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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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time... as the plymouth county man pleads guilty to killing his mother. jenna: ththks for joining us tonight im jenna rehnstrom. tim and im tim seaman. we now know what happened the night esther neunaber died... at the hands s her son. jejea: jonathan neunab entered guilty plea... in his first appearance in court after being g deemed mentally fit to take the stand. jenna: neunaber was arrested back in july of 2014. his mother, esther, was found dead alongside her husband, who was found to have died of natural causes. earlier this year,the 45-year-old wafound competent to stand trial d today accepted a plea deal. for the first time, we're learned what happened the day his parents died. tim: abc9's elisa raffa was at the plea hearing and has more. elisa: jonathan neunaber plead guilty to one count of murder in the second degree and one count of willful injury for continually striking his mother with a steel pipe after she had already sustained injuries and today we found out why in
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neunaberays he wasn't ready to be the man of the house after his father died, and that is what drove him to strike his mother over the head, more times than hwanted to. "when dad died, i did not know what to do next. i was not prepared to be the man of the house" elisa: neunaber added that he took pills to quote "be buried all together" with his parents, but he wound up being aprehended in wisconsin. neunaber could face up to sixty years in prison, fifty for the murder and ten years for willful injury. those sentences are to be served consecutively. and he will not be eligible for parol until at least 70 percent of his time has been served. reporting live in studio...elisa raffa... abc9 news. tim: after attempting a routine traffic stop, turned into a methamphetamine bust in spencer
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spencer police saying 31-year old blaine stockwell of laurens tried to get away from police after they tried to pull him over. stockwell led them on a high speed pursuit before crashing into a ditch in rural clay county. after he was arrested, stockwell was charged with possession of meth, reckless driving and several other charges. jenna: mercy medical center's child advcacy center got a big hand from the sioux city police association today. members of the p-d presented a check for 5 thousand dollars that will be used to help build a new facility for mercy child advocacy. they're looking to expand to better serve victims of child abuse. sioux city police say it's an honor to help them. " we're excited to donate to this group. they do just an invaluable service for this community, for this area actually cause i know people have come form as far as spencer and storm lake to seek their services. it was important for us to be a part of this and to help with their success." says sgt. jeremy mcclure of the sioux city police dept. jenna: 15 thousand
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been aided by the child advocacy center sinc 19-89, the year it was created. jenna: big changes are coming for a local program that's help sioux city boys for almost 50 years. tim: the boys club of sioux city will start serving girls, as well... this summer. abc9's jess plue has more... jess: that's right tim and jenna, the boys club of siouxland will become co-ed this june and are accepting applications for girls as early as the end of this month. while being a part of the boys and girls club of america since 19- 68, the addition of females is not a new concept nationally... but locally it's a big deal. after noticing the rising need for more after- school programing for both boys and girls in siouxland, the boys club decided to raise the bar and accept both genders into their program. "our programming that we've been doing for many many years is over ninety-five percent gender neutral so girls can just be added to that
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chief professional officer of the boys club of sioux city. jess: while most programs are suitable for both genders, there will be a program offered for only girls called "smart girls" which focuses on fema development and another for only guys called "passport to manhood"...both are nationally offered programs from the boys and girls club of america. all current boys club staff say they are very much looking forward to the integration. i'll have more for you on the new co-ed programing at 10 tonight. reporting live in studio,...jess plue...abc9 news. tim:: iowa's department of revenue is extending its tax filing and payment deadline for any taxpayer earningng two thirds of eir income from farming or commercial fishing. the new deadline will be april 30th jenna: a semi was literally knocked in half after being hit by a train this afternrnn. around 4:30 thth afternoon, the eighteen wheeler was pullininoff of the 42-h-hdred block of lewis bouldevava by kent feeds. that is just north of the intersection with nging hill
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be rererted but no word on injuries or the caused by the accident. jenna: tomorrow the orange city fire department will find out if it will l be able to make improvements to their faciliities. city are voting on tomorrow for million dollar project. officials say upgrades to equipment as well as expansion projects at their five stations. if the vote passes, upgrades are done by november 20-17. tim: speaking of voters, tomorrow cizens from different state's will be headed to voice their choice for president on super tuesday tim: the primaries and caucuses across the nation accounting for a healthy total of delegates awarded when all is said and done, democrat's side of things, a third of the nation's delegates are on the line. hillary clinton already ahead in that department just cing off her wins in south carolina and nevada. and on the g-o-p
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delegates needed for the republican nomination are at stake. donald trump is dominating presidential contests, winning each of the last four. jenna: and speaking of trump and clinton , they are continuing their lead in the polls. the latest cnn- orc poll giving trump the support of nrly half of republican voters with 49-percent. on the democratic side, clinton leads bernie sanders 55 to 38-percent. tim: iowa's governor spoke on the republican side of the presidential campaign today during his weekly press conference , terry branstad commenting on trump's campaign strategy calling to gain new chris christie's endorsement. branstad also address the g-o- the campaign trail, specifically the political attacks amongst the republicans "i think it's way out of hand. i really think the focus issues, not on personal appearance or these is a very serious responsibility -- choosing the next country, and the problems."
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continued by saying the republicans need to have vigilant leadership in order to address the critical issues the nation faces. jenna: as of late, on the campaign trail allthe talk has been about replacing supreme court justice antonin scalia. but today another supreme court justice is making headlines for simply asking a question. supreme court justice clarence thomas broke a 10 plus year streak today aski his first question on the bench during oral arguments during a court case on gun ownership and domestic violence in more than a decade. the case before the court concerns gun ownership and domestic violence. justice thomas is infamous for being silent during court proceedings. jenna: coming up mystery behind this street art riddling one iow city that story and more
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(fred) light snow will be seen tonight, and itwill be slightly cooler tomorrow. but, another big warmup is coming by sunday. see you after the break for the forecast!
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graffitti, tim: either way there's artists spraypainting images across the quad cities. go by the name of "keep trying" and their art has accumulated a large following on social media but the arsts are as much of an enigma as the art they create. (seth asplund) "as time went by like you know it'd get covered up and then all the sudden like one day there'd be a new one, and you're like oh my god! it just became something that whenever you saw a new one or it got covered up, you're like when's the next one going to be be there to see." according to davenport police, even though it has a good message, keep trying's art is against the law, and if caught, the
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artists could be facing fines. tim/jenna/fred (tim) fred, how much snow is coming tonight? (fred) for most of us, less than an inch, but there will be some exceptions. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows snow in parts of siouxland, but the heaviest snow is (and will remai along interstate 90 in south dakota and minnesota. a winter weather advisory will be in effect from 9 pm tonight to 6 am tomorrow morning for northern and eastern parts of siouxland shaded in bluish green. that's where most of the snow will fall. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. it shows cloudy skies. 46 was the high today and 28 the low. the storm lake skycam hd shows cloudy skies too. highs over western io were in the 30s and 40s. eastern
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southeastern south dadata were in the 40s and 5050for most. 32 is our temperature ininioux city. locaca temperatures do a good job of showing the cold front. we haha 20s north, 30s central, and 40s south. that represents a change of 10 to 20 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. winds are northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. there's a lot more cold air behind the front. look at abereren--only 15 degrees. northerlywinds willush that colderir our way tonight. the satellite and radar shows the heaviest snow to our north, along interstate 90 in south dakota and minnesota. light snow is seen scattered through other parts of
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the front moving
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tonight. snow will quiet weather will be seen tuesday and early wednesday, but another system will bring a chance of a light rain/snow mix wednesday evening. the snow for most of us tonight. sioux falls could see 2". for light snow, with the highest totals north expect mostly the 7-day forecast light mix late sunday and monday. (tim) thanks, fred. still to come... course on yoga this move it
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red carpet for the oscars ... a lot of them actively training for the big night to look stunning in their dresses or ...
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often times part of that training is yoga ... a century old practice that has entered mainstream workout routines around the world . .. our own lukas voss gave it a try this morning ... nats: move it monday stinger in: tim and jenna, we had the pleasure of having conny reynolds from the yoga college ... come to our studio this morning and show me some tricks of why yoga is a really good way of keeping you fit and healthy chatting about yoga chatting about yoga chattingn about yoga tag: and if you would like to see the full interview or learn more about the yoga college ...simply head over to our website sioulandmatters,co m for more information ... for move it monday ... i am lukas voss coming up in
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6:19 pm ranked western christian began its title run against west branch in the 2a quarterfinals. alex has the highlights after the break. plus...kingsley- pierson and newell-fonda kicked off the iowa girls state basketball tournament in the 1-a quarterfinals. chris joins us from des moines
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competing in this yea'rs iowa girls state basketball tournament, including newell-
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kingsley-pierson... the track records for these teams couldn't be any different....the mustangs are defending for the panthers....they haven't been to state in quite some time. chris palmquist has more from the well. chris palmquist--"alex, it's been nearly 50 years, 1967 to be exact, since kingsley- pierson has made it to des moines for the state tournament. the panthers have been one of the top teams in 1a all year and opened up their tourney run this afternoon against springville. the panthers, suffered some early jitters, they shot just 8 percent from the floor in the first quarter, but then they found a rhythm in the form of rachel mercer. she gets going from beyond the triple...heating up...she's on fire...she had 12 points in the first half to keep the panthers in it. then the inside game...addison hirshman...with the trailed it 25-19 at the break. ahead to the second half...allison bailey...left wide open on the ten footer...panthers cut the lead to 51-47 in the fourth. and they would get within two...mercer, knocks down the midrange jumper late...but springville hit just enough free throws down the stretch, they knock kp out of the tournament, 60-53. nicole goodwin--"my rls have a lot of heart and i think they finally got those first tournament jitters out and as much as we talk about turning them into positive energy, it still affected their shot. so we just finally started kicking it in a little
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late. we had a hole dug, but we battled back. so i'm just proud of the girls and the heart that they showed." chris palmquist--"congrats to the panthers on a great year. the champs from newell-fonda opening up their title defense. in the first--mallory sievers... rips it away and the put back...11-8 mustangs... into the second...the offensive rebound leads to the offense...erin gerke knocks down the three from the top of the key...21-20 newell-fonda at the break. ahead to the fourth...jordan wilken knocks it down and the mustangs are into the semifinals, 53-42. "at the end, we realized we needed to get this game going...and make plays like coach unger always says...when it comes down to it, its a game of runs and that's what we had to do at the end." in des moines, chris palmquist, abc9 sports. alex thanks class ranked western christian is set
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class ranked western christian is set for yet another title run. from 2012 to 2014, the wolfpack won three consecutive championships ...could they add another this season.... western christian opening tournament play in the 2a quarters against eighth- ranked central decatur. tied up at 3 early but then the wolfpack go on a run...erika feenstra...knocks down the three for the lead. then some great ball movement...payton harmsen...adds three more on the kickout, the wolfpack led it 17-4 after one. in the second, they work it inside...ashtyn veerbeek, with the spin move and the finish. then time winding down inthe half...harmsen gets the offensive board and kaira moss beats the buzzer...32-15 wolfpack at the half. tune in at 10 for extended highlights and reaction.... reaction.... and tune in for the action from
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in just about 15 minutes....okoboji hits the court at state for the first time in school history....the pioneers open up play aginst pekin. in the nightcap, the defending champs from unity christian begin their title run against west branch....all that and more tonight at 10... in the college ranks, iowa state's senior day is underway against oklahoma state... georges niang, abdel nader and jameel mcckay all playing their final game at hilton coliseum.... mid-way through the first half, the cyclones have a x-----x lead on the cowboys...we will have those
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today's picture comes from... patty hoch beermann leap day sunrise over the missouri river, taken from dakota city nebraska if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our
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jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) radar shows light snow showers in parts of siouxland. for tonight, look for light snow, with the highest totals north and east. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and a cooler high of 32. the 7-day forecast shows a chance of a light mix late wednesday, then a warmup to 63 on sunday and monday.
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the most controrsial l oscar night. >> th is the wildest, craziest oscars. >> what t you didn't see on tv. >> jlaw's mad dash, the showis starting in 60 seconds. and iest night of her life. >> ohmy god. >> and inside the biggest oscar parties. and the final word on fashion. jen, sofia, reece, the best and worst dressed.


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