, so we asked you go to on yahoo! and vote in our poll for boast picture oscar. all my friends here hanging out and we are voting on our n new samsung galaxy s7 devices. let's take a look at this big screen over here featuring the nominees for bestpipi
8:42 am
iseading the poll with 59% of the vote. doe agree, do we disagree? what? mixed review thing going on but everybody at home, keepp voting. sam, back to you. >> all right, rachel. coming , we're on the hunt with amy for the perfect red carpet dress and we'll see some
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
get ready to help all right. we are counting down toscar sunday. should i be dancing too? it feels a little weird. we have our big monday after-party on "gma." this is actually my first time on the red carpet and so, of course, i had to find the perfect dress fast. it's been a big decision so take a look at all of the contenders so far. look what we haveight behind us. >> just three days ago, i was 7,000 miles awayeporting from a crater in africa. >> so i've been on five planes in four days and am wearing pretty much the same clothes i've worn owl week. just showered at the airport actually and co-hosting the red carpet for the first time for the oscars this weekend and i have nothing to wear. i need some help.
8:46 am
my rescue to scout out the hottt dress trends. here at halst they have amazing options for amymy so come with me. let's take a look. the thing that i like about this dress is that it's a little bit unconventional so it's short in the front and lg in the back. so you're really getting the best of both worlds. >> next jamie was on the hup for something a bit more traditional. >> i'm her at carmen, classic new york based designer hoping to find that beautiful ball gown for amy. i love this dress. at the bottom half is incredibly full but it's light at the same time so when you're walking, it has this beautiful fluid liquid like movement. >> now time to look for a modern twist. >> we're here at network showroom loong at this gorgeous handmade lace dress. it's feminine, it's delicate with the lace and the color makes it reallytrongg and dynamic and powerful. >>eporter: and finally jewelry.
8:47 am
for diamonds looking for statement earrings, rings and bracelets. >> thank you, jamie. i'm deciding in my dressing room in a few minutes and let you know. you'll see on sunday. cing up our experts are revealing what we'll see on the red carpet from everyone else on oscar sunday. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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8:49 am
culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everythinspotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. we're counting down to the oscars on sundaday. robin and will be right here with amy and michael for oscars opening ceremony. also jess cagle will b there, as ll. let me just say the full name it's opening ceremony live from the red carpet. joining us right now will be joe zee, yahoo style ed tore initor and jess cagle. the whole gang -- >> we'll you will be there. we also want to talk -- i will wake you up.
8:50 am
careful and smart to ask substantive questions. we didt get into a lot of fashion questions. will that be the same? >> i think that's -- i think a lot of the actresses are still expecting it's notust g going to be about the fashion and also this year you've also got the whole oscars so white controrsy and the academy has done a ver good job of trying to own that conrsation so i think a lot of people cing down the red carpet will be prepared andnd maybe even excited to address that issue. >> okay. well, and you said the word address so let's talk about dresses. >> dresses because we still care about the fashion. >> most amazing transition i've ev heard e especiall this early in themorning. >> we will be enjoying it.. may not make that ouour first questions on the red carpet but certainly be appreciating it. which of the stars appreciate -- what trends will we see. >> we've seen big trends already this past ardsseason.
8:51 am
of these great things we've see capes which have been really big on the red carpet from j. lo. >> lupita nyong'o rocked one. >> the red ralph lauren. >> at the grays eight months' classic staple. >> i like a cutout. can everybody do it. >> listen, i think everyone can do it if it's done right and strategically so jennifer lawrence had one that was really small that was reay great then the more exaggerated ones like selena gomez. >> kate hudson. >> it looked great on her. i thought it was really great and the two-piece like taylor swift at the grammys in two pieces. so many different options. >> you can go cutout or actuallyy two or three different pieces. >> absolutely. >> those are all trends we'llll see. >> absolutely. >> do you have something as the guru of "pele" magazine. >> don't ask m me about shion. i always say sething wrong. go ahead. go ahead. >> what do you see as theig trend for men, jess. >> i think you'll see a lot of navy blue.
8:52 am
>> joe and i wereearing blackck but navy blue. >> m are much more adventurous. >> fred leighton told me a lot of jewelry on the men. men have been coming th to accessorize. we have three models. these are joe's predictions of what we might see on the carpet this year. >> yes, well, white i think is goining to be definitely a huge thing. 's huge in fashion right now. huge on the runway andnd think people are worried it would be too bridal but beyonce wore an actual wedding dress to the grammys. you can still do it and look pretty holt. >> black on the red carpet but love it when it's lace and texture to make it not so heavy and, of course, lastly, something a little bit more romantic and flowy instead of a structured -- >> do you likike lavender. >> i do but more relaxed and romantic than a structure gown. >> if you had to ge a guess of the overall look, wouould you say va va voom or romanantic -- >> i think we're always going to
8:53 am
to the oscars but for sure we'll see sexiness but i want to say
8:54 am
8:55 am
dresses are from rent "good morning america" is brought to you by prudenential. right round round round so, you can see the 88th annual academy awards live on
8:56 am
the red carpet show with these two and the gang, 7:00 p.m. eastern. for now, amy, we'll sd it back to you in new york. >> allright, monday we've got our oscars after-party too. stay with us. >> happy friday.says they've recoverd a "skimming" device from a local gas pump. the cubby's gas station on yorork street is where the "skimmer" was located by a technicion. it has been removed but poce a warning anyone who's used the "pay at the pump" feature recent at any gas station to montior credit card or bank statements for fraudulent activity. and if you're not quite sure what a "skimmer" looks like. well they're easy to confuse with a normal credit card swiping machine because theyey're madeo look likike a normal point of sales system. you should
8:57 am
suspicious activity involving card readers whether at the pump or an atm. lukas let's check in with for the weather. scott: flood warning in effect for the little sioux river at linn grove. turn arou don't drown. temperatures, not bad this morning, above normal. temps to get warm the next two days, near 50 today, low 60s tomorrow! then a cold front comes for us sunday, cooler temps, light rain, and breezy mph. w warm agai monday before another, stronger windier frt comes
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> it's time for "kelly & michae's annual "pre-oscar celebration." today,, forest whitaker and
9:00 am
their their memorories of their big night at the oscars. we will give you a close-up look at the actors and actresses naded this year and the co-hosts show us how to make their oscar viewy cocktailand mocktails. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by sney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-sts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] kelly: oh, look. hi. yes. yes. wow. hi. yes. this old thing? hey, welcome, everybody. it's friday, february 26, 2016. it is our oscar "pre-oscar celebration." michael: yes. [applause] kelly: i almost said after


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