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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, ,, ,, >> tonight, von miller's legal team calls it extortion. a lawsuit. after a woman demands millions for a sex tape. >> this registered sex offender busted. taking an up skirt picture at a broncos game. >> dia tests a new plan to protect planes from wandering
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field. >> a paranoid thief steals a credit card and uses it for a home surveillance system. one of the denver broncos biggest stars caught up in a scandal over a sex tape. now, von miller is suing the woman. his lawyers say is trying to sell that video. our stan bush is at the stadium tonight. stan, miller clearly does not want this to get out. >> reporter: certainly, jim. this is an apparent case of blackmail. the woman threatening von miller waited for the linebacker to sign the for the $115 million then threatened him to pay her or she would ruin his reputation. his team worries his marketability will crash after a vacation in mexico. in june, miller and friends rented a lavish cancun resort home inviting a group of women including elizabeth ruiz. they had consensual sex, but
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recorded it on her phone. when he asked her to delete the video, she said gotcha and she contacted a sex tape broker and demanded $2.5 million from miller or she would release the tape. >> i don't know that it would be enough for a jury to say yes. that is a threat. >> reporter: cbs4 legal analyst karen says a criminal investigation into ruiz' hurt miller in the long run. >> all he has to do is be able to show imminent harm. should this recording be released. >> reporter: inn stead, miller filed a civil lawsuit requesting a judge bar ruiz who said she wanted to be the next kim kardashian, from doing anything with the tape. ruiz and her lawyers have not responded to our multiple requests for comments on this story. legal analysts say this case
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porn statutes. live in denver, stan bush, cbs4 news. >> thank you stan. tonight, we have new details about how investigators tracked down a man accused of taking photos up a woman's skirt. police released this picture of the suspect at mile high stadium. the man is a registered sex offender. let's get now to karen morfitt live at the stadium for us tonight. karen, how were they able to track him down? >> reporter: mentioned, police sent out this crime stoppers alert right after this incident hoping that someone would be able to identify this man. all the while, not knowing security was already tracking him down. 33-year-old jacob magee is charged with invasion of privacy. he has been identified as the man inside this crime stores alert accused of using his cell phone snapping photos up a woman's skirt during a denver bronco game. the woman caught him in the act
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confronted him, he ran off. video cameras at sports authority field captured the entire incident including the suspect's distinct blade tight prosthetic leg. security crews scanned through more of their surveillance and spotted him a second time trying to reenter the stadium. court documents say by checking on scanned and rescanned tickets, stadium security was able to identify a ticket number and track down the owner who pointed investigators their suspect. a background search shows magee has a similar number of encount evers including a peeping tom incident that landed him on the sex offender registry. now, magee was arrested and releasted on a $2,000 bond. he will be back in court next month. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. now, the latest on the effort to clean up denver's ballpark neighborhood. today, the city spent hours removing the homeless camps
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the sidewalks. stuff collected will be stored for 30 days. if it is not claimed, it will be thrown away. the city says it has enough shelter beds for everyone out there but most of the homeless choose to live on the streets. >> we want to make sure we offer everything we can to the residents because sleeping and eating on our sidewalks is just not okay for any of our resident to be doing on a regular basis. >> there is a lawsuit pending and federal court claiming the sweeps are a violation of the homeless people's rights. new tonight, an these are surveillance pictures showing a man using a stolen credit card to buy a home security system. lauren dispirito on that story in littleton where that thief made the purchase. and, lauren, it sure didn't take him long. >> reporter: it didn't. the victim tells us that within two-and-a-half hours of her purse being stolen, the suspect was already using her card here at best buy to make the purchase.
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littleton gym, dana highler return today her car and saw that someone had broken her window stealing her purse which had been hidden inside. >> it is a violation for somebody to have to go through this. and yet, they get off scot- free. so, hopefully, we can put a stop to it. >> reporter: with her credit cards, checks, license, and passport gone, she quickly notified the police and the bank. but, according to deputies, not before the man seen here used her card to a home security system. >> you know, like seriously? you know. you used my account for these types of things? it is kind of ironic. >> reporter: deputies hope these images help lead to an arrest. they were captured at best buy on south wadsworth boulevard on october 6. >> they are leaving a little trail behind them. hopefully, something can come from that. >> reporter: she wants whoever stole from her held accountable. >> if i could ever just be face
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questions. what were you thinking. what motivated you to do this. >> reporter: and deputies do need your help identifying the suspect. so, if you have any information about this case, call the jefferson county sheriff's office. live tonight in littleton, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. developing to night, the investigation into this house fire up in mead near longmont that was apparently an explosion in the garage. but firefighters don't know what caused it. no one was hurt, but died. another was rescued. copter 4 flew over protests at du. it was part of a national day of action to reject the dakota access pipeline. today, the u.s. army corp. of engineers decided to delay construction. they said they are going to talk more with the standing rock sioux tribe. the tribe is concerned about contamination because it depends on a lake and a river which the pipeline would sit underneath. pipeline supporters say it would help the u.s. become less dependent on foreign oil.
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se international airport to keep drones away from the aircraft. jeff todd has been reporting on the dangers since the summer. jeff, this is a high-tech study. >> reporter: yeah karen. not just the drones themselves but also, the technology being used to detect them. now, this is the third time the faa has publicly said that it is testing keeping drones away from airliners. >> 4:31 reported. one foot in diameter white drone. >> reporter: since dia there had been 13 reports in just one year. on tuesday, the faa and homeland security started testing new technology for detecting them. >> what they are trying to do is make it where there is some kind of accident caused because of a drone, they can find out who it belonged to. >> reporter: last week, the point man on drones said they would be in denver trying to find a way to identify and control drones near airports.
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some new equipment. i have a feeling most of it will be radar style. >> reporter: another way is called geo-fencing. sid vega is a drone expert. >> it will put a fence around them and make a huge force field. it would put a signal to disable it and lower it down. or possibly be able to figure out where the person is flying it and who it is registered to. and i that will work. >> reporter: the problem is the availability of drones to the public is out-pacing how the government can control and keep them safe. the faa has only done this testing at jfk airport in new york and the airport in atlantic city. we hope to find out much more information from the faa on exactly what they are learning out here. live at dia, jeff todd, cbs4 news. developing tonight, a
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tsa. dozens of loaded guns, even grenades. found at the check points. coming up, the top reason people are traveling with weapons. >> plus, denver's mayor responds to calls from people worried about a trump white house. >> we got your back. >> and the nfl connection after a gunman kills an airline employee at an airport. >> and scammers hit the app store. how to spot fake shopping apps. >> and dry today, but we are watching a chance of snow rolling into colorado tomorrow coming up. >> plus, the avalanche hoping for one final bit of home cooking before hitting the
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>> we are back. this is the news concerning your safety when flying. the tsa tells us it confiscated 70 guns from check points nationwide in the past week. most of them loaded. our tom mustin went to dia to talk with travelers about all
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>> reporter: travelers at dia had a lot to say about the staggering numbers just released by the tsa. >> that is really shocking. >> reporter: spokesperson mike england says in the past week, agents confiscated 70 firearms, 60 that were loaded. along with the guns, the tsa intercepted replica grenades and knives. >> we are trying to educate people and let them know that if they do try to dangerous item on an airplane, they will be caught. >> reporter: steve goodman is encouraged by the number of weapons seized. >> it makes me feel a little safer. they are finding people illegally carrying a firearm. >> reporter: 2016 has been a record year for airline passengers. more weapons have comed with the increased traffic. carelessness rather than terrorism has been the biggest factor. >> the reason that we are given
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just forgot it was there. >> reporter: many of the passengers have legal gunsment and fail to store them properly. firearm laws vary state to state but if you have any questions about traveling with your guns, go to at dia, tom mustin, cbs4 news. developing now, a southwester airlines worker was shot and killed at the airport in oklahoma city. 52-year-old michael winchester was the father of james winchester of the kansas ci chiefs. the team tweeted south condolences. police found that shooter dead later in the airport's parking garage of a self-inflicted gunshot. that shooter has not been identified. police believe he specifically targeted winchester. no word on why. now to the latest on donald trump's transition team. cbs news reports things have stalled but there are front runners for key cabinet positions. rudy giuliani is pushing hard to be secretary of state. the former new york mayor was a
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campaignful alabama senator jeff sessions is front runner for attorney general. he was concerned trump's top ally in congress. and new hampshire senator kelly ayaud is being considered for defense secretary. she distanced hearse from trump during the campaign and lost the election to the democratic governor. president obama got a lot of questions about the election results today. he is in greece for his final overseas trip as president. he said it is up to the u.s. and other countries to preven from counter nationalist movements. >> we have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. >> his comments come as democrats accuse trump of stoking fear by appointing steve bannon to be his chief
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mayor hancock released a video statement today reminding people what denver is all about. >> we will never stop empowering our women. and young ladies and we will treat them with the equality and dignity and respect they deserve. we will strive to keep our immigrant families together and provide them opportunities to achieve and succeed. we will focus on being a happy, healthy, and safe ac children to grow up. >> the mayor says people should get more involved in their own communities and help uplift their neighborhoods. we know but now, a lot of you are tired of hearing about politics. that includes one united airlines pilot. he sent out this message to passengers after two people on the plane got into a fight about the election. >> everybody has their opinions. that's fine. have the common decency to
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it will not be on this one. i hope that is fair. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> well, as you can hair, passengers agreed with the guy at the controls. heading into the holidays, a warning about shopping apps that are more naughty than nice. they look like real stores like foot locker and nordstrom, but they are fake. one way to check is to look at the reviews and ratings. >> if i look down here, i see a lifetime, 10,000 of them. with an average of four stars. to me, that is a sign this is the legitimate app from the legit company. >> dan ackerman suggests looking at the app descriptions keeping an eye out for typos. using the fake apps can damage your personal financial and should say personal financial information. colorado one of three states that will test out a digital drivers license program. with the help of a grant, the dmv will create digital drivers
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on your smartphone. the pilot program will last two years but it is not clear i when it will start. colorado embraces the chance to have new technology. we will be flirting with record warmth tomorrow. then. >> we get the blankets out and the snow boots. >> exactly right. it could happen. things are really going to change. but look at where we were today. temperatures in the 70s at 81 in pueblo. a record high, the old set back at 1894 was 80 degree the state. looks like we will do it again tomorrow. nothing but a few high clouds over the west. that is ahead of the new system headed our way. as we look at the big pigture, a series of fronts. some of these were dry fronts that didn't do anything. gusty winds. a few degrees cooler. here comes the front and off the coast, we have had the storm system that is headed our way. let's go to lauren whitney in
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winter or fall like. this is what we are going to get. so we have this area of low pressure moving toward colorado starting tomorrow night. we will see some of the impacts of that on wednesday night. yes, tomorrow is wednesday. we are in the middle of the week, we get rain and snow in parts of the high country. off to the western slope. some of that shifts toward denver in the afternoon hours on thursday. so, we may get some rain, we may get a rain snow mix. but it looks like the track of the storm does bring in the front range some moisture. eastern plains you may pick up a little snow. rain from this and some of our mountain areas could pick up quite a bit. here in denver, probably won't see much accumulation because it has been so warm. we have seen some of our mountain areas looking at five to ten inches of snow from tomorrow night through the wee hours of friday morning. could see up to a foot in really high elevations. could see two to five inches of snow. here in denver, no advisories
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but we will see potential for moisture on the front range. and it will get a lot colder as well. you will need to find the winter courts. until them, very warm and very dry. >> that's right. winner storm watch for the mountains. skiers will be thrilled. there it is right next to it. we have the red flag warning going from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that is tomorrow. for high fire danger. here is where the storm stretches from montana to utah to colorado, all the way to portions of south dakota. this is a pretty big storm. we will get just part of it. here it is the hour by hour forecast. you start to see a few clouds tomorrow. an maybe a little shower or a sprinkle u7 in the higher elevations. here comes the serious snow. good snow at the higher elevations. a rain mixed with snow showers about noon on thursday. changes over to snow. pretty good snow right there. we could get a good shot of snow. but it just doesn't last very long. we will roll into friday. clear sunny conditions but school temperatures. warm today, 77 and 78. 52 is normal.
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so we missed the record high by a single degree. 66 in bailey. westminster had 76. 77 in both leader and wheat ridge. 79 in arvada today. 54 and 57 now. south breeze at 17. 22% humidity. lows tonight. 30s and 40s over the eastern plains. teens, 20s , 30s , higher up. out west, temperature ins the 30s to around 40 degrees. another warm day over the eastern plains tomorrow. this will last for a while. 70s and 80s for the east. 50s and 60 inside the for the denver forecast, mostly clear skies with the temperatures in the low 40s for the lows. then for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. we will be in the upper 70s once again. 77 the record for tomorrow. could tie it. look at that drop. 43 degrees on thursday, 41 on friday, but, is sunshine returns, so does the mild weather just in time for the weekend. kind of hangs around for monday and tuesday. we are back in the 50s as we head toward thanksgiving but we are dry. >> we need the nicewet tore get
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well tonight, the colorado state patrol is remembering trooper jamie jersavic. she was honored with a flag ceremony. she died one year ago today when she was hit by a drunk driver along i-25 in castle rock. and a stretch of the interstate was also dedicated to remembering her service. >> you hear about public service a lot. but i think there are a very select few people willing to make the sacrifice. and sometimes, it life. >> she is survived by a husband and baby girl.
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>> college football teams have a saying they remember what you do in november. the avs would like to remember what they do. they are hosting the la king ins the final night of a four- game home stand after a scoreless first, the avs started to boruk with the deelection. they score two in a matter of 22 seconds. then blake comeau adds another one. the avs win it 4-1. they will head to dallas on thursday. >> i think we have a lot offal talent on our team. this game brought back a lot of confidence. hopefully, we keep looking
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the smiles off their faces headed into vacation. can't blame them for feeling goo. not only did they beat new orleans, but they won the game on a blocked point and returned for a two point conversion. here is the point that might have escaped you. watch jarod putt it on the snapper. opening up the jumping lane for justin simmons. an unconventional, but totally legal move. >> he put the whole thing up. did a good job as fa know, putting your hands on the guy which is legal. for those who don't know. we go with all the rules in the special team. we are not just there to play. we are going out there to play legally. >> as far as i know it is legal. if it isn't, they didn't call it. it is final with me. >> refs don't call it so it is good to know. we did a little reminiscing tonight. our century link poll question, which game winning bronco play the your favorite. tebow mania still reigning
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thomas pass. coming up, a familiar sight
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>> the week 12 edition of the college football rankings. buffs number 10. despite losing last week, clemson rounding out the top for. colorado hadn't been mentioned in more than a decade. speaking of a blast from the past we ran into, that there. the original coach mac. our eric christensen caught up with him to talk about his favorite colors and the current coach mac. >> what i learned over the years is that everything rises and falls on leadership. every home. every business. every church in every college football team. they are good. >> reporter: it is a surprising thing. >> i will tell you what to look for so you are not surprised.
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first and scramble. you have yourself something. >> i see you are wearing your black and gold today. how happy does it make you to see the success after so many down seasons? >> as far as black and gold, these are only colors they have in heaven. you know that? i took a peek. >> glad i have a wardrobe full of it. >> good to see coach mac and a big game this weekend for the
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>> ernie sent this picture in called moon struck. that's the moon. this is the picture ernie sent in. [ laughter ] >> oh my god. >> he has a good telescope. >> he must have been looking at
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coming to you from hollywood, it's comics unleashed. with your host byron allen! john roy. aaron foley! and todd sany! and now the only man not run states, byron allen!


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