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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 3, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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[ cellphone vibrates ] t find my phone. have you seen, uh -- >> chelsea: yeah. i got it. >> adam: nice. >> chelsea: got it right here. >> adam: thank you. >> chelsea: so, today' s the day, where you work your con on luca.
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>> marisa: so, this is it? >> luca: yes. today adam and i make the final move that' s gonna bring down our fathers, something that' s long overdue. but once i take control of my family' s company, it' ll all be worth it. >> marisa: luca, wait. >> victoria: i still can' t believe you agreed to have lunch here. >> billy: i' m a sucker for the chef salad. >> victoria: and the fact that my father' s out of town? >> billy: has absolutely everything to do with it. but seriously, doesn' t matter where i am, as long as i' m with you. >> victoria: oh. that' s nice. so then you won' t mind going shoe shopping with me later? >> billy: i would. i really would go shopping with you, but i can' t because of doctor' s orders. i have to level off my excitement. and being around boxes and boxes of shoes gets me... i don' t want to end up back in the hospital. right? plus i have that thing, that thing that i can' t shop. >> victoria: oh, yeah! your thing. >> billy: my thing. >> victoria: yeah. >> billy: how' s your day? what' s it looking? you' re busy? >> victoria: i'
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especially since dad has me in charge of this internet security project. >> billy: yeah, keeping tabs on natalie, the cyber whiz. >> victoria: it' s easier said than done, especially since she insists on working from her hotel room. i can' t trust that girl as far as i can throw her, billy. >> billy: which isn' t that far, is it? >> victoria: honestly, my arm' s not that bad. >> billy: you' re right. it' s not bad. it' s not -- it' s not great. mm! >> noah: billy! hey! >> billy: hey, man. >> noah: hey. no, please don' t -- stay. >> billy: no, no, that' s all right. how are you? >> noah: it is so great to see you out of the hospital. >> billy: yeah, thank you. it' s, uh, it' s nice to be out. >> noah: how you doing? >> billy: better. hard to feel worse, i guess. he' planet. >> billy: i don' t like to argue facts. >> noah: listen, billy, uh, i just want to tell you i' m so sorry about what happened to you, man. >> billy: i appreciate that. >> victoria: billy?
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>> faith: i don' t want to go back to daddy' s. i want to live with you and dylan and sully. >> sharon: well, you do live here with us. >> faith: all the time. >> sharon: ohh. sweetie. your dad loves you so much. he would really miss you. >> faith: i love him, too. >> sharon: [ sighs ]
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lately, huh? well, you know, it won' t always be this way. daddy' s just helping sage through a rough patch, just like he did with me. >> faith: i know. but i want her to get better. but... >> sharon: but what? >> faith: it' s so sad at their house. daddy tries to make it fun. his smile just isn' t the same. then when i' m with you and dylan and sully... >> sharon: nobody has to try. >> faith: i want to stay with you now, okay? please, mommy? >> sharon: i' m gonna talk to daddy about it. >> faith: thank you. >> dr. anderson: it would be easy to blame you for the choices you' ve made. but i can' t. i know that you always mean well. i know that you'
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good man. >> nick: why are you saying this? >> dr. anderson: because i care for you. >> nick: dr. anderson. >> dr. anderson: sandy. >> nick: sandy. i love my wife. course you do. >> nick: i never should have let it get this far. >> dr. anderson: no, it' s okay. >> nick: is it? >> dr. anderson: i-i just wanted you to know what' s happening to sage isn' t your fault. >> sage: nick, i think i found something on dr. anderson. i don' t know what it means, but i --
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so you click, swish, and toss. no more icky toilet brush. i love it. of course you do, mom. disinfecting. for your real life. >> additional sponsorship provided by... there's only one egg that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> dr. anderson: i' m sorry. that -- that kiss was probably confusing to you. >> nick: [ sighs ] yeah. a little. >> dr. anderson: please understand it comes from a place of compassion. i see you in pain and struggling. i just want to take it away, if even for a moment. >> nick: yeah. i am struggling. it' s very clear to me what an empathetic man you are, nick, how difficult it is for you to
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i mean, if you had only known, i know you would have done anything... >> nick: if i had known what? >> dr. anderson: how, um, how deeply sage was affected by losing christian. it shattered something inside of her, and she hasn' t been able to find her balance since. >> nick: yeah, you -- you tried to say that, but i didn' t listen. >> dr. anderson: objectivity is a challenge, even under the best of circumstances. the fact that you were also grieving is... [ sighs ] anyway, um, i apologize for overstepping. it was unprofessional. it won' t happen again. [ cellphone vibrates ] >> nick: excuse me. >> dr. anderson: sure. >> nick: it' s sharon. i should take this. >> dr. anderson: okay. >> nick: hey, uh, what' s up? >> sharon: hey, it' s me. can you come over and talk right now? it'
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>> adam: this is our only chance to extricate ourselves from the santoris and their shady business dealings. >> chelsea: like nothing victor does is shady? >> adam: okay, illegal business dealings then, okay? you say what you want about victor, but -- >> chelsea: i will. >> adam: but newman is a legitimate corporation, sweetheart. >> chelsea: right, and the santoris are threatening to jeopardize that, so you just need them out. >> adam: yeah, i do. and i' m this close. right here. i' ve already laid all the groundwork with luca. now with my father out of town -- >> chelsea: which you orchestrated. >> adam: it' s the perfect window. >> chelsea: okay. okay. you' re right. maybe this is a completely smart con. [ sighs ] >> adam: so what' s the problem? >> chelsea: i don' t know. i have a really bad feeling about it, the same bad feeling i had when victor sent you on that business trip. do you remember how that turned >> adam: yeah, no, it' s not ringing a bell, sweetheart. this isn' t funny. please. >> adam: i can' t. >> chelsea: why can' t you? >> adam: because we may not have this opportunity again, all right? besides, this is completely different. i' m not in any danger at all. >> chelsea: um, okay. you'
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now, are you? i mean, the santoris didn' t get to where they are by being pushovers. you know that, right? >> adam: yeah, i understand that, but luca' s not his father. he' s ambitious, yeah, but he' s also impatient. >> chelsea: well, maybe he' s smarter than you' re giving him credit for. maybe he' s conning you the way you think you' re conning him. >> adam: [ chuckles ] um, no. no way. no. >> chelsea: adam. >> adam: i' m serious. >> chelsea: you don' t know that. >> adam: i do know that. i' ve been around him, okay? i can see it in his eyes, the hunger, the thirst that he has to best his father. you know what it' s like? it' s like looking at myself in the mirror when i was younger. >> chelsea: when you were younger. >> adam: hold on a second. what' s that supposed to mean? >> chelsea: pfft. i' m just wondering if your desire to prove yourself to your father is blinding you still. >> adam: okay, well, i don' t know, you know, what else to say to you except that, sweetheart, you' re gonna have to trust me, okay? >> chelsea: when are you gonna start trusting me? >> adam: i do trust you, babe. i trust your instincts. you know that. >> chelsea: yet you refuse to follow them ever. >> adam: look... everything' s gonna be okay, all right? all right?
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just trust me. >> chelsea: [ sighs ] >> luca: i know what i' m doing. >> marisa: and so do the newmans. luca, you can' t trust them. >> luca: not "them." adam. >> marisa: he went along so easily with this plan of attack. it was too simple. >> luca: that' s because we' re the same. can' t you see that? both suffocated by controlling fathers who will never step aside unless we make them. this is our chance, marisa, to get out from under their thumbs, to -- to make names for ourselves on our own merit. >> marisa: i understand. >> luca: do you? >> marisa: yes. and i also understand where this all could lead. i don' t want anything... [ sighs ] >> luca: you don' t want anything to happen to me. >> marisa: yes. yes, that' s -- that' s exactly it. i don' t want anything bad to
11:14 am
>> billy: you were there. in my hospital room. right? i' m sorry. it' s a little -- it' s a little foggy still, but abby mentioned that you came by to visit. >> noah: oh, uh -- >> billy: after i woke up. >> noah: yeah, i did. yeah. yeah. i was there. >> billy: but you didn' t come in the room. what' s wrong? i don' t rate a visit from you? >> noah: no, man. no, no. it' s not like that at all. i, uh, i wanted to come and check on you. i, uh, i-i ran into my grandfather outside, and he needed to see me. >> billy: a directive from grandpa victor, huh? did he need you to shine his riding boots? >> victoria: do you see what i mean about his sense of humor? >> billy: back in full force, baby. >> noah: [ chuckles ] [ cellphone rings ] >> billy: excuse me for a second. >> noah: yeah. >> billy: jack. what' s up? >> victoria: what' s the matter with you? >> noah: what do you mean? >> victoria: sit down. you seem a little tense. >> noah: [ scoffs ] well, grandpa has that effect on me. [ sighs ] you' with marisa. >> noah: upset? you think?
11:15 am
that -- the internet girl just because he wanted to steal a business deal out from under billy, right? the man thinks he can do anything he wants. >> victoria: because usually he can. >> noah: not this time. >> victoria: don' t go down that same dark road that billy went down. it never ends up where you think it will. >> noah: so i' m just supposed to forget what he did? >> victoria: [ sighs ] no, you don' t have to forget. just don' t let it take you over, either. >> noah: easy for you to say. >> victoria: actually, it' s not. you don' t know how many times i' ve railed at the all-powerful victor newman. but i' ve learned from the past, and thankfully, so has billy. [ sighs ] i mean, my god, his need to get back at my father almost got him killed. >> noah: that' s not what almost killed billy. t type 2 diabetes
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t luca? >> marisa: yeah, i just thought maybe adam would be running >> chelsea: what' s wrong? >> marisa: you tell me. >> chelsea: w-what is that >> marisa: this plan they' re cooking up. adam and luca bringing down their fathers -- is it legitimate? >> chelsea: why wouldn' t it be? >> marisa: i don' t know. maybe ' cause adam' s a known liar and a fake. >> chelsea: okay, slow down. do not be coming into my home badmouthing my husband. >> marisa: i apologize. i should not have said that about adam. i' m just scared. okay, i have this pit in my stomach that this is all a setup. if luca' s about to be double-crossed, i need to know. >> chelsea: why? i mean, would it really be that horrible? with luca out of the picture, you can finally be free. >> marisa: luca' s my husband. >> chelsea: yes. i mean, but let' s be honest. everybody knows the real person you' re in love with is noah.
11:20 am
t billy' s hate for grandpa that got him into trouble. [ sighs ] i don' t know. it was his need to salvage his family' s company. you know, that' s why he wanted in on that deal so bad. it' s why he went back to gambling -- to get the up-front money. >> victoria: okay. technically, that' s true. >> noah: and who put him in that position in the first place, hmm? grandpa. the man almost brought the abbotts to the brink of collapse. >> victoria: it' s a lot more complicated than that. >> noah: i don' t think so. >> victoria: look, you can' t pin this all on grandpa. billy was battling some of his own demons. >> noah: all of them bearing the name victor newman. >> victoria: that' s not true. >> noah: look, however we got here, i-i feel awful that i didn' t get to spend more time with billy in the hospital. and in the name of what? so i can sit at the knee of an egomaniac who explains away everything -- everything -- in the name of family? >> victoria: i feel like we' re
11:21 am
dad -- >> noah: kidnapped. abducted. shanghaied. any of those work. >> victoria: i am not condoning what he did. >> noah: victor newman isn' t afraid of anything. >> victoria: except when it comes to his children and his look, despite that they' ve been through and maybe because of it, he loves adam. he wasn' t gonna risk losing him. >> noah: certainly not for marisa. >> victoria: not for anyone. >> sage: excuse me. is anyone out there? if someone' s out there, will you please open the door? hello! excu-- thank you. uh, i need to make a phone call. i need to call my husband. it'
11:22 am
>> i caught you making an unauthorized phone call. you think you get more privileges after that? >> sage: i know, okay? i' m sorry. it was a lapse in judgment. it' s not gonna happen again. are you married? can you please talk to me like a human being? i made a mistake, okay? it happens. i am beg-- do you want me to beg? i would like to make a phone call! we don' t even have to tell dr. anderson it happened! it' s not gonna hurt anybody! don' t walk away from me! sir, i need a phone call! >> now you' ve left me no choice. >> nick: hey. where' s faith? is she okay? >> sharon: oh, she' s -- yeah. upstairs drawing. she' s fine. >> nick: oh. all right. on the phone, you made it sound like -- >> sharon: yeah, sorry. i didn' t mean to scare you, but, um, there is something we need to talk about. it' s important. >> nick: okay. >> sharon: so, faith asked me if she could move in with me and dylan full time. >> nick: she asked you that? um, okay. i' m gonna go talk to her.
11:23 am
i think it' s important that we talk first. sit down. [ sighs ] you know, it wouldn' t be the worst thing in the world. that way you could focus on sage' s treatment full time. >> nick: i want to be with my daughter. >> sharon: no, i know. >> nick: look, we have an arrangement in place. if we change it, it' s just gonna disturb her routine, and i don' t want to do that. >> sharon: no, only for a few days maybe. you know faith. she' s adjusted to far worse before. >> nick: where is this coming from? >> sharon: it' s really bothering faith what sage is going through. >> nick: okay, well, that' s on you, sharon. >> sharon: what? i' m sorry? >> nick: yes. you did not need to go into such detail about sage. she is fine, or at least she will be very soon. >> sharon: did her doctor tell you that? >> nick: i know my wife. >> sharon: i know our daughter. she just wants the facts so she can be prepared, and that' s all i tried to give her. >> nick: well, what am i doing? spoon-feeding her rainbows and sunshine? >> sharon: you said it, not me. sage attacked dr. anderson.
11:24 am
s committed. >> nick: yeah, i was there. >> sharon: okay, well, she has serious problems, nick. >> nick: she' s working through them. >> sharon: good. i would want nothing more than for sage to get better and come home. but in the meantime, this is affecting faith, and not in a good way. >> nick: that is because you scared her. >> sharon: i was trying to be honest with her. do you want our daughter to mistrust us? >> nick: no, of course i don' t. >> sharon: okay, well, telling her that sage is gonna be home any minute is the same as lying. >> nick: it' s not a lie. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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>> "the young and the restless" will continue. ,,
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,, ,, >> nick: sharon, you just don' t understand. >> sharon: i do. you' re hoping for the best with sage, as you should. we all are. >> nick: no, no, that' s not what i' m -- >> sharon: and luckily she is in very good hands. dr. anderson is really skilled at what she does. i' m living proof. >> nick: hey, there she is. come here, beautiful. >> faith: hey, daddy. >> nick: hi. [ sighs ] so, mommy says there' s something
11:30 am
is it true? would you rather live here with sharon and dylan? >> faith: are you mad? >> nick: no, no, sweetheart. of course i' m not mad. you have every right to feel the way you want to feel. i know things have been a little confusing lately, you know. you, uh, you just got used to living with sage, and suddenly she' s gone. >> sharon: but not forever. >> nick: no. no way. she just needs a little time to go and get better. and i do wish you felt like you could come and talk to me about it, though. >> sharon: sweetie, why don' t you tell your dad what you said to me about why you want to live here full time? >> nick: hey. it' s okay. >> faith: but i don' t want to make you sad. >> nick: no, no. sad is if you' re sad. i just want you happy and safe. and if that means you got to
11:31 am
well, then i want that for you. >> faith: really? >> nick: would i lie to you? >> faith: i love you, daddy. >> nick: i love you. >> sage: no! you don' t want to do this! please! oh! god! [ groans ] oh, this is a big mistake. this is a big mistake. no. >> dr. anderson: hey. hey, what' s -- what' s happening? >> mrs. newman tried to make a call from your office. >> dr. anderson: do you know to whom? >> her husband, but i caught her before it went through. >> dr. anderson: how can you be sure? look, i don' t have to tell you how an incident like this would reflect poorly on all of us. >> if she' d reached him, she wouldn' t have been begging for more phone privileges. >> dr. anderson: to call her husband back. >> she' s desperate. even put her hands on me. i had to sedate her.
11:32 am
that poor woman. she simply can' t get over the loss of her child. i really hope i can help her move forward. it' s for the best, for her and the father. >> adam: so, uh, yeah. this is everything that you' re gonna need to bring my father to his knees. >> this is everything? >> adam: far as i know, yeah. all right. you' re up. >> we appreciate your cooperation, mr. santori. >> luca: on one condition. marisa sierras' name is kept out of any incriminating evidence. >> understood. for the record? >> luca: also understood. [ clears throat ] my father has an entire network of illegal businesses hidden behind his legitimate corporation. he' s partnered with the lowest
11:33 am
corrupt government officials, the list goes on. >> chelsea: marisa, i know what true love looks like. and it is not you and luca. admit it. you thought you left that whole life behind. you thought you left him behind until suddenly he just shows up here. >> marisa: well, romances get rekindled all the time. >> chelsea: no. you' re with him for some reason. maybe, like, say, your child? >> marisa: what? >> chelsea: i wouldn' t put it past luca to use the daughter you left behind as blackmail. something that noah would never do, by the way. also another reason you probably love him. >> marisa: look, i am not someone that life just happens to, okay? i am in control. i chose to leave my daughter with her adopted parents even after luca brought me to her. just like i' m choosing to stay with him now. i am choosing. >> chelsea: okay. all right, so you' re not with him for the child, but you' re with him for some other reason. >> marisa: you' re -- you' re wrong.
11:34 am
whatever is tying you to luca, it ends today. this is your chance at a fresh start with noah. >> marisa: it' s not that simple. it never will be. please, chelsea. i need to know where adam is springing the trap on luca. i need to stop this before all hell breaks loose. i thought activia wasn' t for me. until i realized how much our digestive systems handle during winter. 90 stressful days juggling hectic schedules. over 40 meals of heavy comfort foods like baked mac & cheese. no wonder after all that our digestive systems can act up. so try the activia two week challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for two weeks may help reduce discomfort or rumbling. try it! it works in two weeks or it' s free. dannon is your head so congested through allergies.
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>> victoria: look, you have to find a way to forgive your grandfather for both of your sakes. he loves you so much. >> noah: in his own special way? >> victoria: no, he does. trust me. even through all of our battles -- and there have been a few -- i' ve always known that he' s operating from a place of concern. he wants what' s best for us, even though we can' t always agree on what that is. >> noah: don' t you ever just wish he' d stop trying to control everything? >> victoria: he can' t help it. he' s victor newman. he came from nothing. he had to fight tooth and nail to get where he is, and he has to continue to fight to stay there, to give us everything that he has. and it might be easy for you to say that you don' t want it, that you didn' t ask for it, but he' s the one who had to make these tough choices. >> noah: you don' t know what choices -- >> victoria: but i do. i do. i almost lost billy because he couldn' t let go of the anger that he had for adam and for my father. i don' t want to see the same
11:39 am
s such a colossal waste. >> billy: sorry about that. apparently jack wants me to hit the ground running. he just gave me a to-do list the size of everest. >> noah: going back to work back at jabot? that' s great, billy. >> billy: yeah. >> marisa: where is luca? >> adam: luca is in with the fbi. >> marisa: oh, god. >> adam: whoa. where you going? >> marisa: stopping him. >> adam: stopping him from doing something that we both agreed that we would do? >> marisa: no, no, no. if -- if you' re playing him, you have no idea of the consequences. he knows things. >> adam: knows things like what? about who? things about you? listen, you don' t have anything to worry about, okay? it' s no one' s intention to throw you under the bus. >> marisa: i' m not talking about
11:40 am
>> adam: good? talking about? >> luca: [ sighs ] >> adam: how' d that feel? >> luca: good. >> adam: yeah? >> luca: very good. >> adam: all right. >> luca: you? >> adam: good. good, you know. not a moment of hesitation. it felt great. >> luca: it was easier than i thought, actually. very simple, in fact. >> adam: hmm. do you want to know why it was -- why it was so simple? >> luca: yeah, because i couldn' t wait to unburden myself. >> adam: yeah, that and also -- uh-oh -- that guy is not really an fbi agent. he works here at newman in security -- about 10 years now, i would guess, roughly, give or take. >> luca: excuse me? >> adam: yeah. his name is steve, steve from security. lives up on chippewa lane, wife -- beautiful wife -- two kids. hockey players. i hear it' s an expensive sport. both good skaters, though. you know, i' m surprised that you didn' t ask him to see his badge, though. >> luca: no, no, no, no. but the documents you gave him -- >> adam: the documents i gave
11:41 am
paper i found laying around, had "confidential" stamped on them. s amazing, isn' t it, how official a little stamp "confidential" can make -- make i mean, it' s comical, really [chuckling] if you think about it. $2. what a return on your investment, huh? >> luca: all these weeks, the planning, the fights with victor, the documents you fed me. you set me up. >> adam: hmm. how does that feel? >> dr. anderson: poor sage. i heard you attacked an orderly. >> sage: no. i did not attack him. i just... i wanted to talk to nick, tell him something. >> dr. anderson: tell him what? sage, you have to confide in me. otherwise i can'
11:42 am
s nothing to be afraid of. you can tell me everything. >> nick: it' s gonna be pretty quiet around the house. >> sharon: yeah, for a while, but i think it' s for the best for faith. till sage comes home -- then things will get back to normal. >> nick: [ sighs ] >> sharon: can i get you something? you want a beer? >> nick: what time is it? oh, this could be from sage. >> sage: nick, i think i found something on dr. anderson. i don' t know what it means, but i -- oh! >> sharon: what' s wrong? at nature made vitamins, we know there are lots of things you're supposed to do to be healthy. but nature made adult gummies are one part of your
11:43 am
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11:45 am
here i am in cancun. this is me talking to la policia. this girl? totally sweating me. and uh, i don't even remember taking this one. you realize this is a job interview. i know, i wanted to show you how proficient i am in social media. we'll be in touch. excuse me. hello? hi, i'm just following up on the interview. dimpatient. dim and impatient. hunger keeps inventing new problems, so we invented new
11:46 am
>> sharon: hi, dylan. i' m sure you' re busy in geneva tracking down leads for adam' kidnapper, so i' ll just leave um, i' up and you' ll be home soon. i just wanted to let you know that things are good here. um, sully took a three-hour nap today, so i hope i' m not in for a terrible night, especially since faith is here. nick and i talked about it, and we' ve decided that faith is going to stay here full time until sage is back from fairview. it was faith who brought it up, but nick was very good about it and he made her feel comfortable about our decision. i just feel really bad for him, dylan, because he' s under so
11:47 am
but i guess this is my way of telling you that we' re going to be a family of four here for a while. but i' m sure sage will be back here soon. how could she not be, right? she has such great care. >> dr. anderson: nick. what are you doing here? >> nick: uh, i wanted to see sage. >> dr. anderson: visiting hours are over, unfortunately. >> nick: well, i couldn' t stop thinking about what happened earlier, the things you said about my wife. i need to be realistic about the woman sage is now. >> dr. anderson: as opposed to the woman she used to be. >> nick: i need to come to terms with this. with all of it. >> noah: billy, you all right? can i call somebody? >> billy: no, no, no. >> victoria: are you sure? >> billy: yes, i' m fine. i' m fine. >> victoria: maybe coming here was too much. you'
11:48 am
we should hold off on the lunches for now. >> billy: no, you' re gonna deprive me of my favorite salad after weeks of hospital food? i don' t think so. >> victoria: to keep you healthy, yes. >> noah: billy, did the doctors say anything about, i don' t know, uh, lasting side effects from the accident? >> billy: you mean besides the limp and the on-and-off blindness? >> victoria: billy. >> billy: i' m kidding. look, you guys, stop staring at me like i' m about to keel over. i' m back in fighting form. i' m looking forward to a happy and healthy future. >> victoria: i better be in it. >> billy: you' re in it. now, can we stop talking about the accident? >> victoria: i will. >> billy: good. >> victoria: as soon as we find out who hit you. >> billy: we will in time. i have a feeling that the karmic hammer is about to drop. hard. >> luca: i got to hand it to you. i didn' t see that coming. >> adam: i know, right? i know. that' s the best part, actually. well, for me, it' s the best part. for you, it'
11:49 am
know, terrible. >> luca: yeah. so, what are you gonna do with the information? go to the feds? >> adam: absolutely. absolutely. that' s my plan, of course. you know, if you wanted to play ball, maybe we could work something else out. >> luca: you mean if i leave the company. >> adam: hmm. >> luca: that' s what you want. >> adam: and the country, actually. i want you to talk to your pops, all right? i want you to nullify this deal that you made with newman like it never happened. i want you to get your happy ass on a jet plane, and i want you to go back to europe. >> luca: you expect me to abandon marisa and turn my back on the life i' ve started here? >> adam: whoa, hold on a second. this is something that you brought on yourself, isn' t it? if you would have just accepted the initial offer that my father gave you, none of this would have happened. but you had to gloat, right? you had to try to intimidate us. you had to use newman as a front. so this is what happens, all right? we' re done. >> luca: okay. if i refuse? >> adam: well, then your father goes to prison. father goes to prison, and it' s probably only a matter of time before you end up in a cell right next to him, right? let me ask you a question. you know your father. how do you think he' s gonna respond when he finds out that this isn'
11:50 am
re the one that ratted him out? how do you think he' s gonna react to that? you told the feds. well, the fake feds. steve, more specifically, which makes it even worse. funny? >> adam: no. no, i think this is hilarious. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. [ julie ] if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing.
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11:54 am
s just a sedative. >> nick: why? >> sage: because of the phone call. >> nick: you tried to call me. >> sage: yeah. and this huge orderly came in and... >> nick: that' s why the message was cut off. all right, well, i don' t think he heard what you said, otherwise anderson would never have let me come in to see you. >> sage: i' m really glad that she did, though. >> nick: did you find something? >> sage: [ chuckling ] oh, yeah. i found books on paralysis. >> nick: paralysis? like psychology? i mean, textbooks? >> sage: no, like books on how to deal with trauma. they were really old, like she' s had them for a long time, and there were all these notes scribbled all over it. >> nick: all on paralysis? >> sage: what do you think it means? >> i apologize for letting the patient out of my sight, dr. a. >> dr. anderson: well, as long as it doesn' t happen again. >> of course not. >> dr. anderson: did you file a report on mrs. newman'
11:55 am
she seems to be more of a danger than i realized to herself and to others. >> billy: i didn' t even realize there had been a hit-and-run until paul told me. thought i was in the hospital from the beatdown from my bookie. >> victoria: can you believe that? getting hit by a car and not even realizing it. >> billy: you know what? i' m sorry. two seconds ago i said we should stop talking about the accident, and i brought it up, so let' s just stop talking about the accident. >> noah: you really don' t remember anything? >> victoria: um, noah, i think somebody wants to talk with you. >> noah: uh, excuse me. >> victoria: does he seem off to you? >> billy: who, noah? >> victoria: no. our waiter. yes. noah. i just, uh, i' ve never seen him
11:56 am
he seems so down, as if my father has broken him. i tried to talk to him about it, to get him to let it go, but i don' t think i got through to him. [ car door opens, closes ] billy. where did you go? what just happened? >> billy: vick. i' m starting to remember the night of the accident. >> marisa: what is wrong with you?! >> noah: hello to you, too. >> marisa: after everything i you' re here with them! >> noah: "them"? marisa. >> marisa: what the hell did you say to billy? >> adam: the way i see it, you got one way out of here. one door. and i assume you' re gonna use >> luca: no. >> adam: no? okay. that. then you know what? your father goes to prison, and the real fbi gets the dossier and the recording -- ouch -- and you get a world of hurt raining
11:57 am
s precious grandson noah goes to jail for a hit-and-run. >> next on "the young and the restless"... >> lily: if things are gonna you' you' re gonna have to trust me again. >> kevin: victor fought like hell for this. why the "oh, i' m just gonna hop on my jet and get back to you when i can" routine? >> chelsea: your big plan just blew up, didn'
11:58 am
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