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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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would fight against cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other. to disagree with each other. to respect each other. >> hillary clinton campaigned in a key swing state in north carolina this afternoon. clinton, too, talked about unity. >> it is about young people. it is about any of us who don't ever want us to go back to a time when you can officially discriminate. where people could be and, we are not going to let it ever go back to that. >> nearly half of all people in colorado have voted now. >> the secretary of state's office says 1.4 million ballots have been received. those returned by registered democrats are running slightly ahead of those from registered republicans. and independent voters are casting ballots in big numbers. right now, i want to bring in
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boyd. both presidential campaigns are hitting colorado. >> reporter: yeah, jim, on the air and on the ground. the clinton campaign taking this bus to every corner of the state. the trump campaign, too, has dispatched an army of volunteers across the state. and, both campaigns have just dropped millions of dollars on ads and a handful of states including colorado. >> ready to replace decades of broken politics with a new leader who is not a part of the system. >> all move. >> i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. >> just one. >> reporter: a multimillion dollar add blitz is an indication colorado is a battleground. here is what you need to know. the map favors hillary clinton despite making up ground in polls, donald trump still has a narrow path to victory. florida, ohio, and likely north carolina must wins for him. if he loses these states, he is likely toast. if he wins, colorado could decide this.
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smaller states including iowa, nevada, and new hampshire up for grabs. >> i want to thank the 20,000 people who have volunteered. >> reporter: clinton's daughter. >> trump, trump, trump! >> reporter: and trump's son among those courting voters here in the final days. >> it is a very energetic crowd. normally i ask you to bring 1,000 of your closest friends to vote. >> reporter: the campaign's ground games al here. >> we are going to win. >> reporter: the together we are stronger bus hit the road for clinton. >> this is james calling from the trump campaign. >> reporter: while volunteers worked the phones for trump with nearly 2 million ballots still out there every day, they say, is election day. >> rush, rush, rush. some people here, six, seven hours. >> reporter: the ballot races are tightening. a new poll shows our race
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glen has narrowed to four points and bennett has launched an attack ad. bill clinton and ben carson will both be here tomorrow. we are live in denver, shaun boyd, cbs4 news. and, we have an extensive voting guide. now, to new information involving the murder of a young man above a popular bagel shop in denver's five neighborhood. the suspect, brian pattison appeared in court and pled not guilty. prosecutors say may 2, he killed shawn richardson. then he set the building on fire allegedly to cover the murder. his trial is april 10. a grand jury indicts two men in home repair scams across the fronting.
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spontanello and mario vasquez. customers were promised repairs but they never got the work repeated. they scammed people out of thousands of dollars. some of the victims talk to our jennifer brice about what they want to happen next. now, the latest on the search for three gun thieves. parker police have released new surveillance video in hopes of generating leads in shows the suspects driving to the pony express firearms saturday night. police say they used rocks to break the store's windows. then, reached through the bars and stole two ak-47s , and ar- 15 rifle and one hot gun. a teenager leads police on a high speed chase along i-70. at one point, he even rammed into a state trooper's car. this all started overnight along the interstate in
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the young suspect was finally caught. >> reporter: the teenager behind the wheel was doing just about everything he could to evade police in colorado state patrol. at one point, the chase became so dangerous, the police had to call it off. it was just before 11:00 last night when the teen flew through a georgetown police officer clocked at 100 miles an hour. the officer caught up to him because he was slowed down by traffic. the driver pulled over but quickly changed s speeds of 120 miles an hour. that is when the officer decided it was too dangerous and he had to call it off. but it didn't end there. about two minutes later, the suspect came upon an unsuspecting state trooper sitting in his car. that is when he did the unthinkable. >> the driver attempted to do an amateur pit maneuver on the trooper's vehicle. crashing into the trooper's vehicle. then fleeing past him. the trooper was able to recover his vehicle.
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at the 239 exit. and, fled on foot. >> reporter: after a short search, police officers were able to locate the suspect. he had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment and taken into custody. fortunately, the trooper whose car he hit was uninjured. the case is under investigation. near morrison, jamie leary, cbs4 news. and this is the news only on 4 tonight. relief for a family near 40 years after a murder. investigators confirmed they finally know year-old girl and karen, that killer was just 15 years old when he stabbed the victim to death. >> reporter: yeah, really awful. the family's victim talked to us about the new development. audrey marie elizabeth hurtado's body was found three days after she disappeared in 1977. her body was found in central colorado in buena vista. matt kroschel, her family waited a long time for this day. >> reporter: karen, it was extremely emotional here today
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victim's family and those police officers were here to make the announcement. they say they are thankful that these police officers never gave up. on this case. it was front page news in 1977. >> this occurred 39 years ago. >> reporter: a small town rocked by a gruesome murder. >> audrey hurtado had stabbed to death. >> reporter: a young man she was seen while visiting family was all they had to work with. now, dna technology is helping them to close the case. >> the day audrey hurtado's body was found july 28, 1977,. >> reporter: chuck harp thompson was police chief when it happened. >> all four of us were committed to doing everything
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>> reporter: a 15-year-old boy only identified as ck was also on the suspect list. but, when he died in a motorcycle accident in 1981, the trail went cold. until brand new dna test matched the teenage boy closing the case for good. >> thank god. she can now rest in peace. >> reporter: audrey's brother never gave up hope his sister's murder would be solved though the pain consumed him over the years. >> finally, i would apologize. excuse me. to the hurtado family for not being able to close this case 39 years ago. >> reporter: an emotional case to a mystery. >> we owe that to a lot of people. we appreciate it. >> reporter: colorado bureau of investigation dna techs are the ones who were able to finally help to close this case. and they say it is because the police officers here did such a
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evidence for all these years. there remain dozens of unsolved murders across colorado and audrey's family has a message for those families. keep hope alive that they will get justice too. live in buena vista, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. coming up, the man who am burred two officers in iowa faces life in prison. what investigators learned happened hours before the murders. >> hi, i'm this small classroom, big things are being done. up next, meet marries marissa. >> a lot of sunshine. but if you look to the southwest, here comes moisture. and is that snow? i will show you where we have a winter weather advisory in colorado. >> for the second time in two weeks, broncos seeking a second opinion on an injury. later in sports, why aqib talib flew to california today to get
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>> now to the deadly ambush on the shooting of the police officers in iowa. the suspect scot greene might have been desperate for money. he has been ordered out of his mother's home before the ki found the murder weapon. >> we had one of our explosive detection dogs, an atf gift to us essentially is search out explosives. that dog was able to track that gun down in a place that no person probably would have found it. >> sergeant anthony beminio and justin martin died. school bus crashed into a transit bus in baltimore
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now, they say the school bus driver was not authorized to drive the commercial vehicle. his medical certification expired this year. he died in the crash. a school is helping a family learn life changing lessons after they got into an accident driving home from a school night in august. >> britt moreno shows us how one class is helping. >> reporter: a classroom where children are set free. and, forget they are mend. at least, for a moment. >> i love hearing you ask for help. >> reporter: more than science and english are taught in this nook at the children's hospital colorado. >> so nice to meet you. how are you? >> reporter: kids are learning tough lessons. for ten-year-old marissa, that is learning to manage her new body. >> she is a miracle. it is a miracle that she is here with us. >> reporter: an 83-year-old man t-boned mom amy, marissa, and her eight-year-old brother as
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springs in august. >> marissa took the impact and broke almost every bone from her neck up. >> reporter: she was in a coma. doctors could not assure her parents whether she would ever wake up. but the ten-year-old fought. and several weeks later, she did. now, class is back in session. >> the team here absolutely saved her. >> reporter: marissa is blind in one eye. she had to relearn how to chew, swallow, and speak. >> i love it. it is the best job. >> specialist in brain injury. >> there are some kids so gravely sick who are battling cancer and have heart failure. for those kids, the teachers go to them and hold class in their hospital rooms. >> they are leaving here much different than the way they came in. >> reporter: marissa knows she can depend on her hospital teacher's support even after she leaves. >> excited. >> reporter: britt moreno, cbs4 news. >> we have heard she is home from the hospital.
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teachers, resources. learn how to help on well, the weather is perfect. denver arts week is in full swing. >> a plan is announced for new murals. mary louise lee put her touch on the first one. two more will be painted in the golden triangle and the rhino district. >> love is one of my signature words and the shape, the heart, is a signature for me. to, it was so special be able to paint in the l of the love. >> denver arts week runs through november 12. you can check out the links an info section on to get all the information. and the first lady putting the l in love. >> you said arts weekend. the weather is perfect. i don't want to screw that up. so we will maybe keep it perfect through the arts week. nothing going on with moisture. we have a lot of sunshine. we had a perfect day today. there is a little moisture
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colorado. you see it right there. and we will talk about it as this system has moisture and it slowly comes our way. here is the big picture. the cool front has pushed on through. the cool air is going along with it. we have warmer. almost got to 70 degrees. but now, you see the cooler air is really starting to spread across a great deal of the nation. and, the warm air is getting squeezed out just over the southeast. and, not that warm at all. mostly in the 70s . look at colorado. we are warm just all over compared to this time yesterday. so, now, we are talking about sunshine. we are talking about temperature that's are warmer but lauren, back in the colorado weather center, we are talking about something entirely different. >> we do. we actually have this area of low pressure down over parts of arizona. there is a big dust storm in phoenix and they are getting quite a bit of moisture. that area still hangs out. starts to move up toward the four corners as we head toward friday. and we are looking at snow as we head into this friday afternoon.
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western mountains. as we head toward the later part of the day on saturday. now here in denver, we may get a few afternoon showers coming our way saturday. so there is the chance for sprinkles. quite a bit of snow possible in the south western mountains. friday night, saturday, our mountains may pick up snow. across the front ranges, eastern plains, maybe sprinkles but south of denver, we have a better chance of rain coming our way saturday, so looking at the snowfall ouoo mountain areas, most of it stays to the south western area. a couple of inches possible in the central mountains. there is actually an advisory in south westerns colorado. >> that's right. winter weather advisory. not for a lot of snow, but we will take what we can get. goes midnight friday to noon saturday. not a very long duration. but it could drop three to six inches above 10,000 feet with telluride, the bulls eye. as we take a look at what we did today.
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79 and for the extreme, 68 and 66 now. northeast 10 for the winds. just 15% humidity with a steady barometer. judy williams says there is still some color hanging on. this is from golden. take a look at this guy. in mike's backyard, up there, in bailey. temperatures for tonight northeastly in the 30s over the eastern plains. 20s to 30 degrees higher up. out west, temperatures in the 30s and the 40s . another nice day around here. 60s and 70s for the plains. 50s and 60s mountains. out west, temperature ins the 60s . the clouds and the moisture only in the 50s in the southwest. here is your denver forecast. tonight, clear skies. 43 and 41 by morning. then, for tomorrow, we will look for partly sunny skies. temperatures right around the 70 degree mark. then the next seven days, not a lot of change. 65 saturday. maybe that isolated shower. clocks go back saturday night. sunday, we are at 69. then, a whole lot of sunshine cops for monday and tuesday as temperatures stay in the mid to
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>> i hope that shower isolates right over my home tuesday. >> that would be good for everybody. >> thanks ed. well, a cbs4 investigation raising new questions about a downtown murder four months ago. >> as brian maass found out, the police officers who should have been a deterrent were on the clock, but were sitting at home. brian maass investigates the decision to send the police home while trouble was brewing tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. cubs fans still set still celebrating. >> we are? i'm leaving my hat on for the next 100 years. and the colorado buffaloes i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever...
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>> cu football is bowl eligible for the first time since 2007. so can the buffs go big like rose bowl big? tonight, at home against ucla, destiny. they win out, they are going to play in the pack 12 championship game. if they make it there, one of the big bowl games are definitely in play. >> these last four games are important to us. we want to take the next game as the most important, but these next four games are really important to be able to do something that has not been done in a while. in terms of going to a championship game. and, just being able to turn the program around. and ... leave it on a better foot. and that is my goal.
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getting second opinions lately. c.j. anderson last week. aqib talib today. michael spencer is at the view house centennial with the latest. >> reporter: yeah mark, injuries continue to be a concern for this team. especially on defense now. looks like brandon marshall is trending toward playing. aqib talib is out in california get ago second opinion on his back. if he can't go, bradley roby will step up. he got the start sunday. player of the week. so, if aqib talib has to miss a second straight game, the broncos say they are not worrys because they know they have guys who can step up. >> i'm not worried about any of those guys. we are the best secondary in the national football league. not because the guys are out there. not because there are two starting corner backs. because of the depth that we have. >> reporter: mark, coming up to night is the cbs4 football blitz. that is why we are here at the
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shaq and capri will be our guests. a wild world series game seven, took a rain delay in the extra inning. but after waiting a lifetime to see a championship for the cubs, it is hard to see a dry eye in chicago. >> i am just weeping openly. i'm covered with beers and tears and i just can't believe that this has happened. >> more beers or tears. [ laughter ] >> hard to find a dry eye and a dry sh
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,, ,,
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. women vote is responsible
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>> coming up new at 6:00, the captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the race gets tighter. as election day grows closer-- >> five days away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. ( cheers ) >> imagine it is january 20, 2017, and imagine it is donald trump standing in front of the capitol. >> pelley: also tonight, seniors argue over two of their own. >> i wouldn't trust her to go to the store for me. >> i don't believe he's qualified to lead anything, including my local homeowners association. >> pelley: the government says kids are eating too much salt, putting their health at risk. ( cheers ) tears of joy in cubville. the drought ends, and the water


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