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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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hi, everybody. welcome to the cbs4 morning news. right now, 4:30. i'm -- i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. let's get to the forecast. dave, we couldn't see anythingau >> we have a great day and a mild start on this monday. we're looking at 70s around the state park. as we go through the day, we'll have more moisture and cloud cover holding that -- orlando jr is our weather watchers in -- joy jordan is our weather watcher. we had sprinkles go through overnight. rare hail storm
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this morning we have cloud cover available for thunderstorms this afternoon. 73 by 9:00 a.m. 84 by noon and showers and thunderstorms by this afternoon. a 20% chance of that popping larter this afternoon. probably after 1:00 or 2:00. and -- and high today at 91 degrees. let's get a good looking more check of the drive this morning. joel hillan is looking at that. happy monday, joel. >> it's a good drive in the tech center. it's a nice and wide drive. across the denver-metro area, a closure at 6th and potomac. overnight construction going on and slowing near university and slowing along c-470 to the north of 285 as they continue paving operations.
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and north and happening tonight, 104th is going to be closed east of steal located from the i-25 exit. all of 1 -- all of 104 will open by tomorrow night. breaking news, delta airlins it has ground outage. the airline has responded to customer complaints saying our systems are down everywhere. hopefully it won't be longer. this morning, we have some flights cancelled headed out of denver. denver heated out to dia to report for you. >> terrible news this morning. >> a 34-year old mother is dead after she was hit by a car by the iron man triathlon in boulder.
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when it happened. andrea flores tells us how her family had concerns about that triathlon of the race. >> other men during -- they agreed. >> i felt like -- it was a lot of signs up stating that this event wasn't occurring. >> when news spread that 34-year old mll along the course, many were shocked. just before 10:00, csb responded to a car verses bike north of broadway street. they found walter's hit during a 112-mile loop. >> this is -- >> iron man crawford road by the accident and calls it upsetting. >> it's cool to get fit and get healthy and live longer and that
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was walter's first triathlon. it's unclear if she was riding inside the cones. >> that was andrea flores reporting. walter's was going to school to be a nurse. she leaves behind a son. speed and alcohol is not a factor in the crash. it happened in the cone area of the race and the cause is still under investigation. changing to police department. officers are collecting racial data regarding traffic stops. this comes after complaints about lack accountability in the department and a bias against minorities. police chief robert wag told the denver post the information will keep the public informed. it's the first time the department has collected racial information regarding traffic stops in 14 years. it's supposed to be the first sunday of nfl football for the 2016 season yesterday, but
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in ohio got cancelled. >> [boo] >> folks weren't happy about that. in the middle of the field in the end zone said went rock hard. so hard, some players said it would have been like playing on concrete. they tried to make it safe for the game, but it didn't work. the nfl cancelled the game because they thought it the players. packer fans who made a trip to ohio wasn't pleased. >> what a joke. the cheerleaders can cheer, but you can't do the players, really. that's okay. you don't care about the girls, really. >> i think everyone is just disappointed. i think they should have been better prepared and they should have checked the field sooner, but safety comes first, so it is what it is. >> it is what it is. off went the fans. nfl fans will receive refunds within the next several
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a hall of fame ceremony and concert and they met with the players for autographs as well. but no football. this week is the week for broncos fans. football is back. your world champion browns chose broncos opened up on saturday night. kickoff on saturday at 6:00. those effected by tainted peanut butter and an >> now that's an atm. >> hanna daniels has your money watch report. tell us about the pizza. >> i'll get to that in a second. a strong dow report drive stocks higher pushing the nasdaq higher. us economy added 255,000 jobs in july. a second straight strong game indicating a healthy economy. the dow gained 191 points and the nasdaq added 54.
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late they are week, a hearing is scheduled to a victim's restitution by peanut butter. two brands of peanut butter are involved. peter pan and great value whi is walmart's private label. the salmonella outbreak sickened 425 people. in 205, conagrar said they violated the food act. before the summer is up. now is a good time. the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $2.14. here's to the pizza story. some college kids are making a tasty withdrawal. pizza not not from an restaurant, but an atm. a university in ohio is rolling out a kiosk that pops out hot
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day. pies cost 9 bucks. alan and britt. >> gives new meaning to the term delivery. fast. >> i've had pizza that has tasted like it has come from an atm. i'm wondering -- okay. it's an idea. thanks, hanna >> we have to convince your taste buds. lurking under the water is a dirty secret. there's dead animals and garbage and raw sewage that flows from the poorer communities call [indiscernible]. jaime yuccas takes us inside one. >>reporter: a water fall of trash and sewage flows from the largest fadella. the city government promised improvements will be made after winning a bid in $2009. but resident say nothing has been done to treat
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father going to a party instead of taking care of his friends. >> he has walked us down treacherous stairs and skinny alley ways and garbage flows through every corner. the dirty water ends up here, and 200 feet up, you can smell a fowl odor. >> i have found dogs, cats, con do notes and syringe. >> according to a study -- he now documents everything, and uses social media to show the world that rio's beautiful looking beaches have an ugly secret. >> my hope is that someone or a company sees what's happening and helps us because if we
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>> if the olympics didn't bring change, many wonder what will. >> that's what you get there if you don't have -- >> that's the problems there in rio. the many they've been discussing out there. right now, 67 degrees in denver. >> we're getting ready to hit
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those are preparing to travel the storm. the tropical storm is off the coast of the baja, california on the pacific side. it's headed for cabo san
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mountain communities in the states of pueblo and vera cruz. 39 people are dead after hurricane earl hit. landslide buried homes. 18 inches of rain hitting in some areas. winds up to 80 miles-an-hour. here in colorado in san miguel county, mud slides measuring up to 2 feet. closed parts of highway 145. deputies are working withod workers are working with cdot to get that road closures. >> we could have showers and thunderstorms. this morning, temperatures across the state as we start you out, we're at 61 in greeley. 64 in boulevard. 57 in aspen. and 67 downtown denver. our weather watcher, our junior weather watchers, michael thomas jr in the stapleton area coming in at
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we have moderate air quality today. so it's a non alert day. we had a little bit of thunderstorm and shower ac from denver to colorado springs late last night. in parts of colorado springs, northern side of town, they had 30" of diameter of hail. we're seeing storms in western colorado. high pressure in the southern rockies and a cold front in wyoming is funneling moisture and head into our area. it will be a hot and stormy dayor we'll have the sun break through midday. and we'll see rumbles of storms over the -- we'll be done around 7:00. temperatures today, 90s, 80s. to the lower elevations and 70s up high. our high should be around 91 degrees. eye laced thunderstorms this afternoon and a -- isolated thunderstorms today.
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be warm. 94 tomorrow with isolated storms and we cool it off, wednesday, thursday, and friday, and back in the 80s. each day we could see a rumble later in the afternoon through friday, joel. >> get a little bit of everything there. here's somebody coming down into town. we've had slowing in the northbound direction watch out for that passed hamden. false re eastbound and westbound direction making your way into downtown or boulder this morning and then the other little trouble spot is as you're travelling along 6th avenue between potomac and peoria. that's closed as they do construction work. along c-470, we're seeing slowing as they continue to do paving work. >> joel, thanks a lot. denver's largest space opens. shawn chitnis is live at
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>>reporter: hey, a little too dark to see it now, but i can see in the distance, it's going to be hard to set up and that's why city and county leaders will be here when it's brighter outside to celebrate the opening of the largest space in denver. there's nothing like it in our area yet. almost 200 acres in size. and it's right next to the airport. so dia and the department of public affairs -- excuse me, parks and recreation asian are making this a place location. you'll have access to several others that takes you to mount bellow and park field and green valley ranch. there's other access to other trails in the future. staff tells us around 7:00 a.m., it's the best spot to be in where you can see the wild life including bald eagles which is local to this area. that's something to look forward in the hours ahead.
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thank you. an issue that may effect -- this is the news in our health watch. researchers in arizona report men with cancer who do not have health insurance are 88% more likely to die. colleges say poor insurance or none at all may contribute to deadly complications. a study says that high school students and middle school students are drawn to e-cigarettes because of flavor. they have friends who already use them. jail school of medicine finds 80% of teens who says they tried e-cigarettes to quit smoking for real started smoking tobacco after this. scarred ovaries may play a problem in -- there were scarring and inflammation that
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for the -- those at coors field got to witness history. michael spencer tells us about the 3,000 hit in your morning sports. >> each one with an out. >> a hit to the right. his 3,000 hit is the #0e player in the history of this great game to produce 3,000 hits. >> he got hit 30,000 at coors field. the 30th player to do that. the big number the rookies were concerned with was five as they're in their 5th consecutive series. he gave up 2-run double. miami taking an early 2-0 lead and never let on.
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with a 2-run bomb. that would make it 8-1. that's the end of the day for gray. lasted 10 hits and 8 earned runs. raenado -- he rockies fall 10-7. after words, everybody talking t the 3,000 hit. >> more than the 3,000 -- t saw my teammates come out and how happy they were and how -- it's not about the 3,000 and what i do, but it's about my teammates and the fans, and that's how i felt today. >> they want to see the hit, and i'm out there trying to do my job. i'm not going to give in or anything, but if he gets a hit, it's tit for tat and that's what he did. congratulations to
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bat in return. so if you guys can relay that to him, that would be great. >> seems like a fair enough trade, right. the rockies back at it starting a 4-game series with the rodgies. two here and
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. welcome back. ryan, adrian and michael phelps took gold in the men's -- at the medal ceremony, one of the guys couldn't hold back tears. >> that's 21-year old ryan held overcome with emotional.
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get his 19th gold medal.?ow9 his 23rd overall. team usa have 12 medals and italy with 7. chris martin haezez has your eye -- chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> it raked in $5 set a record for an august opening after getting panned by critics. the cast includes jared letto as the joker and will smith as dead shot. jaime and murphy star in the new film anthropod to assassinate hitler.
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him with a grenade. >> you have admiration. >> hitler retaliated and thousands of check citizens were killed. >> the impact and it infected -- it was huge. >> it opens friday. also in theaters friday, pete's dragon. and the fear stars bryce howard. they try to help a 10-year old boy who lives in the woods with his dragon. it's a remake o film. howard says as a child she adored the original. >> it's a different story and it didn't kind of step on the -- on the memories of the other than i had. >> that's your eye on entertainment, chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> tatum is going to be back on the screen. the writer on the movie -- they compared it to dead pool. pointing out that surprised hit came out of
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brittany spear dance in lingerie i her music video, but that's not enough for her fans. rumor has it, this is the second version of the video after a sexier clip was rejected. an online petition is asking for the first version to be released and 13,000 people have signed up for it. president obama kicked off his vacation in martha. he hit his 300 round of golf as president. it was compiled -- he reached the end -- he reaches the end of his term in the coming months, the
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we hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno. other and and i'm -- and i'm alan gionet. there's?u problems at dia. >> ground flights everywhere including here at denver international airport. we have details coming up on cbs4 morning news. you're going to need that info. plus an american and how they were taken. first we want to get you started with the forecast. it's warm. >> it feels great. let's get over to dave and figure out what's on tap. >> i hope you had a good weekend at 67 degrees in downtown. some spots in the 70s. greenwood at 73. 70 on the button in city park.


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