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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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woman: made in georgia and there's a brisk northerly wind in place making it feel significantly colder. here's the planner where we'll have a high in the lower 30s this afternoon. your full forecasis coming up - uour news starts now. "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this midday.... " " lukas good morning and thanks for joining us this midday. i'm lukas voss super tuesday-the
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presidential nominee looms s over whats been a wild race to the white house. early states narrowed both presidential fields but frontrunner donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to tighten their grip on their parties' nominations today. abc's stephanie ramos brings us the latest from alexandria, virginia " " the biggest voting day of the year leading up to the general election. voters in a dozen states and a us territory will go to the polls today ?with 16-hundred and 10 delegates at stake. cruz "let me tell the men and women of texas this, i will not compromise away your religioio liberty rights." ted cruz hoping to win big in his home e state of texas talking about religious liberty and the supreme court nomination but at a trump rally in virginia? tension 12:55:45 get em out of here please. a large group of student protestors?marche d out of the event. and as they pass?a photographer from time magazine?thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. the secret service now investigating. sot hrc "america's already great- make it whole again" hillary clinton - hoping to keep her lead over bernie sanders? sanders " now it is time for massachusetts to lead the politicalrevolution."tag- here in virginia - voter r rnout today is expected to be huge - much more than the last time both parties held presidential primaries. stephanie ramos abc news alexandria, virginia verbatim:
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and make sure to tune into a special one hour special on super tuesday. that will run air one hour special on super tuesday. that will run air at 9 am right before our ten pm news cast right here on abc9 lukas: it's been nearly two years since esther and donald neunaber werer found dead in their rural akron home. her son johnathan has finally agreed to plead guilty to the murder of his 80 year old mother. and for the first time he is speaking publicly about
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that july day in 2014. abc9 news reporter elisa raffa has more. "i struck my mother, more times than i wanted to" says jonathan neunaber, pleaded guilty to murder. shocking testimony today as jonathan neunaber pleads guilty to one count of second degreeee murder and one count of willful injury in connection th the 2014 death of his mother, 80 ye old esther. acacrding to court records, esther neunaber suffered more than fourty blows to the head. in july of 2014, both of neunaber's parents were found plymouth county. it was later father, donald, died but his mothers deliberate. "neunaber specifically intended to cause serious injury to esther neunaber when he struck her with that pipe" says judge steven andreasen, plymouth county district court. neunaber originally faced first degree murder charges. as part of the plea agreement to lesser charges.... neunaber admitted guilt and detailed his crime in open court. "when dad died, i did not know what to do next. i was not epared to be the man of theouse" says jonathaha neunaber, pleaded guilty to murder. "i took some pills, with the idea that we could all be buried together. obviously that did not work, i'm still here" says jonathan neunaber, pleaded guilty to murder. neunaber could spend up to sixty years in prison. he's required to serve at least seventy percent or 35 years of his sentence before being elligible for parol. lukas: a train vs semi
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semitrucks trailet torn in half and it's load all over the ground. yesterday afternoon... an 18 wheeler turning off lewis boulevard and into the kent feed location was literally cut in half after being hit by a northbound union pacific train. the driver of the semi was not injured . traffic had to be rerouted for a short period of timeme.. and crews were
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late last night rking to clean the mess left behind. the accident is still being investigated and charges are pending lukas later today... the orange city fire department will find out if it will be able to make improvements to their faciliities. people in orange city are voting on a bond issue for the 2-point-7 million dollar project. fire department officials say they're in need of upgrades to equipment as well as expansion projects at their five stations. if the vote passes, upgrades are expected to be done by y vember 20-17. lukas some call it street art, others call it graffitti, either way there's a collective of mysterious artists spraypainting "inspirational" images across the quad cities. the street artists go by the name of "keep trying" and their art has gained a large following on social media but the artists are as much of a mystery as the art they create. (seth asplund) "as time went by like you know it'd get covered up and then all the sudden like one day there'd be a new one, and you're like oh my god! it just became something that whenever you saw a new one or it got covered up, you're like when's the next
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according to davenport police, even though it has a good message, keep trying's art is against the law, and if caught, the anonymous artists could be facici fines. lukas: after 79 years, the boys club of sioux city is set to welcome girls to the club..... they're inviting anyone age 7 to 18 in the siouxland area to apply abc9 news reporter jess plue brings us the story " we've had many young ladies over the years say why can't we come here, why can't we have this place and you know what, now they'll actually have that opportunity," says eldon bensen, chief professional officer at the boys club of sioux city. as of june, the boys club of sioux city will be known as the boys and girls club of siouxland, joining over four thousand other boys and girls clubs across the country. the need for inteteation came aftetenoticing the risingngmount of studenen having no-wherereo go after school, so the boys c cb came up with a solution: let the ladies join! "we want to make sure that we are doing the best as possible to serve all the kids of siouxland," says eldon bensen, chief professional officer at the boys club of sioux city. when speaking of all the kids, chief professional officer bensen
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identifying in the lgbtq community. "we have a unisex bathroom that we have here that's a single stall that we use in those cases so the bathroom issues isn't an issue...staff here have gone through training to accomodate people that have different t needs and different lili styles so that we can make sure that the youth are more accepting and tolerent o othose kids," says eldon bensen, chief professional officer at the boys club of sioux city. bensen says the programs that they've offered for years are 95% gender neutral so integrating girls won't be a sweat. there will however be a program offered for only girls called "smart girls" which focuses on female development and another for only guys called "passport to manhood". both are nationally offered programs from the boys and girls club of america. as for what the boys think of their sisters being able to join them? "i think it'll be fair since some people e n't haha a place to go, " says ernesto hernandez, a boys club member. they're actually being very mature about it... "so are you going to pretend to know your sister or no?...sometimes... sometimes you'll pretend to know your sister?... yeah." well... mostly mature. lukas: for 10 dollars, parents can sign
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after--school programs, field trips, educational classes along with other perks. lukas imagine having to celebrate your only birthday once every four years? well several siouxland parents gave birth to leap day babies yesterday. nats baby crying trisha boltjes and andrew knight welcomed baby zoey at unity point health st. luke's. zoey is seven pounds, eight ounces and arrived two days early. trisha didn't exactly want to deliver on leap day, but zoey... and dad... had otherideas. "he wanted it to happen today and i was hoping.... it's just unique.... it is unique, i'm liking it now that it actually happened. bu's really cool, it does make it special for her." says trisha boltjes. andrew and trisha plan to celebrate zoey's birthday on the 28th everyry year and might plan something special on her leap year birthday. five babies total were born at unity point health - st. . ke's on monday.
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madison county voters are taking advantage of the opportunity to file electronically, paul huges brings us this story and more "madison county voters are taking advantage of the opportunity to file electronically. madison county clerk nancy scheer says her office received 151 online voter registrations monday, but many of the "new" registrations are actually duplicates. she urges voters to check a link from the madison county clerk's web site to check their registrations before filing a new ones. norfolk's chapter of disabled american veterans thank northeast nebraskans who have contributed out $8,000 to helpthe organization buy a new car, but they still need about $8,000 more. commander ron haselhorst says the current vehicle - a ford explorer in service since 2011 - has logged about 200,000 miles. to make a donation, stop by any norfolk elkhorn valley bank branch. almost over and the norfolk community theatre wants to help you to laugh your way into spring performance of "the nerd," about a afghanistan wounded veteran who vows to anything for the man who saved his life - performances is tomorrow night at 7:30. tickets and are online at spell "theatre" with an r-e. those and more on news talk wjag, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix." lukas still to come...
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month, when we will show us some cheap meals! scott: " "
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scott:good morning siouxland. let's get a check of conditions outside on the port neal welding company skycam hd and your storm lake skycam hd in eastern siouxland. we had a coating of snow pull through the region. this activity is pushing away to the east. our road conditions are slick in a few spots with snow continuing to deteriorate, so be
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the teens and 20s on a cold morning. let's get a chchk of your ormcast hd where we're going to have a quieand cold tuesday. tomorrow evening, a system bearing some light rain and snow will venture through with minimal accumulations. overall, this week will be on the warmer side of normal. today's high is 32 with a few early flurries then partly cloudy skies. it'll be cold tonight falling to a low of 16. tomorrow's high is 47 with mostly cloudy skies and a handful of sprinkles/flurries. here's youou extended 7 dayay forecast. lukas scott: lukas after the break...
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frozen food can't be creative? don't tell howard ... he's got a great way to eat well and cheap out of the freezer ... stay with u u
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ifperfectly okay. becuase today is national peaeat butter lover's day!y! there's even a web site dedicated to the day. did you know... peanut butter is consumed in 90- percent of u-s households. and here's something to think about the next time you open a jar... it takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter. lukas: march is known as national frozen food month...
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howard has a dish that can be found in the freezer... and save you some big time money "whenever we hear about ways to savetime or money we'r always excited to share them with you. and since today's the first day of march we're kickink off national frozen food month. it's the perfect time to check out all that the freezer section has to offer, not to savings. nothing starts our day off better than a hearty all the options in getting going has never been easier. and if you haven't seen the new assortment of frozen single- portions or family- sized entrees, with cuisines from around the world, are you ever in for a treat. you know here in the test kitchen we love our vegetables, and since frozen ones are often fresher than fresh, we always keep an assortment of them on hand. and if you've got a sweet tooth, the freezer aisle has all kinds of dessert. from ready-to-bake ones to treats that we simply thaw and serve. now, let me show you a quick throw-together dinner that starts
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frozen favorites. it's simply frozen puff pastry, drizzlzl with bbq sauce and topped with frozen chicken strips before getting baked. once it comes out of the oven, we top it with a fresh tasting fruit salsa that we made from frozen pineapple and mango. so why don't you go online and get the recipe for our, "barbecue chicken tart." it's that good. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen. the next time you're at the market, make sure you take a fresh look at all the freezer case has to offer. because when you do, it'll have you saying . "ooh it's so good!!" " lukas coming up after the break... we'll show you a new angle on netflix's hit documentary .... making a murderer ... stay with us.
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even avery's ststy... a wiwionsin man in prison for sexual assault and murder. that story made famouse by netflix's documentary series making a murderer.
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we will have a number of special stories about the case... and its effects on the community where avery is from. reporter nate stewert kicks off our series on the impact you might have not seen " a once peaceful county in northeast wisconsin.. (nats - protests) ...has become the center stage for controversy, alleged corruption..and chaos "we just have a feeling that brendan and steven are both innocent and that they deserve new trials and that they should also be aware of what they have going on in this town as far as their government goes" it's not just the protestors here in manitowoc that think steven avery is's all over the cntry. this after netflix's making a murderer was released late last year capt. larry zimney/manitowoc police dept. "absolutely we're in the national spotlight, i mean...this avery issue is going to be on dateline tonight" in 2016 alone, the manitowoc county sheriff's office received credible bomb threats for the first time...closing down streets, evacuating buildings and putting the public on high a art... the caller claimed.. it t was because of avery. capt. larry zimney/manitowoc police dept. "this situation has not died down
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people..there's a lot of polarizatn either way for whether you're pro avery or anti-avery" people living in michicot, the community where the avery auto salvage property is located, say that avery had a bad rep and wasn't respected...and that the documentary has divided the county curtis busse/green bay "this man was tried..he was convicted..and now all of a sudden there's shambles and he's innocent and i just don't think that's right" " tim spierling/susuorts police "i think it's just a shame that people are judging this town without even being here and meeting the people" to help prevent the negativity from expanding...resident s created the hashtag love manitowoc, to shine some light on the positivity surrounding the county despite what outsiders see and hear "we try so hard to let everybody know that this is a great place to live" even as manitowoc hopes to rebuild its reputation.. and while some will continue to fight for avery's innocence... one thing is certain. the violent and tragic loss of teresa halbach. in manitowoc wisconsin, nate stewart reporting lukas: scott's up next with a final check of our forecast.
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stay with us.
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high school in everly iowa has been evacuated after a bomb threat was called in early this morning. authorities say that all students and staff have been moved to a secure location and a perimiter has been setup around the building. the clay county sheriff's office says the call came in around 9 am this morning. there are currently three separate law enforcement agencies on the scene including a k-9 bomb team from algona. we'll be sure to keep you updated with the latest information whenit comes available.
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