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tv   KCCI 8 News at Five  Me-TV  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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kevin: yeah, just about 30 hours. this will be a very busy place. welcome to spin alley. kind of quiet now, but this will be quite literally where the campaigns will be to give their spend after the debate. what went right for them, and what went wrong for the other candidates. they will be very, very busy. it's sponsored by twitter. it has been very active, is active now. will continue to be active during the debate, using the # #demdebate. we will have more on that in just a minute. we want to bring in cynthia fodor. cynthia: kevin, as you've seen, the stage is set for the debate. and the candidates are still being prepped for the debate. we stopped by each of the campaigns earlier today. inside sheslow, the lights and
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cameras are waiting for action. the podiums are up. the prompter is on. outside, satellite trucks stand ready to televise this iowa event across the u.s. matt: tomorrow's debate is just another example of the importance of this state. cynthia: matt paul says iowans will be hillary clinton's focus in this national debate. matt: the concerns of iowans have been front and center since she undertook this campaign. i think what you will see tomrrow her vision for country, what she wants to do to fight for iowa families. to fight for women and children in the state. cynthia: over at bernie sanders headquarters -- >> they're talking about putting this one up on the route, so bernie can see that one. cynthia: supporters say the vermont senator will show his passion for fighting for the working class. >> every time he talks about his record and what he wants to do with the future, it does contrast with not only these opponents, but everyone in the
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field who's running for president. cynthia: martin o'malley volunteers, creating signs, hope the debate will give a much needed boost to the former maryland governor, whose slogan is "do the impossible." >> people are looking for an alternative. and that is what they'll find in o'malley. he's the only candidate with 15 years of executive experience, and that means he has lead with actions. cynthia: and i will be here live in the spin room tomorrow night, both before and after the debate. kevin? you will be moderating at that time. kevin: very quiet now, just a madhouse tomorrow night. very interesting to see what is said. cynthia: i cannot wait. kevin: thank you very much, cynthia. a new way to solicit questions at tomorrow's debate. the moderators will be taking live questions from twitter. to have your question considered, use the hashtag
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#demdebate. and if you want to follow what is going on on twitter, -- [inaudible] should add an interesting perspective to the mix. we are talking about how involved twitter is. we want to bring in rose heaphy who will talk about what happened last night on the republican side of things. donald trump really surprised about 1500 people up at the community college. rose: kevin, trump referred to carson's book, in which carson called himself pathological because of his violent past. trump decided to equate that to something else. donald: if you're a child molester, there's no cure. they can't stop you. pathological?
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he said he was pathological, ok. rose: supporters last night told kcci they like that trump speaks his mind. i spoke with iowans today. many told me they found trump's comments offensive and over the top. donna: i don't know that much about mr. carson, but that kind of comment doesn't really need to come out. terri: everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but child molestation? i have my grandson here. that's something we don't touch at all. rose tonight at 6:00, hear from : our political analyst about how he will give his thoughts on trump last night. kevin? kevin: ben carson had this reaction. ben carson: i'm hoping that his advisers will help them to understand the word pathological, and recognize that
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that does not denote incurable. it is not the same. it simply is an adjective that describes something that is highly abnormal. kevin: we will wrap things up here for right now. we do want to remind you we will be back here with more as we preview the debate tomorrow night. right now, we send it back to you. steve: kevin cooney, live at drake university. stacey: the debate will take place inside sheslow auditorium on drake's campus. crews are putting the finishing touches on the debate stage. right now, the set is in place and it looks pretty good ready , for tomorrow night. steve: before they take the stage tomorrow night, we caught up with two of the moderators -- "face the nation" anchor john dickerson and "des moines register" political columnist kathie obradovich. staey: both say they're ready for anything that could happen. john: the approach with a candidate who is seasoned, who
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that try to slip them up or trip them up, is not to come up, not to come up with some new special curve ball. that's going to use some kind of special trick or slight of hand to trip them up. basically, to try and engage them on an issue they're matters. and use their interest in the issue and importance of the issue to show their enthusiasim for it. kathie: this is the first debate -- so at this point, we will get into some doubts as to what the candidates will want to do. and also about how they reposted due what they say they're going to do -- propose what they say they're going to do. stacey: again, the debate is 8:00 tomorrow night here on kcci. be sure to watch kevin cooney and our partners at cbs news and the "des moines register." steve: no debate, a nice day going on.
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kurtis: we are starting to cool off, 44 in ames. 42 in marshalltown. pretty iowa sunset, this shot coming from homer, iowa. that is near brushy creek maybe. every location, most, 38 at 10 p.m. noon is 57, 3 p.m. temperature is 62 degrees. a very mild saturday ahead. so your weekend the planner will be bathed in sunshine out there. now late day sunday, some clouds roll on in -- down to 60 degrees. that is still above normal, a little breezy or to finish out the weekend. we have the hawkeye forecast for both wrestling and football and jack trice coming up. steve: we continue following the breaking news out of paris. at least 100 others held hostage, 30-40 killed.
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sec. john kerry: your days are numbered, and you will be defeated. stacey: plus, done in by a drone? we're live in washington with reaction from u.s. officials to the strike that may have killed the man known as jihadi john. steve: but first, we hear from debbie wasserman schultz, the chair of the democratic national committee, ahead of tomorrow
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you're watching kcci 8 news at announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 5:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, and chief meteorologist john mclaughlin. kevin: welcome back to spin alley at drake university. we are in cartwright hall, the law school. joining us is democratic national midi chair debbie wasserman -- committee chair debbie wasserman schultz. tell us about the goals of this particular debate. debbie: i am looking forward to the continuation of the substantive discussion we have had over the last two times we've gotten together, in nevada and then at soccer line last friday. the talk about the issues that
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they are focusing on, and to build on the 68 straight months of job growth we have had under president obama, the 13 million jobs that have been created -- all of the progress we have created. kevin: how much input does the dnc, cbs, or the other networks have? is there a similarity or process that allows them to be different in structure? debbie: it is a negotiation. as the sponsor of the debates, we build partners, initially we approach the networks. and the cable channels, and we begin a dialogue with them about whether they are interested in participating in our debates. and we really negotiate right down to the very nitty-gritty of the signs on the stage to the distance between the candidates and the podium. how long the questions are going to be. it is a back-and-forth.
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what do the candidates have to do in this particular debate? not individual, i know you you cannot come in. but this how does -- debbie: they will try clear contrast between our candidates and the republican field, to show the direction we would take the country. and because we have similarities on the goals between our candidates, the difference how to approach changing those goals. kevin: thank you for spending time with us. we will see you tomorrow. debbie: i look forward to it. stacey: we want to update you on the deadliest violence in france in three decades. multiple people dead at multiple locations, about 100 people have been taken hostage at a paris theater. the president has declared a state of emergency.
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president obama addressed the nation moments ago. president obama: the bonds of liberte, egalite, fraternite our values that we share. they will endorse far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. staceyl we are continuingl to monitor this breaking story and bring you updates as we get them. steve: world leaders are quote reasonably certain the masked isis terrorist known as jihadi john is dead. stacey: he's the man shown in many videos of western hostages being beheaded. kcci's diane roberts is live in our washington bureau with more. diane: steve and stacey, the pentagon says a u.s. drone strike targeted a vehicle in syria, believed to be carrying the isis terrorist. pentagon officials have not officially confirmed mohammed emwazi is dead.
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but they think they got their man. col. steve warren: this guy is a human animal, and killing him is probably making the world a little bit better place. diane: u.s. military spokesman steve warren says they know they hit their targeted car, and those who were inside are dead. now they just have to confirm the man known as jihadi john was one of the two in the car. secretary of state john kerry's reaction to the attack on isis, also known as daesh, did not mince words. sec. john kerry: but the terrorists associated with daesh need to know this -- you're days ur days are numbered, and you will be defeated. diane: meanwhile, british prime minister david cameron praised the joint u.s./british action, but is not certain the kuwaiti-born british citizen is dead. middle east terrorism expert jonathan schanzer says, on one hand, the attack seems like a psychological victory. jonathan: on the other hand, i would say it is a hollow victory. that we have killed one man, but
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that the organization remains strong. diane: schanzer says this is just one step in a much larger battle. while prime minister cameron said targeting emwazi was a strike at the heart of isis. families of those beheaded say jihadi john's apparent death is of little solace, because it does not bring back their loved family members. in washington, diane roberts, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: back here in central iowa today, the defense in the ngor , makuey murder trial says makuey was insane when he beat his elderly east side neighbors. kcci's kim st. onge is live in studio. kim, the defense saying that's why makuey shouldn't be held responsible for his actions? kim: that's right. the defense says people who don't know what they're doing because of a mental illness don't deserve to be punished for it. a psychologist diagnosed makuey with having symptoms similar to schizophrenia.
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his actions that day don't make sense for that reason, including his decision not to run from police and use a grilling spatula as a weapon, when he had access to knives. makuey told a psychologist a green man with four arms took control of his body and made him beat his neighbors. the prosecuting attorney say s mental illness isn't the same as legal insanity. jeff: just because the defendant may hallucinate, someone telling him to do something, that does not take away his free will. that does not take away a pre-existing ability to understand the difference between right and wrong. kim: a judge will decide makuey's fate. but no word yet on when he'll have a verdict. live in studio, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: high school football playoffs continue today in cedar falls. the big matchup tonight between valley and dowling. scott reister is live at the
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scott: three exciting stuff here, dowling is the top ranked team in the state. dowling beat valley in the regular season at drake. can i do it again in advance to the title game? we saw valley get off the bus, but let us talk about dowling. they are going for their third team. in 2013 when they won it, they also beat valley in the regular season and the playoffs. they will have to pull that off tonight, as it is a attle for a spot in the state final. >> two years ago, the same thing. i wrote number 2005, by first year. it is a great rivalry come and is that much better. scott: could not write it any we will see which team comes out
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we will hear from dowling players at 6:00, catch up with the tigers as well. and amountmount ayr falls. lot going on in sports. live in cedar falls, scott reister. steve: our weather has changed, cooler and colder. kurtis: 49 degrees, the sunshine is gone down. winds out of the west, humidity is 36%. less wind, 10:00 p.m. is 38. wind chill in the upper 30's tomorrow morning, we have a big warm up on the way for saturday. the average i-49. we will be 57 by noon, 3:00 p.m. is 62 degrees. if you're headed up to jack trice, sunny skies. a gorgeous 1 -- in the 50's.
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as the game goes long it will cool on off, fourth quarter is 49. over at panic stadium -- kinnick stadium, kickoff is 48. 44 with a bit of a south wind up fourth quarter. sunshine across the state, sunshine across most of the midwest. it has continued to snow into parts of michigan. we have a big ridge of high pressure down south that will track on off, north of canada, in between, the warm-up on saturday, i think it will be tempered a bit on sunday because of a few clouds. so clear overnight. here is your timeline. saturday is sunshine from missouri to the mississippi, we are looking at the stars. owing to be crystal clear, sunday starts out great. the clouds thicken up and it looks like monday has a good chance of rain early morning hours. we should have a break as we head into the afternoon. temperatures tonight all the way
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before degrees south wind at 5-10. tomorrow, the highest 62. sunny skies from a temperatures, southwest wind at 10-50. i have never worn a singlet in november. i don't know if this is great for outdoor wrestling. but it is a gorgeous day. a.m. 57 at 1 p.m. there at iowa city. a long day. a lot of rain chance of this week, if you have some weekend. out the week. steve: our meteorologist in a singlet, something everyone should see. just one traffic item.
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here are the mix$68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. steve: updating the breaking story out of paris, an apparent
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stacey: we do have live pictures, where the country is closing its borders. about 100 hostages taking at a theater. steve: french resident hollande
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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kurtis: a couple of more
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steve: more on the apparen >> pelley: an explosion at a soccer march is just one of multiple terrorist attacks unfolding tonight in paris. many are dead and wounded in
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bombings and gunfire.
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