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tv   CBS4 News at 4  CBS  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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police are investigating. i am standing at one of them. this house here in denver and it all began at an apartment complex in aurora. now, aurora police say they were initially called out to this apartment complex that you will see in the video, off of del mar circle because of a shooting. it's here that police say a person was shot and later died at the hospital. the suspect from that shooting apparently ended up here in denver at the home that i am near off of 46th. denver police say that suspect came out of the were fired. police won't be specific about who shot who. what we do know, though, is that an aurora police officer was shot and has non-life- threatening injuries. that cop is at the hospital, we're told, and is in stable condition right now. now, denver police say out of respect to the suspect involved, they won't be releasing his condition or name just yet. we spoke to a witness who said his friend was shot at the initial scene in aurora and he
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>> we practice hate and there is too much hate. come on, people, i am tired of seeing hate. just -- this is ridiculous. >> reporter: denver police tell us that one of their officers was involved in this situation having returned fire at the incident. detectives say they have more to sort through before they begin releasing names and all of those details. very, very active crime scene, 11:00 today. jennifer brice, cbs 4 news. a rough-and-tumble campaign 2016 ends tonight. voters flood to the polls. >> this is the first time i have voted in person. >> after an intense and bitter battle. >> we will make america great again! >> for an america where we build bridges not walls! >> reporter: and a long list of ballot measures in colorado. now, it's up to you. . >> and the polls here in
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three hours. at 7:00. >> we have seen long lines at some polling locations and also had problems with the statewide voter system that is now back up again. we'll get to that in just a moment or two. >> i want to tell you about the top presidential candidates. yes, they have cast their ballots. hillary clinton and trump voting in new york. we'll have team coverage from both campaigns. also in our special election coverage this more and we're leaf across the country tonight. >> a team of reporters across colorado for you. kathy walsh is live at republican headquarters. brian muston. brian maass following the secretary of state's office. and we begin with political specialist shawn boyd. the first wave close in an -- shaun boyd. the first wave closes in an hour. >> reporter: we'll get a sense of how it's looking. georgia, south carolina, north carolina, indiana and kentucky close at 5:00 our time and lean
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kaine's home lean democratic. the crucial states to watch tonight florida, north carolina, and ohio. they will be closing by 6:00 our type. these states are key to a donald trump victory. the map favors hillary clinton, but if trump takes these states, colorado could be pivotal. and as we mentioned, our polls close at 7 and turnout is key. we have seen long lines at polling centers in the denver area, the the smoky hill library and arapahoe county, their ballots. we spoke to voters about the importance of participating in the election. >> and if we don't vote, we have no right to complain. if, if whatever they're doing is wrong -- . >> the power of voting is to really get to not only just basically voice your thoughts about who is best fit to lead the country or meet our needs, but voting takes a big affect on a global scale.
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afternoon, 2.4 million ballots have been returned to colorado. i'll be back in a few moments with a look at the big ballot issues this area in colorado. and at 4:30, we're going to look at the key senate races that could decide the balance of power in the u.s. senate and which counties could decide the presidential election here in colorado. talking about 2.4 million already returned. that is a huge turnout. >> that is right. still about a million out there, though. >> yeah. >> and get to the state democrats and republicans are ready to throw parties tonight. we have to wait and see who has the most to celebrate. >> we were at both headquarters and fanned out all over the state from carbondale to colorado springs and denver. we start with kathy walsh in green woodvilleage tonight. >> reporter: the folks here, karen -- greenwoodvillage tonight. >> reporter: the folks here tonight, they will watch the culmination of the ugliest presidential race in recent
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he was able to bring out huge crowds in colorado, even during a broncos game. his course, supporters, of course, white men, hard-working white men, working-class people who are not a basket of deplorables but people who have been forgotten and they want ump to go to washington and drain the swamp. well, the gop tonight will also be looking at the balance of power both in washington and the state. there are six vulnerable positions and they feel like they will hold on to the house; how far, there are two races in -- however, there are two races here in colorado, scott tipton and mike kaufman. they're very tight and they'll watch those closely. in the state, the gop is clinging to a one-vote major in the senate. there is fear that if they lose the senate, then the democrats take over all of the lawo
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todd. you have more on the state races? >> reporter: yeah, kathy. we talked to steve house, the chairman for the state gop and some people around these headquarters are saying they looking at two areas. first pueblo county and adams county. not just for the presidential election but down into some of these state races. adams county home to one of three hotly contested state senate races. some other ones here in the denver metro area. that is really what some of thex headquarters are going -- experts here in the headquarters are going to keep their eyes on. >> thank you, jeff. karen morfitt is in colorado springs with the darrell glen campaign. he is trying to unseat senator michael bennett, karen? >> reporter: kathy, this is where glenn will be spending his night watching as those results start to pull in. he is staying close to home here in colorado springs where he has been a city councilman
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commissioner. now, glen is the underdog in this race, again, going up against senator michael bennett. glen, a retired lieutenant colonel said if elected, he will put national security first and promised to reduce regulations like those in the clean power plant, and he said he wants to repeel obama care, 40% he cans in colorado. a recent cbs poll she glen closing the gap and training bennett slightly, 41% to 46%, kathy. it will be an interesting race to watch. back to you. >> all right, karen morfitt, live reporting in colorado springs. colorado state democrats are equally ready to celebrate a win. >> tom muston is checking in from the democratic headquarters in downtown denver, tom. >> reporter: jim, i can tell you there is a feeling of confidence here by the democrats. they are confident that when
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clinton will be the next president, signifying four more years of democratic leadership. donald trump has a big say in that. the past few days, he surged in the polls and some national polls have him trailing by 4 percentage points and this can go to the wire. again, we find colorado as a key swing state and there are several voter initiatives and key races that we have been talking about that can have a big say in the balance of power here. watching senator michael bennett, the democrat against darrell glen, as we mentioned, a republican. we talked to glen's turnout that is in their favor, very much. and we'll watch the sixth congressional race between motorcycle kaufman the republican and state senator morgan carol. a lot of money has been dumped into this race and that can go a long way here. we're bringing the seats and sounds from inside democratic headquarters throughout the evening. not a lot is going on. throughout the evening, we'll have the colleague stan bush here as well. let's go to stan with the
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democrats feel confident now. a year ago, michael bennett was seen as the most vulnerable encompany bent senator in the ep-- incumbent senator in the u.s. senate. democrats poured tons of money into that race. right now, they have a superior organization over darrell glen, basically, putting an entire course of the campaign. the big story here, not so much if hillary clinton has long coattails but a drag on the ticket, down the tickle will trump been is. the democrats ar way, but i think right now what they would status -- settle for is the status quo plus one. republicans only have a one- seat advantage in this state senate race, and democrats here are watching the race in arvada closely between rachael zenzinger and republican laura woods. republicans and democrats don't know if that race is going to be called and they don't think they may have an answer until thanksgiving. that is one to watch. now, tension in this room room
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even though a couple of swing states out east turn, but it's likely that people will be watching the state races closely and all the way until every ballot is counted. back to you, tom. >> and still, we'll be talking to you a lot this evening. and let's go to kelly. as i mentioned, he's running against mike kaufman for the u.s. house seat. >> reporter: and we just spoke with her campaign manager not too long ago. they know that this race is very close and very tight and this is where her election- night party is going to kickoff in a few hours, one of the most competitive races in the state and one of the more closely watched across the country. the former state senator has spent much of the past few days knocking on doors and maybing phone calls to encourage more voters to get out there and vote. carol recently gaped a big boost from vermont senator bernie sander when is he made a stop for her in high lands
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she's running in a district that is racially and ethnically diverse, so that is a big issue in the race. the democrats have a slight edge over republicans in distribute 6, so tom carol is hoping that she can be the candidate that will prevent kaufman from having a fifth it early in washington. >> all right, thank you, kelly. and again, we're expecting a historic night here and democrats are expecting a party and we can tell you for sure, campaign 2016 is in >> thank you. and this is our special elect night coverage for you at 5. cbs news takes over with national election coverage. for more local coverage all evening long, catch us on cpt channel 12 starting at 7al the way through 10 and -- 7 all the way through 10 and we'll be back here for cbs 4 news at 10. results for all of the races and local numbers and state ballot measures will be live on coming up, we have more campaign 2016 coverage.
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candidates spent their day today and what they will be doing tonight. >> and we're live to see how voting is going in the denver metro area and an update on that statewide system that crashed for a time this afternoon. . >> and just high clouds around our state with hardly sunny skies. we're starting to wear out. we have been using it so much. we look at the big picture and looks look we're going to continue to use it and even milder temperatures. just how mild coming up. >> and the arrest made after a woman is pushed in front of a su what we're learning about that
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tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. . right now, our campaign 2016 coverage continues. >> many voters in colorado did wanted to visit the polls on election day. in the last hour, we saw an interruption with the state's voter registration system. our team coverage continues with brian maas live at the secretary of state's office tonight. what can you tell us, bri? >> reporter: karen, at 2:47 this afternoon, the statewide voter data base went down. it was down for 29 minutes. the secretary of state wayne williams can give us an explanation not just for what
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process. >> the voter registration data base enables a clerk's judges to determine whether an individual has cast a ballot. during the time that data base was down, a clerk was not able to issue regular ballots to individuals in line. they were able to, however, issue provisional ballots and those will be counted the same as a regular ballot would be. the other thing that can't be happened during that brief time period was that you can't check signatures for the the29-minute period and doesn't a picture how -- affect how the votes were counted, does not affect the results. it simply changes what type of voter some had to be issued during that 29-minute period. >> moving along, you and i have been talking about pueblo county, that there is a bloc of
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>> for most of the large counties, they plan on the process completing for the day some time around 1 or 2:00 p.m. tonight and resuming it tomorrow. that has been true for most of large counties in other elects as well urn the new model. it takes longer to process a ballot than an in-person ballot. the public county has made a decision to use style ballots for their in-person voters, so that means those ballots have to be duplicated. th team of judges and takes time to do and to make sure it's done right. >> very good, thank you very much, secretary of state way williams. the latest figures are that 2.4 million votes had been cast so far in colorado and wayne williams told me earlier he thinks we'll have 2.7 or 2.8 million and that will be a record for the state of colorado. we'll keep an eye on things here and reporting live, brian maas, cbs 4 and news. >> all right, thank you for the update, brian.
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voters are deciding on everything from the right to die to increasing the minimum wage. >> political specialist shaun boyd joins us now. we talked a few weeks ago about how much money was spent on the measures? >> and might be a record amount. and we're talking about tens of millions of dollars and most is from out of state. usually outside spending occurs in colorado's congressional races, but this year, the state's ballot measures are also attracting big money from all over the country. and this is a look at spenders and what is at stake. amendment 69 and goes where no state has gone before, setting up a singer-payer healthcare system in colorado, funded by a 10 and% income tax he can. amendment 70 and would raise the minimum wage to $12 and an hour and the next three years. out-of-state unions have largely bank rolled this one. amendment 71 and would make it more difficult to amend the state constitution. one out of state union spent a
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opposing this one. and phillip morris dropped more than 16 million to fight amendment 72, raising the tax on tobacco. and maybe the most initial issue, proposition 106. it would make colorado the sixth state to legalize assisted suicide and propositions 107 and 108 would bring back colorado's presidential primary and allow unaffiliateed voters to paris if -- and perhaps -- where michael bloomberg&donated $200,000 to pass the sugar law. and several measures ended up on the ballot after the legislature failed to pass them. almost all of them have bipartisan support and bipartisan opposition. so, they really could go either way and they have big ramifications for all of us. >> all night long, we're going to follow the local races and presidential race on channel
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and our alan gionet is here with more. there is a lot to keep track of. >> and there is so much. and we have provisions and let's look at the big things. the battle is going to be on in these states, the race for president. and those expected to go to hilary clinton in blue. the ones in gray are too close to call right now. and 270 to win. 270 electoral votes. some of the latest polling puts hillary clinton ahead in the states of wisconsin and also in michigan and the latest polling shows colorado has a little bit of an edge. donald trump has an edge in ohio and an edge in arizona. also in iowa as well.
4:21 pm
biggest prizes in florida and pennsylvania. 29 electoral votes in florida, 20 in pennsylvania. they are very close. watch closely tonight, florida, pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, and michigan. there are different ways the candidates can get to the 270 electoral votes, but the later states, colorado, arizona, nevada may not matter if the right combination happens tonight for either trump or clinton in the keeping score for all of us tonight, alan. thank you. >> you do need a scoreboard. and let's go to ed greenee. the folks had a beautiful day to cast their ballots. >> i'm ed greene and i approve the forecast. just some high clouds, moisture, and that is all we're seeing for colorado right now. you can see across the entire state, that is the same situation. let's run the hour-by-hour. we'll take it from right now and there is not much going on. we'll take it until news time tomorrow. that is overnight and that is
4:22 pm
see a few he clouds here and there and 10:00 tomorrow night, same situation. with the clear skies, we have cooler temperatures over the southeast. and hence a freeze warning is out from 11:00 tonight until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that is from colorado springs to the southeastern corner of the state. the temperatures will drop below the freezing mark in the areas and we look at the big picture, this is the moisture over the weekend that dropped five inches over the southwestern mountains of now, it's pushing to the east and it's all rain, even a couple of showers and thunderstorms in the gulf coastal area. the high pressure in the west. nothing is moving. this front is a stationary want from everyone is locked in place and -- stationary front. and this is locked this place. we continue to see the same day after day after day. and the sort of cooling around the nation, a few 50s and 60s, 70s into the east; 81, miami;
4:23 pm
there today. we look at what we did, 65 and 67, but we should be at 56 for the normal high. look at the lows, 32 and 36. should be at 28. eighty and 12 are the records. 65 and 63 right now. only the east breeze at 3, 20% humidity and we have a falling barometer. this is trail ridge road on sunday. they had some snow, but look at the road. it's clear and it's dry. and this is pamela rob, ladies and gentlemen, beautiful pagosa springs. over the eastern plains and we'll find teens and 20s in the high country. out west, the temperatures in the 30s to 40 degrees and tomorrow, nice and mild day around here, 60s and 70s over the eastern plains. fiftys and 60s for the mountains and out west, temperatures mostly in the 60s and this is your denver forecast for tonight. mostly clear skies. with that, the temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and look at the temperatures,
4:24 pm
the next few days, 63 on thursday and cool up to 60 on friday. here comes the weekend and we're into the mild temperature with mid- to upper 60s. saturday and sunday, that is just sunshine all away. >> and a winning forecast no matter who you are voting for. >> thank you, ed. and plenty more election coverage to come. >> coming up, ,,
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. despite a few interruptionsing so far today -- a few interruptions so far today, voter turnout is good
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>> more than 2 million of the ballots sent out are ready to be tabulated. in fact, 2.4 million republican turnout leading over democrats and more than 730,000 are from independent voters. our rick sallinger is live at one of the polling spots. it's potter's house church in denver. rick, you have seen lines today? >> reporter: we have seen some lines, jim. take a look at this right now. it stretches all the way down end of the hall, that is just the entrance to the room where you vote. then -- it's all the way around there before you can cast your ballot. the wait now, about 90 minutes. the line was out the door and what waited them inside was a lengthy wait but worth waiting. >> what do you think of this line? >> it's long. glad to see people out voting, though. >> reporter: america came to vote.
4:29 pm
they can cast their ballot by machine or the old-fashioned way on paper. but with the push towards mail- in ballots, some simply chose to drop them off. >> oh, i really felt like i made the right one when i found out there was a bit of a wait at this particular location. it's nice to drop it in the box and walk on out. >> reporter: with this being a presidential election, it's an opportunity to be heard that only comes around once four years. this line bends all the way down the hall into the room before you can cast your ballot. as we indicated, they're waiting about 90 minutes right now. the system was down for about a half an hour statewide and these people are paying the price right now. if you have a mail-in ballot, matt crane, the clerk and recorder of arapahoe county said use that, fill it out and come to a polling place and drop it in.
4:30 pm
rick sallinger, cbs 4 news. >> thank you. and this is another race you will want to watch tonight. this is the third congressional district on the western side of the state tonight. incumbent scott tipton seen here. he fled the district after beating sallinger in 2010 and spent $9,000 on advertising. the democratic candidate gail schwartz is a former state senator from she spent $600,000 in advertising. outside groups put a lot of money into this one. matt koe -- matt kroschel is following the race tonight. >> reporter: it's one the people here have been watching closely in carbondale. we're in the shadow of the thompson divide, a very pivotal area when it comes to oil and natural drilling. it's controversial in this race. i want to show you video inside the polling place here at the carbondale town hall. things were going great.
4:31 pm
had that hiccup this afternoon. it was chaos here for 30 minutes in carondale and things got back to normal. right now, i don't see a big line at the polling place. back out here live, you can see some of the local races. folks are out here trying to get the last-second votes in carbondale. on the western front of things as they say, things are going pretty great when it comes to voting here in carbondale. we'll be here all night following both the scott tipton and gail schwartz teams as they make their last-second pitches here on the western slope. live in carbondale, matt kroschel, cbs 4. campaigning is done. now the top presidential candidates wait for the results. >> uh-huh. >> like the rest of us, coming up, we're checking in with the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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. our special coverage of campaign 2016 continues. the presidential candidates and their running mates have cast their votes for the selection. >> now, months and months of campaigning is over. they wait with the rest of us for the results to roll in. cbs 4s jamie yukis is live in new york at donald trump's election night headquarters. hello, jamie. >> reporter: hey, jim and karen. i can tell you that we have new national poll numbers that just came out as voters are leaving the po highest number of voters, said that their biggest concern with the candidate was someone who can bring about change. donald trump voted at a polling place near his home in new york city. trump gave childrennify 5s and talked with voters before casting his ballot. >> did you vote? >> reporter: he was encouraged by early returns. >> let's see what happens. >> reporter: the republican presidential nominee called the
4:36 pm
>> why are you voting for donald trump? >> we do need change in washington and because of all of the corruption that has been going on and all the cover ups. >> reporter: other voters are just relieved that the mud- slinging coming to an end. >> i'm exhausted. [ laughter ] so glad it's over. >> reporter: that seems to be the sentiment all around the united states. here in mid-town manhattan, i can tell you that trump supporters are just being let in to the election right now. otherwise, the press has been here for much of the afternoon. donald trump himself, by the way, will be watching the returns come in a few blocks away from here with family and friends a the trump tower -- friends at trump tower and he will not show up here until all of the election results are in. >> thank you very much. we'll check in with the clinton campaign live here in just a few moments. >> the earliest polls to close on the east coast will happen at the top of the hour.
4:37 pm
has more. >> reporter: there are three pivotal states, florida, north carolina, and ohio, must-wins for trump. if he loses here, it's lights out. if he wins, colorado becomes very important and drilling down here, there are really five counties that could swing this: jefferson, arapahoe and larimer, traditional swing counties and pueblo and adams, traditionally democratic strongholds that trump could flip with the help of working- class democrats. as of this afternoon, republicans were edging out democrats in jefferson arapahoe, 8600 more democrats had voted and in larimer, about 6200 more republicans have. >> the balance of power in the united states senate hangs in the balance tonight. >> republicans are expected to hang on to the house, but the senate really is up for grabs. the current senate has 54 republicans and 46 democrats, two of whom are independents that caucus with the party. democrats need four to five seats to flip the senate, depending on who the vice
4:38 pm
the most contented races are nevada, missouri, indiana, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and north carolina. we'll be watching these closely tonight. it's interesting, colorado's u.s. senator michael bennett was once considered the most vulnerable democratic incumbent this election, but he's expected to win against republican darrell glen who has not been able to mount an effective challenge due to a lack of infrastructure and resources. the party establishment has not helped him out much at all. >> we heard about the latino vote being especially a big tact factor in florida and arizona. what about here? >> it could be a huge factor here. they represent 15% of colorado's electorate and are breaking for clinton. another big voting bloc overlooked is veterans. there are more than 400,000 veterans in colorado, about 13% of our electric. they favor trump. young voters could be key this year. they're not excited about either candidate and if they sit it out, that really hurts clinton.
4:39 pm
have much more from shaun throughout the evening and all night. we want to check in with hillary clinton's headquarters. >> and here's more. what do you have in. >> reporter: crews are putting the finishing touches on the stage where hillary clint son hoping to make history. -- clinton is hoping to make history. many are filing in, hoping to get as close to her as possible. clouds greet -- crowds hillary clinton as she arrived to vote in new york. she said voting for herself was humbling. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. >> reporter: former president bill clinton said he's already getting used to the idea of being the country's first, first gentlemen. >> it felt that way for several years now. i'm good. >> reporter: voters face long lines as the polls open. pennsylvania is a battleground
4:40 pm
these philadelphia voters didn't need a reminder. >> i think hillary will make a difference. trump, i see him as for himself. >> reporter: and clinton arrived in new york city just around 6:00. she is spending the first part of the evening at the peninsula hotel, which is just one block away from trump tower. she will make her way here to the javitz center to watch the rest of the results thousands of supporters. jim and karen? back to you. >> and thank you very much. the congressional races being closely watched this election. the balance of power, will it shake up at all? alan gionet is here now. you will follow the races closely, report you? >> and i want to look at what is going on here in colorado. and let's go to them. we'll bring them in here and take a closer view and we'll
4:41 pm
district 1. this is tiny district in the middle of denver, diana deget faces casper stockholm, an air force veteran here but we don't expect this raise to be tight. -- race to be tight. we go to the second congressional district. that is on the west side, incumbent democrat jared polace and facing markets executive nicholas morse this evening. one of the big races is going to be in district entire area, southern colorado from pueblo wrapping around the bottom of the west side of the state and incumbent republican scott tipton is facing a strong challenge from democrat, former state senator, gail schwartz. and this would be tipton's fourth term, this is his toughest challenge. district 4 out here on the plains, eastern plains and up into adams county there. this one is largely republican and favors incumbent ken buck
4:42 pm
district 5, colorado springs. you know, that is the most conservative in the state. incumbent doug lamborn is facing democrat misty plowwright, the first openly transgender person to win a major party nomination for congress in colorado. district six has been the focus of a lot of attention around the country. incumbent republican mike coffman facing morgan carol. this election carol has tried to tie coffman who has distanced himself from trump and pointed to many of his more moderate positions adapted since the district change. that is going to be closely watched and district 7, that one is on again, the west side of the metro area. ed purl mutter facing george athenstopolis. perlmutter has more in this. >> and that is a tough one. thank you. our coverage of campaign
4:43 pm
part on social media and the investigation after a woman is pushed to her death while pushed to her death while waiting in ,, hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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. we're following breaking news at 4 8:45. an aurora police officer goes to the hospital after being wounded by a murder suspect. that suspect later called by police in denver. jennifer brice is following. look she's live where -- she's live where it came to an end. what is the latest, jennifer? >> reporter: just like you mentioned, jim, there are two crime scenes that police are investigating. one involves the house over my shoulder right here in denver, and also an apartment complex aurora police say they were called out to the apartment complex. it's there where a person was shot and later died at the hospital. the suspect from that shooting ended up at is this home in denver off of 46th. denver police say that suspect came out of the house, a confrontation began and shots were fired. we do now have it confirmed that suspect has been pronounced dead and he died out here at the scene.
4:47 pm
was shot in this whole instant. he, though, is in stable condition now and recovering at the hospital. still a lot of details to sort out. a huge police presence here in denver and off of the del mar apartment complex out there. live in denver, jennifer brice, cbs 4 news. >> thank you, jen. the investigation developing after a woman is pushed under the in time square, new york. the victim is 45-year-old connie laton. the suspect, melanie liverpool, admitted to the crime and later recanted after witnesses pointed her out to police. the police describe her as emotionally disturbed. there were allegations they had an interaction before the push. >> the people that were on that platform did exactly what we wanted them to do. if they saw something, they
4:48 pm
woman push another woman. >> liverpool is being held without bail. the police are reviewing the surveillance video to see if it shows an argument. and part of a road collapses in japan leaving a massive sinkhole. >> and buildings near the road are evacuated until crews can make it safe there again. this is news from around the world tonight. the sinkhole issue inned 90 feet wide, 40 feet long and 45 feet deep. it's huge. it caused widespread electricity, water, outages. authorities suspect that subway construction work nearby might be a factor in causing the sinkhole. >> that is huge. wow. and heavy smog won't let up in new delhi. this is the worst pollution to blanket the indian capital in nearly 20 years and that is saying something. some people are wearing masks when they do venture outside. and the government might soon restrict driving. >> russian zoo animals got a chance to weigh-in on the election. they chose between pumpkins with portraits of the
4:49 pm
clinton, the polar bear chose donald trump after take a few minutes to deliberate. >> and i think that is how some voters chose it. >> the whole election. >> the election will dominate social media tonight. coming up, how you can take part in the election coverage with our social media team. >> and we just have a little bit of cloudiness spilling into colorado. that is the only moisture we're seeing. looking at it close up, not much going on. more than that,
4:50 pm
,, ,,
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,, ,,
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. right now, we encourage all of you to be a part of our election coverage through our social media. >> and brett is working with the social media team in the newsroom. brit, we know you're going to engage viewers. what will you work on? >> hi, karen and jim. happy election day. viewers on federal government. social media is playing a bigger role this election than ever before and we here at cbs 4 are embracing the trend. the pew research group said 44% of americans learned about this election through social media, so just to give you an idea of how the news-gathering trend has really changed, this outpaces local and national newspapers. both hillary clinton and donald trump discovered seemingly a
4:53 pm
through social media. both tweet and facebook to re- lay info, trade jabs with each other, and directly communicate with the american people. the candidates are all over snap eye chat and instagram and this is a plausible reason. reports indicate that millennials, people ages 18 to 35, are the majority group using social media. they make up 31% of the voting population. this is nearly the same as the baby boomer population. now, in the past, have showed up at the polls in weaker numbers, but this year, experts press secretary more are expected to vote. so, let's talk about cbs 4s role. we're conducting an open conversation with you all night long. we'll be talking through facebook live, showing you what it's like behind the scenes at cbs 4 and interviewing our team in the field and here at the station. now, you can help us be the eyes and ears of this election. tweet or facebook us with
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britmorenotv. that is me. or find cbs denver on facebook or twitter and use the #4 election. i want to show you a couple of comments people have sent in to us. here they are. this person said proposition 106 is important to her. assisted suicide is most important because a dignified life deserves a dignified death. and joe denka said on facebook i feel hopeful. i voted yesterday and, well, yes, it's scary. so, if you want to see us on page again, cbs denver is the place to go. jim, karen right now, #post voting stress relief is trending on twitter and doesn't surprise me. >> and we'll looking forward to your work tonight. thanks. >> thank you. and let's go to ed greene and find out about the weather. >> as we look at doppler 4000, we have high clouds passing across the state and that is what we have seen all day and the moisture around the area. and here it is at 4:00 this
4:55 pm
through wednesday overnight and into wednesday and then we go to wednesday, 10:00 news time. you didn't see anything up here at all. that is how we're going to be the next few days. with the clear skies tonight and into tomorrow morning, a freeze warning over southeastern colorado. 11:00 p.m. tonight until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the temperatures will drop below the freezing mark in the shaded area. of course, other spots will see below freezing temperatures as well. the showers and thunderstorms off to the east. the high pressure holding and everything not moving at all. the stationary front to th high pressure is keeping us high and dry and mild for this time of the year. the orange, this is the high pressure ridge. it's over us right now and that is the mild weather. the dark blue and purple, that is the cold weather. put this in motion, you can see how this just kind of hangs around and hangs around. all of this stuff goes off to the north and this continues to hang around. we'll take it all the way into monday at 6:00 a.m. and we still have that ridge here. you notice how it's beginning
4:56 pm
we think that some of this may come through maybe by next thursday. and that is our next chance of moisture. that is 9 days away and a little far out to be too accurate. that is what we're thinking. 65 and 67 are our highs, after starts of 32 and 36. 56 and 28 are normal. eight and 80y and 12. the records. 65 and 56 now out at the airport with an east wind at 7. the temperatures tonight, 20s and 30s over the eastern plains, teens and 20s for the mountains. out west, the temperatures in and for tomorrow, we'll look at 60s and 70s, a nice mild day for the eastern plains. nice in the mountains with 50s and 60s and out west, mostly is the 60 -- in the 60s and this is the denver forecast. tonight, mostly clear skies, temperatures in the mid-40s and we're in the low 70s, 58 is normal this time of the year and for the next few days, the sunshine keeps becausing and we see temperatures more, cool by
4:57 pm
november . >> incredible, just crazy. >> right, and not much change until next would go. >> oh, my ,,
4:58 pm
,, ,, ,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
4:59 pm
blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? breaking news tonight from the colorado secretary of state's office the democrats going to
5:00 pm
captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: we're at the cbs news decision desk, and early indications are this is shaping up as a tight race for president. we could be in for a long night. polls have closed in six states, including two of the battlegrounds that will decide the presidency. >> they are virginia and georgia, and it is too soon to project a winner in clinton has an edge over donald trump based on the exit polls. >> pelley: sample precincts from the early count is how we're determining that on the can exit polls. trump has the edge in georgia. it the peach state has been low-hanging fruit for republicans in every election since 1996. >> reporter: both candidates are on the board with winds. we project clinton will get


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