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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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we also have the issue with all this smoke moving into southbound lanes of traffic as well. so once that smoke comes across the highway it makes visibility very poor and you will also see some breaks out there. things will be slowing down in that southbound direction and we could see an accident in the backups of this as well so we will keep an eye on it. >> joel, thanks a lot. thanks for joining us here on the cbs4 morning news. we want to show you what we hope comes our way out, this is the good stuff. it is snow in washington state. a winter weather advisory was in place at stevens pass saw some flakes coming down and this is exactly what we need in our state and we could very well get it. >> it's tough to realize, yes it does do that here ashton and it's going to do that. >> yes but not until tomorrow. summer today and winter tomorrow. 62 degrees -- 62 right now in
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if you are not in the 60s and you are hearing the metro area you are in the 50s, 53 down in littleton, richard hoffman and -- 51 degrees from phil this morning. he says wow, 51 degrees in mid- november. really looking forward to the forecasted moisture. we will break down the timing of the rain and snow for tomorrow and talk about a huge trent -- huge temperature drop, straight ahead. >> thanks, ashton this morning there is a lot of curiosity about what will happen with a sex tape that von miller is trying to keep private . the broncos most popular player is suing a woman whose lawyers say the woman is trying to sell the video. >> reporter: von miller's legal timorese his marketability will crash after what happened on a vacation in mexico. in june miller and friends rented a lavish cancun resort home inviting a group of women that included elizabeth release
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aspiring reality star recorded it on her phone. when miller asked her to erase the sex tape, she responded gotcha and then taunted big -- contacted this man kevin black who bills himself as a sex tape broker. she then demanded $2.5 million from him or he would -- or she would make the video public. >> it's a tape that shows two people having consensual sex. that's a threat. >> reporter: cbs4 legal analyst karen steinhauser says a criminal investigation into her demands could have actually hurt miller in the long run. >> all he has to do with regard to this protection orders be able to show imminent harm, should this recording be released. >> reporter: instead miller filed a civil lawsuit requesting a judge bar ruiz who said she wanted to be the next kim kardashian from doing anything with the tape . >> stan bush reporting there,
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her attorney have not responded to multiple requests for comment. there is a question about this case being one of opportunity or revenge. >> we are learning more about how investigators tracked down a man accused of taking photos up a woman's skirt. they released this video of a suspect -- and this is the man they ended up arresting. we've learned he's a registered sex offender. this is 32-year- old jacob mcgee and according to the arrest paperwork a woman using his cell phone to snap photos up her skirt during a broncos game. video cameras at the field captured the entire incident including his distinctive blade type prosthetic leg. they were able to identify a ticket number and police tracked down the number who
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investigators to mcgee and a background search shows he is in fact a registered sex offender in lafayette and he's expected back in court december 15. today we are expecting more information about the faa's testing of some new technology to keep drones away from planes at airports. this round of testing is happening at dia and we have sean there to talk about how this impacts our safety. shawn? -- sean? >> reporter: it's rare for them to tell us they are doing this type of texting -- they've only done this once at jfk and another airport back east. the reason this is so important is because they are testing how to prevent a crash between a drone and an airplane, something and then of course is of major -- something that of course is a major danger coming by the airports. the faa also wants to use to college that helps them identify who owns and is operating a drone if it crashes into a plane and as drones become more popular airports like dia are running into the more often. right now staff sees at least one a month by the airport, 13 altogether last
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right now they use a radar system to detect and control drones so if they do get close enough to airport, the government can disable it and bring it down to the ground safely. and is agencies like the faa tried to keep up with this technology, right now they are not able to regulate drones as quickly as the public can get access to these unmanned flying devices. that access is growing very quickly so we are expected to learn more about how the testing is going and exactly what the faa is doing later today. ve cbs4 morning news -- shawn chitnes. get ready, winter weather is on the way for today and tomorrow. it will look and feel a lot like summer time with the normal high temperature now 52. today's record is 77 set back in 1941. we have 79 and the forecast and it's certainly
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neighborhoods could be flirting in the lower 80s later today. doppler 4000 shows a few clouds over the centennial state so we will call it partly cloudy for today but it does stay dry. no rain or snow even in the mountains through this afternoon. here's the storm system, a cold front right here in idaho and nevada and then the actual system is behind it moving into seattle and portland work that front rolls in tonight and into tomorrow morning and it will mo today the fire danger will stay elevated as we are so dry and warm. by noon 76 and then there it is, 79 for the high temperature. let's get straight over to joel for the latest on the traffic. we were watching flames a moment ago but nothing but smoky eyes for the firefighters there battling what was a car fire in the right shoulder, northbound i-25 that greenland. you can see all the water on the roadway there. it spread to the brush but they were able to get that out as well. now slowing traffic on i-25 and
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has cleared, no delays southbound but we will see some curiosity slowing and rubbernecking as the folks drive past that. more volume though on the northbound direction will make for a tough drive. looks like we may have some trouble westbound on c-470 is you get to santa fe. we will be watching that as well and alan, take a look at these drive times, pretty good, southbound coming in eight minutes from 120th two i-70. knows who the flat -- for earners are for his positions. he took to twitter to let people know things are going as planned. here's hena daniels. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump issued this tweet sunday night -- last night calling his transition to the white house quote very organized, adding i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. vice president-elect mike pence was leading transition efforts
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down the list of those who will fill key cabinet posts. among those seen in the building, trump's former rival ted cruz, alabama senator jeff sessions and steve nugent, the front ranjit -- front runner for treasury secretary. >> we're working on an economic plan to transition making sure we get the biggest tax bill passed, the biggest tax changes since reagan. >> trump's transition may already be showing signs of turmoil. just days after new jersey governor chris christie was removed from his role as congressman mike rogers announced he was quitting the effort. he called trump's team angry and arrogant, urging colleagues to quote stayaway. back on capitol hill democrats kept up calls for the president elect to fire steve bannon as chief strategist. >> as long as a champion of
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efforts to heal the nation seriously. >> reporter: governors gathered in orlando had a different view. >> he gets to choose whoever he wants to select. >> that inauguration day is a little more than two months away. hena daniels cbs news. >> today vice president joe biden sits down with vice president-elect mike pence who is set to get his first intelligence briefing just a day after trump received his. president obama is in athens, greece attending state dinner hosted by the greek president. mr. obama says the two countries have quote stood in solidarity during war and peace, in good times and even the bad. that even includes crease's site -- economic crisis but not everybody is happy to have a vice president visiting greece. -- to have the president visiting greece. here you see demonstrators setting fires in
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. for some in greece there is still anti-american sentiment that is strong. at least six people were arrested. a year ago yesterday she was killed by a drunk driver on i 25 just south of castle rock, while she was out of her patrol car. after a separate crash on the highway. state patrol honored her service yesterday unveiling a highway dedication sign to remind drivers of her work and of the dangers of drinking >> you hear about public service a lot but i think there are a very select few people in our society that are willing to make that sacrifice and sometimes it means their life. >> the driver who killed -- was drinking at a broncos game. he was sentenced to eight years. she left behind a husband and baby girl. a driver whose vehicle went into a golf course pond at a
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valley fire district. -- poudre valley. they got the person to safety after about 20 minutes. no injuries and no csp is trying to figure out how the car got in the water. >> that was a close call. this morning 60 degrees in denver. >> there's a lot coming up. so- called yo-yo dieting could be hard on a woman's heart.
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,, taking you back out to i-25 and greenland road. joel has been telling us about what was happening. 's car was really burning a few minutes back but now firefighters have it knocked down, they are spraying the road service getting things cleaned up but ou . joel is going to tell you all about it in just a couple minutes. >> slows traffic but those firefighters was quickly. more people than ever before are battling high blood pressure. new analysis of global data shows the number of people with high blood pressure has nearly doubled worldwide since 1975, two more than 1.1 billion. levels are rising significantly -- to more than 1.1 billion. levels are rising significantly
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blood pressure than women in most regions of the world. if you have a history of migraines you have a much higher risk of stroke. a study of more than 900 women found they are more than twice as likely to suffer a stroke and have 80% higher risk of cardiovascular problems including heart attacks. and postmenopausal women with normal weight who repeatedly gain and shed pounds maybe at a greater risk of heart disease. researchers studied more than 120,000 women cycling and they found those women had about 3.5 times greater risk for sudden cardiac death compared to women whose weight remained stable. time now for weather and traffic, ashton, it's very busy . a week ago yesterday we first started to talk about this storm. >> that's right, back when it was over near japan. now it's heading straight for colorado and it will bring a
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. today is going to stay like summer, 60 degrees over denver as we look live over the area campus this morning. 6:46 will be the sunrise, a little bit of rain out east. it's 43 in fort collins, 46 in greeley, all above normal for a november morning and most mountain towns are waking up to temps in the 30s this morning. high temps will be right around 60 and meanwhile here in the front range we will be close to 84 a high temperature and look down and lamar, 86 for the high temperature today. red flag there for the entire southeast portion of the state and we also have a red flag warning up in central park they are near kremmling and the front range foothills also under a red flag warning of course the concern would be the fire danger for today with gusty winds a dry soil, warm temperatures and we also have a winter storm watch for areas met -- areas west of vail pass, looking anywhere from 5" to 10" of snow. from
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mountain valleys -- san juan mountains, and east of vail pass no watches warnings or advisories at this point including summit county or the winter park area but we will still see a cumulative snowfall there. summit county and around winter park could see anywhere from 4" 28" total -- to 8" of snow. after this wraps up thursday night into friday. so let's break down the timing. 6 pm today, dry across colorado and overnight we start to see a few flakes in the mountains. by 6 am tomorrow it will be snowing over a good portion of the high country and here in the denver area we could see cold rain by tomorrow morning and by lunchtime some of the raindrops will start transitioning into snowflakes. it won't be a ton of precipitation tomorrow and if we see the light snow will most likely be late in the day generally after 3 pm, maybe an inch or two of the chelation on the rooftops -- of accumulation on the rooftops but because it is so warm, remember 80 degrees today, we won't have much a chelation on the road surfaces.
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the impact may not be huge but it will be a dramatic change for all of us. 79 for today, 42 for tomorrow, cold rain transitioning to snow . tomorrow's high is only 40 despiteful sunshine and look at the lows, talking teens starting tomorrow night. >> you may want to start a fire but just not in your car. this is what it looked like when we first got in the newsroom. see the explosion there? this was northbound along i-25 and greenland. you can see fire crews were able to get that extinguished fairly quickly get those flames under control. this is what it looks like now. you can see a couple of things. the police presence is still there, the emergency present still there. we're learning nobody was injured in this fire so that's the good news out of this. northbound i 25 is going to be a mess now as we get a lot of volume. this is just south of larkspur and you can see right along pretty much between greenland and larkspur you've got huge delays now in the northbound direction.
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might want to escape and head up to e4 70 using the highway. across the men -- the metro area we had a fire here along sherman between fifth and sixth. the tribe time so -- good drive times though. joel, thank you. a child's reaction to a fall has a florida mother of five saying her mother -- she's thankful her baby is alive and her other son was there. the baby fell from a changing table. it was caught on camera from a camera -- in the family's home. there's one leg over the edge and watch, brother runs over and tries to catch the baby. >> i felt like something came in just pushed me forward and then when that happened i just ran and caught him. >> this happened about a month ago and the mom says her nine-
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because his baby brother is just a little too heavy. >> the broncos may want to take a look at that kid. he can catch. that's awesome. they are heading into the bye week giving the players a chance to enjoy time off and reflect on the victory against new orleans. not only did they beat the saints but they won the game and -- blocking the extra point for the two point conversion -- blocking the extra point. but watch him put his hands on the snapper. that opened up a jumping lane for justin , a totally unconventional but a legal move. >> as he got up he cleared the whole thing -- he did a good job as far as putting his hands on the guy, which is legal. for those who don't know, we go with all the rules in our specialty meetings, we're not just going out there to play. we go out there to play legally. >> as far as i know, it's legal
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>> you can see why one defender says after the bye week the team needs to have a playoff mentality. our wednesday's child loves technology and being outdoors and he can spend hours fishing for crawdads but we caught up with him as he was learning what brought a powerful engine to life. this is juan and he hopped into a 2016 corvette at ed bozarth chevrolet. this can go 0 to 60 in three seconds. juan wanted to see what it could do so he went for a ride and shot some video so we could experience it as well . juan is most impressed with the technology and he loves figuring out how things work. >> i know it's not a key but i just put it in there. >> 10-year-old juan has been in foster care for nearly half his life and he would love to cruise through life with a
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it's time to get a check on weather and traffic together which we of course to every 10 minutes. checking in with our weather watchers including john, about 7800 feet in cold canyon -- coal creek canyon. it is a bit breezy up in the foothills and he has wind gusts over 20 miles an hour right now. there's a red flag warning for the foothills as well as the southeast plains of colorado today and elevated fire danger. meanwhile jonathan greenspan down in telluride has 42, very warm for the mo there, feels like a change is coming in jonathan it absolutely is. 4 to 8 inches of snow possible for telluride by tomorrow. it's going to feel like summer before winter arrives tomorrow. a high of 79. that will blow away the old record of 77. let's get a check on the traffic. here's joel. we have video to show you and i'm sure this will -- we will see you this a couple times. this is a car fire we had 10
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and greenland. you saw the explosion there and fire crews quickly working to get that under control. a portion of the grass also lit on fire. they were able to get that under control as well. we still have some delays in and around that area. let me show you live what we've got from our cdot camera. look at this long line of cars were you can see them extending and wrapping around well before greenland and we will see big delays because of this in the northbound direction of i-25 all the way out to larkspur after a 2-1 loss to mexico the u.s. men's soccer team is looking for points in the world cup qualifying match versus coaster rica. no score in the 42nd minute long pass completed to coaster rica and then a header makes it one-to nothing -- makes it to- nothing -- 2-0. coaster rico won 4-0 and the u.s. has run out in the final round for world cup qualifying matches for the
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the head coach is on the hot seat and his team only has about a 16% chance of advancing right now. the last time the u.s. did not make the world cup was 1986. say it ain't so. >> we don't want to start now, that's for sure. a lot more news coming up. 60 degrees in denver now. here's what's ahead for the cbs4 morning news. >> a big morning -- she's accused of plotting an attack against a high school. details coming morning news. i'm shawn chitnis live at
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breaking news this morning as we get going at 6:00. a fire is now out at i-25 and greenland road and you saw that just explode right now. this was about 30 minutes ago, vehicles passing by. it made for quite a site for those drivers as firefighters worked to close -- to put out that fire. >> nobody was hurt at the flames destroyed the car. it's out now but the situation is not over because now traffic is just inching along. joel was watching this one and joel, you were talking about some backups. >> yes obviously there will be quite a few backups from this as they have to get this all clear it out of the way. the fire didn't spread onto the grass for a portion of time. they were able to get all of that out and then you've got the right shoulder and right lane that's blocked off. you have the ambulances they are on scene but hasbrouck was just mentioning no injuries reported on this but look at this long line of traffic. avc there will be curiosity slowing in the southbound direction so britt, here it is, what extending well beyond greenland out almost to


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