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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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on facebook, about 3,000 people rsvped to this group. but clearly, the crowd is much bigger than this. during the election cycle, we saw trump rallies somewhere around 5,000 to 8,000 people. i would say this crowd is just about as big as that one. we have to send it back to you now. >> all right, big crowd. and, i hope that stan says safe. meanwhile, mr. trump traveled to meet president white house. >> they began the transition from one presidency to the next. >> i had the chance to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wide ranging. we talked about some of the organization issues. we talked foreign policy and domestic policy. and as i said last night my number one priority in the next
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ensures our president-elect is successful. >> this is a meet ing that was going to last ten or 15 minutes. we got to know each other. we have never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour-and-a-half. and, it could have as far as i'm concerned could have gone on a lot longer. we have discussed a lot of different some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president. >> well, there is already speculation about who trump will appoint in his cabinet. >> will it include anybody from colorado? our political specialist shaun boyd sizes up the prospects. >> reporter: trump's family will not be part of his administration. while most president's cabinets are full of washington insiders, trump's like his
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donald trump a splashy sendoff to dc where in addition to meeting president obama, trump met with his transition team to begin assembling a new government. colorado campaign chair robert blah a will change business assembling usual. >> you will see barriers turning this into a feeding at the trough thing. >> reporter: blaha has been approached about playing a role in the trump administration, but it is not >> everybody is bellying up to the bar saying here is what i want. but mr. trump has been anything but traditional. >> reporter: rudy giuliani or chris christie for attorney general. newt gingrich, secretary of state. dr. ben carson or bobby jindal health and human services. sarah palin, interior secretary. reince priebus, chief of staff.
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entry executives in oil, gas, and finance. >> i would not be a bit surprise to see people who are brand new to this system. brand new to the whole washington beltway thing. you will see a lot of the business tools and techniques we have been using for decades brought into the agencies. that is how you make them smaller. all the way to customer service. customer service, you will see a big push in government to have customer service. >> reporter: one of the agencies that will see an overhaul un is the veteran's administration which has come under fire for a number of scandals including long wait lists for veteran's healthcare and overruns like the one in aurora, i'm political specialist shaun boyd, cbs4 news. >> shank you. right now, we are getting new details about the deadly shooting of a police officer in pennsylvania. >> another officer still in the hospital tonight. this is the news across america for you at 6:30. authorities say the two officers were responding to
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pittsburgh. the officers apparently ambushed. they say michael quickensky shot at them before turning the gun on his pregnant girlfriend and himself killing them both. neighbors described the fallen officer. >> he gave so many people so many extra chances. and ... he did whatever he could to help out. >> officer scott basham died at the hospital. he leaves behind four children. authorities say the couple has had problems for the last year. a woman in stockton, ca charged with selling food illegally online. state health officials cited marisa ruellis for selling their homemade ceviche on facebook without proper paperwork. they say they kept selling it even after being sited. >> i just from day one honestly, i felt that none of us, all the other ladies as well, i felt none of them should have had a misdemeanor.
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could seriously hurt someone without proper oversight of her food. she will go to trial next month and likely get community service is found guilty. surveillance video shows a moment the mayor of miami shores florida gets punched in the face in broad daylight. he was chasing robbers after they made out with her purse. with what looks like a gun. she says she doesn't regret running after them because she got valuable information and gave it to the police. >> it is dangerou very young person. and that he wasn't expecting to be chased and if i had not chased after, i would not have been able to get the tag. >> police did catch up with a few of the thieves. the mayor credits the police department for their hard and quick work. >> glad she is all right. >> tough. flash flooding catches drivers off guard in the middle of rush hour. >> dozens of people trapped and this was not the only problem caused by the heinrich heavy rains. >> and a few clouds moving
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temperature this cold we have not seen since october 12. ly tell you how cold it is going to be. ,,
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>> we continue to follow protests of donald trump in downtown denver. copter 4 had to stop and refuel. to give you the big picture again before 7:00 tonight. and a galaxy not too far away, star wars fanatics will soon get an up close and personal look at the iconic costumes from the movies. >> lauren denver art museum for a preview. >> reporter: the latest block buster exhibit at the art museum, star wars and the power of costume takes a look at the process of taking a costume from pay tore its role on the big screen. >> you start to shake. you put the drawings away and you take a blank sheet of paper and draw the drawing. >> reporter: ian mckeg helped to create many of the costumes and the mood of many
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costumes. i was drawing people. >> reporter: these costumes are the real deal. the ones worn by harrison ford as han solo and natalie portman as queen amidala. >> i got to do darth maul. i said who could bet that? that is padme. >> reporter: there are 70 pieces from darth vader, ewoks, droids. objects that craftsmanship during the design process. >> everything is there to serve the story. >> reporter: lauren whitney, cbs4 news. >> star wars the power of costume exhibit opens at the denver art museum this sunday. the wait is almost over. go to the cbs denver facebook page now to see an extended interview on this exhibit and go to to get your tickets. they are going fast. denver arts week wraps up
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taken. the museum of contemporary art is offering admission for a penny. they have four exhibitions including a retro spective of kim dickey. >> this is first, career survey of this very prominent artist featuring these sort of natural forms that have a kind of eccentricity to them. and artificial looking. >> you can visit the links and info section on cbsdenvem going on for denver arts week. going to get a little chile outside. ed is up next with the forecast as we see a busy day on i-25. >> if you have a news tip or story idea, we want to hear from you, call our tip line at 303 will 863 tips or send us an
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. >> the ongoing fight in mosul continues against isis. >> this is the new ifs around the world. the fight for the major city in
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forces and u.s. led air strikes. despite good new, the u.n. received credible reports of thousands of civilians being forced to relocate inside mosul. so, isis can use them as human shields. so far, 35,000 people have been displaced. most of them, now living in humanitarian camps. flash flooding leaves at least six people dead according to officials in johannesburg, south you can see several dozen other cars sitting there in the floods. boundary wall at the zoo collapsed. officials say no dangerous animals escaped. flights were assembling diverted. no snow here. sweden may have gotten it all. they had the snowiest day in denver in 111 years. about a foot fell. many swedes were caught off guard. as meteorologists say they don't usually see this much
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city is urging everyone to try to work from home because you don't want all the volvos slamming into each other. >> share the snow with us people. >> they are getting snow. we are getting it late. there is moisture all over the place. >> i'm a little off. >> well, i have known that for years. >> let's go outside and take a look now. you see we have no weather problems here. a nice day. six degrees cooler than yesterday. still, well above normal this time of the year. as we take a look at doppler 4, wichita. all we are seeing is a few scattered showers over albuquerque there. and a lot of that is not reaching the ground. there is nothing going on over our state. a cool front in a stationary front kicking up showers over portions of texas. there are the showers over new mexico. a few in the great lakes region. this will cool us off tomorrow. let's take a look at this first. drought monitor, 98% of the state is under some form of drought.
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extreme north western colorado. otherwise, we have abnormally dry or along the front range and adjacent plains out to the east. moderate drought at this time. now, we talked about cooler weather coming in. last time, it was this cool that we are going to see tomorrow. it was october 12. just 49 degrees for the high. last time we got any moisture, the same day. only one-one-hundredth of an inch of rain. that is barely a sprinkle as that front came through. this front will come through. 69 and 68 are thhi after starts of 42 and 39. normal, 55 and 27. extreme 78 and 8 below. 58 and 50 right now. northeast wind at 6. 35% humidity. a rising barometer. yes, fletcher reminds us the usmc, united states marine corp., 241 years old. we salute them and everyone in the service. they established in 1775. loveland opened up today.
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winter park is getting into the act. cold enough to get their snow guns going. temperature to night. here is your denver forecast. clear skies in the mid 30s . tomorrow, mostly cooler conditions. 58 degrees for the high. and then the next several days, you see the 58-degree reading for veterans day with a lot of sunshine. and we go right back to mild weather. we are in the mid to upper 60s , saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, 73 degrees. >> thanks ed. well, when the weather finally does turn cold, you know that furnace scammers will be ready to take advantage.
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>> investors apparently like what they are hearing from the president-elect. the dow jumped 218 point to close at a record high. bank stocks up 4%. uncertainty did hit tech stocks. the knack dabbing fell and the s&p was up four points. weekly applications fellly
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high the previous week. businesses appear to be confident enough to hold onto their workers. when layoffs are low, companies step up the hiring. a lot of homeowners are looking to have the furnaces serviced before winter but some are already getting ripped off. a couple in boston scheduled a routine furnace checkup after moving into a new home. the technician diagnosed a cracked heat exchanger saying the family needed to turn the system off. because, it could allow carbon monoxide to get >> maybe about 20 minutes or so, comes upstairs and says, we got some bad news. >> yeah, the family say it is company suggested they install a brand new furnace costing several thousands of dollars. well, then they got a second opinion. turns out, the furnace is just fine. >> hmm. happening tomorrow, it is veteran's day. many restaurants are saying thank you with free food.
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current service members can get a free food. black friday now just two weeks away. >> it is already here! wal-mart, target, and best buy are rolling out plans. best buy lo open at 5:00 thanksgiving day. wal-mart and target at 6:00 and stay open through black friday. best buy will close at 1:00
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,, ,, >> now back to breaking news we have followed all hour. copter 4 back in the air over thousands of people protesting
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the roxboro test. they are in front of the convention center along speer. but things are peaceful. we will continue to follow this protest and bring you the latest tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. drivers all over the country are reporting explosions in their cars while they are driving. cbs4's lauren dispirito looks into this frightening experience. >> i heard this huge explosion. >> reporter: linda was driving on the highway when it happened. >> really startled me. freaked me out. >> reporter: she said she is >> i believer it is a defective product. >> reporter: she is not the only one complaining about experiencing explosions while driving. >> coming up tonight at 10:00, lauren tells us more about this possible driving danger. and why safety investigators are not looking into it. >> hey, we have a cooldown tomorrow ed. >> we do. let's take a look at it. 58 degrees tomorrow. still, 3 above normal this time of the year. still.
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67, 66, 67 monday, look at tuesday, 73. then, it looks a lot like tuesday on wednesday. >> oh my gosh. thanks ed. >> and thank you for joining us on colorado's news channel. >> we will continue to follow the big protest downtown, another one in boulder. we will see you tonight at 10:00. ,, thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.
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