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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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eric: super tuesday. today could be make or break for candidates vying for a 2016 presidential nomination. the states to watch, coming up. alyx: and while we are watching those states, iowans are watching super tuesday. how local analysts weigh in on iowan's role on this super tuesday. elizabeth: plus, grassley at the white house. what's on the agenda for the iowa senator's meeting with president obama, coming up. >> you're watching kcci eight news. eric: also this hour, they're taking over the well. girls' state basketball in full swing in downtown des moines.
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store for today. good morning and thanks for waking up with kcci eight news. elizabeth: it is tuesday, march 1. we are starting off march with some snow. metinka: it is a when tree picture out there. -- whenwe are still catching a couple of snow flurries with moderate snow pushing down through mingo and back through the east. in des moines we have barely seen accumulation but a long side of highway 20 a few inches fell. the five in -- 25 in des moines. the snow will move out by midmorning and roads will start to get in better shape by this afternoon. heading for 32 as a high. eric: we are up to 18 school delays. keep an eye on that.
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there is no problem at conditions. you can see pink in northeast iowa. completely covered in snow or be careful out there. elizabeth: this morning in super tuesday is finally here of the candidates as voters in about a dozen states cast their ballots. nikole killion is in washington with a preview. nikole: this is by far one of the biggest days in the race for the white house which could be make or break for many of the candidates. more than 1,400 delegates are at stake with democrats awarding about a third needed to win nomination, while republicans will allocate nearly half. after contests in four states and three wins a piece, hillary clinton and donald trump enter super tuesday as the prohibitive favorites hoping to expand their leads. josh kraushaar: super tuesday is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the race. rubio or cruz could stop trump's momentum by winning some big states but if they don't, game
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over. several candidates have hinted they could hold out for even more critical contests two weeks from now otherwise known as "mini-super tuesday." elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks joins us with a local look at super tuesday. so alyx, what does super tuesday mean for iowans? alyx: elizabeth, iowans have been basking in the calm political wake post iowa caucuses. but not necessarily sitting by idling. political analyst dennis goldford reminds us of the fact that iowans are paying attention and keeping up with the conversation as it changes. we left iowa caucuses with ted cruz winning and leading in the political party and now a virtual tie with them a credit candidate hillary clinton break sanders, donald trump declared front runner as we have been
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and hillary clinton as well on her side. iowans are taking a closer look at how to handle donald trump if he does become the nominee. when we spoke to gold furred he said he is hearing from more moderate republicans saying they don't know if they can fall in line with donald trump. but he also says he's talked to several who say they will support hillary clinton if he becomes the nominee. we also learned this morning, a new poll from cnn less than an hour ago that hillary clinton and bernie sanders would beat donald trump if he does become the parties dominate. that was out of the orc and cnn. we will look at this throughout the morning and here's what dennis goldberg had to say about the turnout. dennis goldford: less than half
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either side as the presidential election get involved. some will pay more attention as the election itself draws near. alyx: we will cover this through the morning, right now back to you. eric: we'll have more on super tuesday coming up. also happening today, iowa senator chuck grassley is heading to the white house. shaina humphries is following this. so shaina, what's he doing there? shaina: eric, senator grassley is actually expected to meet with president obama today. he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will speak with the president about the current supreme court vacancy. the republican leaders have vowed to block any nomination president obama makes. vice president joe biden and democratic senators harry reid and patrick leahy are also expected at the meeting. washington, d.c. right now to cover this. he's set to sit down with senator grassley for a one-on-one interview after his meeting with the president. you can catch steve's reports tonight on kcci at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. california. police are searching for a man in orange county, suspected of
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her two children monday. police say the suspect led them on an hours-long chase before stopping and engaging in a standoff. overnight he agreed to release the girlfriend and children, but then he ran off into nearby hills. the kidnapping victims are now safe and unharmed. elizabeth: big stories here in central iowa. testimony continues today in the trial of a man who was behind the wheel during a deadly crash in november. a judge will decide if 24-year-old troy mure is guilty of vehicular homicide. or if he was speeding away from a gunman to try to save his life when he crashed his car near 35th and ingersoll. mure suffered minor injuries. but his girlfriend in the car, 22-year-old scalicity perez, died at the scene. ames is teaming up with iowa state university to look at safety issues along lincoln way. this comes two months after 18-year-old student emmalee jacobs was hit and killed on on that street. ames city engineers say there is no correlation between the
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safety study. but they want to make a busy road safer for everyone, especially with continued growth in student population. eric: after calling 22 witnesses over the last week, prosecutors rested their case monday in the murder trial of alex fazzino. the former boone man is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of his wife emily in 2012. the defense began calling their witnesses monday, putting fazzino's mother and siblings on the stand. testimony continues today in decorah. elizabeth: you will definitely want winter care when you go out this morning. metinka: some folks may need to shovel out the driveway. this is our algona webcam and you can see the snow covered roadways. some sidewalks are snowy as well. fiber is showing good news, the snow is coming to an e although it continuesnd from al
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the roads will stay slick until this afternoon come a we get the sunshine out to work on the roads and grabbed the warm coats. highs will be in the 30's with a feels like temperature in the teens and 20's. eric: sports news now. the iowa state cyclones took the floor in ames last night for the final time this season and said goodbye to their seniors, george niang, jameel mckay, and abdel nader. and it was a great night for each of them. taking on oklahoma state, niang racked up 17 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 assists. nader had 19 points and 5 rebounds. and mckay had 6 points and 10 rebounds. that helped give the cyclones a 58 to 50 win over the cowboys. iowa state wraps up their season saturday on the road at top ranked kansas. that's at 3:00 p.m. on espn. elizabeth: the iowa hawkeyes have been struggling to get a win recently, and tonight
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their losses did to their tournament resume. but it won't be easy for the hawks. they're hosting the indiana hoosiers at 8:00 p.m. in iowa city. the hoosiers did beat the hawkeyes earlier this season. you can watch the game on espn. here in des moines, girls' state basketball is underway at wells fargo arena. after class 1a quarterfinals yesterday, manson-northwest webster finishes off the class 2a quarterfinals this morning. class 3a gets underway with nevada taking on sioux center at 5:00 p.m. and ballard faces keokuk at 8:30 tonight. class 5a quarterfinals are tomorrow. eric: and while the girls teams set up shop at wells fargo arena the best boys teams are trying to secure their spots for next week. last night, class 3a teams punched their tickets. pella took on ballard in their substate game. and it was all pella all the the little dutch with a decisive win, 81 to 56. they'll face perry in their quarterfinal game next tuesday. also in class 3a, chariton and newton squared off to get to the well.
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but chariton came out on top by just two points, final score 55 to 53. they'll face solon in a quarterfinal next week. elizabeth: today, the class 4a boys hit the hardwood for their substate finals. several metro teams are fighting for a spot in the state tournament. valley is taking on ankeny centennial tonight. that game will be played at dallas center-grimes. hoover and ames square off at southeast polk. and dowling catholic will take on ankeny tonight as well. that game will be held at johnston. eric: year in space. coming up, astronaut scott kelly gets ready to leave the international space station. what's in store for him in his first days back on earth. and encryption battle. apple has a victory in its fight with the fbi over hacking into iphones. boost. why one central iowa community says it needs to increase its sales tax by a whole percent. shaina: and if you are in the middle of the metro you should
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you are north there's quite a bit of snow on the ground. you will need extra time when you go out and look at the bottom of your screen with the number of school delays rolling in. we will take a live look at the roads now, it is still pretty cold and windy. even if you are down in the metro get yourself a couple of extra minutes. this is writer corner. no accidents, looks like everything's moving fine. a bit of a change of pace for the past couple of days. shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, to get 0% financing for 60 months on a ford suv. that's right. just announced. ford explorer...edge...escape... and expedition... are available with 0% financing for 60 months. ford suvs. designed to help you be unstoppable. no wonder ford is america's best selling brand. but hurry, 0% financing for 60 months on ford suvs is a limited time offer.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. metinka: good morning. the snow is moving out of the area. we've had quite a few reports of three to four inches of snow across highway 20 this morning. now the snow is diminishing as a goes to the east. still some flakes across central iowa leading to slippery roadways north of highway 30 especially.
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but the cold will stick with us. have a blustery north wind at 24 in des moines. the feels like temperature will have are mainly in the teens. highs today will run 30 degrees colder than yesterday around 32. shaina: thanks metinka. today is astronaut scott kelly's final day in space. kelly spent the last 340 days at the international space station, longer than any other u.s. astronaut. he's expected to land around 10:45 iowa time tonight in kazakhstan. after that, kelly will head to houston to undergo a series of physical and scientific tests. and right now, apple has a win in its fight against government's efforts to break into locked iphones. monday, a federal judge in new york ruled the justice department cannot use a 227-year-old law to force apple to provide the fbi with access to iphone data. this ruling came down as part of a routine drug case. this comes after a state ruling in california that said apple must help the fbi hack into the
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bernardino attackers. elizabeth: economic headlines now. the nearly 1,600 people who were overpaid about $434,000 in unemployment benefits will not have to return the money. the iowa workforce development voted this week to let the recipients keep the money paid as a result of a faulty phone system. an audit shows the over-payments were part of more than $900,000 the state lost to scams and errors over three years. voters in carlisle will decide today whether to approve a sales tax increase. city officials say the increase would help them keep up with current expenses. right now, the sales tax in warren county is 6%. the referendum calls for a 1% increase. eric: the stock market ended february on a losing note. the dow slipped more than 123 points. the nasdaq fell more than 32. and the s&p 500 was down almost 16. a top federal auto regulator says recalling all takata airbags in the u.s. will not make vehicles safer.
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florida senator who is urging officials to recall all takata ammonium nitrate airbags. regulators say doing so would strain suppliers and create more uncertainty. a google self-driving car may be at fault for a collision with a -- microsoft may ship the hollow lens soon. the $3,000 headset projects holographic images into the wearer's view without blacking out the real world. facebook's oculus rift will begin shipping around the same time. it will create a 360 degree fictional universe for the wearer. you won't be sure what is really there and what is not. elizabeth: it's amazing to see what people do with that technology. unfortunately your reality outside today as a flashback to winter. metinka: snow was falling on that long across northern iowa and it is still coming down although it has diminished you'd
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ankeny, and the metro toward marshalltown you're getting decent snowfall. this will be heading to the east. overnight we have reports of three to four inches of snow from fort dodge through algona. only about a trace has managed to accumulate. we have a blustery wind coming from the north very brisk. now sustained at 20 miles an hour with gusts close to 30. blowing snow horrible -- horizontal he creating poor visibility driving wind chills down. dress for six degrees in fort dodge. this is a huge change. a big change with yesterday in 50's and 60's and this morning, winter weather advisory continues with purple counties it are side of highway 20 until 8:00 a.m. and then conditions improve. we have sunshine this afternoon and then roads in better shape. then already by tomorrow afternoon snow will be possible.
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northeast iowa. in the metro we will stay on the fringe of this. we could see a few sprinkles and light rain showers across central and southern iowa while snow continues into early thursday morning across northeast iowa. 24 in des moines, a few snow flurries and wind chills at 10 degrees so grab warm coats. highs today will struggle to make it to 32 and we will hopefully see afternoon sunshine but it will be blustery. overnight lows will be cold to 20 degrees. wind will let up and tomorrow much of the day should be dry but by the afternoon and evening we have chance for sprinkles and flurries. then toward wednesday and thursday, light snow continues to the northeast in the same area pick up the snow last night and by the weekend, that snow will be melting away. 50's and 60's moved back in.
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shaina: we have not seen accidents yet but if you are north of the metro this quite a bit of snow on the road. give yourself extra time when you go out today. the weather is very different than a was yesterday. things still looking good traffic was in the metro, i wanted to show you the mobile speed units. you will see one at 2800 east walnut street. and at 1800 fleur drive. then 1000 50 six st. then 5000 northeast 22nd street.
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eric: super tuesday. eric: welcome back to kcci. today is filled with critical contests. it's a pivotal day for the republicans and democratic who want to be president. elizabeth: today the most delegates of any single day will be doled out. nikole killion is in washington with a super tuesday summary. nikole: it's march madness on the campaign trail. about a dozen states weigh in on the candidate competition, with more than a thousand delegates up for grabs. some of the key contests, georgia, awarding 76 delegates
6:24 am
102 for the democrats. and everything is bigger in texas, where the democrats are vying for 222 delegates, while republicans have 155 up for grabs. adding to the lonestar significance, it's home to senator ted cruz who's hoping for state support to bring him a win. another candidate with a super tuesday ties, vermont senator bernie sanders. he's counting on his constituency is at the primary polls. that's the primary picture, i'm nikole killion. elizabeth: more super tuesday coverage. our sister stations in vermont, oklahoma, massachusetts, alabama, and arkansas take a closer look at the races in their individual states. stewart ledbetter: here in vermont, a heavy voter turnout is projected for the presidential primary. this is senator bernie sanders' home turf of course, and the latest polling conducted here in february showed sanders with an overwhelming 83% to 9% advantage over hillary clinton. among republicans, donald trump is also out in front but not by
6:25 am
john kasich and marco rubio are tied for second place. the sanders campaign will return here to celebrate whatever victories may come on super tuesday, with the hometown crowd. in montpelier, i'm stewart ledbetter. steve bottari: here in oklahoma, donald trump is set to dominate for the republicans. marco rubio and ted cruz both holding rallies here, not going down without a fight. it's much closer for the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders virtually tied. there's a new variable, too. for the first time, independents get to vote in the democratic primary. in oklahoma city, i'm steve bottari. reid lamberty: and here in massachusetts, it could be a long night for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. polls show the race too close to call with hillary clinton holding a slight edge over sanders. both candidates campaigned here yesterday. bill clinton tried to sway voters at a late night rally. for the republicans, donald trump maintains a huge lead. going into today his lead is more than 30 points ahead of marco rubio, ted cruz and john
6:26 am
in boston, i'm reid lamberty. jeff eliasoph: i'm jeff eliasoph in birmingham, the largest city in alabama, a state now boasting more influence in the outcome of this year's presidential race. in years past, the alabama primary was sometimes as late as june when nominations were already in the bag. this year, every major candidate has made at least one visit, some more, even in this "smaller" state. turnout could reach 40%, the highest for a presidential primary since president obama's historic 2008 campaign. key groups being courted. blue collar workers by republicans, african americans by democrats. yuna lee: i'm yuna lee in conway, arkansas, where marco rubio spent time leading into super tuesday. he's made three trips to the state in recent days, turning his attention to attacking front runner donald trump. other hopefuls are also spending time here, donald trump was accompanied by chris christie, and even allowed our cameras inside his plane some dubbed trump force one.
6:27 am
the state as well, including a rally with conservative talk show host glenn beck. on the democratic side, hillary clinton returned to arkansas to make her final push in natural state where she served as the first lady. her rival, bernie sanders, still has yet to visit arkansas. in conway, i'm yuna lee. elizabeth: in addition to those states, virginia, tennessee, alaska, colorado, minnesota, and wyoming also have primaries or caucuses today. overall, donald trump is polling well ahead of his competitors for the gop. and hillary clinton is beating bernie sanders for the democrats. eric: we've got more stories straight ahead, including the latest on two murder trials. how one official describes the horrific scene. plus teaming up for new safety measures. what ames and iowa state are planning to do! and senator grassley is set to meet with president obama.
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elizabeth: right now on kcci. presidential meeting. iowa senator charles grassley is set to meet with obama today. what's on the agenda for this morning, and what both sides are hoping to get out of it. eric: plus, it's super tuesday. the states that must get out and
6:31 am
and what's at stake for the candidates. alyx: and we're taking the temperature of iowans on this super tuesday. how the conversation has changed here in iowa, and what political analysts are noticing among iowa voters. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. elizabeth: cap the first snowy cold day of march. eric: kind of feels like february still. we have about a dozen schools crawling at the bottom of the screen. that will affect travel probably in the northern part of the metro. metinka: the wind is blowing around at three to four inches of snow they picked up last night good news, the snow is winding down with some left over from clarion through fort dodge
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it is heading to the east and southeast at so far we've seen a trace of snow. watch for slick spots mainly to the north and grab warm coats. 24 now in des moines, we have wind chills near five heading for highs near 32. parts of iowa are waking up to some snow covered roads. this is a live look out on the roads from 511ia. just the northern part of the state is being affected right now. northeast iowa roads are completely covered, that's the pink. blue means partially covered. we'll be sure to keep an eye on the road conditions throughout the morning. eric: big stories this morning. an officer testifying in a deadly high speed crash describes the horrific scene. officer fisher: it was the most traumatic accident scene that i've ever witnessed. eric: troy mure junior showed no emotion monday, even when video was played in court showing the
6:33 am
the price chopper on ingersoll. 22-year-old scalicity perez was killed in the deadly crash. she was a passenger in the car, and was thrown from the car as it wrapped around a tree. this is a bench trial, so no jury. the judge will rule on the vehicular homicide charge. testimony resumes this morning. and the continuation of the alexander fazzino murder trial. prosecutors called their final witnesses from the iowa dci. fazzino is charged with first degree murder in the 2012 death of his wife emily in boone. he has pleaded not guilty, saying she accidentally drowned in a bathtub. elizabeth: the city of ames and iowa state are teaming up to look into safety issues along lincoln way. it's been just over two months since 18-year-old isu student emalee jacobs was hit and killed on that road. however, city engineers say there's no correlation between the december hit and run and the safety study. but they want to make a busy road safer for everyone, especially with continued growth
6:34 am
the study is part of the city's long-range transportation plan. and a des moines man is in jail after stealing a car that belonged to a des moines police detective. 55-year-old la forest bennett was outside the embassy suites hotel saturday night when he took patrick garcia's keys and vehicle. bennett didn't know garcia is married to a detective, and that the hotel was full of officers for an annual celebration. he's now in the polk county jail charged with theft, robbery and fleeing police. shaina: right now, president obama is preparing to sit down with senate republican leaders at the white house. they'll be discussing the supreme court seat left vacant by the late antonin scalia. the white house says obama intends to make a nomination, but is still reviewing recommendations from his legal team. senator charles grassley is due at the white house, along with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. republicans have argued the decision should be left to the next president. kcci's steve karlin is set to meet with grassley for a sitdown following his meeting with the president.
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kcci at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. in california, a police standoff involving a kidnapping suspect has ended. the suspect is believed to have kidnapped his girlfriend and her two children. and then led police on an hours-long chase around orange county. police began negotiating with him when he stopped, and he agreed to release them. but as they came out, he escaped into nearby hills. police are using search dogs right now to find him. eric: turning to commitment 2016 news, voters in several states will head to the polls today for super tuesday. latest polls show republican donald trump leading marco rubio, ted cruz and the rest of the gop field in several states. elizabeth: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is expected to rack up more delegates than bernie sanders today. which could make her unstoppable. kcci's alyx sacks is here with a local look at super tuesday. eric: and alyx, how does super tuesday impact iowans? alyx: eric, today is a big day,
6:36 am
while yes, iowans have been basking in the calm political wake since the iowa caucuses. we spoke to political analyst dennis goal for he says they are sitting by, not idling. dennis goldford: for right now while we enjoy not being bombarded with campaign commercials on television and radio all the time. i think that the iowa activitists on both the democratic and republican side are certainly still continuing to follow the race. alyx: dennis goldford reminds us of the record turnout for republicans at the iowa caucuses this year. ted cruz may have won the iowa caucuses, but with donald trump in a clear lead, he says iowans are now shifting their attention to what they will do if trump becomes the party's nominee. goldford says he's talked to some republicans here in iowa who say they will fall in line with the party and vote for him in november. and then he's talked to more moderate republicans who say they would vote for hillary clinton over donald trump. as for the democrats, he's says
6:37 am
sanders to catch up to clinton. and since it was a virtual tie here in iowa between the two, it -- an interesting poll by cnn out this morning says hillary clinton and bernie sanders would both the gop front-runner donald trump in a general election matchup. live in downtown des moines, alyx sacks kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. eric: it's making an impact, how one iowa coffee shop is helping people turn their lives around. and their plan to help across the entire state. elizabeth: and he's spent the last year far, far away. we'll show you some of the incredible images from his trip. and when the history making u.s. astronaut plans to step foot back on earth. metinka: march came roaring and like a lion overnight. how long will this snow be sticking around and how long before the weather warms backup. shaina: that snow might create problems if you are in the northern part of the state. keeping an eye on things we have not seen accidents. even in the metro there is not
6:38 am
is blustery.
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6:40 am
well but you want metinka: good morning. snow is winding down across central iowa. just a little light snow and flurries along i-35 down toward
6:41 am
northern iowa is reporting roads snow covered. also wind drift thing back over the east-west roads. you may need extra time to get where you are going. snow will be wrapping up by midmorning. it will be cold and blustery with a huge change from yesterday. feels like temperatures by none will be in the teens. highs close to 32 and if you miss the snow last night you have another chance tomorrow night. elizabeth: thanks metinka. around iowa this morning, a new vendor is making a home at newbo city market in cedar rapids. matthew 25 will set up shop in the permanent vendor section of the market. the non-profit is already preparing for the growing season by starting plants for the urban farm on the city's northwest side. it'll sell that produce at the newbo space. they sell it for half price to income-eligible families, and full price to others. clint twedt-ball: we hope it will increase the number of families we serve. that more people will be able to
6:42 am
term, maybe this will lead to us getting more land to grow more food for more people. elizabeth: the organization also wants this to become an educational opportunity. >> at the urban farm, we have african immigrants that are growing their own produce who eventually want to start their own business, so this will be a place where they can sell some of their produce and really learn what it's like. elizabeth: the organization says it'll be pen inside the city market each thursday from 4:00 until 8:00 p.m. from may through november. newbo says it hopes the group will continue offering produce after that as well. shaina: and iowa has become the first state in the nation to derive more than 30% of its electricity from wind energy. according to the american wind energy association, more than 31% of the state's electricity came from wind turbines in 2015. south dakota was at 25.5% and kansas was at 23.9%. governor branstad says iowa has the potential to jump above 40% in the next five years.
6:43 am
derive 20% of its electricity from wind by 2030. the nation was at 4.7% last year. terry burk: it's an easy way to do something that's constructive for the community. eric: that's a customer at a new coffee shop between ames and des moines on highway 69. at this shop coffee and scones aren't as important as the iowans behind the counter. it's called freedom blend coffee. february first, freedom for youth took over a shop that was going to close in huxley and added to the menu. every cup that's sold helps kids who've found trouble track down their right path. and others as young as elementary will learn stability from the classes they'll take there. coffee's just the front for this store that's really offering a second chance. jessica evans: it's really about the kids and finding hope and providing digity for the kids and giving them opportunities to succeed. brian dannenmueller: i've paid off thousands of dollars in
6:44 am
at dmacc. eric: brianna, who you heard from was in a lot of trouble -- brian, who you heard from was in a lot of trouble and turned his life around. elizabeth: cool opportunity, sounds like they have big plans. by this summer, freedom blend's second shop will open on hickman. eventually, they want one in every county across iowa. shaina: very cool, congratulations to them. astronaut scott kelly is wrapping up his final day in space. he spent the last 340 days at the international space station, longer than any other u.s. astronaut. we've been seeing all the incredible images he's taken from space. we show you many of them over the past year. these are from his final days. kelly is expected to land around 10:45 tonight iowa time in kazakhstan. when he returns to houston, he'll undergo a series of physical and scientific tests. elizabeth: interesting to hear from him once he gets back.
6:45 am
metinka will tell us what's ahead. we are in a chilly day for the first day of march.
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8 news this morning. metinka: good morning, here are waking up to a wintry morning. this is our webcam overlooking the iowa state egg farms. you can see snow, just about an inch. around. diminishing. there are still flakes near ames and story city with another through fort dodge. and adel. roads across northern iowa are going to be snowy with several inches overnight. along either side of highway 20, 3 to four inches. here at the studio, we stayed on the southern fringe of it and only picked up a trace. it is the wind making all the difference. it is brisk coming from the north at 15 to 25 close to 30. driving wind chills down into
6:49 am
grab the warm coats and gloves. roads are snowy and we have blowing snow concerns. winter weather advisory continues for purple counties up to the north and northeast of des moines until it :00 a.m. snow will be moving through wisconsin with a quiet afternoon but cold and windy. by tomorrow afternoon, another round arrives and this time once again, northern and northeast iowa will be getting snowfall in the des moines and ankeny area on the edge of it. we will be getting light rain or drizzle with temperatures slightly warmer. that snow will be continuing overnight wednesday night into early thursday. in des moines we have flurries and 23 degrees, it feels like temperature at 10. we will watch for skies to clear up this afternoon what it will heading for 32 degrees. it will be blustery and winter like.
6:50 am
evening, that is when the next round of snow moves in across northeast iowa basking into early thursday. then temperatures warm up and melt away all the snow in no time. eric: if you are north of the metro it might be tricky. shaina: we noted there is snow up there and it is blowing around so give yourself extra time. a lot of partially covered roads and completely covered roads the farther north you get. it is still pretty blustery out there so give yourself a couple extra minutes and be ready for a cold morning when you head out there. here are your mobile speed units . one of the cited 2800 east on the street and one of the entrance to gray's lake at 1800 fleur drive and if you are over near woodland golf course, when you're 50 six st and there's the other from the des moines place department and 5000 northeast 22nd street and another at 4900 northwest beaver drive. eric: the big trials we are
6:51 am
>> what to expect from a make or break primaries as campaigns get more vicious. and the woman who launched her own advertising campaign your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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elizabeth: news to go time now. testimony will continue today in a vehicular homicide trial in des moines. 24-year-old troy mure junior crashed his car last fall near ingersoll at the price chopper wrapping it around a tree and killing his girlfriend, scalicity perez. this is a bench trial so there is no jury and a judge will rule on the charge. testimony will also continue in the alexander fazzino murder trial. the former boone man is facing first-degree murder charges and -- and the death of his wife, emily. his mother and siblings took the stand. shaina: four delegates are up for grabs today than any other day in the presidential nomination contest. >> the eve of super tuesday, donald trump predicted a victory during a rally in georgia. donald trump: we are going to
6:55 am
weijia: the latest polls show the front runner leading both nationally and in several key states. marco rubio has tried to halt the billionaires momentum, hammering him for days. most recently for failing to immediately disavow former kkk leader david duke who announced his support for trump. texas senator ted cruz is banking on a win in his home state to keep his campaign alive. in the democratic race, political analysts expect hillary quinton to pick up more delegates than bernie sanders today. which could make it nearly impossible for her to lose. the vermont senator says he intends to take his campaign all the way to the democratic convention. shaina: for the democrats, 859 delegates are at stake and for the gop, 595 delegates are on the line. eric: here in iowa girls state , basketball resumes at wells fargo arena. game.
6:56 am
northwest webster at 10:00. 3a starts with pocahontas area versus mount vernon at 11:45. at 1:30 cherokee takes on osage. then center point-urbana plays mid-prairie. and 3a wraps up with nevada and sioux center. then tonight in 4a, western dubuque versus mason city. and the night wraps up at 8:30 with ballard and keokuk. the iowa hawkeyes are looking for redemption tonight against they wrap up the home season tonight at 8:00 live on espn. elizabeth: and a flashback to winter outside. metinka: at least the snow is coming to an end. the roads are snowy to the north. watch for slick spots and bundle up, 23 degrees in des moines but wind chills are closer to five or 10. it will be colder today than yesterday heading for 32.the could be more snow to the north across the northern part of the state.
6:57 am
shaina: right now, everything looks good on the roads. if you're up north there is a lot of blowing snow so you will need extra time. in the metro it is blustery some maybe just a couple of extra minutes so get ready to freeze. it is way different than earlier. drive times are normal, seven minutes to get downtown. six minutes from the east. if you're coming from further out, 11 minutes from ankeny and 26 from adel. eric: senator grassley will be at the white house meeting with president obama and steve karlin
6:58 am
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