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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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evacuation procedures, i would also like to thank the agencies who responded quickly and thoroughly searched the building to ensure the safety of our students and staff." jenna on cam the clay county sheriff's office is still investigating who wrote the message and charges could be filed if the suspect is identified. tim: a reported bomb threat emptied the campus of a california college tuesday. officials say a student at west valley college in saratoga reported finding evidence of a bomb threat tuesday morning. the letter supposedly mentioned a bomb in one particular part of the school. campus police reviewed the letter and determined the threat was credible. the school was evacuated... and the campus was closed for the rest of the day. jenna: the teenager-- accused in monday's shooting at an ohio high school-- went before a judge tuesday. 14-year-old james austin hancock was in the butler coty juvenile detention center for a hearing tuesday morning. authorities say hancock-- armed with a handgun-- opened fire inside the cafeteria at madison junior-
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county. four students suffered non life-threatening injuries. hancock k ces several charges including attempted murder... felonious assault and making terroristic threats. thorities have an idea of the motive for the shooting, but they are not yet releasing it. he will return to court on april 5th. tim: a sioux city teen accused of shooting a sioux city police officer has entered a written plea of not guilty. 18-year-old isaiah mothershed is charged with two counts of attempted murderand five counts of 1st degree robbery in connection witit several incidents dating back to december. authorities say on february 7th, mothershed shot a sioux city police officer while handcuffed at a northside apartment complex. officer ryan moritz was hit in the leg, and mothershed also shot himself as he struggled with officers. mothershed's trial has been scheduled for r may 24th. jenna: one year ago today iowa's gas tax went up. tim: if you've ever wondered how the extra revenue
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further than woodbury county. jenna: as our jess plue found out today.... road and bridge construction is on the rise. jess: that's right tim and jenna. a woodbuty county engineer told me today that witut the tax hike, these projecec wouldn't be happening. just last year the ate decided to push ahead with ten cent increase on gas prices to aid in raising money towards road and bridge repairs. this tax increase, also known as "the dime".., raised about 150-million dollars with over 1.2 million coming to woodbury county. the majority of those dollars are being used for local repair budgets. "the current generation of bridges we're working on had a 50 year design lifefeo when you thihi out it, a significant portion of our bridges are eier at or exceeding that design life." says mark nahra, woodbury county engineer. of the several five-year projects added ..are plans to resurface 10 miles of gravel roads and to repair 2 short span
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still a large deficit in funds for repairing roads and bridges, there is nonoalk at this time about anototr tax increase. jess: stations just like this one increased their prices.. but with the state average already so low, many have said they really didn't notice the increase apart from any of the other day to day gas price fluctuations. for now ill toss it back to you in studio reporting live in studio, jess plue...abc9 news. jenna: a group of iowans gathered on the e statehouse steps today in des moines to promote inclusiveness in the state. the event called "spread the word to end the word day" and it gained some attention from the community today. special olympics iowa athletes and family members gathered to make a stand against "the r word" that is often directed at someone with intellectual or developmental disabilities. charity hodson, special olympics iowa says, "it would be a aream if this was no longer around and people word "respect" and treat everybody the same way no matter what they look like." the group is
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pledge to not use the r word. a blockbuster day on the presidential voting is well underway in a number of states, with others still set to caucus tonight. karin caifa is in washington with a look at the final super tuesday push from the presidential candidates, and what they'll be watching tonight. " " momentum is on the side of hillary clinton and donald trump. both -- their party's winners in three of the first four `contests. both -- poised to pick up the bulk of today's delegates. voting in vermont, bernie sanders said no matter what happens tonight, his campaign will still be going tomorrow. (sen. bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate) "we're very proud of what we're doing, bnd what we're going to continue to do. this is a campaign that's going to the philadelphia convention in july." also in his home state today -- republican ted cruz. texas is seen as a must-win for the senator, who put southern states at the heart of his strategy -- but stumbled in south carolina. (sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate) "
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among republicans, that let's come together and stand behind the conservative principles, the free market principles, and constitutional liberties that we believe in." cruz entered super tuesday as the only republican with a win over donald trump -- beating him in iowa. he's also looking to bat back marco rubio, who launched his strongest attacks yet on trump at thursday's debate -- and hasn't let up. (sen. marco rubio, (r) presidential candidate) " today the frontrunner - at least according to the national polls in the republican primary -- is someone who is preying on y yr anger, someone who is preying on fear." trump is already looking beyond today's contests -- campaigning in ohio. clinton, meanwhile, making stops in minneapolis, wouldn't say outright she's planning to face him in the fall. (hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate) " he could be on the path. maybe someone else can intervene and rise above that. but i'm going to wait and see who they nominate." but tonight's results could move the race closer, to that november matchup. in washington, i'm karin caifa. and make sure to
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tonight, at from 9 to 10 we will be airing a special in depth look into super tuesday. again thats right here on abc9 at 9pm jenna: esident t ama confronted republican senate leaders today over their insistence that no supreme court nominee be considered this year. chuck grassley was in that meeting in the oval office today... along with mitch mcconnell and senate democratic leader harry reid. on monday, the white house conceded the meeting was unlikely to produce any meaningful exchange of ideas about potential nominees. tim: netflix hit series, making a rderer" defense attorneys are heading out on ur. dean strang and jerry buting...are hitting the road for a series called "a conversation on making a murderer." the netflix series...about the men's client steven avery... has taken america's crime obsession to a new level. the two lawyers say avery is serving life in prison for a crime he d dn't commit. their speaking to begins april
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will traveveto cities across the united states and canada through mid-august. and maybe even a more interesting detail to fans.....each night will also feature a q&a portion and the opportunity for the audience to address questions directly to strang and buting. jenna: the office of the director of national intelligence released what appears to be osama bin laden's will and personal letters. they were recovered during the may 2020 raid on bin laden's compound in pakistan, where he was killed. in the documents... bin laden claimed to have 29-million dollars in sudan. the whereabouts of that money is unknown. his letters include warnings to the u-s and advice to al qaeda's affiliates. more documents are expected to be released later this year after they're declassified. tim: the oscar winning movie "spotlight" has earned a stamp of approl from an unlikely source: a vatican-owned newspaper. in an editorial monday.the newspaper said the best picture
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catholic.and has a compelling plot." "spotlight" follows a group of boston globe reporters delving into the catholic priest sexual abuse scandal. this isn't the first vatican outlet to praise the film. in october, vatican radio described "spotligig" as "honest" and "compelling." jenna: the legal battle between apple and the fbi played out on capitol hill today. this, just one day after a federal dge in new york ruled in a separate case that apple does not have to help the federal government unlock an iphone at the center of a drug case. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with details. " " from the courthouse to capitol hill.. ((nat)) congress question the case pitting apple against the fbi.. took center stage in washington.. ((sot)) comey "essentially, take the guard dog away.. we'll pick that lock." the fbi insisting.. they're not asking apple to create a so-called magic key.. maintaining they want access to just one iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters.. for clues. ((sot)) comey "is there somebody else?.. that is our job."
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asked the courts to have this case thrown out.. arguing.. unlocking that one phone compromises the security of millions of others. ((sot)) tim cook " the only way to get information-- would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer." in a similar but unrelated case.. a judge in new york ruled on monday that apple cannot be compelled to help the department of justice fbi unlock an iphone. that ruling has no affect on this case but experts call it a legal victory for apple. that could help the tech giant.. moving forward. elizabeth tag: also weighing in today.. is attorney general loretta lynch from a cyber security conference.. saying for the victims and the public.. the government must do everything under the law to fully investigate terrorist attacks. eh, abc news, ny. tim: yesterday was a
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iowa girls state basketball tournament. jenna: four of our five advanced to the semifinals and today three more abc9 sports directct chris palmquist is in des more. chs tim, today had the potential to be an incredibly exciting one here at the wells fargo arena, with pocahontas area, cherokeeand sioux center all in action. the indians, braves, and warriors are the three highest scoring teams in class 3a and each were hoping their prolific offense would lead them into thursday's semifinals. coming up at six we'll have action from all of those teams, but for now in des moines, chris palmquist, abc9 sports. jenna:a: and when we come back we'll take a look at a cruise ship that is in trouble for the second time in a month, stay with back we'll take a look at a cruise ship that is in trouble for the second time in a month, stay with us fred: (fred) expect teens tonight, and while tomorrow will be warmer, we have a chance of a light rain/snow mix in the afternoon. 60s will be here by sunday, though! see you after the break for the forecast!
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tim: from bad weather to dozens of sick passengers, it appears one cruise ship just can't catch a break. for the second time in a month, trouble for the
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the ship is now racing back to its home port in new jersey. the cruise line in a tweet blames a severe forecast storm and maintains that norovirus in a small percentage of the 6000 passengers didn't fect the decision to return. but someme passengers say 10 people a day are reporting being sick with the norovirus. "you actually had to walk by the medical facility to get off at and the medical facility was jam packed, standing room only, literally just full of people and that's when we kind of went whoa. this is not good." just three weeks ago.. the same ship took a beating from 30 foot waves and 120 mile per hour winds and returned from that voyage early. fred: jenna: tim: (tim) fred, when is it
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tomorrow will be a bit warmer, then we have 60s next week! fred: (fred) the hd radar shows quiet weather locally, as expected, most of the snow fell to the north and east last night. amounts of 1" wewe common across northwest iowa, while along and north of interstate 90 in south dakota and d nnesota, 2-4"
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conditions are back to mostly fine. here's a time lapse of the port n nl welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. the sun finally came out! 28 was the high today--12 below normal--and 19 the low. here's the storm lake skycam hd. 25 is our temperature in sioux city. notice the dew point of 11--that means the air is dry and will allow for easy cooling into the teens tonight. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. we're in the freezer, but warmer temperatures aren't far away--we have 50s in western nebraska. we'll warm up a bit tomorrow as the milder air works our way. the satellite and radar ows the creasing cloud trend today, but there are more clouds west of us. those will move in later tonight along with the warmer air. the stormcast hd shows another upper level system
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evening with a slight chance of light rain and/or snow. little to no snow accumulation is expected for the majority of the abc9 viewing area. th snow forecast shows a dusting of snow northeast tomorrow evening. the forecast for tonight is for a low of 14 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 49 and mostly cloudy skies. we have a chance of light rain and snow in the afternoon and evening. the 7-day forecast shows quiet weather through thursday through saturday, then a big warmup to the 60s sunday, monday, and tuesday. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to muskies vs. fargo! to enter, email or facebook your weather question. i'll answer the winning question on abc9 news at 10. i spoke to the sloan head start 3 and 4 year olds in sioux city today! we had a lot of fun. thanks for having me. fred: tim:
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(fred) you bet. jenna: and when we come back we'll take a look at what it
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healthy jenna:a: tooth decay is one
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american kids. and in today's health minute, mary moloney explains how parents can help keep their children's teeth healthy. " " nat pop going to the dentist isn't always a pleasant experience... especially if you're a kid. and while regular check-ups are vital,
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oral health experts at the university of alabama say parents should create a foundation for their kids.. and it starts with a balanced diet. cut back on sugary drinks. consuming too many beverages with added sugar can lead to tooth decay -- and high-calorie drinks should be limited to one or two times a day. more balanced meals. kids should have three square meals that include fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy. make sweets a treat. parents should limit their children to one or two desserts or candies. parents should also brush their kids' teeth -- or until they're old enough to brush on their own -- for two minunus, twice a day. experts say focus on whehe the teeth and d ms meet. and don't t rget to floss!s! for today's health minute, , m mary moloney. jenna: after the break... well take a look at an idaho town that is proud to let you know they may be armed.
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a small town ithey let people know -- many people there are armed. jake leber reports. reports. " " if you drive through the small town of greenleaf in canyon county...
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this sign... "welcome to greenleaf...this is not a gun free zone." (kelly mcbride/ stance on gun rights has drawn more people to live in the town, rather than scaring people off. jenna: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us. (fred) the forerest for tonight is for a low of 14 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 49 and mostly cloudy
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breaking news tonight. the first major clues coming in right now. the super tuesday showdown. exit polls are in. what the voters are saying. polls. can donald trump be stopped? the high stakes battle across a dozen states. trump and his 11th hour pitch. >> i can do practically anything. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, battling to take trump cown. >> donald trump will be an embarrassment to america. >> donald trump could be a disaster. and hillary clinton tonight, and her pivot to the national race. how she would take on trump and the republicans. >> they're now running their campaigns based on insults. long lines at this hour. will there be record-setting turnout? and scout voercould voters be sending


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