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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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live from colorado's news channel this is cbs and more -- cbs4 morning news. >> this is the news on wednesday, november 16. i am alan glenn. >> state, a winter wind -- winter weather by -- advisory at stevens pass. beautiful image there and this is exactly what we need in our state. let's get over here and figure out if our dreams come true. >> what is that stuff? [ laughter ] >> you need a mic, ashton. >> 62 degrees in the denver
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morning. we had some wind ahead of a cold front that will arrive tonight into tomorrow morning so today is going to be another very warm day. we came so close to a record yesterday. it's 55 in centennial. these are temperatures we're typically waking up to in early september, not the middle of november. you can see some clouds already so we will call it cloudy today and here's the actual storm system as we look at video of snow in washington state. the actual front is right here where we see these clouds across nevada and idaho. we will talk about all of this in detail coming up but again for today it's dry and it will be warm, summer-like weather with a high of 79. today's record is 77 so i think not only will we time we will break and really blow out that
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excellent start to the morning, across the denver metro area just what we like to see. construction slowing but nice light volumes and that's where we are seeing green almost always across the map. on 285 it's green both ways, wide-open. the denver broncos' biggest star is now bringing a lawsuit to try to stop a woman who is trying to market a sex tape made with him. -- he says she's trying to sell a o the case. >> he's worried his marketability will crash after what happened at a resort in mexico. they invited a group of women that included elizabeth ruiz. according to court documents, they had consensual sex with the aspiring reality star recorded it on her phone and
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contacted a man who bills himself as a sex tape broker. he demanded $2.5 million from her or she would make the video public. >> it's a tape that shows two people having consensual sex. i don't know that that would be enough for a jury to say yes that's a threat. >> all he has to do with regard to this protection ordee should this recording be released. >> she said she wanted dish -- she has said she wanted to do -- to be the next kim kardashian. >> we will analysts tell stan bush the case may also fall under revenge pornography statutes.
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a woman's skirt. police released this picture taken at mile high stadium during the broncos-chargers game and this is the man they've arrested. we've learned he is in fact a registered sex offender, 32- year-old jacob mcgee. according to the paperwork from the arrest, a woman caught him in the act of using a cell phone to attend -- to snap photos during the broncos game. they captured the entire incident distinctive prosthetic leg. police tracked down the owner who pointed investigators to mcgee. a background search shows he is registered as a sex offender and his expected back in court december 15. president elect donald trump took to twitter to let everybody know things are going
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>> president-elect donald trump issued this tweet last night calling his transition to the white house quote very organized and adding i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. vice president-elect mike pence spent the day at trump tower narrowing down a list of those who will kill -- fill keep cabinet post. among those seen in the building, trump's former rival ted cruz, jeff sessions and steve nugent for secretary. >> we are working on a transition to make sure we get the biggest chat -- biggest tax changes since reagan. >> reporter: there may already be signs of turmoil. just days after new jersey governor chris christie was removed from his role as transition chair, former republican congressman mike rogers announced he was quitting the effort. in a tweet eliot cohen a former state department official under
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barry -- angry and arrogant urging folks to quote stay away. democrats kept up calls for the president-elect to fire steve bannon as strategist. >> it will be impossible to take the net -- take trump's claims seriously. >> he gets to choose whoever he wants to a select. >> more than two months away. today joe biden sits down for lunch with mike pence. vice president-elect mike pence is also said to get his first presidential intelligence briefing a day after he was -- donald trump received his. jill wagner is live from the floor of the new york stock exchange to update us today with the morning money watch report.
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another all-time record high, the nasdaq rose 57 and right now futures are pointing to a bit of a lower open. starting in january united airlines is introducing new budget airfare called basic economy where passengers will not be able to pick seats, they will be limited to a small carry-on bag small enough to fit under the seat. delta has a similar model and american airlines is planning one in the future. the fault is trend card -- card eat -- for the year. and apple's latest product is a design book for your coffee table, a hardcover book with photos of the company's iconic designs from the 1998 iphone to the apple watch dedicated to apple founder steve bob -- steve jobs.
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depending on the size. you would have to be a big apple fan. >> okay, all right. thank you. new video after firefighters rescue a driver whose vehicle went into a golf course pond. this happened in northeast fort collins. we got this picture at about 6:00 last night where the man's car ended up in about five feet of water get him to safety. there were no injuries and no colorado state patrol is looking into why he was there. a child's reaction to a fall has the mother of five kids saying she's thankful her other son was there. you see the baby fell from a changing table. it was caught on video. there's video from a camera in the family's home. you see the baby -- did you see that? leg goes over the edge and
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the brother rushes in and makes the catch of the day. >> i felt like something came in just push me forward and when that happened -- pushed me forward and when that happened i just ran and caught him. >> the mother says her nine- year-old is a hero and his brother is now to locate -- too heavy for him to carry. >> look out, demaryius thomas. look at the hands on that kid. right now it's 60 degrees in denver. >> so called yo-yo dieting could be hard on a woman's
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this is the news in health. more people than ever before are battling high blood pressure. new analysis of global data shows the number of people with high pressure has doubled to nearly 1.1 billion. levels are rising significantly in south asia and sub-saharan africa. men have higher blood pressure than women in most regions around the world. researchers found women with a history of migraines could be adamgr stroke. a study of more than 900 women found they are more than twice as likely to suffer a stroke and have an 83% higher risk of having cardiovascular problems like heart attacks. and postmenopausal women with normal weight who repeatedly gain and shed pounds maybe at a greater risk of heart disease. researchers studied more than 150,000 women and the effect of the so-called yodel dieting --
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three times greater risk of cardiac death compared to women whose weight remains the same. people are finding it's much cheaper and websites that claim to be canadian. tonight at 10:00, rick sallinger takes a look at whether this is an option you should choose. with prices on the epipen and other project -- prescription drugs so high -- >> it is cheaper to buy a ticket to europe and get your epipen there here in the united states. >> reporter: there is a cheaper way, but is it worth it? >> i want to make sure this is legal for me to import is in the united states. >> they boast of savings of up to three times what you would pay in the u.s.. >> would you use this canada drug's website to order drugs into the u.s.? >> no. >> it's often a cheaper drug but is it worth the risk? or watch rick sallinger's
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here we go with weather and traffic every 10 minutes. so got -- >> good morning, tomorrow will be winter. that's the best way to describe it right now. it's 63 right now in denver, that's right, 63. it's the warm before the storm. noticed the flag is blowing around -- notice that the flag is blowing around quite a bit. nothing dramatic in terms of the wind the fire danger elevated. right now wind out at dia is 18 miles an hour. temperatures up and down the front range are very mild for most of us, 63 in boulder, a little colder in boulder and lions but everybody is above freezing. even aspen is at 39. later today we will see 50s and 60s throughout the high country and our last warm day for the eastern corridor and planes
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lamar, 86! and it's 16 november. the cold front that's up in idaho right now will start to make its way into colorado tonight and that's when we could start to see a few light rain snow showers overnight in the mountains. it won't be much of the high country until around daybreak tomorrow. you can see snow in eagle and summit counties and all the way down into the san juan progress through the day, snow will pick up in intensity and the high country and we will end up with anywhere from 48 inches of snow for many of the mountain areas, the most in the western slope since is coming in from the northwest. for denver north rain -- north metro i think we will make it through rush-hour tomorrow evening at around 9 am as the colder air continues to invade the area some of that cold rain starts transitioning into some snow. mainly in the afternoon tomorrow
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end of the day tomorrow but remember it's been 80 degrees, so i don't know that more than an inch will accumulate on the roads and grass. we make it out -- me get through this without too much give -- difficulty simply because it is so warm. highs tomorrow with 42, cold rain and then snow. look at those lows dropping into the teens tomorrow night. friday 40 i am on there but am optimistic. even though the sun comes back i think we will still be very cold going to the weekend -- going into the weekend. >> we have audible gasps. left back it's nice and wide open. enjoy these dry roads while we still can. this is a great reminder, isn't it? we are at or near posted speed limits but as you get to both sides of 285 -- as they continue to do roadwork there.
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the president attended a state dinner hosted by the greek president. mr. obama says the two countries have stood in solidarity during war and peace and good times and bad and that includes increases -- includes greece's economic crisis. but not everybody is happy obama is visiting greece. here you see demonstrators set fire to the streets in athens. anti-american sentiment and at least six people were arrested. last night the homeless showed up in an area along broadway and lawrence near the rescue mission. this came after a big homeless sweep yesterday. first rick sallinger shows is why one woman was not going anywhere. >> reporter: since march this encampment has grown, too large and unsanitary for the city not
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for the homeless this meant once again to be moved out. 59-year-old karen perera -- >> are you refusing to move? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: why? >> because it's ongoing harassment from the police department. >> she said somebody needed to take a stand and it was her. police move throughout the area as positions were bundled and garbage removed. karen perera surgery. >> why are you here? >> this is where i live. >> reporter: but the city of denver says there are plenty of beds available. >> we are housing and/or sheltering more than 3000 people every night, and so there are options available. we've not turned anyone willing to enter shelter away. >> reporter: the police cordoned off the area so the cleanup could take place. karen perera said if it meant her
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interim and the henderson of the interfaith alliance offering support. >> she said i'm done. i don't want to move anymore. i do this enough, so she's taking a stand and not moving. >> it was meant to be a peaceful operation and in the end -- she remains the last on the corner. a silent protest amid the turmoil. >> many of the homeless take refuge in that area some strength in numbers. time now for the steel sports break. >> here the college football playoff rankings, buffs checking in at number 10. no surprise. alabama and number one, ohio state and michigan -- as well as clemson rounding out the top four. colorado hasn't been on that list in decades. and look who we ran into at cu
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erika christiansen caught up with him to talk his favorite colors and about the current coach. >> i've learned over the years everything rises and falls on leadership. every home, business, church and college football team. the coaching staff -- these guys are good. >> i will tell you what to look for so you won't be surprised next time. it's the quarterback. a quarterback that can throw first and then scramble got yourself something. >> i see wearing your black and gold today. how happy does it make you to see this team having the success they've had after so many down seasons? >> as far as black and gold -- these are the only colors they have in heaven. did you know that? >> i did not know that. >> well yes, i took a peek. >> i'm glad i have a wardrobe full of it. >> cu has a 1:30 kickoff
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>> this has been the ,,
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while running for president trump talked a lot about china and now the country is talking about him. why the country is fixated on president-elect donald trump. >> what do a pheasant and a kid speaking mandarin have to do with the perception of donald trump in china? >> china china china. >> the chinese seem captivated by both trump's grandchild and his look-alike. the crest of the golden pheasant residing in a golden zoo. there is such a striking resemblance to the donald hair that the pheasant's photo went viral. a bird lover in the u.s. actually made an attack ad featuring him. >> he's threatened to ban all bird migration. >> huge flocks of birds migrate
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they bring bird flu. they eat are worms. >> but enough with his golden mane and the pheasant. >> we're going from pheasants to peasants. >> trump's grandchild reciting a chinese poem here called sympathy for the peasants has renewed sympathy for the president-elect donald trump in china. on their ven impressive, you go, girl to the more skeptical he let's -- that businessman is clever as a monkey. >> foreign-language and -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> she posted videos of her then four-year-old speaking mandarin months ago. they've just now gone viral in china and she told the south china morning post i have an incredible chinese nanny who is
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rabbit -- >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> a white rabbit, a golden pheasant. >> is this who you want as the next pheasident of the united states ? >> apparently so, he's now pheasident elect . cnn new york . >> i can tell you from experience you need a lot of hairspray to prevent that from happening. [ laughter ] he could spend hours learning what brought a powerful engine to life. here is. he hopped into a 2016 corvette at as -- at a bozarth chevrolet -- ed bozarth chevrolet. he shots and videos to experience what this was like riding along. he was most impressed with the technology in the car and he loves figuring out how things overall work. >> i know it's not a key but i
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>> the 10-year-old has been in foster care for nearly half his life and would love to cruise through life for the family. find out more about him or any of the children looking for adoptive families.,,
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,, ,, live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. >> good morning, i am britt moreno and this is the news on this wednesday november 16. >> here's a live picture at dia and the latest from csi -- cbs morning news. trouble for super bowl mvp von miller over a sex tape. we are asking some legal questions


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