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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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welcome to the cbs4 morning news 4:30. this is the noose. it's august 12th, friday. you'e it. i'm britt moreno. thank you for joining us. the broncos have 4 daysf they did enough against the bears to win. they cleaned up out there. starting quarterback sanchez hits thomas for the touchdown. we'll have much more on the dominating performance in a few minutes, but first let's find out about the friday's forecast. chris spears is tracking that and that cool down has finally arrived. >> it has, britt. all of the blue on the map over my shoulder. it was one of those days when you stepped out and
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isn't far away. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday in some locations. it's a little taste of fall in the air in some communities. 55 degrees in arvada. 56 in denver. 40s the high country. 4 3 in meeker. and 48 in steamboat. closer into the metro area, same story. a lot of us have fallen into the mid to upper 50s. a handful of people near 60 degrees. jole -- jole, a couple of degrees cooler. >> talking about construction this time of the morning. this is our mouse trap cam. as you get near washington, there's lane restrictions either direction. it looks like most of the work has concluded across the denver-metro area. a nice drive. c-470, you're going to see slowing.
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false returns along u.s. 36. there's maintenance going on, but not that slow. >> jolel. police want to find 5-year old anna lee keller. she was seen wearing a glittery shirt and gray pants. her mother on mother drove off when police tried to confront her around 10:15 in fort collins last night. they say she then began driving recklessly with anna lee in the vehicle. police want to find them. they were last seen in a mid 2000 white ford f-150 truck with colorado license place 546984p. a 7-year old drowns in a pool at an apartment complex in
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death which happened around 6:00 last night. deputies pulled the child from the pool on 828 east florida avenue. the child was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. investigators say it doesn't appear adults were at the pool and it's unclear how long the girl was in the water before someone called 911. no one is hurt in a fire that damaged a home in lilton. it started at 10:00 at west fair food and south ken. the kitchen and an oxygen tank may have exploded in the garage. no one was home at the time. a string of deadly bombings kills at least four people in thailand. take a look here. this is the aftermath of one in a sea side resort town. police are sifting through evidence. no group is claiming responsibility. the bombings have hit areas in central and southern thailand popular with
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are injured and so far, no reports americans are injured. avoid certain areas of thailand. as early as today, democratic clinton could release her 2015 tax return and this comes as rival trump hints that his campaign could be in trouble in one conservative state. here's brian web. >>reporter: trump didn't sound like himself preachers in florida. he admitted his campaign is having problems in utah. >> we're having a problem because, you know, look, it could cost us the supreme court. we're going to have four or five justices put on. >> adding to trump's troubles, 70 republicans urged the rnc to steer resources away from donald trump and towards congressional races. something the republican national committee and the gop nominee denied.
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funding and i'm raising the money, and other people are using the money i raised and if it is true, that's okay too. because all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. >> clean ton unveiled her economic plan in detroit thursday and pledged to keep her economic promises. >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages including the trans pacific partnership. s reminding voters that clinton supporting the partnership while secretary of state, but reversed her opinion on the trade deal during the primaries. >> she went to gold standard -- >> clinton is facing scrutiny of 300 pages of her e-mail and some suggest ties between the clinton campaign and the state department. something the clinton campaign denies.
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there's 87-days left until the election. and clinton will not make appearances today. and trump in the battleground state of pennsylvania. investors would love to maintain gains. we had a great day yesterday. let's get to hanna daniels at the new york stock exchange. hi, hanna. >>reporter: good morning, britt. it's time to party like it's 1999. the dow and the s&p closed at record highs. it's the first time all hit on the same day since 1999. the dow added 170 point and the nasdaq added 23 and futures pointing up. 48 hours after facebook announced ad walking technology, add walker says it figured out how to -- facebook says attempts to override its anti-blocking
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tens of millions volkswagen vehicles may be vulnerable to theft. hackers can open the signals to duplicate the signal to unlock cars and start ignitions. jetta's from 2015 to 2016. some models using updated software aren't at-risk. if you're the many people that thinks everything taste news. hostess announced a deep fried twinky is jumping from the state fair to your home freezer. starting today, it's a result of a year-long collaboration between hostess and walmart to spark food sells with more innovative products. >> everybody here is clapping here in the studios.
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thank you. the broncos's team gives a solid defense. who will start at quarterback once we get into the regular season? he's broncos insider michael spencer. >>reporter: the broncos entered the season in chicago with a quarterback competition and they left chicago with a quarterback competition. none of the gees stood out. sanchez got the first crack and led the offense down the field and scored touchdown. but through an interception on his second. while samual was okay, he wasn't okay and lynch got to play the entire second half. all three guys said afterwards, we did good things, but there's things we need to do and it's clear this quarterback competition is far from settled. >> they've been solid, so we got to keep moving forward. >> it's important for us.
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down and get 6 points and stay in there and take a hit, i think it was [indiscernible] and a smack so it's nice to pop up from a hit like that and they never feel good, but they feel better when you end up with the ball. >> i felt comfortable with the game plan and the they we put the game plan together and the plays we had together and the plays they called when i was out there. they were simple to run and something i was good at, so i felt -- >> kind of do what i've been the plays will come. we're on a good team. whoever is pulling the trigger back there. the broncos will have sunday off and return to the field on monday for the final day of training camp. they'll host the 49 ers on saturday under pre-season game. i feel we'll learn more about the quarterback after that game.
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patrick wall was supposed to bring the team back to glory, but he decided to step down as head coach. wall says his vision did not match that of the organization and he was not given an adequate say in decisions regarding the team. the avs one the decision the first season, but failed to make the postseason the last 2 years. more americans home gold medals from rio. . if you like to win tickets to the
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welcome back. a history day making day for the u.s. in the olympics. here's -- >>reporter: another record setting night for phelps winning the gold m 200 individual medley and being the first swimmer to win the same competition in four consecutive olympic games. >> an emotional phelps listened to the star spangle banner after winning his 4th gold and the 22nd of his career. the ravens and fans watched and celebrated
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another record-breaking event. this one by 20-year old simone manuel. she tied with a canadian swimmer in the 400 freestyle becoming the first african american woman to win a gold in swimming. she broke down in tears. the united states gymnastic team kept rolling. the team all around title, 19-year old simone all around -- her teammate took silver. biles is the fourth consecutive woman to win the all around title. jaime yuccas, rio de janeiro. >> there's hope with those with spinal injuries. a study from duke university shows that low bot i cans helped 8 paralyzed patients regain some sensation and muscle control in their
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reality to use their brain activity to control their legs. that's a managing. researchers say the -- the healthiest cholesterol is in the middle. they found low and high levels and maintaining an intermediate level may help those live longer. i can't we haven't seen that in a long tide. 60 southeast plains and a variety of temperatures on the western slope because the elevations vary. 52 from rhonda. the meteor showers peaked overn. the activity is starting to decrease as we go forward in time. a couple of rain showers
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these will be exiting the state. still tracking the trough of low pressure that passed by yesterday. northern colorado mostly influenced by this. and the other thing we're watching, all this orange and red, that's dryer air in the atmosphere. that's starting to get brought into the flow over the state, so you'll notice a decrease in cloud cover and the coverage of the afternoon storms today. future cast shows that nicely. the storms down there right now on their way out. most of us will have a pretty good amount of sunshine through morning, early afternoon. here's 2:00, a few blips over the mountain. not the coverage we've been seeing. by late afternoon, early evening, a risk of storms. we have moisture trapped at the surface. those storms will exit tonight. the areas in green, east of i-225, a
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mid 80s on the southeast. some 70s in the higher elevations and 80 to near 90 on the western slope. 5-day forecast features a warming trend as we go into your weekend. joel, a few isolated storms, but i think we're going to escape and have a great weekend ahead climbing through the 80s and nearing 90 as we go into next week >> it looks good from the weekend. looking from our mouse trap cam this morning.we can you smell the puppy chow along there. you get further in washington and that's where we've had overnight road work. it looks like it's not causing delay that is morning. that's what we're seeing across the denver-metro area. look at the green we have across the map and slowing to the in the of 285 and south due of -- and the south of
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karen morfitt shows us a crash takes seconds to change lives. >>reporter: lindsay is excited for her baby girl. >> she's growing [indiscernible] because i was worried with that about injuries. >> injuries sustained 2 years ago in this deadly crash at 75th and wadsworth. she had a broken femur and a broken arm and broken bones in her ankle and foot and a half a dozen my leg, so i have one more surgery to go through. >> worst of all, she lost her best friend in the crash. dike died at the scene. >> we were really close. sometimes it's weird to think about her. it's like a little bit too much. >> lindsay was driving lanae in the passenger seat when headlights came at them. lindsay said it happened in
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>> it's trauma tieing until this day. >> he was driving drunk and texting in those seconds before the crash. he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. lindsay spoke at the sentencing. >> i'm sorry something this terrible had to happen to us. anything i could have done to save your precious life that night -- >> it was the hardest thing to do. lanae. >> vaughn was sentenced to 28 years in prison. lindsay is satisfied with the sentence although nothing will take back what happened. >> it's pretty fresh. it feels like i almost popped into a new life. when it happened, i kind of, like, i started a whole new life with different goals. >> she was a 17-year old high school student. now she's about to be a new mom. >> i'm happy.
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2 days after the anniversary of the accident. she'll name her little game evelyn lanae sanchez. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. >> there's a safety fair put on by the jefferson county department. they'll simulators and mother's against drunk driving. it's tomorrow a if the broncos have a dominate quarterback on this roster, it wasn't apparent in the pre-season game last night, but the broncos defense looking as dominant as ever against the chicago bears. it was mark sanchezs' night to go with the starters and a good first drive to dt. broncos on the board first. sanchez made a mystic we've seen in training camp, he's going to force a pass and
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do. the broncos showing no superbowl hang over. they sacked the quarterback 7 times. they showed their depth. chicago had 130 yards, no points all night. broncos special team on the action as well. beanie blocked. anderson there for the touchdown. all broncos in this one. 22-0 the final for the first pre-season game. >> there's a lot of faces not out there, but the play was li and you know, just a lot of good things going on. last year we were deep, you know. we played a lot of people and we played well. we know that. it looks like we've got a chance to be deep again. >> avs knows patrick ross stepping down as head coach says his vision for the team not matching up with the franchise
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welcome back. man who climbed the trump tower with suction cups is facing several charges including criminal trespass. jenny moss shows us how the internet was lit with jokes. >>reporter: your dog would bark too. >> [barking] >> if a guy with suction cups showed outside of your trump window. the man made the -- he took off his backpack, when he drunk, and there were moments of true drama when emergency services knocked that glass to get to him. and when they finally dragged him in. [cheers and applause] >> it was one of those summer stories made for internet jokers. live footage from trump tower tweeted a batman and
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olympics once and it inspired this. and there was a taco bomb. was it chris christie suctioning up to the donald there's cruz looking for delegates. the daily news bellowed, hey do not add, will your walls stop suction cops. >> i'm so -- >> the actor resorted to facebook to clear things up. this is not me trying to scale the trump tower in new york city, so please stop asking. but the number one mim, the joke that left a mark was this. >> the climber suctioning the back of olympic swimmer michael phelps and hear you thought the circle were from coming therapy.
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to phelps than,,
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good morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news at 5:00 this morning. happening right now on the cbs4 news. >>reporter: a shooting and high speed chase. we have the latest on what happened coming up on cbs4 morning news. >> thanks, jaime. there's outrage over the former of a cu student in a rape case. why he will not serve jail time. and the broncos are back in action. how the team's defense is picking up from where it left off as championships from last season. this is the news breaking out of fort collins this morning. there's an amber alert


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