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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 19, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> nick: hey. good. you're awake. thank god. >> noah: what -- what happened? what happened? >> nick: hey, listen, don't worry about it. you're gonna be fine. they had to give you a sedative before you got on the flight. that's why you're groggy. >> noah: flight? >> nick: yeah, noah. you're home. [ handcuffs clink ]
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arrest for the hit-and-run that almost killed billy abbott. >> chelsea: if this noah bomb explodes this morning... >> adam: not if. when. babe, it's only a matter of time before the media gets wind of what my father told the police, and then all bets are off at that point. >> chelsea: i suppose you're right. >> adam: unfortunately, we both know that i am. >> chelsea: do you think there's a chance that vic-- oh, hey, guys. those are some smiles. >> billy: yeah, well, we, uh, we have good reason. >> victoria: yeah. the best. >> chelsea: oh? >> victoria: billy and i got engaged. >> chelsea: [ gasps ] oh, my god, you guys. >> adam: uh, uh, congratulations. >> chelsea: that's awesome. >> victoria: yeah, we think so. thank you. >> chelsea: so, what? was it a valentine's day surprise? very romantic, billy. >> victoria: [ sighs ] billy reserved the top of the tower. we had the whole place to
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he got down on one knee, and i was shocked. i never saw it coming. >> billy: yeah. well, you should have saw your face. >> victoria: we haven't stopped celebrating since. >> billy: [ chuckles ] it's because i'm never gonna forget how close i came to losing you. but that chapter of our life is over, isn't it? >> victoria: yeah. >> billy: time to write a new
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>> victor: is noah all right? what the hell happened? >> paul: well, after we spoke last night, i woke up a judge and got a warrant for extradition. and when the island police showed up at noah's door, he took off running. he jumped a railing and fell down an embankment. he suffered some injuries -- nothing life-threatening. but, uh, i can almost guarantee the flight was a little rough going home. >> victor: my goodness. sorry to hear that. >> paul: he's under arrest, victor. dylan is at the hospital waiting to talk to him. but, uh... i'd like to ask you a few questions first. >> victor: all right. i'll answer them if i can. >> paul: how did you know that noah was responsible for hitting billy and leaving the scene? >> victor: my god. >> sharon: marisa!
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and, uh, luca santori's wife. >> victor: and marco annicelli's mistress. >> paul: so i take it you don't like her that much. >> victor: she's a deceitful, manipulative woman, all right? she knew noah's role in this whole accident. she convinced him to not talk about it. he's been under her spell for a long time. >> paul: right. but, i think, victor, you would agree that you and i have both made decisions because of a woman we love. >> victor: she's not just a co-conspirator. she cooked up the whole damn thing. >> paul: how much of this is an assumption on your part? >> victor: none of it. >> paul: really? >> victor: really. and i have proof. >> marisa: please, just tell me. i need to know. is noah gonna be okay? >> sharon: he was badly hurt. he has some broken ribs, possibly internal injuries. but they're gonna run some tests, so he should be okay. >> marisa: gracias a dios. >> sharon: now, i need some answers. noah's father and i had no idea that noah was even out of the country, and then dylan tells us that he's here and he's been arrested! can you imagine what went
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>> marisa: [ sighs ] >> sharon: our noah covering up an accident where someone was nearly killed, someone who's a part of noah's family? i-i can't begin to understand this. but my every instinct tells me that you know exactly what's going on. >> marisa: noah and i were together in the caribbean enjoying a getaway on a beautiful island that was secluded, or so we thought. [ sighs ] last night -- last night it was warm. i went out for a walk. i couldn't sleep. when i headed back to the bungalow, i saw noah tearing out, island police chasing after him. i heard him yelling, and then nothing. i was terrified. the police found noah where he fell and drove away with him. and n-now here we are. god, this is such a mess. >> dylan: nick, i'm sorry about how everything went down, and i wish noah hadn't gotten hurt, but the best thing noah can do right now is explain why -- >> nick: i guess you didn't hear me the first time. it's not a good time. my son's in a hospital bed. >> noah: dad, it's -- it's okay. >> nick: no. >> noah: it's okay. >> nick: it's not okay. >> noah: i can talk. >> nick: you're not gonna say a word. because dylan is not here as
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he's here as a detective. so you're not gonna say anything until you have an attorney present. noah? noah? hey, hey, hey, hey. hey, son? son? >> dylan: [ clicking button ] >> nick: hold on. hold on. help's coming. >> noah: [ groans ] >> sharon: and what were you doing in the islands? >> marisa: we just wanted to get away for a couple days. >> sharon: so this was just a vacation or this was something more? >> marisa: sharon, can we please -- >> sharon: no, i need to know, and the more you evade my questions, the more i think that you're behind all of this. dylan? what's going on? >> dylan: noah's having some kind of attack. >> sharon: what?! >> barton: when did this start? >> nick: just a couple minutes ago. he was fine, and then he just doubled up in pain. >> sharon: is he gonna be okay?! >> barton: i need everyone to clear the room. >> nick: no, i'm not leaving. >> barton: everyone! now! >> noah: aah! >> barton: i'll give a full report when i'm done! but for now, let me do my job! >> sharon: nick. what's wrong with our son? what's wrong? >> noah: [ wincing ] >> barton: take a deep breath. deep breath.
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>> chelsea: well, um, i am so this is great news. >> victoria: thank you. yeah, it's good news. >> chelsea: yeah. >> victoria: the kids are happy about it, too. they have their dad back, so... >> chelsea: yeah, i understand that completely. >> adam: did you set a date yet? >> billy: no, not yet, but soon hopefully. second chances, right? >> adam: yeah. just make good use of them. >> billy: plan to. vicki and i are back together for good this time. >> chelsea: well, it's been a long and strange journey for you guys, but i feel like it's working out exactly how it's supposed to. let me see your ring. [ laughs ] [ cellphone chimes ] oh, it's gorgeous. >> victoria: thank you. >> chelsea: i've never seen rubies like this before. wow. >> victoria: it's beautiful. >> chelsea: i love it. you did a good job. you did a very good job. adam? >> adam: hmm? something's happened. um...[ clears throat ] you two are gonna be hearing uh... >> chelsea: babe, i -- >> adam: no, listen, i want them to hear it from me, not some two-bit reporter.
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>> barton: radiology confirmed it's internal bleeding. noah's being prepped for surgery. i'll handle the procedure myself. >> sharon: will he be okay? >> barton: well, barring any complications, which i'm not expecting, he should make it through just fine. if you'll excuse me, i need to scrub in. >> nick: thank you, doctor. >> sharon: of course. >> nick: well, i guess your interrogation's gonna have to wait. >> dylan: look, i'm -- i'm sorry things are turning out this way. >> nick: you know, if you were really sorry, you wouldn't have rushed in there to arrest my son. what proof do you even have that he was involved in billy's accident? >> dylan: we're working on that right now. >> sharon: and because you don't have it, someone pointed the finger at my son? >> dylan: we did -- we did get a credible tip. >> sharon: from who?
11:16 am
came forward, or was it billy? did billy suddenly remember what happened that night? >> dylan: no, it was not billy. >> nick: who, then? >> dylan: it was victor. >> victor: that enough proof for you to prosecute miss sierras along with noah? he needs to learn from his mistake, and she needs to suffer for her actions. what? you doubt what you just saw? >> paul: well, it appears as though marisa...helped noah cover his crime. but i don't think he was working alone. i have a feeling you were working right alongside her. then you changed your mind for some reason and decided to turn your grandson in.
11:17 am
>> victor: because my grandson committed a serious crime. >> paul: you know as well as i do you've covered up more serious crimes than this. >> victor: that's an allegation. be careful. >> paul: i just can't see that you're out to get justice for billy abbott, of all people. >> victor: it is justice that i'm after. >> victoria: wait a minute. noah ran over billy and just drove off? >> billy: doesn't mean that he did it. right? >> victoria: paul wouldn't... >> billy: just means the police has reason to suspect him. >> victoria: ...have had him arrested if -- if he didn't have a case. even if my nephew is the last person on earth who would do something like this. >> chelsea: maybe -- maybe after you have a chance to talk with him, you can -- >> adam: let's just, um... let them sort of handle this on their own. >> chelsea: okay. i'm really sorry, you guys. >> adam: i'm sorry. and, um... try not to let this ruin your
11:18 am
billy. second chances. >> chelsea: come on. >> victoria: you're thinking back to that night, aren't you? hearing that noah might be responsible, has it triggered any memories? do you remember seeing him in the garage that night? >> billy: no. but hearing the news makes me think that... [ sighs ] kind of on the tip of my tongue. >> victoria: i know you said you want to put what happened behind you, but maybe you should try to remember what happened. if noah did this, then we need to know. >> nick: my dad called the police on noah? >> sharon: and what? you're just gonna take his word for it? this is insane! we're family. >> dylan: i'm not -- i'm not siding with victor, okay? i'm just doing my job.
11:19 am
noah needed to come back and answer some questions because, frankly, his behavior raises a lot of red flags -- leaving the country, running from authorities. those are not actions of somebody who's innocent. >> nick: well, you've already decided he's guilty, haven't you? you don't even have any evidence. >> dylan: nick, no -- >> nick: no, i'm done with you! i'm gonna go talk to the doctor. >> sharon: innocent. innocent until proven guilty. you can't give noah the benefit of that doubt? >> dylan: i-i am. i don't want him to be guilty. but i have to gather information for the prosecutor, because right now, it appears that noah committed a crime, covered it >> sharon: " it appears." that is not proof. you know the person you should really be talking to is victor. he never does anything without a motive, and you know damn well that he didn't tell paul about noah out of concern for his civic duty. >> dylan: we're looking at everything. we're looking at everybody. we're trying to get information.
11:20 am
decided he was gonna work for his grandfather again, nick and i had a very bad feeling about it. we couldn't see how noah coming in between victor and the santoris could end up being a good thing. and now look what's happened. i don't believe that this case is just about billy. it's about victor. it's about victor and why he decided to pick up the phone and call paul. so before you haul my son out of a hospital bed and into a prison cell, you need to ask yourself why did victor decide that noah needed to be punished? and then you can let me know
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>> " the young and the restless" will continue. ,,
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,, ,, >> sharon: nick, how's noah? >> nick: so far, so good. he should be out of surgery soon. >> sharon: well, i'll feel better when this whole ordeal is behind him. >> nick: we've been here before worrying about this kid. >> sharon: he's not a kid anymore. >> nick: but we can still worry about him like he's one.
11:26 am
i'm glad. i was about to lose it on your husband. i know he's just trying to do his job, but... >> sharon: when you and dylan were in with noah, noah had another visitor. >> nick: who? >> sharon: marisa. she was with him on the island. and she came back here after his arrest to check on him. >> nick: where is she now? >> sharon: i have no idea. she slipped out before i had a chance to talk to her much or answer any of my questions, which leads me to believe that she knows a lot more about what's going on than you or i do. of this? >> sharon: [ sighs ] no. i didn't know if that would help or hurt noah's situation. i can't believe this. how could our son hit someone with his car and -- and then leave and then lie about it? that's just not noah. >> nick: right. i mean, he's not like his uncle adam. at least he never used to be. >> sharon: don't say that. don't even think it. >> nick: once he wakes up, we'll be able to get some answers out of him.
11:27 am
until then is wait. >> nick: yeah. [ sighs ] i-i can't sit. >> sharon: you never could. you -- you do know what today is, don't you? >> nick: it's our anniversary. here we are again together worrying about our family. >> marisa: and now noah's in the hospital. >> chelsea: how badly is he hurt? >> marisa: badly enough, or he wouldn't be there. as soon as i realized the police were sniffing around, i got out in a hurry. i don't know any more details beyond what sharon told me. >> chelsea: you saw sharon? >> marisa: yeah. she was grilling me pretty hard. lots of questions, but i guess that's understandable. >> adam: i don't know what to say. i wish i could help you. i have no idea -- >> marisa: shut up. not another word, okay?
11:28 am
noah and i were finally away from here! we were gonna start a new life together! and then you dragged him back to genoa city! >> adam: whoa, whoa, whoa. hold on a second. me? i didn't go to the police. >> marisa: then who? luca? >> adam: no. victor. >> marisa: why?! >> adam: i was forced to tell victor that luca blackmailed his way into the internet security project, okay? apparently noah went to luca and wanted to forge some kind of a -- some kind of an alliance to bring down victor. >> marisa: and luca threatened to tell victor to make you do whatever he wanted. >> adam: i kept quiet as long as i could. >> marisa: oh, i see. so then you exposed noah. how could you do that?! >> chelsea: adam just told you. he didn't have a choice. >> adam: i knew if i didn't go to victor, luca would. so at that point, my hands are tied. i'm playing damage control. >> marisa: yeah. how? >> adam: how? by telling victor that noah's not a threat anymore, you know? i told him he's saying things out of anger that he doesn't mean. i told him to drop it and let it go! >> marisa: well, you failed! ' cause noah's life was in your hands, and you sold him out!
11:29 am
that's enough! >> victoria: why would my father betray his own grandson? >> paul: okay, there's gonna be plenty of time to get answers. i am asking you please to table that discussion for now. billy, we have charged noah for backing over you in the newman parking garage, leaving the scene, and trying to cover it up. we are here to corroborate that. i guess i'm asking you, do you remember anything else that happened to you? >> billy: no, i-i don't. i still get flashes, but i-i can't, uh, i can't picture the driver. >> victoria: well, try, billy. i mean, if noah was involved -- even if he wasn't involved, either way, we need to know. >> dylan: yeah, just -- just try to think back to that night. but obviously don't -- you know, don't force anything. >> victoria: you can do it, billy. >> paul: right, you had an argument with jack. and you left abby and stitch's wedding before the ceremony. you went down into the parking garage.
11:30 am
and he confronted you about money that you owed him? >> billy: gil was pissed that i couldn't pay him. >> gil: see, here's the deal. i want my money. >> billy: [ grunting ] >> paul: so is there anything else you remember that can help us out? the beloved grilled cheese sandwich. no one can resist... it's seductive charms. it's just about the closest thing to hot, molten [guttural/purring sound]... [mooo] just doing my part! return to real food. dairy products made with california milk. from our family farms to your table. return to real.
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>> nick: it's quite a trip, huh? >> sharon: us, you mean? >> nick: yeah. how we met in high school, fell in love, got married, got divorced, almost got remarried a couple other times. >> sharon: had a couple of kids together, and then here we are, best of friends now. >> nick: married to other people. did you ever think we'd make it this far? >> sharon: sometimes, no. but i'm really glad we did. >> nick: me, too. sometimes it blows me away, actually. if you'd told me back in high school this is what the future had in store for us... >> nick: sharon, i join you in
11:35 am
for the length of our days, to love and to comfort you in joy and in sorrow, to support and to care for you, to cherish and to respect you. i give of myself, and together with you, in the sight of god, to bring love to the lives of those we touch. >> sharon: wait, nick! what are you doing? you can't really carry me over the threshold. >> nick: oh, it's tradition, sharon! >> sharon: no, i'm too heavy! >> nick: you're as light as a feather. now, come on. >> sharon: okay. [ laughs ] >> nick: [ kicks door ] here it is, mrs. newman. our new home. >> sharon: oh, nicholas, it's beautiful. >> nick: we were so young. >> sharon: we grew up so fast, though. >> nick: oh, we had to.
11:36 am
parents in record time. >> sharon: i remember that was hard for you. >> nick: yeah. it was. i remember the day you told me you were pregnant. >> sharon: you didn't think that you were ready to become a parent. >> nick: is anyone? but then that beautiful boy was born. it changed everything. >> sharon: noah. [ baby cries ] your son, nicholas. >> sharon: noah may be grown now, but... he's still our little boy. and we need to do everything we can to protect him. he's in a lot of trouble. >> nick: because of my father. >> billy: [ sighs ] i'm -- i'm still getting flashes, but it's -- there's, uh, there's nothing new. i'm sorry. i... >> dylan: well, thanks for trying. >> paul: okay, if anything comes back to at all, even if the
11:37 am
phone. i'll call you. >> paul: all right. good. >> billy: [ sighs ] >> victoria: you know, paul and dylan don't know you the way that i know you. you're not being honest, are you? >> billy: not entirely. >> victoria: what did you remember? >> billy: right before the car backed up, i saw noah's face in the sideview mirror. >> victoria: [ sighs ] >> billy: it was him, vick. he was driving the car. >> victoria: oh, my god. it's true, then. >> billy: i wish it wasn't. >> victoria: you didn't tell paul because you wanted to break it to me in private. >> billy: i didn't tell paul because i'm not going to the police with this. >> victoria: why not? >> billy: because noah's a good, decent guy. he got in over his head. i know the feeling. it's not his fault that i was lying there beat up on the ground. >> victoria: that's not what
11:38 am
>> billy: vicki, i already told you this. i mean it, okay? getting hit by that car was the best thing that ever happened to me. it made me realize that i-i got to turn my life around. >> victoria: you're being really noble right now. [ sighs ] but are you sure you're not gonna be furious with noah? because i'm furious with him. >> billy: i just wish he didn't lie. it just made this whole thing just a mess here. but it's not his fault, okay? it was an accident. he couldn't have known that i was lying there on the ground. i'm here. i survived. i'm with you. i get a second chance with the kids. last thing i want to do is ruin noah's life over this. it's not worth it. >> victoria: are you sure you can live with this, keeping this a secret? >> billy: i have to. i have to for us. >> chelsea: back off!
11:39 am
lash out at my husband, okay? this entire time, adam has done nothing but to try to protect noah. so if you want to blame somebody for messing up your plans, you go find victor! >> adam: i would actually, uh, steer clear of him if i were you. he blames you. thinks you're the reason noah turned his back on him. >> marisa: that's a lie. >> adam: well... >> marisa: noah wanted to get back at victor for the way he treated me! >> adam: well, be that as it may, there's a price for betrayal in the newman family. >> nick: why the hell would you turn your grandson over to the cops? >> victor: i did it to save him. at nature made vitamins, we know there are lots of things you're supposed to do to be healthy. but nature made adult gummies are one part of your health routine you'll actually look forward to. mmmm, mango. nature made adult gummy vitamins and supplements. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed...
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11:43 am
from what? >> victor: adam put him on a plane out of the country. >> nick: adam did that? >> victor: he and marisa were aware of what noah had done. they convinced him to leave the country. >> nick: for how long? >> victor: i don't think he intended to come back. >> nick: am i supposed to believe this? >> victor: he's on the run with that marisa woman, all right? a woman who is married to another man. that's not the kind of life that i expect for my grandson. so i make sure he comes back. he'll face the music. he'll face his punishment like a man. and he'll come back here, right here, into this office. he'll start with me from the beginning again. >> nick: oh, okay. what are you expecting from me? a thank you? >> victor: i don't expect anything from you, nicholas. nothing from you! so kindly leave the office. >> nick: you know, you may have long-term plans for noah, but right now that kid is in a world
11:44 am
how can you do something like that without making absolutely sure he's the one who hit billy? >> victoria: well, now we can be sure. i was just with billy. he remembered everything. noah was driving. he's positive. >> nick: all right, so what? i guess billy went straight to paul? >> victoria: he doesn't intend to go to the police, nick. billy doesn't want to be the one that puts noah in jail. he doesn't want any more suffering. >> victor: do you believe him? >> victoria: i know there's a part of billy that wants noah to take responsibility, and i want that, too. but for billy's peace of mind and for the sake of peace in this family, i feel that going forward -- >> nick: what? you just want to throw him straight to the wolves? billy is willing to forgive noah and try and move on, but you're not! you're determined to fight this battle for him! >> victor: and she's right to do so. >> nick: you know what? save it! it's obvious noah is just some pawn in whatever selfish game you're playing right now.
11:45 am
i hope it blows up in your face. if either of you need me, i'll be where i belong -- next to my son. >> dylan: it's tough on everybody, paul, not just me. >> paul: right, but if you want to be reassigned on account of sharon, i understand. >> dylan: [ sighs ] thank you, but i'm staying put. >> paul: i figured you'd say that. i just wanted to throw it out there just in case. i mean, nick and sharon have got to be looking at you like you're the enemy. >> dylan: yeah, i just -- i got to believe that we're gonna find our way through this. how'd your talk go with victor? >> paul: [ chuckles ] well, he dodged most of my questions, but, uh... he did hand over some solid evidence. >> marisa: you know what? i don't give a damn about victor and his plans for me. all i care about is noah, and right now, i want to make sure he's okay. >> adam: all right, why don't you let me go to the hospital and check on him for you, okay? you could be charged as an accessory. you can't risk being seen right now. >> marisa: yeah, and that's a
11:46 am
>> adam: uh... it's a bad idea! [ door closes ] you can't talk to her. >> chelsea: it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion right in front of our eyes. >> victor: i am glad that you and i agree on the right way to handle this situation with noah. >> victoria: i hate arguing with nick. [ sighs ] but i can't ignore what noah did. >> victor: do you think billy will follow your lead and tell the police what he remembers? >> victoria: i don't know. i guess we'll just have to wait and see. you know, dad, while we're talking about billy, i should thank you for letting him use the top of the tower to propose to me. i hope that means you found some way to be happy for us. >> victor: [ sighs ]
11:47 am
be happy, okay? but i just remember too many things to really be happy about this. >> victoria: you know he's not gonna make the same mistakes. >> victor: [ sighs ] >> victoria: he's not. >> victor: i hate to be so brutally honest with you, but i don't think this time's gonna last any longer than it did last time. if that upsets you, i'm very sorry. with advil liqui-gels, you'll ask what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast, they make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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11:50 am
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11:51 am
>> barton: everything went well with noah's surgery. >> sharon: oh, thank god. >> barton: i'm not anticipating any problems. >> sharon: thank you so much. >> nick: when can we see him? >> barton: you can go in now. moment. >> nick: thank you. listen, sharon, um... before you go in, there's something you need to know. >> sharon: what? about your talk with victor? i knew it. i knew exactly the moment you walked in how that went. >> nick: you're right.
11:52 am
as you're envisioning, but... worse. it''s not great. >> sharon: what? >> nick: while i was talking to my dad, victoria walked in. she said that billy remembered. it was noah's face. he -- he was driving the car that hit him. >> sharon: oh, my god. >> nick: listen, there's good news, all right? billy is not planning on pursuing this. >> sharon: what do you mean? >> nick: he's not gonna tell the police anything. but since they already started investigating, we need to be prepared. >> sharon: okay. okay. whatever it takes. like i said, right now we need to go in and be with our son.
11:53 am
>> noah: i'm in trouble, huh? >> nick: yeah. little bit. [ door opens ] this is not a good time, vick. [ door closes ] >> noah: who's that? what -- who's that? >> sharon: it's -- it's victoria, but your dad just said -- >> noah: no, it's -- it's okay. will you tell her that... tell her that she should say what she has to say. >> victoria: noah, you've been running from the truth for a long time. and now you're hurt. and everyone that cares about you is hurting right alongside you. it's time for you to own up to
11:54 am
>> chelsea: hi. >> billy: hi. uh, i'm actually really glad that i ran into you. do you have a second? >> chelsea: actually, you know what? i don't. i'm just here to pick up these oatmeal cookies connor loves, so... >> billy: yeah, just -- i need one second. please. i just -- >> chelsea: i would love to, billy, but maybe next time, okay? >> billy: look, chelsea, i couldn't help but notice that you and adam were acting a little squirrelly around me earlier, and you're doing it again now. [ sighs ] look, i got the feeling that you -- you have something you want to tell me. and you wanted to tell me right before adam cut you off and dragged you out of there. >> chelsea: uh, no, i-i think you must have misinterpreted. >> billy: no, i don't think that i did. look, hearing that noah got arrested for the hit-and-run kind of shook a couple things loose in my head. and i can now see his face in the sideview mirror right before he backed up over me. as you can imagine, that kind of
11:55 am
but it didn't come as a shock to you. >> chelsea: what do you mean? >> billy: you already knew it was noah, didn't you? >> dylan: marisa. >> marisa: dylan. what is it? >> dylan: i got a few questions for you. >> marisa: in an official capacity? >> dylan: mm-hmm. i assume you heard noah's been arrested for the hit-and-run. >> marisa: i heard. >> dylan: anything you'd like to share about the accident? >> marisa: only that he's innocent. >> dylan: so you're not helping him cover? >> marisa: no. why? why would i? he didn't do it.
11:56 am
explain this... surveillance video of you at a landfill up in dodge county the day after billy's accident? i mean, that's you right there, right? getting rid of a set of tires? >> adam: got to tell you, man, i don't know what to say. dad, you called the cops on your own grandson? >> victor: it had to be done. >> adam: no, no, you see, the thing is, it really didn't have to be done. >> victor: you're ignoring the bigger picture, son. noah needs to learn that his actions have repercussions, okay? until he learns that, i don't want him to be back at the inner circle. it's not safe. >> adam: okay, i get it. so, in other words, you're gonna ostracize him. you're gonna punish him. you're gonna keep him on the outside looking in, right? you're gonna force him to fight, claw his way back into your good graces. you're treating him the same way you treated me. >> victor: are you seeing who's sitting behind this desk?
11:57 am
>> victor: once you're earned your stripes and you sit in this chair, you make decisions. until that is the case, i call the shots. got that? >> next on " the young and the restless" ... >> marisa: noah is innocent. i hit billy. >> kevin: natalie, are you sabotaging your own program? >> nikki: noah has been arrested, and he's in the hospital! >> adam: victor's the one that
11:58 am
11:59 am
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