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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this those clouds movingin. with that being said, we can use all the moisture we can get. we have justin up on floyd hill. you didn't have to go to farr west to find some snow?>> reporter: not too far. just west of evergreen up on top of floyd hill. you may be even -- able to see it. later on tonight, as this continues with snow showers, that stretch of i-70 will become slushy if not snow packed as those temperatures fall. looking at doppler radar, you can see in southern colorado, just west of trinidad, most of the moisture will be there. zooming along with a closer look at denver and along the front range, specifically the jefferson county and douglas county foothills, it is starting to get more widespread. we thinking about two hours
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denver. in downtown denver, it will be all rain. south of by 25 in places like greenwood village, centennial and even highlands ranch, even a lot like yesterday with 2-3 hours of scattered snow. as temperatures fall, obviously icy conditions are expected in the high country. we will have the full forecast coming up. i am justin mcheffey, cbs 4 news also , police and city crews moved to clear out a homeless camp in downtown denver. today was the deadline for people living there to move on. for months, the city has been urging people living there to move to shelters. the area targeted today is near coors field at broadway in lawrence. we have rick down there. how to things go today? not too badly. for a long time this triangle at broadway and lawrence was
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now the cleanup is over. the police, sheriff's department and public works moved in with garbage trucks and traffic -- trash bins. they throughout the makeshift treasures and bundled up with a homeless may want to reclaim. it took about 2 1/2-3 hours. protesters were out with signs, but there was no violence. some area residents challenge the demonstrators.>> there are my car. i don't have to come out the dark -- the door and look at poop in front of my door.>> [ indiscernible - low volume ]. >> get a job.>> reporter: so, where have the homeless people gone? some of them moved across the street and others are down the block. they are afraid they will be moved from there as well. at least they can say today, there were no arrests.
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live in downtown denver, rick sallinger , cbs 4 news quite the shouting match. there was an incident causing a lockdown at north of fatah middle school. student -- north arvada middle school. students reported a gun and it turned out to be a bb gun. the lockdown was lifted. flames ripped through a motel in denver and much of the second floor suffered major damage. the motel located on west colfax near sheridan boulevard. firefighters did have to rescue some people and one of the rooms. >> reporter: investigators say a fire at a west colfax motel started inside the second-floor unit and spread quickly leaving two people hurt. the owner tried to fight the flames himself. >> the first thing that went through my head was to get the fire out.
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>> reporter: the fire started just before 9:30 on tuesday morning at the bar x motel.>> it was room 216 and we banged on the window and yelled for everybody to get out. i guess they didn't hear us. >> reporter: firefighters rescued a man and a woman ends -- from inside the second-floor units. they suffered burn injuries and smoke inhalation and were listed in critical condition at the hospital. the denver firefighters and spokeswoman said the den -- the damage is extensive. >> we were able to save the adjacent building that was attached to the fire building. >> reporter: the fire was like nothing he has seen before.>> it was hard to see and there were a lot of flames. >> reporter: that is -- that was lauren dispirito reporting.
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being investigated . more delegates are up for grabs in four states for those presidential candidates. primaries for both candidates are underway in michigan and mississippi. there is also a hobucken primary -- a republican primary and idaho and a caucus in hawaii. helping more colorado veterans get service dogs. a bill would establish a pilot program to teach veterans in colorado to train their own dogs to help them with their ptsd. the hope is that they can then train other veterans to do the same. the bill passed its first house committee test this afternoon. new developments tonight on a bill aimed at stopping a controversial therapy in colorado from being used on teenagers and kids. supporters of conversion therapy says that it can help gay and lesbians become straight. shaun boyd joins us live at the capital.
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has failed before. >> reporter: it failed last year and with other states passing similar laws, they believe it has a chance this year.>> i was told by the mormon church that the sin of sexuality is up homosexuality is the same as committing murder.>> reporter: he said the conversion therapy did not make him heterosexual, it made him suicidal. >> to find out your core self is wrong or sinful. he is among those -- >> reporter: he is among those supporting a bill that would ban the therapy for anybody under the age of 18 in colorado. saul rosenthal response. >> you cannot convince people to be somebody they are not. i think it is fraudulent and damaging. >> reporter: -- >> nobody says we are offering conversion therapy. >> reporter: he says that
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what the bill would do was prohibit therapy for any person who is sexually conflicted. >> i was able to find reasons for same-sex attraction and healing as well. >> reporter: the board can already punish fraudulent therapists. >> oftentimes it is under the guise of christian counseling. >> reporter: they cannot punish the therapist if they don't know who they are. >> i am happy that i survived it. >> reporter: virtually every mental health organization in the state supports the bill. california and new jersey have already passed laws like this. new york is considering a ban on the therapy. i will post the results of the committing. -- the committee hearing here on i am shaun boyd, cbs 4 news i- 70 through glenwood canyon is
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most of the day for rock mitigation work. this was after the massive frocks slide last month. we have matt kroschel who is live. how are the repairs coming along?>> reporter: $5 million is the price tagged they see.-- cdot says is the price tagged for both sides. they have another month of work to do. this is what it looks like inside the can you today as a helicopter was used to bring in new netting on the side of those canyon walls where the rocks fell. they are putting up new rockwall mitigation along the sides to hopefully keep more rocks from falling and causing more damage to the road like we saw. those massive boulders that smashed down putting holes in the deck of the interstate itself. they still have to restart -- to repair those. they say as the process continues that they will have to keep closing lanes through
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they say to keep watch on the co which is the department of transportation website for the latest closings and delays. live along the interstate today, matt kroschel, cbs 4 news coming up. a car catches fire after an accident with two young kids inside. find out who jumped into get the kids out safely. new technology guiding surgeons to a better fit for patients undergoing some surgeries. up-and-down the front range we see snow shower and rain shower activity. watch how this fills in? -- built in. does he get to the metro area? you will see hour-by-hour. which nfl team mate malik jackson and offered that he
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to railed in northern california. more than 200 people were on board last night as the train headed from san jose to stockton. heavy rain in the area pushed a tree onto the track and the derailment send the lead car into -- into a rain swollen creek. they came to rest on its side, partially submerged. >> we felt some sharp jerks and the train suddenly slowed down.>> people were crying for help and i went for the conductor. >> reporter: the area has been hit with several thunderstorms in recent days. a daring rescue of two kids from a burning car, this also in california. the moderate harold captured this. an officer pulled the little boy and girl to safety and the doors were locked. he had to reach through and the car caught fire as a woman was driving.
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passenger side door. a man finally feeling pain relief nobody has a new shoulder. replacement surgery was done using a new technology. kathy walsh joins us now with more on how this works. >> reporter: karen, this procedure aims for precision. the hope is that by getting a better fit for your implant that you get a better shoulder. >> i was miserable. >> reporter: don shield remembers the pain. >> it was almost unbearable. >> reporter: he was a teenage athlete and a stuntman and his 40s. now advanced rheumatoid arthritis has attacked nearly every joint. his left shoulder was the worst, bone on bone. >> i could not lift anything without it popping out.>> reporter: dislocating? >> yes, dislocating.>> reporter: the agony finally pushed him to shoulder replacement surgery. dr. -- the dr. is an orthopedic
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-- any offered a new computer assisted operation. new technology turns ct scans into three-dimensional images. >> it allows me to essentially do a virtual surgery on the computer planning this to an absolute t. >> reporter: then he uses a computerized model of the shoulder and a transfer device. the device is a drilling guide in surgery.>> it guides the pens into the shoulder. >> reporter: leading to a more precise fit of the implant. >> now, i can pretty much do whatever. from act on is thrilled with the pain relief. the hope is that the surgery now means a news -- a better shoulder for years to come.>> reporter: don is the first to have the surgery at university hospital and the doctor hopes to be able to do more of these. >> and now he can go back to being a stuntman.
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>> we have video of whimsie adepa , a western lowland gorilla, who was born two weeks ago. this is the first birth at that endangered specie in 11 years. you can see whimsie adepa along with her proud parents at the great apes building. now it is time for ed greene with the forecast. conifer is seeing snow right now and boulder is seeing rain mixed with snow. how about denver? it is all along the front range with a little flow from the south. you may even see a little lightning strike right there. some systems are passing to the south. it is too far south to give us decent snow, but enough to be in the area that we have snow coming up into the metro area. first of all, we have this over the southeast and sell central.
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thunderstorms. they could get 5-7 inches of the best from this over the next 48 hours. now let's go to our area where you see the snow and the rain along the edge of that along the metro area. we could get some rain here. jefferson county is covered with some pretty good snow that does not last long. here is the rush-hour. here is denver and you can see the snow off to the west. we could see rain showers and some rain mixed with snow on the western sections of the metro area. it does not last long and i don't think it will be anything more than rain in the city. looking at the snow report from yesterday, copper mountain had 6 inches, winter park at 8 inches, aspen highlands had 9 inches and silverton had a foot. either creek got 14 inches. here we have larry pierce from steamboat springs where there is good snowboarding. this is from dustin shafer at loveland. the high today is 51 and 52
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is 52. 74 is the record. 26 was the start which is not too far from the record at 2 degrees below. right now the wind is keeping pace at five with steady humidity and the study barometer. look at this picture from scott adams. this is sunrise through a snow squall in conifer. this is from suzanne mcgarry inclement park. you can see the rainbow reflected in the late. a pretty picture -- lake. a pretty picture. then this one from leonard anderson with sunset in denver. 20s and 30s over the eastern plains and tens and 20s at west, temperatures in the 20s and lower 30s. tomorrow the temperatures warm up a little bit and it will be plains. 40s in the mountains and 40s and the 50s and nearing the 60 degrees mark on the western side. we will look for isolated
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tomorrow not a bad day -- not a bad day. it will be partly cloudy and near 60 degrees. it will be 63 on thursday and 68 on friday. look at the weekend in the 60s. we did have showers, but not anymore. we have taken them out. the broncos did not waste any time stay trimming their
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,, the broncos are always busy and never a day off.>> it seems they just won the super bowl at -- a few days ago and we are still talking about them. rock osweiler and malik jackson -- brock osweiler are -- and malik jackson attracting attention. brock osweiler still there, but malik jackson has moved to the jacksonville jaguars. the deal is said to be six years and 90 million. there's no way that the broncos would pay that much. he goes from being a fifth round pick to the super bowl champion. there are three other players released today. those were louis vasquez, aaron brewer and louis vasquez to. the broncos are hoping to get younger, healthier and cheaper,
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a much-needed win for the colorado avalanche last night. they are now back even with minnesota, at least points wise for the final playoff spot. a good night for barley after his benching last week. he bounced back with 37 saves against the coyotes. >> it was good to take a couple of days off and a couple of games off. obviously the pic was really -- it picked really well for us. he looks confident and -- looks -- looked confident and like he was ready to compete. i wonder what kind of reception that carmelo anthony will receive from nugget fans tonight? before -- earlier he would have
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is concerned, he harbors no ill will.>> it is weird being in this locker room rather than the other locker room. but coming to the pepsi center and the state -- and you see the way that we branded everything, it brings back memories. finally, steph curry is so good. his teammates celebrate before he even shirt -- shoots. andrew logan tips and the ball and runs down the court and he doesn't need to watch. he know it is like a layup for curry and it is 301 three- pointers on the season. he has already broken ,, are so rich and creamy. an aficionado like myself. a shake aficionado. the
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why this jacket is the first of its kind. that it 6:00. it is kind of picture that takes your breath away. >> a photographer snapped this photo of a father reaching out to stop the bad from hitting his son's face. this happened at spring training last weekend.>> i felt something hit me and i didn't know what it was. it hit my shoulder right here. >> it happen so fast that i did not have time to think about it. once i realized that it was in fact headed for us and specifically my son, i just throughout my arm and i tried to block it the best i could.>> reporter: good dad. sean says his arm is bruised and is getting better. as for landon, he says he has
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playing baseball. lets look at the forecast. you can see temperatures in the 50s tomorrow and then the 60s right through the weekend. we may see some >> pelley: hungry for delegates. >> what is the breakfast strada? >> pelley: four states serving up more than 300. >> i ask you, come join us. we welcome you. >> pelley: there's a lot on the line and someone on the phone. >> hello. this is mitt romney calling. >> pelley: also tonight, storms pummel the southern plains. a failed drug test means a huge financial loss for maria sharapova. and the game changer of basketball: >> the way steph curry plays, it's pretty fun. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is a critical night for the republican presidential nomination. we're going to find out whether


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