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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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identified said he feared for his life. he was in downtown denver when two men started shooting at him for no reason at all. the bullets shattered his windows. he called police and tried to follow the car, but they were throwing on objects out of the window to try and stop them. once the suspect hit -- police were involved. highway thornton police were involved and highway patrol was able to deploy stop sticks which is what led that car to stop in its tracks. they were able to make two arrests. and the uber driver caught up to the scene, so they were able to interview the uber driver. nobody was hurt in this police. police have yet to identify what kind of gun was used and why these two people started
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fortunately nobody was hurt in this situation. we're going to follow this story live in weld county, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. list -- police needs your help finding a 5-year-old. police want to find 5-year-old keller. there she is on the left side of your screen. she has eyes and was seen wearing black pants and a glittery shirt. her mother is on the right. she drove off when police tried to confront her. she began driving recklessly with anna lee in the car. they were seen in a mid-2000 ford f-150 with license
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a pool in arapahoe county. the death happened around 6:00 last night. deputies pulled the child from the pool on 8828 east florida avenue. the child was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. investigators say it doesn't appear any adults were near the pool. and it's unclear how long that girl was in the water before someone called 911. new this morning, no one is hurt in a fire that damaged a home in littleton. and south kindle. firefighters say it all started in the kitchen. and an oxygen tank may have exploded in the garage. no one was home at the time. a string of deadly bombings kills at least four people in thailand and this is the aftermath of one in a sea-side resort town. police are sifting through evidence, but right now, no group is claiming responsibility. the bombings
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southern thailand popular with western tourist. ten foreign nationals are injured and there's no reports any americans are among the dead and injured. there's warnings from many countries including the united states to avoid certain areas in thailand. as early as today, clinton could release her 2015 tax returns, and this comes as rival trump hints his campaign could be in a little trouble especially in one conservative state. here's brian web. >>reporter: trump didn't sound s evangelical preacher in florida. he admitted his campaign is having problems in utah. >> we're having a problem because you know, look, it could cost us the supreme court. we're going to have four or five justices put on. >> reports that 70 republicans urge the rnc to steer resources away from donald trump and toward congressional races.
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national committee and the gop nominee denied. >> there's no truth, but i'm funding. i'm the one raising the money, and other people are getting to use the money that i raised, and i mean, if it is true, that's okay too. because all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. >> hillary clinton unveiled her economic plan in detroit thursday and pledged to keep her economic promises. >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down pacific partnership. >> something donald trump pounced on reminding voters that clinton supported the partnership while secretary of state, but reversed her opinion on the trade deal during the primaries. >> all of a sudden she went from its the gold standard to she wants to prove it. >> clinton is facing scrutiny over 300 pages of e-mails released this week. some suggests possible ties between the clinton foundation and the state department. a connection
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brian web, for cbs news. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. we'll start off with chris here. >> good morning, britt. look at that view. sunrise coming at 6:08. we have color there on the horizon. it's going to be a really nice day. but when you step outside, you're going to notice just a little bit of a change in the air. shelby majors is our weather watcher in fort collins. 56 degrees and says the cool air feels woer the way especially if you shop at -- 50s in the metro area. decon, 49 degrees. a couple of chilly spots in the lower elevations. 49 in jansey, evergreen and confer as well. yesterday, we had a couple pop up storms. nancy, our weather watcher near ray got close to a half inch of rainfall. today, joel, we're going to have a couple of those
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rain, but overall we're going to talk about a drying and warming trend as we roll into your weekend. take a look at the drive across the denver-metro area. we're seeing more volume. no incidents on highway. southbound along i-225, starting to run heavy. this is i-25 from the cbs4 mouse cam trap. we have pockets of volume. speeds in the 50s and 60s. 120th to i-70 across the denver-metro area, we have a stalled vehicle blocking off the shoulder in the eastbound direction at york. getting word where jaime is, so we got the lanes open, northbound along i-225 and highway 52, but along the frontage road, we have an accident. you hit flashing lights and people get distracted and i think that's what happened. >> thank you. a woman attacked in south denver and police wants to find
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strikes again. an attack took place near a cemetery at parking road and detner. jeff todd has the story of what happened at an unusual time. >> august 8th, a woman was walking when a man knocked her down and tried to sexually assault her. >> on monday morning, police won't say where the woman coming or going, but they have said they're looking for this man. >> we were able to get a good sketch. hopefully someone recognizes him. he has a bump that stands out in people's mind. maybe it's somebody you know or see. >> he's described an indian man, thin build and that morning he was wearing all black. there's a funeral home where it happened. nearby are apartment complexes. it was early in the morning, police are hoping someone can help. >> when you're walking around, male or female, be aware of your
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especially in the dark areas. >> jeff todd reporting on that one. watch out -- watch out that the man had a bump on his right eye. two female african lions are enjoying a better life thanks to the wild animal park. they had been living at a road side zoo in iowa and visitors noticed they were in poor health. a judge ordered a qualified veterinarian to step in. now the lion was recovering at the kingsburg sanctuary indoor encloser. >> they're going intense medical treatment to get everything taken care of and the whole goal is to have them rehabilitated and living with other lions at the sanctuary. >> the sanctuary says one of the
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before she was rescued. the browns stampeded over them proving they have the dominate defense. as for the quarterbacks, no dominant performance. sanchez had a great first drive and it -- broncos on the board first. he made a mistake we have seen in camp. he was on a run and that forced a pass picked. the one thing the bnc to do. the broncos defense showed no sign of a superbowl hang off. it attacked the broncos quarterback. the de showed depth. chicago 130-yard and no points. broncos special teams on the action as well. fowler blocked a punt. anderson for the score and the broncos win 22-0. >> we're going after the quarterback. that's what we do.
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to get to the quarterback and we did a great job. we're at 7? oh, wow. >> that shows all the work we have been putting in since may 6th. sometime guys -- we came in and we won a pick where the guys left off. >> we come to practice and work hard. the reason is for us to do what we did tonight. >> whatever you put on the field in the nfl field -- we showed today we're going to be a good team. that are capable of getting the job done. >> the defense looks good. broncos fan, you can keep up with the team at our broncos insider reports during training camp. just click on the broncos link at the sports section of if you're just waking up, you may not believe how cool it is outside. 55 degrees in denver this morning. and more americans are bringing home gold medals from the rio games. ahead, the dominating performances in the pool.
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mornings. and here's a chance to win tickets to see the dixie chicks,
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welcome back, everyone. in our cbs4 morning news health watch, there's a new hope for people with spinal injuries. a study from duke university shows robotics helped 8 paralyzed people regain some sensation and muscle control in their legs. the patients worked with technology -- researchers says the healthest cholesterol levels are in the middle. a study of
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the good cholesterol. it found health risk with high and low levels. maintaining an intermediate level may help those live longer. food commercials can -- they studied kid's reactions. commercials triggered brain activity that may lead to faster and more impulsive food choices. 5:44 on clock. let's get to weather and traffic every chris spears here. and there's the broncos sunrise. >> it is. mother nature celebrating with us. it was a pre-season game, but for the broncos fans, get you pumped up. sunrise at 6:08. sunset at 7:59. no more 8:00 p.m. sunsets. the days are getting shorter and shorter as we move forward. a few rain showers on the far south eastern side and they're on their way out. most of us waking up to a pretty refreshing start this morning.
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airport. we're down to 55 here in the downtown area. 67 in pueblo. 42 in leadville. 58 in grand junction. these numbers may go down more when our 6:00 reports come out. coldest part of the day, the minutes right after sunrise. dryer air getting caught into the flow. that's the orange and red. you can see little oranges there mixing into the atmosphere. that's dryer air upstairs so we'll see a decrease in cloud we have moisture at the surface. there's the storms down southeast. they're going to pull away. sunshine to start your day and rolling into the afternoon, and by 2:00, 3:00, we'll get pop up clouds along the front range, and foothills and a few showers will develop. i think they'll be scattered. most people will stay dry today. where they pop, they can be strong. south eastern colorado you have the best chance to see activity today.
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i-225, if a storm pops, there's a remote chance it could get strong briefly, but overall, we're really dominating the weather story with a cooler friday for you and a dryer and warmer trend as we go into the weekend. 80s today along and east of the i-25. hopefully no 90s. it will be a break for us. 7 -- 70s in the higher elevations. you weren't effected by the cold front yesterday. 82. . a stray storm. 88 sunday and low 90s next week, joel, overall, we're going to continue with a pretty dry pattern. >> i like the side of that. the stores cool you off in the afternoon. here's the cbs4 mouse tram cam. to the west, we have volume picking up. southbound coming down into town, speeds into the 60s and 50s. false returns eastbound along u.s. 36.
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oranges there. that's green and it's running at -- 9 minutes from 120th to i-70. a similar situation along i-76. there's slowing -- we have a bad side street accident at monaco and mississippi. watch out for that. it is a rollover accident. we're going to be continuing to watch that this morning as copter launches will send us that watching construction northbound along c-470 north of 285. just repaving operations which will have you down a couple of lanes. britt. >> thank you. it was a history making day in the rio olympic games. more gold medal was coming home. the americans dominated in the pool and on the matt. here's jaime yuccas from rio de janeiro. >>reporter: another record setting night for michael phelps winning the gold medal in the
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swimmer to win the same competition in four consecutive olympic games. ? [ music ] ? ? >> an emotional phelps listened to the star spangle banner after being awarded his 4th gold of the rio olympics and the 22nd gold of his career. >> the ravens and fans watched and celebrated phelps win during last night's record-breaking event. this one by 20-year old simone manuel. she tied with a canadian swimmer in the 100 free-style becoming the first african american swimmer to win a medal. she broke down in tears following her achievement. a united states gymnastic team kept rolling. the all around title -- 19-year old biles took home
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competition. her teammate 22-year old riceman took silver. biles is the 4th consecutive american woman to win the all around title. jaime yuccas, cbs news, rio de janeiro. jefferson county has the second highest number of car crashes of distracted driving. they had 2200. karen morfitt shows us a crash takes seconds to change lives. >>reporter: excited for her baby girl. >> she's growing. i was worried about that with the injuries. >> injuries sustained 2 years ago in this deadly crash at 75th and wadsworth. lindsay had a shattered femur in one leg and -- she had a half a dozen surgeries. >> i have an inch difference on my leg, so i have one more
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lanae died at the scene. >> we were really close. so sometimes it's weird to think about her. it's like a little bit too much. >> lindsay was driving lanae in the passenger seat when headlights came at them head on. lindsay said it happened in seconds >> it's traumatizing to this day. i remember it clearly texting before the crash and pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and vehicular homicide. >> i'm sorry something this terrible had to happen to us. i think what i could have done to save your precious life that night. >> it was hard. it was probably the hardest thing to do, but i felt like i spoke for lanae. >> bond was sentenced to 28 years in prison. lindsay
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sentence although nothing will take back what happened. >> it's pretty fresh. it feels like i popped in a new life, like, when it happened. i kind of, like, i just started a whole new life with different goals. >> she was a 17-year old high school student. now she's about to be a new mom. >> i'm happy. >> the baby is due in 7 weeks. 2 days after the anniversary of the accident. she'll name little girl evelyn lanea sanchez. >> lindsay wants everyone to think twice before getting behind the wheel trunk or texting and driving. the consequences could change lives forever. safe driving is a focus at this year's safety fair put on by the jefferson county district office. they'll be simulators and safety information and mother's against drunk driver. it's tomorrow at the jefferson county fair.
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in fort collins. a 5-year old girl is found safe. police have arrested the girl's mother. lauren montgomery. police say the mom took off earlier this morning and drove e everyone complains about millennials. nonsense. millennials, i salute you. you save money like no other generation. you share cars, wifi passwords, canoes, deodorants. my grandson bought a pair of pants with me. today's his pants day. no baby boomer ever shared a pair of pants with me.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. d do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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welcome back to cbs4 morning news. we're giving you a live look. when you step out, you're going to feel a tiny hint of the we have a cool down. a lot of 40s and 50s on the weather map this morning. and 30s in the high country. john baits, 45 degrees in cold creek canyon this morning. we've seen a couple of upper 40s in the metro area from time to time. 49 in wonder view. most of the metro sit nothing the low to mid-50s. dacono back to 50. you were 49. you'll warmed back up to 5 51 degrees. joel, we're going to look for a chance of rain off
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the state. denver could get a stray shower passing through, but we're into a warming and drying trend as we roll into the weekend. >> we'll take every drop of moisture we can get. looking from our maps. there's an accident along monaco and mississippi. that's one of the two incidents we have out there. the other one along i-25 at highway 52. in town, the biggest issue is building and volume. we have cars slowing things down. breaking overnight, a jetblt from boston to sacramento makes an emergency land and 22 people hurt. there's an image of the terminal in south dakota after the plane landed at 7:30 last night. a passenger said the plane dropped like an elevator causing injuries. >> anyone who didn't have a seatbelt on whacked their head. >> passengers said there was
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plane including cracks on overhead bins. all 22 passengers and 2 crew members are taken to the hospital. today marks the end of an era for alex rodriguez and the new york rockies. the 41-year old will serve as a special adviser and mentor for the yankees through december of if you're just waking up, 55 degrees in denver. it feels amazing outside. still ahead, we'll update you on a swat situation in larimer county and the end to an amber alert involving a 5-year old. and plus the latest round of trouble in the a-line and how it's impacting the travel to the airport. there's a new problem --
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good morning, everyone. this is the news breaking out of fort collins this morning. an amber alert for a 5-year-old girl is now over. police found her safe in fort collins. officers do have her mother lauren montgomery in custody. fort collins police tried to confront montgomery last night and they say she drove away recklessly with the little girl in the vehicle. we have more breaking news out of weld county. jaime leary moved onto a possible auto-pedestrian accident. there's a big seen out there. can you tell us what's going on. >>reporter: huge scene and this is just a stones throw from where you saw us earlier after the high speed chase. quite a


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