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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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the mountains soon and we're looking at what denver will get. we have team coverage this morning. our jamie leary is live near the eisenhower tunnel, ahead of the winter blast, and shawn chitness is working on the new cdot efforts to deal with the roads this winter season. good morning from colorado's weather center. the cold air has arrived in the metro area. up next, cold rain and then snow. we'll break down the timing straight ahead. we're watching up into the high country now the roads are different later today. cdot warning make sure you have enough tread on your tires. right now we have a live look from our camera, looking at vail pass for you this morning. here's a live look at the eisenhower tunnel. our ski resorts are hoping for a nice boost in the snow from the incoming storm ahead of the holiday, thanksgiving holiday next week. first indicator of this winter blast is the cold this morning. our jamie leary is all bundled
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britt. it is chilly out here. right now very clear out, too. probably not a lot of snow coming this morning, but definitely expect it later. i know cdot is well prepared for this. you heard joel talking about the traction laws. they've changed their signs to warn people about the incoming storm today and the traction laws and chain laws will definitely be in effect. i talked to one worker who is headed home this morning and i asked him, preparing all week? he said, we've been preparing all month. so they are ready to go. we have snow making operations going on at loveland. we have the groomers out, too. they have to get ahead of the game if they want to get the runs open. from the mobile weather lab we're tracking dropping temperatures. 27 degrees. it was 29 when we arrived it was 32. winter is coming. snowstorm is on its way.
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be prepared for that and allow yourself extra time when you're headed out because that snow is coming. live from the eisenhower tunnel, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> jamie leary, just looks like we're getting winter. thanks a lot. this storm won't be like the one we saw this same date last year. drivers got stranded on i-25. crews have new tools this year. our shawn chitness live to explain no morning. yes, they do have a new tool that they are definitely excited about, hoping to get twice as much done with this new plow. take a look at it. it's the tow plow. they have 13 ready to go and work the roads across colorado. they'll get 10 more in the new year. we're told these can clear two lanes of traffic at the same time, allowing them to open up the roads sooner and can get the job done with less people.
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traditional plows. that's going to work the denver metro area and another 90 that will focus just on the i-70 mountain corridor. >> to us doing our job safely and effectively means getting moms and dads to and from work safely, children home from school, friends to community events, and goods that we all depend on delivered safely to their destination. >> reporter: so that phrase even more important now, bow to the plow. remember that it's moving to remind you the best place is a safe distance behind that plow, so you avoid the snow. live along i-25, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. thank you, shawn. >> weather and traffic right now as we get you going. ashton, as we look in town, the snow is not here yet, but what's going to happen? >> so, yes, the snow or the rain is not here yet. we expected it to be dry for
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generally after 9:00 we'll start to see rain and snow develop first in the mountains, that's where the precipitation will be first, and then in the metro area after that. now at dia it's 34. 39 degrees in boulder. here's the cold front, just making its way to the springs. jamie leary up at the tunnel was talking about the temperatures dropping and that's because the front just now making its way across i-70 up there in the colorado high country. you can see the precipitation moving out of utah, moving to the western slope now, both rain and snow. san juan mountains starting to see a li what we need is this big upper level system that's here in nevada, we need that to come through and push the precipitation across. the bottom line, dry for the morning commute, by late morning we'll start to see cold rain, and this afternoon that cold rain will start transitioning into snow. still not expecting much in terms of accumulation. a trace to up to 2 inches in the metro area. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's check in with joel. ashton breathless from all
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this incoming storm. take a look from i-225, live pictures of i-225 between parker and iliff this morning. it's a pretty good drive into the tech center, though we are seeing a few more cars. that's being reflected from our cbs4 mousetrap cam. nothing to slow you down. still seeing speeds into the 50s and 60s southbound coming into town. about 9 minutes from 120th out to i-70. you can no longer drive independenas winter season. isn't this beautiful video? the pass typically closes november 7th, but we've had warm weather. the pass usually reopens the thursday before memorial day. of course, britt, that's always weather permitting. thank you, joel. happening today we will get an update on the case against the berthoud man accused of killing
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tanner flores is due back in court today. he was arrested back in june. a denver police officer is facing a seven-day unpaid suspension this month for what three men describe as stalking like behavior while he was in uniform. a cbs4 investigation revealed the actions of ramone young. documents show he used a police database to track down and call she said the call was unwelcomed. he was suspended two days. two more women have come forward. one works at a 7-eleven and says when she sees him coming she hides in the store's cooler. >> obviously his actions were inappropriate. he was disciplined. there are still other parts we're looking at as it relates to his overall behavior. >> officer young told us the claims were exaggerated.
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behind him. he's been with the denver police department since 2013. here's video as people protest steve bannon's white house appointment. helicopter footage shows a sea of people marching in downtown los angeles last night. it was peaceful, but drivers could not make their way through those streets. people are upset over bannon's ties to bright bart news, which has a history of publishing content anti-sematic racist. trump meets with japan's prime minister today. he continues to push back of reports of a transition team in chaos. he met with several people yesterday, including alabama senator jeff sessions, the transition team is expected to announce the first wave of so- called landing teams that will interact with federal agencies today. happening today, governor hickenlooper planning an announcement this morning on the future of oil and gas development in the white river national forest.
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thompson divide area southwest of glenwood springs. the bureau of land management recently proposed canceling the leases after an environmental impact review. new report indicates business is good for people in colorado's pot industry. department of revenue data we have shows medical and recreational pot shops earned a combined $127 million in sales in september. this is a new record third consecutive time, month. last year september monthly sales were closer to $94 million. happening this morning, denver mayor michael hancock officially kicks off the holiday season. he's holding a ceremony ahead of the light displays, events and shopping. this event kicks off at 9:45 at the cherry creek shopping center if you would like to go.
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christmas tree is making its way from colorado to washington, d.c. it is in grand junction now. it comes from idaho. it is supposed to arrive later on this month. good thing they're driving before the winter storm. the temperature outside in denver 33 degrees. right on the verge. will it be rain, snow? more on that ahead. also next on the cbs4 morning news, new video of the damage from a deadly explosion in illinois. and president obama
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f0 welcome back, everyone. our junior weather watcher this week is nash from denver. he loves the weather.
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here is his audition reel. >> come outside in the back yard, it's very cold. it's very cloudy, too. tonight is going to be very, very cold. and tomorrow is very, very cold. i'm in my socks, you can see. >> an authentic weatherman always wears the right socks. check out nash tomorrow when he joins ashton i. mobile weather lab and this is a live look right near loveland pass, eisenhower tunnel this morning, and we know it's going to build up there, and it is going to snow. we're checking ashton's socks to see the sort of snow that's coming now. he's gone sock up. >> i have done that before. >> what do you have? >> what we have here is dry weather for the morning commute, just as we expected. then it will be later on this
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rain and eventually some snow and of course we're now about a month behind schedule for our first snowfall of the season. usually it happens around the 18th of october. last year it was the 5th of november. latest first snow on record, the 21st. that would be monday. had we made it to monday we would have had a new record. we have to get0.10 inches at dia. i think that will happen. if it doesn't, we'll have a new record. temperatures are in the 30 fort collins areas. 40s and 50s south. cold front hasn't made its way through the state, but it's past the denver area and making its way through the colorado high country as well. precipitation on the western slope and san juan mountains, telluride starting to see rain and snow. the actual storm system is behind the cold front, and as it moves from nevada through colorado over the next 24 hours, it pushes the front to the south.
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create the snow and high pressure builds in back behind this system. so tomorrow shine returns -- shine returns -- sunshine returns. snow spreading quickly over the mountains. here's 12 noon, light rain and snow mix possible around denver, and through the afternoon it will be all snow for the denver, boulder and fort collins areas. not much accumulation. everything moves out tonight. anywhere from a trace to 2 inches. most of that will be on grassy surfaces and rooftops. farther out to the plains probably closer to a trace. maybe an inch or two for years near the kansas state line. mountains, aspen, eagle county and veil, summit county, up to red feather lakes and steamboat, 4 to 10 inches of snow.
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a.m. and temperatures plummet through the afternoon. tonight 18. the snow will end this evening. tomorrow 38 and sunshine. 17 going into saturday morning and 54 on saturday. little warmer by sunday, back up to 63. joel. that sun will be very welcome at that point. i-25 and hampden, and you can see how loaded up we are through the bridges into the tech center, and as well making your way into downtown. i want to show you the drive southbound coming into town. word of an accident as you head you can see the icon and speeds dipping into the 30s behind that. now it's 11 minutes. we expect the drive times to tick up, speeds to tick down as this accident develops as we go emergency crews out there. accident in the eastbound direction of i-270 as well. this is our very -- there it is, cbs4 mousetrap cam. the computer needs time to wake up in the morning as well, i
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down into town. now that we have that accident, it will meter that traffic, expect a better drive south. slow around the stadium curve and slow southbound i-225 into the tech center. interest rates and mortgages are heading up today. we'll get clues on what's coming and tom brady trying to capitalize on his deflate scandal somehow. jill wagner with r dow fell 54 points, the nasdaq was up 18 points. futures are pointing to a higher open. fed chair janet yellen testifies in d.c. this morning. she'll likely be asked about how president-elect trump's policies will affect the economy. black friday is fast approaching. wallet hub looked at 8,000
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an average discount of 63%, followed by the retailer stage and j.c. penney. the average discount is about 39%. and tom brady is spinning his deflate gate scandal for fun and profit. he stars in a new foot locker ad. he takes two customers to task when they're suspicious about the store's sale. brady was suspended for four games this season because the nfl said he had a role alan. >> we have our view of that here in denver, no doubt about it. jill, thank you very much. >> reporter: he's already got giselle, now he has to -- >> crazy >> capitalize on it somehow. we want to get to the top stories. investigators in central illinois are trying to figure out what led to a deadly gas explosion yesterday. the explosion near the downtown scare in canton damaged several
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hillary clinton is telling her supporters not to give up. the former secretary of state spoke last night at a children's defense fun in wart. >> as hard as it might be to imagine your daughter will grow up to be a united states senator, represent our country as secretary of state, and win more than 62 million votes for president of the united states. [ applause ] >> the theme of last night's event was beat the odds. president obama is now in germany for his final overseas trip as president. he arrived in berlin from greece. german's chancellor merkel is scheduled to have talks with the president this afternoon. and tomorrow he'll meet with leaders of france, italy, spain and great britain. ashton, what are the
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>> 35 at steamboat spring, what ted has up there. he's saying, star light, star bright, there isn't a cloud in sight. just wait, ted, clouds are going to roll into steamboat shortly. snow there later on. we'll check the travel forecast coming up next.
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f0 welcome back. it's now 6:24. time to check the weather and traffic together on the 4's. as we look at the travel forecast for today, everything is just fine for the morning commute and at the airport. i don't think there will be anything weather related in terms of delays at dia. later today snow in the mountains and high country. wyoming will see a lot of snow as well. rest of the country pretty with sunshine there. detroit has fog, so some delays there. but otherwise, we're looking good across the country. let's check in with joel. watching a little trouble spot along i-76 at i-270. we've also got a trouble spot i- 25 past 84th as well. drive to the airport, along i- 70 inbound along pena boulevard
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that's what we're seeing across the denver metro area. eastbound along i-70 from i-25 to i-225 is going to be 9 minute drive. thank you, joel. president obama and obamacare signups are available to people despited president-elect trump's vow to repeal all this. government leaders say at least 1 million people have selected plans for next year's open enrollment. more than 300,000 of those people apparently signed up in the three days following election. open enrollment runs through january 31. cartoon donald trump made another americans on the late -- appearance on the late show. this time cartoon putin joined him.
6:26 am
>> you can catch the colbert show after cbs4 news at 10:00. have you seen this viral video? apparently the deer in pennsylvania aren't happy about high school cross country runners getting up in their business. man, they took down a runner here. whack. that runner is not seriously hurt, thank goodness. >> hard to look at. it's 34 degrees outside in denver. >> the new safety report out this morning on car booster seats. >> and wait what's happening to one family forced out of the flooding in lyons. hasn't felt like fall, but now we are finally falling, if you will, into winter. here's a live look from photographer eddie castro of the snow clouds out and snow at the eisenhower tunnel. we have a live report as we
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good morning, everyone. this is the news at 6:30. people in the high country are preparing for a burst of winter and right now we have a live look for you of vail pass, as we all wait in anticipation of this winter blast. snow will fall later today, just in time for the upcoming notice the cold has already arrived. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. what falls today in that picture probably will be there for quite a while. ashton will tell us when the snow will fall. jamie leary is at the eisenhower tunnel this morning ahead of the storm. >> reporter: good morning, alan, good morning, britt. it is really dry out here now. we all know that will change. we've got snow technically, if you want to call it that. artificial snow. we've got loveland right here,
6:31 am
they need the snow desperately. they've been doing this all morning long since we've been here. that's kind of what all the background noise is, the snow guns. we've seen groomers out here, too, getting the few runs that are open ready. these guys have a lot of catching up to do. i know ski resorts just some of the folks looking forward to this upcoming snowstorm. cdot well prepared. i talked to someone earlier who said they've been preparing all month. they have drivers, traction and chain laws will be in effect in anticipation of this incoming snowstorm. i want to show you what we've been looking at now, dropping temperatures. mobile weather lab telling me 28 degrees now. it's kind of alternating between 27, 28. the temperatures are dropping up here. for more on when we can more snow to arrive so you can prepare, let's talk to ashton in our weather center. good morning. good morning to you, jamie.
6:32 am
drop at the tunnel because the cold front just making its way through summit county. front has passed over the denver metro area. it's why we're in the 30s. anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees colder this morning in most neighborhoods than we were yesterday at this time. you can obviously see the cloud cover across the state. it will be a cloudy day. rain and snow starting to develop around aspen and picken county and western eagle county, moving to vail. rain and snow in the san juan mountains and southwest colorado. 2to 4 inches of snow that way. 4to fo summit county. winter park. 2to 5 for i-80 in wyoming. and 4 to 8 the northwest corner of the state, where we have a winter storm warning. more about all this, including when we'll see the snow in denver coming up. now let's check in with joel. that's a couple of minutes from now. southbound coming into town, 60s dipping into the 40s, behind an accident closer to 84th. another accident i-76, i-270. joel, thanks. we are not expecting sights
6:33 am
range. but cdot is ready. this video shows a storm pounding us on this same date last year. we really got hit. crashes caused a full closure of southbound i-25. we know it's coming at some point. shawn chitness live as we look ahead. cdot, state patrol have some new things they'll be doing this year. tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, alan, good morning. of course the usual will be there, but new ideas as well, working with businesses to come up with ways to the road during those peak times. they're going to put together a weekend forecast that looks at events happening, the weather forecast for that particular weekend, even the broncos schedule so you'll know when to avoid traveling into the mountains. some businesses will give you incentives to stick around and shop. hotels will give you special rates if you're willing to turn that day trip into a night in
6:34 am
next day. there are the important rules to follow, if you don't have the proper equipment when those are in effect, you could face a $130 fine, and if you block the roadway, those fines can sometimes reach $650. most of all, csp wants you to focus on what's on your wheels. >> tires are the most important and critical piece for you to get to your destination safely in winter driving. >> reporter: so remember that track of what's going on. of course you can go to their special web site, co or call 511. how much snow could we get in. >> metro area, a trace to 2
6:35 am
could see close to a foot. yesterday we hit 80 for the official high. not only a record for the date, but tied the all time recorded temperature in november in denver. 41-degree temperature drop from yesterday to today. tomorrow we stay cold and we start rebounding as we get into the weekend. temperatures now are in the 30s, up and down the front range. still warmer in southern colorado. trinidad just shy of 60. cold front hasn't reached down front just making its way through the colorado high country. as the front goes by we'll start to see the snow pick up across the mountains. upper level low pressure system behind the front. this is going to create all the rain and snow today as it races from west to east across colorado over the next 24 hours. because it's moving so quickly, it will be out of the state by tomorrow, high pressure builds in. tomorrow sunny and sunny for the weekend. the cold air lingers through
6:36 am
here's the futurecast, 6:0 0 a.m., not much going on. by 9:00 a.m., snow will have spread throughout the mountains. next three hours or so we'll really see that snow pick up. denver starting around 9:00, 10:00 a.m. cold rain possible. closer to lunchtime, the precipitation will transition into snow and we'll see light snow showers through the afternoon and into the early evening hours. not much in terms of accumulation for denver or the metro area. towards portland and collins, hack -- boulder and fort collins, a trace to 2 inches. that's above 9500 feet for that 4 to 10-inch amount. we won't see that in towns. 39 this afternoon. tomorrow 38. and saturday up to 54. warmer weather sunday, back into the 60s. here's joel. way to bring that back for the weekend. got a little trouble southbound
6:37 am
88th. not blocking off the entrance into the toll lane. police haven't arrived, and when they do they add to the lane closures. about four cars involved. it is causing some delays making your way southbound coming into town. dipping from the 60s into the 40s and 30s as you make your way to 84th. i-76 in the westbound direction, an accident at i- 270. looks like it may be cleared out of the way. could stbe volume causing delays as well. past i-70 and around the stadium curve, still slow. southbound along i-225 into the tech center, could see trouble now at alameda and north direction of i-225 out to colfax, could be a little accident there. we'll continue to watch that. here's a look at the drive times. heading northbound along i-225, speeds into the 40s, teens on the southbound direction. thank you.
6:38 am
hate messages covering her suv in denver. amber timmons lives near 13th and humboldt. she woke up yesterday to find swastikas, hate words and the word trump on her suv. she shared her story on social media. >> the really offensive word, tranny, written across the passenger side really big. it and being to die. >> friends and neighbors saw what happened and they helped timmons scrub the suv clean. timmons also received notes of encouragement. new this morning, a man arrested in larimer county didn't stay arrested. he escaped from a patrol car and the deputy arrested william robert morgan yesterday on a drug warrant. investigators say he got out of the patrol car while a deputy was arresting another person. he's still on the loose.
6:39 am
blue jeans, white t-shirt and white tennis shoes. white arm is heavily tattooed. car seat companies are getting better at providing products that protect kids. 48 of the 52 new booster seats tested received the highest ratings. only a quarter of the seats earned the high they first started rating car seats. red mountain pass and san juan mountains near during an o so doctor durango so dangerous, school buses aren't allowed there. it's deteriorated too much. this showings how dangerous it is from august. heavy rain pushed debris onto the road in a summer storm. that pass is known for its
6:40 am
drops. a family getting the keys to their rebuilt home in lyons after the epic floods of 2013 destroyed it. a number of volunteers decided to pitch in and build the family a new home for free. dave and kat and their two sons were among dozens forced to find a new place to live. coming up next, a rough ending to this hot air balloon ride. you'll see it. and a she just won a million dollars. how her coworkers surprised her. the av's crossing their fingers they get a bit of good news. matt deushane back at practice yesterday. he's missed the last two games dealing with a head injury. could be back in the lineup
6:41 am
teams player of the week. he had that block in the saints game that led to the game winning two-point conversion. simmons saying he prepared the whole game for that moment to plan the perfect jump. >> throughout the game joe d told me, go out there on field goal, extra point, when you go out there, get a feel for the snap count, so if we do run the play, you already have a jump on it, you're not out there guessing and probably getting a penalty for offsides or whatever else. yeahat throughout much of the game. didn't know if we were going to use it. obviously needed it and it paid off big time. nuggets got their first home win of the season last
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good morning from colorado's weather center. rain and snow has reached the western slope of colorado. up next will be denver and the front e. top of us. our weather watcher corey in aurora has 31. meanwhile, jim bruce in fort collins, 28. said the dogs just came in wet with the freezing drizzle. just starting there in some of the foothills. this is the main batch of precipitation that will move east across the state as we go through the day. starting 9:00, 10:00, we'll see cold rain in denver. i'll break down the timing and show you snow amounts straight
6:46 am
but still trouble spots. live pictures, southbound along i-25 at 88th, the center left lane blocked off. fire crews have not arrived. watch out for that. backups we have because of this, heading southbound coming into town this is from our cdot camera at thornton parkway. traffic at a near standstill and speeds into the teens. thank you. ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, the colorado ski resorts are hoping for a fresh storm that we're talking about. here's a live look from copper mountain now. it is supposed to open tomorrow along with keystone and ashton just told us parts of the mountains could get a foot of snow. let's go out live to jamie leary at the eisenhower tunnel where the cold has already settled in ahead of the snowstorm. she's tracking this before it hits the metro. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, britt. it is bitter cold out right
6:47 am
is. it's nothing to say, loveland is making an effort. snow guns have been going all morning long and actually before we got out here at 4:00 this morning. this one of the many resorts hoping that the storm will bring a nice base so they can get a couple more runs open at least. i want to show you the temperature in the mobile weather lab, 26 degrees. it continues to drop. it's been dropping since we've been out here. pretty cold. not a lot of otherwise it would feel colder out. that snow is coming. cdot have changed their signs to warn people that traction laws, chain laws, those will be in effect when that snowstorm comes. give yourself ample amount of time. sky is clear now, but that will change as you heard ashton saying all morning long. live from the eisenhower tunnel, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. jamie, thank you very much. weather cannot change fast
6:48 am
to the ground, then spread. the fire grew to more than 60 acres and burned a garage with a car inside. flames left a play ground undamaged though it burned the grass beneath it. you can check out the latest weather conditions on our web site, it features ashton's forecast and pretty cool interactive maps. happening today, we are expecting an update in the mental health of the planned parenthood shooter. a judge could robert dear is competent to stand trial. he confessed to killing three people at that clinic in colorado springs last november. the judge has to decide whether he understands the charges against him and might be able to participate in his own defense. doctors are treating him at the state mental health facility in pueblo. we have surveillance photos of a man accused of robbing a denver 7-eleven at gunpoint. take a good look at your screen. it happened last week at the store on east evans.
6:49 am
the photos. he was wearing a black leather jacket and a hat with mickey mouse on the front. police had to tase and arrest a woman at a waffle house. they got calls about a woman throwing food at people inside the restaurant on mulberry. she is accused of assaulting an employee and refusing to leave. investigators say she kicked her down. she is also accused of assaulting a hospital staff member later that night. new video as people protest donald trump's appointment of steve bannon. crowds marched down the streets of los angeles last night. bannon served as executive chairman of breitbart news.
6:50 am
minister today. this is his first meeting with a foreign leader since the election. trump's team continues to mull over key administration posts. the names of trump loyalists, alabama senior jeff sessions, steve man u chin and rudy giuliani continually come up. rudy giuliani was once a prosecutor, but his name is being brought up as possible secretary of state candidate. is trump is set to meet with 94- year-old state henry kissinger and south carolina governor nikki haley who was not a big trump supporter during the campaign. trump tweeted out -- president obama is finally in germany for the second part of his final overseas trip as president. he arrived last night in berlin from greece. the president eight with german chancellor merkel and they'll meet again this afternoon for talks. one person is dead, several
6:51 am
explosion in the central illinois community of canton. new video shows the damage here. part of a building crumbled. the explosion shattered windows nearby. here's new overnight video. some american airlines passengers are frustrated after returning to the dfw airport six hours into a flight. the navigation system apparently malfunctioned as they neared the canadian border. the crew figured it wouldn't be smart to continue on kong. the pilot landed safely at dfw and people waited in a really long line last night to rebook their flights. new video this morning as a hot air balloon makes an emergency landing on a baseball field in philadelphia. here you see it actually dragging along the ground before making a stop. the balloon had four people inside, but no one is hurt.
6:52 am
are burning now in six states in the southeast, it's so dry. smoke so widespread it is visible from space. poor air quality is particularly severe in tennessee. doctors say they have treated more than 200 people for breathing difficulties. we could soon learn what started a deadly house fire in aurora. this happened yesterday on east 7th avenue. the fire gutted the home, then spread to other homes. one mi escape. doctors hospitalized four other people, one is critically injured now. firefighters are reminding homeowners to check batteries in their smoke alarms. researchers at cu boulder and northwest university came up with new technology, it's a softed wearable acoustic sensor. it is tiny. you can see it next to this penny. you can wear it anywhere on your body. it measures vibrations in vital
6:53 am
heart, and researchers hope doctors can use it to help make a faster diagnosis. phony news is getting costly to one of america's bigger companies. supporters of donald trump are threatening to boycott pepsi over fabricateed statements. twitter users claim pepsi's ceo told trump suppor their business elsewhere. the ceo actually never said it. even congratulated trump on his victory, though condemned the ugly rhetoric of the campaign. people in denver have another car sharing option. general motors is launching its new service maven in denver today. gm is planning to initially offer 60 vehicles in the city and you can request a ride through the maven app.
6:54 am
a new gastropub. they are hoisting big arcade games. set to open in a couple of weeks. this is an amazing story, a high school secretary is now a millionaire. she learned she won the lottery during a prank set off as a tornado drill. i would like to congratulate >> oh, my god! >> look at her reaction. her coworkers cheered and claped yesterday. she won the money on a nonwinning scratch ticket in the second chance drawing. she plans to tip waiters more and visit her daughter on the east coast. >> once she gets over that heart attack. i like how she's waving when they call out her name, yes, that's me, what did i do?
6:55 am
the east coast. temperatures this morning, 20 to 30 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. we were waking up to lower 60s yesterday. 34 here in the denver area. warm in southern colorado, almost 60 in trinidad. cold front hasn't made its way through the state yet. just now going through the colorado high country. batch of rain and snow on the western slope. raining and snowing in the san juan mountains. aspen seeing a little bit of precipitation as well. actual storm system that will produce the rain nevada. it will race to the east over colorado, it will leave as quickly as it gets here. tomorrow sun will be back and cold for friday, but dry. stays dry through the upcoming weekend. by 9:00 a.m. snow will have spread throughout the mountains including eagle and summit counties. cold rain transitioning to light snow for denver, boulder, fort collins and on the eastern plains as well. this is 6:00 p.m., so drive
6:56 am
home, there could be snow falling. yesterday tied the record for november with 80. the roads are warm from yesterday. will be tough to see accumulation on road surfaces. up to 2 inches on the grass. mountain areas 4 to 10 inches today. 39 the high, around 11:00 a.m. temps drop through the afternoon. tomorrow's high 38. next couple of nights in the teens, joel. cold weather from summer to winter, my friend. i love colorado. take a look we have several accidents. i want to take you out from our cdot camera. pair of accidents, one at 88th and one at 84th. these are the backups because of it. watch out for that. speeds dipping into the single digits. 20 minutes from 120th to i-70 this morning. here we are across the denver metro area. quick look at your drive from wherever you're at, and you can
6:57 am
that accident i-70 at i-270. tough drive now. >> but tougher later on. >> the drive home, yeah, light snow falling most likely. >> enough heat on the ,, ,,
6:58 am
,, ,,
6:59 am
,, ,,
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump meets japan's prime minister today. his first face-to-face talk with a foreign leader as president-elect. and cbs news has learned who the front-runners are for several key cabinet positions. campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. >> a deadly natural gas explosion rocks an illinois city, causing widespread damage. the shock waves were felt miles away. we are at the scene. >> jon stewart's first interview since the election. he talks with charlie about the power of government and the question he says nobody asked donald trump. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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