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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:22pm MDT

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>> reporter: -- right now donald trump is working hard to win colorado voters. he's going to be holding a rally at the national western complex. both candidates are packing up the miles traveling to swing states hoping to maximize their chances of winning the rest of the white house. cbs4's shaun chitnis is live at tonight's rally in denver. a whole lot of excitement from trump supporters. >> reporter: kathy, thousands inside the national western donald trump to arrive. i'm going to step out of the way so you can get a scene of what is happening inside here. we have had several speakers come through getting the crowd warmed up for donald trump. but he has yet to arrive here. he's coming from reno, nevada where there was a little incident there. someone yelled gun from the crowd, caused a commotion and secret service had to remove him off the stage. he is okay, able to go back onstage and finished the rally
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arrives we will bring it to you live during this newscast. at this point we're still listening to other speakers warming up the crowd and waiting for donald trump to arrive here at this arena. we will bring his speech to you once he arrives during this newscast. comment kathy, back to you. >> thank you, jean. new information after a trump field office was vandalized friday night. michael ferreira is in custody. he is suspected of throwing a rock through a window at the office at 18th no one was hurt. earlier that morning, someone painted profanity and anti- trump messages on the wall and windows. no word on whether ferrera was leaked to the vandalism case. on the democratic side former presidential candidate bernie sanders was in colorado today campaigning for his former rival hillary clinton and democratic u.s. congress candidate morgan carroll. sanders talked about the importance of raising minimum
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he says clinton and carroll will fight for these issues. >> there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. left us in the next three days do everything we can to make sure that hillary clinton and morgan carroll win on tuesday. >> meanwhile hillary clinton was on a battleground blitz visiting key swing states including florida and pennsylvania. >> late s vote rally in philadelphia. with special guest katy perry. >> ? >> reporter: clinton says the presidential race is about the future. to make sure that america lives up to its promise to every one of our people. especially every one of our children. >> reporter: earlier in the day clinton was holding an event in south florida when a storm moved in. >> you are a hardy bunch of
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>> reporter: the crowd and the candidate got drenched but the downpour didn't dampen clinton's enthusiasm. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me. people who vote for me, people who don't vote for me! >> reporter: president obama will campaign for hillary clinton in michigan monday. before meeting up with the democratic nominee for a final rally in philadelphia. we have a full evening of election coverage tuesday. we'll start with a special edition of cbs4 news at 4:00 here on central four. and that five, we will join cbs news for live national election coverage until 10:00 and that's followed by cbs4 news at 10:00. a church in jefferson county is picking up the pieces after getting vandalized. the pastor says the vandal or vandals also opened fire inside the church. cbs4's andrea flores tells us the criminals caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> reporter: chapel in the hills is a small non-delusional
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what is supposed to be a sacred space for the community was gunned down in the middle of the night. >> i've never seen a church with bullet holes before. >> reporter: a broken baby jesus was just one of the devastating images todd fletcher found after he said someone broke into his chapel in the hills church thursday night. >> yeah. very aggressive. felt like more than just a robbery. felt like something else was behind it. >> reportva walls and even a nursery before taking off. >> this is where our one and 2- year-olds do stuff. is kind of a shocking image when you see toys, baby toys with glass all over it. >> reporter: while pastor todd's personal laptop and guitar used for sunday worship were taken, he says some had their sense of security stolen as well. >> felt like we lost peace of mind. and that safety and security that we all take for granted in
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from us. >> reporter: instead of shutting down for the weekend, pastor todd says dozens of members came together to put their church back together. >> you can't let people breed fear into your community throughout the violence. >> reporter: as pastor todd works on his sermon for sunday morning, he hopes whoever is responsible finds peace. >> as a church we've said we're praying for that person and we hope that they come to repentance. >> reporter: no suspects have been identified but fletcher says sunday services will go on as scheduled tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. in golden, andrea flores, cbs4 news. right now a search is underway for a man accused of sexually assaulting a student on the cu boulder campus. he is described as white and college-age, approximately 5'9" with short dark curly hair. melissa garcia reports lack of information about the attack has students on edge.
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the person we were told about. so it's not really a comfort. >> reporter: students learned the vague description of a suspect in an early-morning assault at this college dorm on campus. >> just like upsets me. knowing that that happens. >> reporter: cu boulder pee dee sent out this safety alert informing students a sexual assault happened in a room. campus police were not able to say if the suspect broke in, if he was invited in or if he may have lived there. >> really frustrating to not know. >> like tessa schmit not knowing what to think. >> we need to understand whether or not this person lives here, whether or not they are still here. >> reporter: the dorm has a key card system of entry that some students say makes them feel safe. a feeling that has faded after the attack that leaves many questions unanswered. >> whether it was a groping and the girl stopped it immediately or whether it got to the point where there was a physical
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messed up. we don't know. how dangerous this person is. that's really unfortunate because it is the weekend. you know? kids are coming back in all different states. they need to know they are safe. >> reporter: melissa garcia, cbs4 news. new development in the case of two men accused of starting a wildfire in boulder county. 28-year-old jimmy suggs and zachary pled guilty to charges of arson. sentenced november 18, authorities say the two men from alabama were camping in july, failed to properly establish a campfire. that's how the cool springs more than 500 acres. update on the wildfire in southern colorado, the junkins fire is now 100% contained. the fire broke out october 17 near westcliffe. investigators say a downed power line sparked flames which went on to burn more than 18,000 acres. nine homes and 17 other structures were destroyed. let's go to meteorologist
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are still dealing with fires, others saw snow today. >> they did indeed. from purgatory resort, down in the san juans, they saw snow and a lot of wind and even some rain mixed in with that. a little snow on the bear that was watching the lift down there. kim oyler sent that in. thank you for doing that. doppler 4000, we had a little bit of rain go through the denver metro, just a few drops he went there. tonight we there. dry pocket coming in, in addition to some of the mountain snow, we also had some thunderstorms fire up the lower elevations. but there is a big low sitting right over the state right here that will have an effect on our weather across the state tomorrow. we'll let you know if there's any rain in the forecast. shocking revelation in the case of a man accused of kidnapping a woman and keeping her chained for months.
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new information in a disturbing story out of south carolina. that's where a woman was found chained up inside a storage container in a rural area. authorities say a body found on the property belongs to that woman's boyfriend. investigators say the suspect todd calapp has admitted to at least seven murders. ayla brown was found early thursday morning chained to a metal storage container on a rural property of south carolina. boyfriends body was found on the property friday. prosecutors say br >> she was there. when they got there. knocked on the door of the two- car garage and she witnessed him shoot carver. >> reporter: investigators tracked the woman's phone to property owned by realtor todd calapp. authorities say kayla brown was kept in a locked storage container in the dark for
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it. i wouldn't chain my dog up like that. living in a container that has no lights. spent a lot of her time in the darkness. that is horrifying just that part. >> reporter: massive amounts of ammunition, rifles and handguns also found on the compound. >> we're not done here. we're not going to be done here. until like i said earlier, 100% sure more evidence to go over. >> reporter: calapp is being held without bond on kidnapping charges, murder charges will likely be added once the investigation is complete. still waiting for donald trump to take the stage in denver. shaun chitnis is live at the national western complex with the latest. shaun? >> reporter: tom, we're still waiting for donald trump but we were just told it sounds like he's about 10 or 15 minutes away. the crowd very anxious to see
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crowd is, several thousand waiting for the gop nominee to arrive in denver, just giving out some of those make america great again hats and t-shirts. we do expect him here soon, the crowd willing to wait late into the evening to hear him speak. of course he has had a long day traveling across the country and we understand the heads next to michigan as he continues to campaign days before election day. back to you guys. >> thank you. new video shows violent antigovernment protests in >> the clashes in florence started when activists attacked police with cobblestones and sticks. officers responded with tear gas. the protesters were attempting to reach a building where prime minister matteo renzi was speaking. they are angry over proposed constitutional referendum that they say will lead to an extensive centralization of power. new at 10:00, a man is in
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expensive ski gear and selling it online. investigators say james hogue was living in an illegally built shack on asked him and mountain. police found $13,000 in cash, as well as snowboards, skis and 20 ski jackets priced at $400 each. he had previously served time in prison for theft and had an arrest warrant out from boulder county. a 4-year-old girl in california is being called a hero after preventing a fire at her home. she explains what happened. >> they took my stfe bunny to put away upstairs. but then i paused because i saw white smoke in my room. >> i can't go upstairs. there's smoke in my room. just so matter-of-fact and calm. >> that was little sammy boyer talking. the mother called 911. turns a ceiling fan in the girls room had started to overheat.
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fan. sammy had had a fire safety talk at preschool so she says she was prepared to act. good for her. way to go. speaking of fires, we need some rain. >> we do need some rain. let's check out if we have anything. first off really, really good news. we all get an extra hour of sleep tonight. yeah! we fall back, end of daylight saving time. turn your clocks back right after the newscast. satellite and radar together, back to 4:00 this morningwe southern colorado down in the san juans and sangre de cristos. a low pressure is spreading the moisture in. a little bit of rain around noontime around the denver metro. very little. and now drier air coming in. a dry slot with the low sitting over colorado. another batch of moisture coming in on the backside of the low in southeastern areas. that's going to cover the eastern plains during the night. still winter weather advisory
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near 10,000 feet, four to eight inches. 11,000 feet, isolated pockets got close to a foot of snow out of the moisture. here is the guy that is doing it all. upper level low right smack dab over colorado, a few thunderstorms as well. most of the rain down in new mexico and texas. some areas with storms popping about half an inch to an inch of rain this evening out there. still a bit jet stream going up and over the rockies. that's going to remain in charge all next week but a few elements under it like this upper level low. and a cold front moving into the pacific northwest. this guy will start to move into our area on monday. dropping our temperatures somewhat but not going to have much moisture at all. a little cooldown for monday, tuesday. then back up on wednesday, thursday. for our highs today we made it to 69 at the airport, same thing downtown. normal is 57. wayne gallagher has 50 degrees. as does don in brazil. so here we go with tonight,
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the state. we may have a little drizzle and clouds in the morning. we'll be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in denver to start the day. cloudy in the mountains and a little bit of rain in some of the mountains during the course of the afternoon. overnight lows mostly 40s and 30s across the state. highs tomorrow pretty much where we were today. 60s and 70s in the east. 50s and 60s in the mountains and the west. partly cloudy, 44 downtown. tomorrow should make it to 69, downtown 68 at dia where he still way above normal. and then low to mid-60s monday, tuesday. that's the cool down. little bit warmer near 70 on wednesday, thursday. election day looks pretty nice. next weekend, i wish i had some raindrop to show you for veterans day. going to be sunny and 65. so i don't know if you're going to be outdoors, that will be all right but still desperately
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l zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government. they'd be a great team in the state senate. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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hello and welcome to "mazda saturday sports extra." i am michael spencer. last time the denver nuggets won back-to-back games it was march of last year. those two wins came against the 76ers and the lakers. those teams finished with the two worst records in the league. denver trying to win back-to- back games for the first time this season. detroit turning offense to defense. issue smith gets the bucket. and then wilson chandler with 3- pointer, detroit jumped out to a 20-4 lead. danilo gallinari, nice dish and


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