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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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we've got another trouble spot, we'll break it down coming up in just a moment. joel, thanks for that. we have breaking news out of portland, as protestors held a second night of demonstrations that turned into a riot. again, thanks for joining us here on cbs4. >> let's get you the news on what's hatching around the country and denver. in portland what started as peaceful protests got very ugly. police grenades to get the crowd out of the bridge area. several people were arrested after police warned them. >> our hena daniels has more on the protests, as we start the transition to a donald trump presidency. >> reporter: demonstrators in oakland, l.a. and portland brought traffic to a stand still overnight. still angry over donald trump's
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and racist. >> i am undocumented and i am very afraid. >> reporter: as tensions escalated, this man brandishing a weapon confronted demonstrators. >> we're calling 911 right now! >> reporter: this woman was captured on cell phone video throwing detergent on those blocking roadways. president-elect trump took to twitter late branding his opponents as professional protestors inciteed by the media. many made their voices heard outside his properties in several cities, including new york. >> reporter: concrete barriers have been erected around trump tower in new york. the extra security came after his one-on-one meeting with possible at the white house yesterday. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help
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succeeds. >> reporter: trump met with mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. >> i think we're going to do some spectacular things for the american people. >> reporter: one of his top priorities, repealing obamacare. in denver thousands of people took to the highway and there were about 3,000 people who marcd street mall and made their way out to i-25. the protests in denver, though, were not violent. there were no arrests overnight and we are working on a live shot now with our jamie leary this morning who is out there to explain to you what happened. we'll try to get back to her in just a minute as we work on getting that going. okay. we have our shawn chitness out live here at home and we'll try to get with him in just a
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video. a colorado pearl harbor survivor will be honored at a meet and greet at valor christian high school this morning. the 94-year-old was 19years old when he was a sailor aboard the u.s.s. arizona when the attack began. this is one of the last remaining survivors and he's planning on returning to hawaii in december to mark the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. also today there e leary live who has been covering these protests that erupted overnight. on a national scale and here locally, good morning, jamie. thousands of people were out on the streets overnight. >> reporter: yeah, this latest protest drew a huge crowd. there's even talk of more protesting today. but i'm told there are more than 3,000 people who took to the streets that lasted well into the morning.
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at the capitol around 5:30 yesterday evening. it was an effort all organized through facebook. the crowd was much larger than anticipated. many of the protestors carried signs, chanting, not my president. the large group marched to the line that at time stretched for blocks. police monitored the situation. protestors marched to the 16th street mall and later to the after a smaller group marched to i- 25, forcing a brief closure of one lane between 23rd and 6th. our stan bush was there last night and spoke to people about their frustratations. >> i feel like him being elected is a slap in the face to a lot of cultures. i am an immigrant and woman and i feel deflated by his nomination. >> reporter: it was around
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thereafter when they dispersed. despite the turnout and disruption to traffic, it remained mostly peaceful. more protests are expected today. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you very much and i know we'll stay on that today as well. we want to turn become to veteran -- back to veterans day. colorado honors the men and women who served our country with a special ceremony today. cbs4's shawn chitness a closer look. good morning, shawn. >> reporter: britt, good morning. we'll have ceremonies across the country to honor the service and dedication of veterans and fort logan will have their service at a vfw post in englewood. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: this year's event will feature speakers from the colorado national guard and buckley air force base.
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understandably an emotional experience and certainly was for those attending. today is a chance to celebrate the service, sacrifice and ongoing achievements of the military. official service that is organized by fort logan actually takes place at the vfw post in englewood and that will later today. reporting live, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. shawn, thank you very much. want to turn now to your weather and traffic this morning. let's get going with ashton here. >> good morning to you, alan. 35 degrees outside right now here in the denver area. this is our camera at lookout mountain looking to the city of course. 6:40will be our sunrise. our weather watcher harold in parker has 35. we always encourage our weather watchers to explain what's
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neighborhood. harold just says dry, and that really describes it very well. no issues with precipitation, rain or snow, forget about it at the bus stop this morning. just clear and colder than yesterday morning. 37 for the kids. we'll check your weekend forecast coming up. now let's get over to joel. pretty good drive, this is through the tech center. look how many cars we have on the roads now, i-25 and arapahoe road. you see a lot of headlights and taillights. that's kind of the story now. not enough to slow things down, at least still within 10 miles per hour limit. we have a side street accident as you get into lakewood there. it's right off of alaska. it's not on one of the main streets. lights malfunctioning and those are as you are at 14th and park. treat that as a four-way stop. the husband of a state trooper killed in the line of duty is suing the drunk driver who hit her and the bar who
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trooper jamie jursevics was hit and killed last fall. the lawsuit goes after the drunk driver and after the bar because of serving alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. a brazen shoplifter in fort collins. the camera shows him trying to stuff a large box under his so big it wouldn't fit. he tried to figure out something else. still walked out with several high priced items. he is still on the run. the iconic redstone castle near glenwood springs has new owners and they have plans for big changes. to this day, much of the furniture and art in that castle are original. the property sold for $2.2 million in an auction last week to the owners of the same
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steve carver. >> about six weeks ago we got a post card that said it was for sale and we thought, that would be interesting. let's go see what it's about. here we are owning it. i think we would like to do six, possibly eight larger bed and breakfast type rooms. >> you can still visit the castle for a tour. that sale comes at the same time there's been another change in ownership of another iconic property in that part of colorado, the independent is reporting glenwood hot springs is buying the 123-year-old historic hotel colorado that stands above it from kansas based group that's operated it for years. 31 degrees in denver. >> as we end this long week we're going to show you some relaxing shots. we'll take you to the ocean and see what the dolphins are doing. the broncos head to new orleans to take on the saints after last sunday's loss. how the team is shaping up.
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researchers discovered the year you were born plays a role in how vulnerable you are to the flu. a new study find people born before 1968 were likely exposed to a flu virus belonging to the first of two groups much less susceptible in adulthood to other strains within that group. those born after 1968 appear to be protected against that second group. a study finds three important predictors to determine whether a child will become overweight or obese. researchers found that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, who may be skipped breakfast and don't have a
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to have a heavier weight. a new study questions whether pregnant women need iron supplements if they are already insufficient. doctors linked high levels of iron to an increased risk of gestational diabetes and women with the highest levels of iron had two and a half times the risk of developing the disease than those with the least. cool video to show you here from the ocean. dolphin watchers in monterey bay, california got this special show yesterday. this is dolphins at work. the monterey bay whale watch shared the video. oftentimes they are in search of bait fish. star wars fanatics will soon get an upclose and personal look at the costumes from the movies. our lauren whitney takes us to the denver art museum for a preview. >> reporter: the denver art museum's latest exhibit, star
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takes an inside look at the process of taking a costume from paper to the big screen. >> you start to shape so much and you put those drawings away and you take a blank sheet of paper, you draw the final drawing. >> reporter: ian mckag helped develop many of the costumes. >> i never thought of a costume. i didn't know i was designing costumes. >> reporter: they're the real natalie portman. >> it was a joy, because i got to do darth mol. >> reporter: there are 70 pieces from darth vader and ewoks and droids and samples and objects that show the skill and craftsmanship during the process. >> it's all focused on story.
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costume exhibit opens at the denver art museum sunday. you can go to the cbs4 denver facebook page to see an extended interview about that exhibit and visit to get your tickets. they are going fast. we want to check on weather and traffic for this friday morning. good morning. >> good friday morning. happy veterans day. 37 degrees now in denver. sunrise 6:40 and just like yesterday, there will be sunshine state-wide later today. but it will be cooler thanks to a cold dia is now 1 degree below freezing. we're 31 out there. greeley at 27. it's 37 in fort collins. 36 in boulder. be prepared for the chill as you step outside this morning. here's going to be the difference today, our afternoon temperatures. we'll be about 15 degrees cooler today than yesterday. denver at 56. boulder 58. greeley 59. 50s on the eastern plains and 50s in the high country as well. in southern colorado you'll see
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this morning. that's because of the cold front which is now sitting over the panhandles of texas and oklahoma. as that front drops south through texas today, it's going to allow high pressure to build back in from california. that will mean a nice weekend warmup, 60s for tomorrow as well as sunday. sunshine all weekend long. northern pacific ocean, yesterday we were talking about a storm off the coast of japan. it's made its way to that's the storm system that will hopefully bring colorado some snow the end of next week. looking more likely that the mountains will see significant snow. denver and the front range, looking less and less likely we would see beneficial moisture here. of course we'll keep you posted. today sunny, high 56. the weekend mid-60s. next week warm, at least to start the week, 68 monday. 74 close to a record on tuesday. let's check the traffic. here's joel hillan. been a great drive this
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nicely. that's the situation southbound coming into town. speeds into the 60s where we like to see them, and that's 9 minutes. westbound along i-76, eastbound along i-270 looking great as well. camera switching there, we have our mousetrap cam and you can see southbound as you get on the approach to i-70 just the volume that we have out there. might be a beneficial morning for the express toll lane coming up in about 15, 20 minutes or so if you're trying to make your into town. bigger side street accident at federal and kentucky. then we've got this light malfunctioning in the westbound direction of 16th. 16th at park. be extra cautious. westbound side malfunctioning there. drive times as you are coming from the east, eastbound along i-70, making your way from downtown out to aurora, that's just 9 minutes from i-25 to i- 225. joel, thank you.
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the broncos face another tough force this sunday and that includes drew brees. >> they play the saints in new orleans. broncos hoping to make things happen with the run game. romi bean joins us now. really going to test the team. >> you're right, it is going to test the team. the broncos have been so good for so long on defense, it's difficult to believe one of their biggest issues now is defending the run. as they head to new orleans for can be sure the saints will test what has become the broncos' weak spot. let's make a list here. the raiders ran for 218 yards and three rushing touchdowns in their win over the broncos this past sunday. now the broncos will be without one of their best run defends in derek wolf who will be out several weeks with a fractured elbow. saint ran for 248 yards and two touchdowns in their win this past weekend.
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have drew brees behind center, who has thrown for over 400 yards in two of his four home games this season. in the saints run the ball like the raiders did, brees will have all the time in the world to find his receivers. put it all together, it spells trouble for a broncos' defense that didn't allo >> enough problems dealing with drew and what they did. what did they have last week, 248 and the week before, good again, and two different guys. they're committed. good offensive football team. they're going to run the ball and they make you get down in the box. it's why they're so good at what they do.
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good plays. >> my x factor is cornerback bradley roby. he racked up 28 yards worth of penalties. if aqib talib missing his third consecutive game as expected, brees will almost certainly look roby's way. if you're looking for the silver lining, the number is 300. the saints' defense is last in the league and the only team to give up 300 passing yards per for sacks. >> i like that number. because maybe that gives trevor siemian the time he might need to find receivers. do you think we have a breakout passing game? >> let's hope so. what's been going on there is with the offense and the offensive line, it's all about timing. that's how gary kubiak's offense works. the tricky thing about this weekend is it's going to be in the dome, which is incredibly loud so it makes it difficult to have that offensive line timing perfect, unless the team's really in sync.
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together and worked on that this week. >> great insight, romi. thank you so much. a reminder, you can catch the game here on cbs4, early game starting at 11:00.
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,, ,,
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,, f0 good morning. time is 5:54. time for weather and traffic. 37 degrees the temperature now in denver. 6:40will sunrise. john our weather watcher in coal creek canyon, he's at around 7800 feet and reporting 27 degrees this morning. if you're not in the 20s, you're in the 30s. it's cold for everybody. not quite as cold as we should be, but still chilly. here's the plan for veterans day, we will stay about 15 degrees below where we were yesterday thanks to a cold front that's now gone by. it will stay sunny. no rain or snow with this front. high temperature today around 56. coming up we'll check your
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a storm system for next week. right now let's get a check on the traffic with joel. it's a great start to the morning commute. couple of trouble spots isolated, the side streets at least for now. i-70 central park boulevard, you have plenty of company from i-225 out to i-25 if you are heading to downtown. southbound coming down into town speeds in the upper 50s. 50s and 60s as you make your way both directions along i-270 through commerce city. westbound along i-76 we have thank you, joel. a couple of new movies in theaters are looking to give dr. strange and trolls some competition at the box office this weekend. amy adams and jeremy renner star in a rival. it's a sci-fi thriller about trying to communicate with aliens. reviews are excellent. it's expected to fall in the third spot. the comedy almost christmas is
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for third place. a christmas film two weeks before thanksgiving could make around $15 million this weekend. 93-year-old woman proves you are never too old to try something new. >> beautiful. oh, wow! how exciting. >> yeah, you think? peggy gruber took on the indoor zip line at the mall of america in minnesota and she had such a she said she wanted to do it again. >> a zip lining granny. who would have thought? 31 degrees. you go, girl. that looks so fun. still ahead, the cbs4 morning news, jamie is live. >> reporter: more protests expected today after thousands take to the street overnight in denver to protest the election. coming up at 6:00, we'll show you what happened when they spilled onto i-25. we'll get right to jamie in
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portland, oregon turns to this, a riot overnight. we will show you what happened there and other spots across the country. you're going to notice a chill in the air this morning. how is the weekend shaping up? ashton is tracking the forecast next. also ahead, new details on the yahoo! hack that affected about 500 ,, i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, verizon is america's most reliable network. and i'm jamie foxx for sprint, with no wins in reliability in any state. you need to stop your shenanigans. i-i'm... you're not jamie foxx. i'm close enough, just like sprint. no! look at my map. take it in. oh! yeah, there you go. eh? yeah. oh. (sighs) don't get fooled by a cut rate network.
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with no surprise overages.
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5:59 now. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us on this veterans day. it's 6:00 on friday. people protesting donald trump's election shut down i-25 in denver. how this all ended.
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turns to riot in portland, oregon. good morning. we're in the 30s to get this veterans day started. it will be a cooler day followed by a nice weekend warmup. your forecast is straight ahead. a little pocket of trouble spots as part of the morning commute. alan, luckily none of them on highway. i-25 is back open after anti-trump protesters managed to shut it down at 6th avenue overnight. the highway closed at 23rd. protests got heated at denver police moved in to get people off of the highway. our jamie leary live with a look at what happened in those protests in denver last night. jamie. >> reporter: good morning, alan. this is the second anti-trump protest here in denver. but this one much larger and at one point it did cause the closure of i-25.


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