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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. a bus driver with the cherry creek school district is due in court accused of driving
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that tops our news. howard nathan is joining us live. howard, what have you learned about this driver?>> reporter: well, we have michael willard hobbs who spent the night in jail he is 54 years old. his arrested for suspicion of dui. what happened was, he was driving 30 schoolkids, he drop them off, no problem. but then, a female staff member at west middle school thought she smelled alcohol. the cherries -- the cherry creek school district contacted him, and they responded and did not find anything wrong with him. but then the sheriff's office was called out, a sobriety test was done, and he did not pass. he complained of having the flu and also needing medication. now, he is facing the following, a pair misdemeanor charges,
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schoolchildren on his bus. he is under the suspicion of driving drunk. right now, we are waiting for a spokeswoman for the cherry creek spokes -- spokeswoman to talk about what has happened. can you tell us where we are with this?>> we will do it all at one time -- howard. >> reporter: again, they say that mr. hobbs has not been fired but he's not coming back. you will find out more about that in just a moment. alan? >> take you very much. i know you will have more about at 5 pm. oak someone in update can check in there or online. brian looked at his flesh into school bus reports. you can find his page and click on investigate. the people
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other injured after work lacy shooting in kansas that gunman cedric board had a record and had just gotten a court order. men well -- covering how the attack unfolded. 4 they say cedric ford served with a protection from abuse order in the factory where he worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. >> he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he just displayed, he was a little upset that he was getting this order. >> reporter: ford who had a criminal record left work after he got the order. he shot another driver install their car before he headed back to the plant.>> shots fired, excel industries in houston.>> reporter: he shot 14 people before an officer gunned him down.
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>> he had to stop that threat. you have two or 300 people in there, luckily two or 300 people came out. >> relatives rushed to the factory after hearing about the shooting. >> one couple was reunited has cam lawyers -- cameras were rolling. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to obtain weapons. cbs news, hesston kansas. it follows that deadly spree in kalamazoo michigan that killed six. the family of the suspects, jason dalton has expressed sympathy for the victims and their families. his wife, says that dalton was acting differently in the days leading up to the shootings. he told her he was just tired. two others were injured including a 14-year-old girl, who is in critical condition. a man is behind bars
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but duping someone he met on craigslist to help him. the weld county sheriff's office took nicholas lahey into custody. they say they discovered him -- he had put an ad on craigslist acting for help in moving the scrap. the the the man who responded was not aware that it was illegal. they say he told him that he had permission. the hunt is on for in weld county for two men accused of stealing from charity stores. >> the gentleman was in the store a few times prior. he had stolen the hunger jar change that beats a hungry people. there were dollar bills in there as well. i would say maybe $50-$75. >> they stole a charity jar for a charity in the poll.
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they ran out to a mercury sable. we now know apple is are going against helping the government see into the phone of a dead terrorist. a claims that investigators cannot deputize it as an arm of the government, to write code to bypass its lockout function on the iphone. the justice department is saying that apple is objecting to something that they have not had a problem with before. the whole thing could end up before the supreme court. a trump endorsement tops our campaign 2016 news just hours after a debate in texas last night. new jersey governor, and former presidential contender chris christie endorsed trump thick >> he will provide --. >> he will do what needs to be done, to protect the american people. he will create jobs for this country, and he will make sure that people around the world now in america keeps his word again. >> he says he knows all of the
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is the best choice. she details the poll out today from the debate last night. >> other than that -->> marco rubio in ted cruz launch verbal attacks against presidential front-runner during a debate on cnn. >> he inherited $200 million, if he hadn't do know where he would be?>> trumps opponents are scrambling for support. ted cruz said he was the best candidate to beat hillary clinton, what trump fired back. >> talking about the polls, and beating him awfully badly.>> but you're not beating hillary. >> if i can't, you will really get killed, aren't you? >> marco rubio left off with an appearance on cbs this morning. i'm asking everyone, if you're a republican and you don't want your party taking over from
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>> he spoke about rubio in one tweet. hillary clinton is claiming new momentum on the eve of the south carolina primary, she is expected to win easily. she danced on stage with charlie wilson during a campaign stop before stumping -- stopping in georgian. -- georgia. >> let's make sure to get out and vote. >> bernie sanders that with supporters before heading to the palmetto state. cbs news, the white house. super tuesday is next, the 500 delegates here in colorado and around the states, or both they will caucus. but a change in the rules for republicans across the country means caucuses will be different. only a small percentage of parties will take part in these meetings.
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this year in colorado, have decided there will be no so- called preference poll. that's a boat used to determine the percentage devoted to each candidate. those delegates will not be pledged to a candidate the state party chair claims. >> i believe this year, more than any other time, the process we go through, the discussion caucus. there is going to be a requirement almost, from voters to state who your preferences before you get their vote. >> democrats will have a preference poll, and we will report on that. but those delegates be free to choose at the democratic convention. the final weekend in february, feels a lot more like april. let's go to dave. >> hello, this is what a fantastic friday looks like lots and lots of sunshine. but between now and the first day of march, we have tool --
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colorado. one of those will bring snow back to denver. coming up, has senior citizens leapt into action when they saw dogs attacking a mail carrier.,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, two men did not hesitate
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the 84-year-old, and his neighbor were sculpting concrete in his yard when they saw three dogs pounce on the mailman. they went after the dogs armed with only a shovel.>> they knocked him down.>> he cut them off, and i called 911. then they bit me. >> reporter: where did you get that? -- bit? my leg. >> they said their behavior was unusual. the owner does face fines and if possible, a jail sentence. let's talk about how awesome is going to be.>> what a nice pattern we have, as we look at longs peak one of our city cam. look at that blue sky, what a shot. it's on the shady side of your yard today.
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phil currie shot this from the plane. this is another shot scotsman /scott smith down to purgatory -- scott smith down to purgatory. it is 55 out there right now. downtown and at the airport with a southwest wind at eight miles per hour. it is still a breezy beautiful day. weather watcher, susie j it is 60 degrees, she says it's beautiful out there. and nicholas, also has 55 going on. satellite and radar together shows hardly a cloud in the sky. we have a couple of baby clouds going on of high pressure has enveloped most of this. here is the height coming from california to our region.
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there is some wet systems. that one will come through over the course of the weekend. facts, take a look at what we're looking at. right now, it's coming onshore but over the weekend, it will be sliding through and holding us down on sunday. behind that, another little system coming up. the first day of march. ahead of the some tomorrow, it will be breezy but warm. in southern california -- colorado, have a fire weather watch, warm humidity, and wind gusts of approximately 35 miles per hour on the high end. fire danger. 40s and 50s in the mountains, and west. we will be in the 60s in -- here in the east. we are looking at about 60 for denver, tonight 34. tomorrow, we have 69 to almost 70. it will be windy.
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saturday into sunday you might get a little dusting of snow. behind that, cooler at 59 on sunday, 16 to on monday. a chance of rain on monday, and a quick shot of snow coming in on tuesday at 49. this next one coming in on tuesday, will probably be like the one we had at the beginning of this week.>> we did not have much of a winter. >> need a lot more moisture than that.>> you can have the weather at your fingertips just search of in your app store. coming up, a young man -- boy happy and healthy, but it was a different story a year ago. we have been up and down all day long, you're in
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transitions three in one combination boosters made for the summer of 2014, two 2016. no injuries reported, but there is a kit that they can send out. a family is sharing a story of a warning about the dangers of the small flat batteries so prevalent in our devices. kayla gaylor with our cbs affiliate, in colorado springs, has the warning. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine that this little boy was once this little boy, fighting for his life because of something so small. >> it's really scary to think, that this was happening. >> reporter: she was terrified last year when she heard her one-year-old fun choking. >> i ran right around the corner, and in about 60 seconds, it felt like it was extremely quick that i heard him
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choking stopped, and in one doctor visit later, he was back to normal. but then, in the middle of the night he got a high fever. they rushed him to the emergency room were inexorably a dangerous problem. >> i could read it on her face. that something was really wrong. it was just a matter of, what happened. >> reporter: a lithium battery was in his esophagus. the crisis was far from over after it was removed. >> the nurse gave me a model, with a corroded black looking item. and i said, it leaked did nick? and he said yes,. and i said how bad is it? is black and it's burned i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: he was in a critical care unit for a month. the battery acid had burned a hole in his esophagus and
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leaked -- had leaked chemicals into his body. >> i asked if he was going to die, and she said i don't think he will die, but i don't think he will be the same child. back once he was released, he had to spend five months on a feeding tube. one year later, he is finally healthy and play soccer with his big sister. >> we just can't imagine what our lives would have been like without him.>> the doctors at children's hospitals see about 18 cases each year's desk each year.
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,, ,, ,, ,, a gambling addition is tearing apart a family on dr.
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he has gambled away $300,000, and his new job. his wife said she had no idea about his addiction until after they got married. his problem is so bad went to a casinos indifference -- eight casinos in different days. that's in the same day. >> sometimes it helps to put it together. that. >> dr. phil, make him see the depth of the problem. is he ready for help? you will find out today. new at 5 pm, police chases are nothing new in california, but it's not everyday officers are after a unicorn. that's right, this force that's part of a program that helps kids dreams come true made a run for it. it caused a lot of people to do a double take. she was captured. it is a unicorn. >> okay.
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we are covered out there for a unicorn, or anything else. high pressure large and in charge should lead into a nice weekend. for us, a little bit of a cool down coming through. that's all in the five day forecast. 16 nine your 70 tomorrow, it will be 59 on sunday. a chance of rain monday into tuesday.
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,, ,, bernie sanders -- the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline he's also the only candidate to oppose fracking because fracking can endanger our drinking water sanders has the most far-reaching plan to fight climate change and build a clean energy future. people before polluters. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> steffy: hello? who is this? >> liam: [ groans ] adam. who is this? >> steffy: i think i -- i misdialed. >> deacon: that man in there is not your husband. that's liam spencer, and he hates you. quinn, come on. you can't -- you can't be in love with him. >> wyatt: i think it's a good idea. >> steffy: i agree, but this idea should be a finished necklace by now. >> wyatt: i -- okay. it won't take mom long. the gem's already cut.


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