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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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>> the most-watched news at noon in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at noon. super tuesday is in full swing in a dozen states as both republicans and democrats head to the polls. this is the biggest single day of voting in the entire nominating process. the front-runners on both ballots are hoping to erase any
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their party's nominees. weijia jiang reports from washington. weijia: voters are lining up at polling stations on super tuesday in what is expected to be a record turnout. polls show donald trump with a significant lead over his opponents in most of the 12 states holding republican primaries and caucuses, but pollsters say those numbers may be low. frank luntz: because there are some people who still won't acknowledge they're supporting him, but they can't wait to vote for him. weijia: senator ted cruz believes he'll win his home state of texas hoping to make it a two-man race. sen. ted cruz: what we will see, i believe, is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk of delegates and everyone else far behind. weijia: democrats are already in a two-person contest and hillary clinton is hoping to land a knockout blow to senator bernie sanders. sanders voted early this morning in his home state of vermont,
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votes tonight. sen. bernie sanders: the goal today is to end up with as many delegates as we possibly can. weijia: there are 859 delegates at stake for the democrats, but polls show clinton with a lead of 20 points or more in six southern states. clinton has already shifted some of her focus to the general election. hillary clinton: i will stand up and fight for you throughout this campaign no matter who the republicans nominate. weijia: clinton will hold a rally in florida tonight. the sunshine state votes on march 15th. weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. alyx: and cbs news super tuesday coverage begins tonight at 9:00 central time. then, look for the best local coverage and reaction from all the races tonight on kcci 8 news at 10. and happening right now. president obama is meeting with -- just wrapped up his meeting with senate republican leaders at the white house, discussing the supreme court seat left vacant by the late antonin scalia. iowa senator charles grassley is
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mcconnell. republicans have argued the decision should be left to the next president. this picture was just sent in moments ago. senator grassley's meeting just ended and steve karlin is meeting with the senator for an interview. look for exclusive live coverage from stephen washington tonight on kcci at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00. it may be the first of march, but mother nature delivered a little reminder that winter isn't over yet. snow north of the metro caused problems for drivers. here in des moines things were not nearly as bad for the morning commute. this is a look at road conditions from around 8:30 this morning. you can see a lot of partially and totally snow covered roads, especially to the northeast. but things are continuing to improve. let's check in with frank. i understand the more snow for the rest of the day but it is bitterly cold.
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waves, we are willing down. the bulk of the moisture was to the north of the metro. just cloudy skies over the state and it is very chilly. you wrap up the wind at north to northwest so a cold afternoon. we stay in the upper 20's. it will feel more like the teens, you see the wind chills looking like 10 in des moines. 13 for lamoni. the wind starts to dial down a bit with 23 later tonight. we are already sick of the cold but we have warmer weather coming our way and we will tell you when coming up. alyx: happening right now in downtown, iowa teens are competing in a cooking competition. the 2016 iowa prostart invitational started this morning. teams of students have one hour to prepare a three course meal. an appetizer, main dish, and desert on two butane burners. this competition is the culmination of class study,
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learned from mentors. may schaben: it is really exciting because we are here at the iowa events center where state basketball happens and all the other state championsships happen so we are kind of considering opurselves with those other extra carricular activities. -- right with those extracurricular activities. alyx: a restaurant management competition is also taking place. the top team in each category advance to the national competition in dallas next month where scholarships are on the line. also at the events center. girls' state basketball is underway at wells fargo arena. in class 2a action this morning, manson-northwest webster lost to iowa city regina 59-to-47. and then later, class 3a gets underway with nevada taking on sioux center at 5:00 p.m. and in 4a ballard faces keokuk at 8:30 tonight. class 5a quarterfinals are tomorrow. in boys' action, the class 4a substate finals are tonight. several metro teams are fighting for a spot in the state tournament. valley is taking on ankeny centennial.
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dallas center-grimes. hoover and ames square off at southeast polk. and dowling catholic will take on ankeny tonight as well. that game will be held at johnston. we're in the courtroom for an emotional day of testimony today in the troy mure junior trial. he's accused of killing his passenger, 22-year-old scalicity perez, during a high speed crash. this morning, mure described his version of what happened. he said someone in a cadillac showed a gun and started to chase them down 35th street toward ingersoll. he says the cadillac tapped the back of their car causing him to lose control, but an accident investigator testified based on examination of the rear bumper. it didn't appear the car was struck from behind. mure said in an interview with police after the wreck that he and perez had received threats from people who thought they had been involvied in a fatal shooting at club evolution days earlier. look for all of todays testimonies later today on the
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turning to news from around the state now. the defense began presenting it's case in the trial of an iowa man accused of killing his wife. alexander fazzino is charged with first-degree murder in the death of emily fazzino. she was found dead in a bathtub in january 2012. fazzino says his wife drowned accidentally, possibly because of prescription drugs. but prosecutors say she was strangled and possibly drowned. alexander's family members, including his mother, testified yesterday. she told the court that emily seemed to be having health problems. joanna fazzino: i was very concerned. it was very upsetting. i was upset for her, i was upset for the kids, i was upset for my son. >> now at that time, at all times, you loved emily as a daughter. joanna fazzino: i loved her. i loved her. and i thought we had a very close relationship. alyx: alexander's aunt and sister testified that they wanted to perform an intervention with emily because they believed she was abusing prescription drugs. but last week, emily's sister
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if ever, intoxicated.the videos were a publicity stunt. andrews is suing michael barrett, the man who recorded the videos, and the franchise owner of this nashville marriott for $75 million. and apple's phone encryption battle with the fbi is the subject of capitol hill hearings today. the head of the fbi and apple's top lawyer are scheduled to testify before the house judiciary committee. yesterday, a federal judge in new york handed apple a big win, ruling the government cannot force the tech company to hack a locked iphone in a drug case. the decision could affect apple's dispute with the fbi over the san bernardino
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci eight news at noon. with mollie cooney. tod beadsley: we're gonna have something like 20 billion of these devices online by 2020. alyx: it seems just about every home has them. modern day gadgets that entertain us and make life easier. but these "smart" devices have hidden risks that could make you and your family easy targets for hackers. marlie hall has more. it's new at noon. marlie: it seems like everything is now connected to the internet. like this baby monitoring camera. and this refrigerator with cameras built right into the door. toys are also tied to the web. barbie: hey you're here, how are you? marlie: they all have processors that transmit and receive data. its part of an exploding
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called the "internet of things." tod: we're gonna have something in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices online by 2020. marlie: tod beardsley is a tech security researcher with rapid-7. he says gadgets that send out information on the internet can also let hackers into your home. >> wake up little boy. daddy's coming for you. marlie: last april a new york city couple was horrified to hear a man talking to their three-year-old through a web-connected baby monitor. hackers can also invade your privacy just for fun. this web site features hijacked camera feeds from homes around the world. the biggest entry way into your home is the router. marlie: changing your router's default password is a must. tod: you don't have to be a particularly sophisticated attacker to guess "password" is the password. marlie: once one device like your router is compromised, hackers can learn a lot about you. tod: first name, last name, zip
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that i can either use directly for crime, or i can sell it. passwords for all your devices and change them often. marlie hall, cbs news, austin alyx: internet security experts also suggest you check for software updates for all your connected gadgets. they also recommend reducing your attack surface by turning off your devices when they're the number of people who call themselves republicans and democrats is pretty even nationwide. but one thing is sure about this presidential race. those voters are angry. and with the rise of bernie sanders and donald trump, many people are making it clear that they're tired of business as usual in washington. sharon ko shows us how one man is tapping into that. sharon: amongst the sea of hillary clinton supporters. a message on a t-shirt stands out. "i have complete confidence in the government's incompetence."
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shouts it out right there. lets not put up with the incompetence anymore. sharon: tom venander's t-shirts have not only caught the attention of voters, but presidential candidates. including hillary clinton, and ben carson. tom venander: at the book signing. he love the shirts, he got them. sharon: and donald trump. tom: i stopped trump when he got on stage in dallas. he saw the shirt and with his hair and all, he stopped. and he looked at this shirt, and i turned it around. he gave me a thumbs up and one of his security guys came over and took all three. he said he loves it. sharon: regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, or whether you agree with tom's message. he says there's a reason why these t-shirts are flying off the shelves. tom: doesn't matter with my shirts. i'll sell them to a bernie or hillary supporter. a minute later, i'm selling to a trump or cruz supporter. just trying to get people to think, man, outside the box. we're tired of what we have.
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reporting. astronaut scott kelly is wrapping up his final day in space. he spent the last 340 days at the international space station, longer than any other u.s. astronaut. we've been seeing all the incredible images he's taken from space. these are from his final days. kelly is expected to land around 10:45 tonight, iowa time, in kazakhstan. when he returns to houston, he'll undergo a series of physical and scientific tests. the snow has moved out and we are crossing our fingers for warmer weather. frank: it will take just a few days to get here but we will finally start to melt the snow in portions of northern iowa. look at these temperatures well below freezing, 23 in des moines. only 20 for ames and 18 in webster city. with the wind the feels like temperatures are lower, 10 degrees in des moines and or in ames. just a single degree in webster
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we did pick up on snow north of webster city. cresud county at 3:00. in ames about an inch and 3/10. most of it is gone, you see a live and algona. them of the roads up there could be slick. the big story today our temperatures, a lot cooler than they have been lately. in the low 20's but the wind has been howling out of the north and northwest bringing cooler air from canada at 16 miles per hour sustained. your forecast timeline, we will not warm-up much through the rest of the afternoon. mostly cloudy, we will start to break up the clouds by the evening into the overnight hours tonight. we're talking about and's waking up tomorrow morning with maybe a few peeks of sunshine. if you look at the surface map, the area of low pressure spinning out of here and we
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northeastern iowa for the afternoon. starting to clear things out on the backside as high pressure works in. notice where the warmer air is at 50 in north platte and 59 in dodge city. just very chilly temperatures everywhere else to the north. minneapolis at 25. high-pressure working in on the backside of the area of low pressure that is moving out and eventually that will transition the wind tomorrow afternoon to help warm us up. we have to keep an eye on this system to the west that will bring us another chance for precipitation, at least for some portions of the state rightly tomorrow. we zoom in, notice how we break up the clouds into early tomorrow. then we see clouds of the increase once again by late wednesday morning into the afternoon. then it's late wednesday night into thursday. we are talking about another
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to the north and east could pick up on rain and snow mix. it is out of here by early thursday and we will break up the clouds once again late thursday into friday and we could see sunshine through the week. 29 is the afternoon high and it will be cold and breezy. you could see clearing later on. the wind finally dollars back, notice its which is out of the southeast. there is that slight chance for precipitation might wednesday into thursday, mainly to the northeast and 39 on thursday. look at seven become a 50 degrees and 62 by something. we keep the 60's early next week so it's not just a short trend. alyx: a little bumpy start to march but it's looking good. straight ahead, we'll preview all of the fun happenings coming
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iowa state fairgrounds. >> the girls absolutely love it. they get to go and have fun and it's a good way to get out of the house in the winter. alyx: kidsfest 2016 is right around the corner.
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kidsfest is a kid center event full of fun activities, games, and entertainment kids and their families. here to tell us more is heather with children and families of iowa. thank you both for joining us, 23 years of kidsfest. tell us about the event. >> it's about kids coming out and helping other kids this is one of our big fundraisers. it is a three-day day long kids festival with all caps of activities and fun things to do. alyx: events and there are performers, you can see star wars on the screen. common a different performances do you have going on? >> we have lots of different performances, captain jack will be there, the ninja turtles are playing, we are very excited to see them, they have to live performances on stage. and a private lunch for the
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we have the string beans fans, lots of fun other things coming on. alyx: why is it important? >> kidsfest is an important where iowa kids help other iowa kids and one of our guiding principles is people helping people. this is one of the ways that principle is working in action. alyx: it falls right in line with your mission. >> how does it help kids helping kids? >> all of the funds that we get, goes to fund our program at children's and families of iowa. it makes a big difference in those lies, you have our five core areas, domestic violence, recovery services, lots of other programs. alyx: this is a great event, to three years ongoing. what type of turnout -- do
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>> last year was 11,000 yard we think this year it will be up from that. free parking. alyx: love it when you hear free parking. how can people go? >> there are discount tickets available at we send a credit union. also at des moines area fairway stores. tickets are available all three days at the venue as well. alyx: kids under the age of one are free so kidsfest, friday, march 4 from 6:00 to 9:00 the them, march 5 from 9 a.m. --
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craig:alyx: not so super on the super tuesday. frank: it will be a lot colder, a chill in the air. 29 is the high, it will be breezy with wind out of the north. 19 is the low tonight with wind out of the south and east. we will get milder air for
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alyx: hav >> wyatt: looks good on you. >> steffy: i can't wait to show it off. being engaged to the son of jewelry designer sure has its perks. >> wyatt: yeah? >> steffy: yeah. >> wyatt: you got that right. mom likes to say that i memorized gemstones before the alphabet. >> steffy: i know your mom's gonna freak out. >> wyatt: yeah. >> steffy: but in a good way, of course. >> wyatt: yeah, i would have called her last night, but i just -- i kind of want to tell her in person. >> steffy: yeah. um, actually, uh, you should know that i -- i called liam. he didn't answer, of course.


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