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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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>> if anyone has deserved to be
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donald trump. >> winds out there, warm temperatures this morning, 49 in westminister, it's 42 in littleton. 42 in evergreen. the temperatures mild with the westerly wind and the added cloud cover overnight that kept the temperatures up there will be a break in the cloud cover and about 10-noon, there's a front that slides through and brings the clouds back and should keep us in the high 60s, there's a slight chance of a sprinkle today. i don't think we'll have measurable rain at all you may get a few drops as you head home from work today. we have a warm weekend. which day you might see 70
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right now, it's time for traffic with big joel hillan. our first look at helicopter 4 across the area. really nothing is going the cdot camera. it's 110th, still space between the cars and that's why we're seeing the great drive to i-70. if you're about to get in your car, you can turn on the partners and now during colorado's news, you get your traffic and cbs 4 weather every ten minutes. >> thank you. the gop candidates faced off in the debate against supertuesday last night. they tried to stop account nomination, donald trump swinging back with new insults and claims. >> look at those hands, are they small hands?
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they're small, something else must be small, i guaranty you there's no problem. >> marco rubio about the suitability. ted cruz went after him as they tried to talk policy. the university had been a fake. >> what's been reported is that donald told the editorial new york times what i'm saying on immigration, i don't believe, it's all just rhetoric for the voters. he's making promises he has no intention of keeping and it won't just be $36,000 if they lose, it's our country at stake. >> they said they would support
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mitt romney leading the charge. it framed an argument against trump and there are questions about whether it played into trump's arguments. >> the greed, the showing off, the absurd third grade, he's not of the temperment of the person we need as leader >> trump is clearly an outsider they say trump would lose in the election. he called romney a lightweight and a choke artist. minority teachers, why this is so important for our community. >> reporter: good morning. denver continues to grow, it seems like week after week
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survey involving the economy or a great place to live. now the denver public schools is on a recruiting mission to hire more teachers of color. it's a program called make your mark denver aims to diversify by recruiting more educators of color. the strong economy and nationally known celebrations. >> from our mlk parade and cinco de mayo festival to the great beer festival, our weather is a draw as well. >> a lot to be proud of. meeting with a group of teachers from around the area and the country to show them what's
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provide information it gets underway at 10:30. thank you for that. developing now, a denver teenager is recovering after his vape pen exploded while he was using it. these pictures are pretty graphic. the 16-year-old's mother said she heard her son screaming when they pen exploded in his face and left him badly burned and he was rushed to the burn unit at university hospital. >> to watch your son go through that, he might be blind or he might need a cornea transplant and scrape the burn out of his eye and have him scream the whole time and had to put in a pump. >> experts say explosions are rare and usually caused when the batteries in the pens are not charged correctly. the mom we spoke to says that's an excuse and changes need to be made.
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future's best scientists may discover the path that leads them to a great career. >> it's called girls and science of nature and science and lauren has been doing this. >> she's getting ready for a big day tomorrow. hey, lauren. >> the museum is fairly quiet now. and the clubhouses haven't been built yet, but later on, we're going to be here building our clubhouses, all over the museum and we're so excited. they will explore and see what is going on. i met up with global and they're going to show us why some girls can't be afraid to get dirty >> what's your favorite part of your job? >> i used to do a lot of international work, it's all firsthand how dirty water affects people's lives.
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they're taking their passion for engineering to girls and science this weekend. >> it allows the water wheel to move and turn the gears and connect to the light. >> young future scientists get messy. take water and make it dirty with soil representing dirt and pollutants that may come from agriculture. >> a filter cleans the dirty water and the water comes out clear. >> just like you would at a treatment plant. >> you would drink that water? >> i would. >> it's not all h2o for the engineers they will be showing off you different materials can make a big difference during natural disasters. >> it's made out of rigid materials and it's going to fail. it's made out of flexible material. it's not going to fail.
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problems, it's a wonderful way to use your brain. >> it's over 30 companies that will be here. we have our own weather lab that we'll be doing. if you come down, we'll make rain gauges, make the string and get a mix of everything. we have been putting in a lot of work and the girls can be in science technology and engineering as well there's a lot of opportunities for them. hopefully it encourages them to go into science and math and enjoy the careers sometimes the science part can be tough, but the end result is a really super fun career. natural disasters was my favorite class in college. mother what they have to do. well
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going to meet you all too. >> thank you. it can be out there tomorrow afternoon and i guaranty after the girls meet you, many will want to be meteorologists. troy doesn't play for the rockies anymore but still making a difference in the denver community. he's paying for a trip for 24 kids who have cancer and enable them to watch the rockies in arizona. they leave from children's hospital at 9:40 and get to see a scrimmage, have a meet and greet and get one-on-one time with the players. in new number one goalie, we have the highlights over the panthers >> turns and shoots. rebound. and it is in the mist.
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>> huge save by goal tender, the native. he broke the record for most saves in the third period. avs played the national predators at 1:00 at the pepsi center. friday forecast. dave, good morning. >> good morning. if you're waiting for a bus stop or car pool, not bad morning. you get going. already, as you look at the some signs of peeking up we'll have your forecast for the next five days and you won't believe the weekend, it's looking good. we have a traffic alert. looking at the live pictures from helicopter 4 northbound, this is just on the approach to colfax to the right shoulder.
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will make a mess. >> wait until you ,,
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take a look. we're starting to see a little bit of orange reflecting off of the high clouds over the city that's a look from helicopter 4 showing great shots this morning air quality is good. visibility not bad. looking at the temperatures now across the state. not bad. 27 in aspen. 30s and 40s across the plains as well. tom is one of the weather watchers in westminister and has
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a lot of high clouds drifting into the state and westerly flow. we're a break in the central mountains where the sun is beaming through and more high clouds into the afternoon. embedded in the flow, there's a cold front that spreads from north dakota into wyoming and that should dip through denver coming up between 10-noon today and increases the clouds and gives us a chance of a sprinkle late in the day and shows up in the future cast computer model. partly cloudy skies, there's the map at 6:00 and you can see the green blobs, those are light rain showers that pop up across the front range and may have some high mountain snow but doesn't last long. watch through the evening. by 9:00, it's gone and we start to see clearing skies. passing clouds and taking you into sunday, that will be the next system coming through if you're doing any skiing, it listen windy in the mountains. it will be a down slope and
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around here. plains just one or two degrees cooler with denver's high of 62. it will be nice to get those showers around here and looking at about a 40% chance of showers coming up on monday. a report of a recliner along i-25 near hamden. not a great place to take a seat. looking southbound into town. speeds from the 60s dipping into the 30s and down into the
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along i-25, right on your approach. ten minutes, average speed now is 47 miles per hour. let me show you across the area, the trouble spot heading into break, a semitruck blocking off the right shoulder, that's going to cause some delays now. not bad because we have light volumes and we have the recliner in the road. we have an accident, you get outside, watch out for that. up into the high country, dealing with winds heading up to the slopes watch out and be prepared especially highway 40. thank you. i am looking now and futures are looking up for the jobs report and a new way to get help from apple if you're one of those impatient persons who does not
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at the stores we'll start the jobs report. investigators waiting for the report. coming out in ten minutes and expect that the unemployment rate held at 10.9% at an 8-year low they're thinking that the economy continues to add jobs. it comes out before the open. yesterday, the dow jumped, the nasdaq up 4. all right, no need to make an appointment at apple's genious bar. there's apple support to answer questions directly. here's a dream job if you like netflix and travel. they are looking for gram masters to visit the sets of popular shows and post photos on instagram. back to that apple twitter
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>> that's great. some people who have the business busy lives. missile. they saw that the leader has ordered his country now to have weapons ready for use at a moment's notice. more bluster from a country ruled by a dictator ship they slapped north korea with the toughest sanctions in 20 years over the its recent nuclear tests and long-range rocket launch. there's concerns now about the flood prevention plan. they're planning on cutting down 250 trees to make room for a storm water detention pond.
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under the course not on it. removing some property in the nearby cole there. we'll keep watch for you here. a bidding war for brock could happen soon. the broncos have made a contract offer but no indication they're close to a deal. other teams can start to talk to him on monday and free agency officially begins wednesday, march 9th. that's about the same dead line for peyton manning to make his decision. make physical
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airplanes can be a dish for bacteria boeing is developing self-cleaning bathrooms for the planes. it would use uv light that kills 99% of the germs. it would be illuminated for 3 seconds, 3 seconds, and then the toilets and garbage bins would be hands-free. >> that would be nice to have in your own home. incredible shot from an 11-year-old. watch this, wait until you hear
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,, ,, ,, ,, live from colorado's news
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live picture this morning as we get you started on a friday. it's 6:30, 43 degrees outside. we have more good weather ahead. is there a chance of moisture is becoming a big question. >> we need it. let's get to dave who is tracking the forecast for us. good friday morning. >> there's a chance of moisture. it's about that much, very, very small all of our cameras are showing high clouds and a breeze blowing across the city. a good start out there. most temperatures are mild. we're looking at 40s around the area, some areas close to 50. 42 in littleton and 43 in greenwood village. as far as temperatures go, paul on the button. all night long, we have had some high clouds drifting through and it has helped to keep us warm there's a break, once you get
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mountains, there's a little break. we have some sunshine peeking through. partly cloudy skies, a mix of clouds and sunshine today. should be about 59 by noon and 62 to be the high today. there's a weak cold front between 10:00 and noon and may give us a sprinkle of rain. i'm talking a sprinkle. not a huge chance there could be a better chance coming up on monday. talking about that later. it's traffic time with joel hillan. how is that morning drive. >> a couple trouble spots at parker road. it's one of those spots that start to load up and you can see it starting to develop as folks make their way southbound into the tech center. southbound, average speed into the 30s 17 minutes out to i 70 that's loading up from i-25 to i-70.
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leaders of public schools are recruiting in denver and the goal is to increase diversity within the school systems, it's called make your mark, and lane lyon is live to talk about it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. denver is playing host to a group of perspective teachers over the next couple days, they will be meeting and touring schools, it's part of a program to bring more diversity to dps. according to that web site, about 3/4 of students are students of color when it comes to minority teachers, that number is less. coming up, how denver's mayor is going online to recruit more teachers by talking about what makes denver great. they have an opportunity to
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>> cbs 4 hosting tomorrow. lauren is there again this year we had huge crowds last year. i want to tell people the better because it's not free day at the the girls. >> it is so much fun. like you said, it was a blast last year and going to be and better. we're at the waterway area and cater, the collections manager here at the museum, you have a booth and it's going to be fun for the kids because they get to touch everything. absolutely. it's the hands on part of the collection. so everything will be testable, you get to explore and test it out. >> show us what they get to touch and play with it. >> absolutely we have here, this is stone tool, we call this, it's over a million years old and you get to hold it and touch it. >> so cool
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they used them as tools >> absolutely. old and you and -- get to play with it. >> this story is cracking us up. >> these are love sticks from the island. each gentleman has his own pattern if he is sweet on a girl, he will put that in a girl's hut. if she i rejects him, she pushes it out and the whole village knows he's been rejected. >> we'll bring out things from all kinds, something for everybody to explore we have things from the ground, all kinds of neat stuff. >> absolutely. a great sorting activity, should it be with geology.
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get their brains going. starting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. we have over 30 other clubhouses from a wide variety of science, technology, engineering, arts and math, there's plenty to explore it's a great time to explore throughout the museum and get a great idea of what going on here and tons of great careers thank you for joining us. i know you will be here as well they will get to meet you too and it will be fun. >> i have a few love sticks back over the years. >> you know, that's a little shaming. >> right back out of the hut >> talk about it after the therapy session. thank you for that. >> another thing to do it in front of the biggest and best had
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>> how do you like that? a crowd to watch. the grand opening of the golf course in texas. everyone thrilled including tiger who gave them the high five. >> it's so awesome to have it happen and makes it sweeter. >> that makes it feel better out there. i've never had a hole in one. i have no idea what it feels like. 43 downtown and a good looking friday morning. a lot of the temperatures are warm wherever you look. it's 39 in fort collins 37 in aspen. we have had a westerly wind all night long and a little bit of high cloudiness across the plains of colorado, there's a
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high clouds moving in. we'll have partly cloudy skies during the day. at the same time, there's a cold front embedded from north dakota into southern wyoming that slides through into the denver area and that increases the cloud cover and might give us a day. it's not a huge chance, but showing up in the afternoon. see the green blobs, those are isolated sprinkles and rain might see some high mountain flakes of snow but doesn't last long. it pushes through by 9:00, it's all gone tomorrow, partly cloudy during the day. it might be a flurry or two around the vail area up at the high mountain areas and on sunday, another batch of moisture coming in. if you're going skiing, it's going to be windy and you have some snow, maybe some rain mixed with snow on the western slope and here we'll be partly cloudy, breezy and very warm across the eastern plains to finish up the weekend. looking at 60s and 70s east.
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the year and 40s and 50s in the mountains the high in denver should make it around 66 tomorrow, partly cloudy skies around 70 on sunday. that's ahead of a front that comes through on monday. tuesday, we might get a few scattered showers on monday. check out this, we have a beautiful visit for a second graders in eerie, we have all kinds of stuff like the weather balloon, we did the experiments, we make a few twisters we make it snow, we wrap it up and get to make a mess all over the table. great time. >> great to seem excited about science. it's awesome. helicopter 4 showing us i-225 not too bad.
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dipping down into the 20s, i showing you on the maps in a second. speeds into the 20s. it picks up into the 30s. 17 minutes on the drive from 120th to i-70. traveling westbound, we see some slowing we have the accident, it's all the way up at highway 2, it's not on i-76 itself causing slowing. let me show you the mouse trap cam. plenty of space, just a little bit of slowing in the southbound direction. we have a stall to the right shoulder it's a semitruck and it's blocking the right shoulder and causes slowing as well. there's a report of a recliner in the roadway along i-25 to the shoulder as well. taking a look into the high country, we have the winds cranking up and making for a tough drive for folks at highway 40 to winter park. joe, thank you, it was a
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moment, a baffling moment for those who found an unlikely thing lurking in the water. what it was and a lot of people talking about this guy. oh, yeah, we'll show you his very important job. >> debates learning about the candidates, last night, we got tmi from donald trump. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small, i guaranty you there's no problem. >> what lead to that comment and
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welcome back. good morning. the sun is up and shining brightly. it's a look at the city from the mile high cam. you can see high clouds, but the sun is breaking through, you might have a little filtered sunshine going on the. it's our rooftop camera looking to the northwest and you can see some clouds starting to show up, typically, you see that if you see some wind coming off of the top of the mountains and sheers the clouds off. from the mountain camera, looking east, high clouds as well. mixed in with the sun going on. looking at the satellite in motion here, you can see the clouds to the east, there's a little break once you get into the mountains, we have that coming through and up into wyoming, there's a cold front that slides through later today somewhat. there's a slim chance we may get a few drops of rain enough to mess up and spot up the car wash, that's about it.
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in a little bit. we have actually a good chance at seeing some rain coming up on monday. so we'll give you the details on that in a bit. >> the weekend is still good. >> look at the drive times, we normally see a lot of red. right now, it's just orange. average speed 35 miles per hour. 39 is the average speed along i-76 westbound to denver. >> joel, thank you. the gop candidates faced off in the debate since super tuesday, no body part was spared. the candidates managed to touch upon a few topics. the specialist sean boyd reports. >> i'm changing. i'm changing. >> donald trump praised by reporters spent much of the day admitting to a damming off the record interview. >> what is reported that donald told the new york times what i'm
6:47 am
believe, i'm not going to build a wall, i'm not going to deport people, it's rhetoric for the voters >> i may have discussed something, i would never give off the record. >> one of the moderators pointed out, they save $300 billion a year if we properly negotiate. >> marco rubio and ted cruz called him out for among other things running a fake university that is now the subject of a class action lawsuit. >> it's trying to do to the american voter what he did for those who signed up for the course he's making promises he has no intentions of keeping
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lose, it's the country at stake here. >> the most unbelievable moment, he gave this response to rubio. >> look at those hands, are they small hands? and he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small, i guaranty you there's no problem. >> we'll take his word for it. there's 3 caucuses for voters tomorrow. trump has a quarter of delegates to secure the nomination. the latest report just in. employers added workers across the country and retailers, health care providers drove another solid month and the unemployment rate holds steady. markets now up ahead of the open. denver's growth is not stopping. denver wants more teachers who can share their experiences to
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lane lyon is live to tell us about a new push. >> diversity is really the goal here. the plan is to attract more teachers of color to better reflect denver's student population. they focus on diversifying the work force in denver when it comes to teachers according to the web site, 75% of students are students of color but only 25% are teachers are minorities. dynamic, diverse, they need great educators who share their enthusiasm and can connect with them and need role models >> the mayor is taking his message online and helping to introduce denver to perspective teachers.
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in town today and tomorrow and getting started by meeting with the mayor and dps officials here at the building. reporting live, morning news. reports say that the have made an offer. is. to the agent on monday. free agency begins on wednesday march 9th, that's the same deadline for peyton to make his decision. he has a deadline today and required to say whether he's available for a physical if he doesn't retire, the broncos will most likely have to cut him to avoid paying the 19 million he would be owed. >> super bowl von miller known for the dances and now he reportedly is going to show off
6:51 am
is, he's going to be a contestant on dancing with stars no word yesterday from miller. >> i think he would be great on the show. young girls have an opportunity to learn about science and perhaps get inspired to pursue careers in various roles >> we're excited to host girls and science and lauren whitney is there. kids love science and this is how we build it up. >> exactly, there's going to be tons of activities for the kids at the denver museum of nature and science tomorrow. all sorts of things they can do to get their minds working and get them interested in the careers that they could have late center their lives there's going to be over 30 clubhouses. we have a weather lab, we have some women out here as well. now in college, they are in the
6:52 am
the colorado school of mind. >> one of the big pushes is to do some outreach and recruits >> stem stands for science, technology, engineering and that thetics you'll get hands on experience at girls and science >> we're going to make a homemade lava lamp. it's based off of the densities >> it starts with the food coloring then it puts on a show. >> it reacts and forms carbon dioxide gas. >> the lava lamp is set into motion. for those who love to make art. >> we're going to design something similar to this. >> just this piece of cloth, some sharpies, ruby alcohol and createtivity. >> they're alcohol-based markers and it brings the i think out. >> the result is a cool tye died
6:53 am
come see this and more at girls and science. i had so many people tell me after that it was one of the best events they have been to if r their children it's so much fun, it's going to be packed in here, it's a blast and there are so many things for the kids to do. at the weather lab, you can make a rain gauge, you can get the use the green screen those are some of the activities tomorrow, it's so much fun, i was inspired by the young women last year who asked me awe -- awesome questions and their brains working and i had high school kids asking about it. there's a lot of women that they can introduce themselves to and learn from. brit and alan will be here and
6:54 am
as well. >> so excited i'll be here tomorrow afternoon children. they teach us something. >> everybody gets something out of this one. you do a great job. new video now shows a bizarre discovery in kentucky. officers pulled a stolen atm out of a pond. they saw something that wasn't supposed to be there. officers are not sure if any money was taken from the and they're pretty baffled about what happened here. >> a dog in michigan getting attention for his very important job. piper works at the airport in traverse city and chases down birds and other wildlife off of the runways to protect the planes the owner documents it on social media. it's gotten millions of views that's a cool working doing. >> let's get to dave who is
6:55 am
a gorgeous start to the day. >> i love the ski goggles on the dog. you will need them if you're skiing this weekend. the wind remains in the high country and there could be some snow coming on. as it gets going, high clouds over the city. i wanted to show you a great shot. they could use more snow. a hot air balloon flying over the city it's a great spot for hot air balloon flying. temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the mountains, 40s across the -- eastern plains. they will slide through this afternoon and give us a slight chance of picking up sprinkles late in the day it's not a real strong front by any means but it will drop us down a degree or two. 62. the high. 70 on sunday, it will be breezy and we'll have some mountain
6:56 am
hopefully, that system will bring us scattered showers with 56. monday, there's a 40% chance of seeing showers in the afternoon. >> you're saying we have a chance >> we have chance. a lot of taillights and brake lights there's space between the cars and it's a pretty good drive. a couple trouble spots. it's not an accident on i-70. a pretty good drive around town. >> we have a cool dog in this morning it's a mellow dude here. a 10-year-old beagle mix. >> she gets so excited she wants a home and needs to be loved she gets aalong well with dogs
6:57 am
>> a lot of attention helps her out. >> you're ready to go. a beautiful dog. a lot of great animals. we'd love to see her adopted. >> thank you for joining us on the morning news see you here monday,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." blistering attacks dominate a vulgar gop debate. we ask donald trump about the backlash to his campaign. the wounded warrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in a cbs news investigation. she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but that hasn't slowed her down. we will meet the woman preparing to run this year's race. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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