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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. good morning it's sunday nope 20th this is the news on c- - november 20th this is the news at cbs4. a car is maditch with a driver dead inside the latest on a homicide investigation in lakewood. plus, president-elect donald trump is holding several meetings in new jersey as he works to build his team. the latest list coming up. and... >> something i always wanted to do is play college football. >> see the one play from this 55-year-old college running back who passeded out his love for the gimme to his son in the -- game to his son in the nfl. >> live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 morning news. >> and good sunday morning. i am kelly werthmann we will have more on those stories in a moment but let's get the sunday started with a check of the forecast and chris spears is
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great to be here. temperature map behind me you will like this if you like warm weather. red all over the map this morning. these are not the temperatures this is how much warmer it is right now than this hour yesterday. boulder 36 degrees warmer right now than this time yesterday. we have what westerly -- had a westerly flow of winds bringing warm air from the pacific origin into our state. so right now the 20s and 30s for the higher elevations 45 in so lieda. # -- 49 -- salida. 19 though got a cool spot up in greeley. so someplaces are chilly this morning. around the metro area temperatures are all over the preys if you -- place if you are a i long the foothills it's warmer away from the food hills where there's no wind, it's 19. we will see the microclimate showing through on a morning like this. we are tracking a new weather system coming into the state. gusty west winds, 53-mile-per- hour gusts right now on the
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winds spill out across the city pu they are -- but they are lighting in the 5 to 15-mile- per-hour range. checking in with the weather watchers 38 from david and they are feeling cloud cover on the western slope this morning a new storm system moving in rain and snow showers out on the western slope it's very light but the activity will be picking up as we go through time. and we have winter storm watches warnings and advisories in effect kelly so coming up in the main weather segment we out. >> thank you. at least 60 people are killed and 80 others hurt after several train cars derailed in india this morning. railway officials say 14 carriages were thrown off the track. police say they had to pull bodies out. india's railway minister tweet they will investigate the cause and promise accountability with"strictest possible action. the railway system is the fourth largest in the world but has a poor safety record with
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crashes every year. a person is found dead in a car after gunshots are heard in lakewood last nightch the car was found in a ditch near 9th and wadsworth. police asked us not to show the vehicle inform the -- until the victim's family is notified. neighbors say man was inside the car. police are investigating this as a homicide. it started around 7 when police were spotted to shots fired into-- to a shots fired call. when officers arrived they found the car the driver shot to death inside. neighbors tell us they heard as many as 6 shots before police got to the scene. >> it's scary that it's so close around my corner here. but you know, denver is growing and it's a big town and you hear a lot about this all the time. so, don't like it in my own neighborhood though. >> as this investigation continues lakewood police tell us they don't believe there is any danger to the public.
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and his transition team. trump held meetings with potential cabinet appointees and other visitors at golf club in new jersey yesterday. roxannea has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump and vice president- elect mike pence appeared upbeat as they left trump's golf club in new jersey. for most of the day, mr. trump conducted inviews with potential -- interviews with potential cabinet members. >> seeing tremendous talent. people that as i say, we will make america called trump a conman and fony was among the guests. romney said they had a far- reaching conversation about global interests. >> very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. >> reporter: mr. trump held sit- down was retired marine general james matis a candidate for secretary of defense education advocate and sacramento mayor kevin johnson. mr. trump will hold more
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giuliani and new jersey governor christie who is demoted from chairman of the transition team. on friday the president- electtapped jeff sessions to be the attorney general. and congressman mike pompeo to head the cia he reached a 25 million dollar settlement in a trio of fraud lawsuits against trump university. today, he tweeted the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i didn't have the time to go through a long but winning trial on as the president-elect builds the team hundreds gathered in washington to protest the new government. cbs news, new jersey. vice president-elect mike pence will join john dickerson on face the nation this morning. that begins at 9:30 right here on cbs4. we have an update on a fire that burned through a home in aurora. that fire has now claimed the lives of two people. 7 people were living in the
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wednesday morning. janel vargas died that day her 32-year-old son gabriel suffered life-threatening injuries he's tried to rescue her. many the family says-- the family sis he was -- says he was taken off life support yesterday. you can find a link to a gofundme page on our site. new information after semi crashes into a building. police got several calls of a tractor trailer driving recklessly on main street friday night. when officers got there, they found the truck crashed building undergoing renovation. the driver 32-year-old travis ahers is in serious condition. the rams played the final game at the stadium last night and they came out on top with a win. dylan thomas tells us how -- dillon thomas tells us how fans fear. >> reporter: the bright sun of game day has set for a final
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rams, fans made the way out to say bye to a piece of history. >> it's soft -- such a gem and the world deserve toffs see how great csu is. >> reporter: a senior and her family have hosted one of the csu biggest tail gates for years. >> it doesn't matter if we win or lose but we are still the best team in the mountain west. >> reporter: her grant grandfather was here and he recalls when he signed up to returning from war the head coach. >> and the first table here's hugh and big signs starred here. >> reporter: he played under hughes for a short period, when there was no stadium. >> out back of the old main was a bleacher of hardwood seats. >> reporter: he apaceed to see the coach's name on the seat. this day it's bigger than
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have been here so we are so lucky to be here. >> that's dillon thomas. >> reporter: ing. the team kicks off next season at the new on campus stadium which is currently under construction. the name of the road of the stadium is hughes way. a 55-year-old man is the oldest person to play division i football after running the ball for south carolina state yesterday. >> i couldn't happiest day of my life. >> joe thomas ran for 3 yards during the first quarter of the game and on senior day thomas had been practicing with the team but didn't see any playing time until yesterday. after the game, his teammates carried him off the field and thomas by the way has a son in the nfl and joe thomas junior who is a linebacker for the packers. always cool to see the stories chris. >> that's really cool. seeing a lull sunlight and you will notice cloud cover
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it's unethical if not illegal to post fake on line reviews. tomorrow night on cbs4 news at 10 investigator shows us how people are willing to sell reviews for a price. >> we lee lie on reviews to -- we rely on restrews guide us but can th >> we can save producer duct. >> reporter: we created a fake one to see if we could buy fos positive reviews. >> it's outstanding and get this, it's affordable. >> reporter: would it surprise you if i told you we are able to hire people to write fake reviews. >> we will show you what we were able to buy and how to detect if a review is real or fake. >> going there the price is just as great as the food. >> see the full investigation
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fake tomorrow night on cbs4 news at 10. excessive cell phone use may be contributing to a rise in depression among teens. this is the news in health. authors of a study in the journal pediatrics say the growing number of depressed teens especially teen girls highlights the need to better manage the disease. and researchers found women with a history of migraines could be at much greater risk of having a stroke. a study of more than 900 women that they found there are more thtw stroke. they also have an 83% higher risk of any cardiovascular problems including heart attacks. and a study says exercise can provide significant benefits to people recovering from breast and prostate cancers. doctors at ohio state say patients improved muscular strength cardiovascular function and quality of life compared to those who don't exercise. it's estimated that 90% of us experience an ear worm at
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out of your head but what do-- why do certain tunes play on repeat in our minds? mary maloney goes behind the music in today's health minute. >> reporter: apologies up front you will get pop songs stuck in your head. [ music ] >> reporter: music psychologists in the uk created a survey to come up with this list of the catchiest songs and analyze the results to see what they had in common. they found every ear worm essential grind cents. one they have a faster pace something you can dance to. ear warms are simple but with a rhythmic pattern sounds rise in pitch go back down low and rise again. many nursery rhymes fit the pattern to help children remember them. finally the songs all break up the pattern with the few unique intervals to make it stand out.
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a man. & feet. >> reporter: researchers hope understanding how ear worms affect our brains will add insight how we process memories and moods. for today's health minute i am mary maloney. >> now all the songs stuck in our head chris. >> macarena did that. >> got it. >> we had wind come into the state a westerly flow of wind is coming in the upper atmosphere and it's gusty heading into the high country this morning. look at wind gusts on the pa hour. now down in the lower elevations we should not be that. gusty today but it will be breezy from time to time. temperatures this morning all over the place. if you have some wind you are probably on the higher side 30s, 40s and 50s along the i-25 corridor and greeley where there's no wind 19 degrees. so, a variety of temperatures out there all of our microclimate showing through. john kirkpatrick the weather watcher in ever green 41.
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winds 26 degrees west of ray a new storm moving onshore. it's already on the west coast and it will be moving into colorado as we go through the day today. way out ahead of it a batch of light rain and snow showers here. in the southwestern corner this is very light activity so if you are traveling today i think you will get through this just fine no problems down here just wet roadways may have to reduce thespeed a little bit. but going through time the snow will pick up in intensity and i will show you in moment. on futurecast for clouds passing through but as the day goes on you will see the rain and snow coverage increase in western colorado. this is now rolled onto one tomorrow afternoon. so monday not a good travel day for the western side of the state if you plan your holiday travel. as we go through monday and into tuesday, that rain and snow crosses colorado and will get a little here in the denver area by tuesday morning. but, it will get out of here just in time for thanksgiving day travel so that's good news. snow totals in the western part
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in our southwest mountains. this is great news and we need snow in all the ski resorts so everyone is excited to this. temperatures warmer 50s and 60s across the state and a few 70s in the southeastern corner and look at the five-day forecast here we get a cool down in denver. as the storm system rolls across it is monday night tuesday that we have a chance for rain and snow here in the city. kelity difference with came through the other day is there's not a lot of cold air with it. if we get rain and snow i don't think we will see the travel problems develop we saw the other day and you saw it clears out for thanksgiving. >> it will be nice to have sunshine on thanksgiving. >> yeah. model christie brinkley has been turning heads but seth done tells us she is headed into a different field. >> i am involved here.
6:18 am
accuse her of a lack of enthusiasm. now she is even more motivated. >> you might say -- you can't say it without you know just. >> reporter: without wanting a drink. it is her very own wine label. a new range of prosecco the italian fizz about the hottest things in the liquor business right now. u.s. sales are up about a third each year late thely. >> you not chemicals. >> reporter: and she and her partners think they found a way to breakthrough the market clutter. her. of all the place that is i pictured you loading dock was not one of them. i have to say. >> believe me, i am involved in every aspect of this. >> reporter: more than 4 decades into a modeling career and she never met a camera lens she didn't like and that didn't
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point one at her and this sort of thing happens. >> cheers. >> yes. christy spark les along with the wine and chicken and a toast to the pina colada those stories and more on a special edition of sunday morning the food issue here on cbs4 at 6. popular brand of hummus is issuing a recall what for on your products to avoid a possible listeria contamination. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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le dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. time for the chevy sports break. >> cu football has a chance to go from first to worst in one year. they are one win away from playing for the conference title. yesterday it was late november what a sight what day from seth for over 300 but a lot of the damage was with the feet one of the three touchdowns giving them a lead. and then all buffs in the fourth. second touchdown of the day they opened up a 14-point lead and gives cred it to defense for keeping the high scoring cougars in check. buffs won 38-24 so if they beat utah next week, the buffs will play in the pac-12 title game.
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everything together you know special teams and offense defense if we are going to be achampionship contending team we have to have that together so we win and showed it today and i am proud of my men. >> again cu host utah next week and if they win, they will go to the conference title game. have a good one. this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chef row -- chevrolet the most awarded car company two years in a row. visit your colorado dealer today. sa. br dipping company issued a recall of some of the hummus and spreads because of possible listeria contamination. this is the news in your money watch report. the fda says the affected products were manufactured before nobody 8th at a plant where listeria was found. consumers are urged to discard any product with a best before date through january 23rd, 2017
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symptoms vary including fever musclic astiffness and diarrhea and muscle pain. ups will invest more than 175 million dollars to expand its main ohio package hub in columbus. the company made the announcement ahead of the busy holiday shipping season. when the 375,000 square foot addition is complete in 2018, sorting capacity will be double. that will allow ups to process more than 63,000 packages an hour. with amazon to start selling cars online. and initially only customers in italy will be able to buy them and only 3 modeels will be made -- model will be made available to start. car maker says prices will be up to a third cheaper than at dealerships. a study says most americans don't understand the relationship between bond prices and interest rates. jill schlesinger is here to explaining. >> reporter: according to recent research from the
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basic financial concepts. most question for respondents was how bond prices respond to rising interest rates. only 28% of people answered that correctly considering they have plunged since election it's probably time for a bond refresher. you may have heard that bond prices move inversely to interest rates. here's why. if you own a 10 year u.s. government bond that's paying 5%, it will be worth re sam are only paying 2.2%. conversely if your bond is paying 2% while new bonds are paying 5%, no one will be interested in yours and the price will fall. so with current interest rates on the rise, your bond mutual fund will drop but you will be able to reinvest at lower prices which should help the port fogo over the long-term.
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over the long-term. i am jill schlesinger. beautiful color on the eastern who horizon and head together mountains today, it's windy on some of the passes part of the storm system coming in. we will detail what's going to come. coming up a broadway actor speech to vice president mike pence. vice president-elect mike pence is a hot topic. >> truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all >> after calling the cast of hamilton rude on twitter president-elect donald trump continues to tweet about the on
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live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4
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colorado's newschannel it's 6:30 on sunday november 20th. good sunday morning. the sun is beginning to rise. looks like we have cloud in the the sky and definitely cold as it's 37 degrees. chris we have a warmup on the way right? pooh we do and -- we. >> -- we do and some of us are near 60 if you believe that. places like arand westminster -- arvada and westminster are 60 and 21 very indicative and dense so if you have a lower elevation near a river valley like the south plat river valley it's colder as you head out to the north and east. and along the foothills it's warm. 50s and low 60s where gusty winds are keeping the air mix and temperatures up. same with the weather watchers we have 22 degrees coming in from diane. she is over in morgan county and nancy 26 near ray and up
6:31 am
alot of variety in the temperatures because of a new storm system moving into the state. and out ahead of that front there is already a batch of rain and snow showers coming into the southwestern corner. this is very light activity and if you are going to start travel plans i think you will get through the southwest part of the state okay. but as the day goes on and we go into tonight and especially monday and early tuesday, this rain and snow is going to expandin coverage and become much more intense and some of that is going to cross over the rain and snow as we go into the new week ahead. coming up in the big weather segment we will go through all the details and talk about who is under a winter storm watch warning or advisory. >> all right we will check with you in few minutes. new developments in the case of an aurora woman whose dog was shot by police. officers claim that the dogs owned by her were acting aggressively after getting loose last month by rios and
6:32 am
different story. melissa garcia has more. >> reporter: body cam video shows police arriving to the scene of a call of pit bulls who got loose allegedly attacking someone outside of this aurora complex. >> i will put this mother down in a minute. >> reporter: responding officers says the two dogs jumped up on the cruiser and he gets out and claims in a police report the 3-year-old american terrier growled and took an attack stance you can hear followed by wimperring as another officer's camera records the dog getting shot in the face and running off. >> okay. i had to shoot one he came at me. >> he didn't deserve it. >> reporter: she had to put her dog angelo down from his wound. >> angers me the way he talked about him the way they justjoked about it. the way he ran off in pain screaming and he was wagging his tail the whole time when he
6:33 am
>> he had the idea that i need to put dog down. >> reporter: her attorney says the police should have hadn't handled the situation differently the police department needs the culture changed in terms of these are not target practice for you these are family members. >> reporter: police say officers were doing their job and protecting the public and themselves from the dog's aggressive behaviors. in response to a question for comment on the body cam video, a spokesperson said police could no longer speak on the case due to pending litigation. melissa garcia, cbs4 news. right now, president obama is in peru. last night he attended a dinner hosted by the country's president at apeck conference in lima. obama wants to put some latin american leaders at ease before his term ends. >> reporter: president obama is trying to ease fears in latin america that his successor will pull out of american trade deals. at a town hall meeting the president asked them to give
6:34 am
mr. obama said despite mr. trump's stance against global trade deals, he predicts the president-elect will eventually see the benefits of the deals. >> once they look at how it is working, i think they will determine that it's actually good both for the united states and our trading partners. >> reporter: president obama is meeting with chinese president and expected to talk with russian president putin on the sidelines of apeck. if it happens it would be putin the white house blamed russia for interfering in the election by hacking democratic party e- mail servers. now president obama also tried to assure people here that how candidates campaign is not the same as how they will govern. cbs news, lima peru. president-elect donald trump is still addressing the hamilton controversy this morning. around 4:30 a.m. trump tweeted "the cast and producers of hamilton which i
6:35 am
highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. the president-elect is referring to friday night's on stage speech by hamilton actor brandon dixon who delivered a message to mike pence calling on him to uphold american values and work on behalf of all americans. theater goers cheered and booed pens pence at the show and -- pence at the show and had mix reviews on message. >> i think a show especially like hamilton wh immigrants and you know the difference they have made in our country it was something that the crowd was really into. >> i didn't feel like it was an appropriate setting to be booing someone who is willing to serve our country. >> 15 minutes after making the hamilton tweet this morning, trump tweeted again. this time about his transition team plans saying "numerous patriots will be coming today as i continue to fill out the various positions necessary to make america great again.
6:36 am
satellite built in colorado is now in orbit. >> 3, 2, 1. and lift off of noaaa goes-r. >> it grafted-- blasted off last night. meteorologisting daveing a --ing alayera was there for the launch --ing alayera was there for -- aguilera was there for the lawnp. >> reporter: after -- launch. >> reporter: the andsatellite went out without a hitch. crowd gathered in and tigs tis participation of the most advanced satellite built being sent into orbit. they had to wait and wait with a few minor ires eu -- issues that whath nasa push it to the last-minute. >> it was dicey you know towards the end because we wondered if we would hit the one hour window and were given an hour by the faa tonight. >> reporter: finally all systems were go. in about 14 days the satellite
6:37 am
and fully deployed. info will come fast but has to be tested. >> there's a long process of calibration and validation to make sure that the measurements we are seeing from orbit are actually what's on the ground. >> reporter: once that happens, the four times better images and 5 times faster data speed will help forecasters issue faster severe storm warnings and better predict when big storms will hit. >> what you witness tonight is a new era for weather forecasting. >> reporter: and after about 6 months of testing and that type of thing we should be start to get data from the satellite. it may be a year or two until that data is put into forecasts and we start to see an improvement in severe weather warnings. and tracking hurricanes and snowstorms in-- and that time of thing along with photographer mark i am meteorologist dave aguilera. some denver taxi drivers go the extra mile to make sure families in need have a happy thanksgiving.
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,, ,,
6:40 am
,, ,, the national weather service in northern michigan says lake-effect snow will continue from yesterday into today for the area. several additional inches are expected especially in the northwest lower and eastern upper part of the state.
6:41 am
whiteout conditions at times and lead to dangerous travel conditions. and closer here at home chris we have got what you call a variety of temps going across the state. >> we sure do and i want to add michigan story. they had 17 to 20 foot waves reported just off the break wall there in marquette michigan in the upper peninsula yesterday. i have a video of that on my facebook page. meteorologist chris spears. here's a live view you will notice clouds and a few mountain wave clouds off to the west this morning as part of a weather system moving into the state. rise on the horizon there and we are seeing beautiful color to the east if you are-- if you have a view of that direction. we have presty gusty winds in the higher elevation along the spine of the continental divide passes reporting winds 25 to 50 miles per hour this morning. it's part of a gusty westerly flow of wind coming to the state and as you heard kelly
6:42 am
arvada and westminster 60. and not too far away with 20 east side of town upper 30s low 40s. wind keeping the temperatures right along the foothills on the warmer side. the dosh -- our weather watcher doug 43 is reporting cloudy skies we have a batch of rain and snow showers moving into southwestern colorado ahead of an approaching cold front and we have winter storm watches warnings and advisories for pa so great news for the ski resorts i will outline how much they can get coming go up happening now a-- coming up. happening now taxi drivers bringing thanksgiving meals to families in need and we tagged along for the special deliveries yesterday morning. >> everybody is happy. >> reporter: happiness was infectious early saturday outside the united methodist church as several volunteers began their day with a smile.
6:43 am
holiday tradition, with the foundation and metro taxi several hundred boxes were packed and moved and loaded for very special deliveries. with the help of metro taxi drivers like hasan. >> i am with metro taxi and i have a box for you. >> okay. >> reporter: more than 1200 thanksgiving dinner packages complete with everything from the turkey to the stuffing were delivered to homes across denver. >> happy thanvi >> reporter: it's a holiday meal many of the families wouldn't otherwise enjoy. >> many of them wouldn't have the kind of thanksgiving they are going to have if they didn't do what they are doing. >> i am just so happy i got abox and i will enjoy thanksgiving and christmas. >> reporter: and that's the kind of infectious happiness hasan made sure to share throughout the day. >> that's all i need to say thank you or they don't have to
6:44 am
you inside. that's all that matters. see the happy faces that max my day better too -- that max my day better too. >> -- makes my day better too. >> and walmart helped supply some of the food and some were delivered as a surprise. families come together at u.s. mexico border after years of separation. we will tell you why authorities briefly made it possible for some emotional reunions. ,,
6:45 am
,, ,, ,, holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts.
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time to look at some of today's top story and some people are upset after a rule is announced for bars looking to receive a marijuana license. voters approved the use of marijuana at specialty licensed bars and restaurants but the liquor enforcement division says business was liquor
6:47 am
allowing pot consumption. opponents say that goes against voters wishes and other businesses seeking the permits will have to receive backing from the local neighborhood. thousands of mourners including first lady michelle obama gathered to remember veteran washington journalist gwen ifill who died on monday after a year long battle with cancer. former attorney general eric holder was there and read a letter from president obama who is in peru. emotional scene at the tijuana san border came to see each other through the fence and they do it every weekend but yesterday the border angels coordinated with the u.s. border patrol to open the door and allow families to hug and talk. they say the event was in direct response to the election of donald trump. event was brief but the border angels say they hope to organize more in the coming year. those reunions chris are so emotional but beautiful to kind receive happen too. >> yeah. that was just fantastic.
6:48 am
feeling yesterday when that happened. look at the view from our live camera. some high cloud cover hanging over the state especially as you look off to the west. we will be seeing more of this going through the rest of the weekend and early next week part of a storm system starting tomove into our state. our weather watcher in north lafayette 37. 50 in westminster a variety of temperatures out there this morning. due to pockets of wind have blowing around. colorado springs warmer 53 akron 30 this morning. 45 in boulder and 20s and 30s for the higher elevation gunnison 20 as well as craig. here it's storm system moving in. it came onshore last night out ahead of it we are seeing a batch of rain and snow in southwest colorado. this is very, very light. but it will pick up in intensity about midnight tonight or so as the bulk of the storm system starts to move in. so if you are traveling today,
6:49 am
you may -- i think you are okay you may have wet roads from time to time. quite a bit of cloud cover a mountain wave cloud along the front range that could last off and on through a better part of the day causing a variety of temperatures here along the front range. going in through the night tonight and early tomorrow, and by afternoon tomorrow, good dose of rain and snow moving into western colorado. and watch as we go through the day on monday. we will start to see some of that moisture move into the eastern part of the state. rain could develop here in the and it could mix with or change to snow by early tuesday morning. so we have a little precipitation on the way for both the mountains and denver but by far the bulk is in the high country. southwest colorado a winter storm warning could get a foot or more fantastic news the ski resorts are jumping up and down. very excited to see this forecast. for today, the high should be in the 50s and 60s just about statewide. pretty mild in the southeast.
6:50 am
this is in response to the gusty winds that are starting to move in to the higher elevations today. by the way if you are going hiking this morning we have had gusts near 50 to 60 miles per hour in places like bertha pass. five-day forecast for denver and we are going to see a cooling trend as we go through the beginning of the week as the storm system crosses the state. rain or snow showers monday night and early tuesday in denverism want to tell you don't and -- de we don't anticipate a major storm. this system unlike the last doesn't have a lot of cold air with it. that's kind of the difference so it will be cold enough for snow to mix in. we are not expecting a big widespread snow event. look at wednesday and thursday. we plan that for you and clear it out so you have a nice travel for thanksgiving. >> all right perfect thank you chris. you are welcome. researchers from the insurance institute for highway safety has good news for parents. they say child booster seats are more effective when it
6:51 am
the crash. weija jiang reports. >> reporter: kate perklins need a booster seat for emma who is growing nooft we will sit here and when it tops -- growing fast. >> we will sit here and when it stops raining we will go play. >> reporter: she has manyoptions. 53 of the latest booster seat models were reviewed and 48 got the highest rating called a best bet. >> things improved since we first started evaluating boosters in 2008. of the seats got the top rating of best bet. >> reporter: they are made for kids that have outgroant car seats but are not big enough for a seat belt on their own. >> this is one of the best bet. >> reporter: and why is that. >> what makes it a best bet booster is the lap belt is in a good position at the top of the thighs and it's not riding up on the belly. when the lap belt is on the belly it puts the child at risk for injuries in the abdomen.
6:52 am
not recommended. the costco easy elise and cosco high back 2 in 1dx they say they fit improperly but the manufacturer said in statement they are built to provide children excellent protection in the event of a crash. perkins says she will do her own homework before shopping. weija jiang cbs news arlington virginia. in 1985, one colorado child beat the odds. the doctor called it a with the now grown man and his
6:53 am
6:54 am
,, ,, this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. pediatrician from -- children's hospital colorado is one of 75 to share the story in a book of medical miracles. kathy walshers are covering story of a little boy more than 30 years ago. >> reporter: in 1985 a 2-year- old was living in the shadows. after a blood transfusion at
6:55 am
in colorado to test positive for aids. >> mom. >> what? >> reporter: his mother went public with jonathan's plight and was certain he would never see his third birthday. >> we were stunned and horrified. >> reporter: 31 years ago the doctor helped diagnose jonathan at children's hospital colorado. the sick little boy was shunned by much of the community. >> the neighborhood pool didn't want jonathan to swim there because of the fear of constageon. >> reporter: hi to get him in school. there was no treatment for aids. >> to this day, i have no idea how he survived. >> miracles can happen. >> doing good. >> reporter: me now 33-year-old jonathan -- meet now 33-year- old jonathan he lives in utah and has 12-year-old son and remembers being a outcast. >> i was not accepted i was feared and that's weird to grow thawp way. >> reporter: he he still has aids -- grow up that way. >> reporter: he he still has
6:56 am
>> your life changes once you take the medicines like you are supposed to. >> reporter: he is not convinced he is a miracle. but he knows he beat the odds. he says he never takes for granted the life he has been given. >> that was kathy walsh reporting. the book is called miracles we have seen and all of the proceeds go to charities designated by the doctors who contributed. you can find a link to buy the book on the the website cbs a couple decided to get married on the float of an annual christmas parade battle creek michigan. phil oriley and jesse fillman met through newt mutual friends the groom explained how it helped with the wedding planning. >> it started on facebook we started to talk about where you would get married to the person you are with where you met. and we met at the battle creek christmas parade in 2013 on november 23rd to be exact. and so i put out on facebook and everybody started to chime in and our friend tony said hey it's time to build a float.
6:57 am
minutes along the parade route while the couple exchanged their vows. new video of the first chair going up for opening day at breckenridge. two families on the chair say they left the houses at the 5 a.m. yesterday in hopes of get -- >> two families on the chair say they left the house at 5 a.m. in hopes of being the anxious to hear more snow in the forecast. >> they are. it's been a slow start but look at doppler 4,000. a storm system moving in promises more of the powder. we will talk about that in the mention hour. >> and we have another hour headed your way.
6:58 am
,, ,,
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,, ,,
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good morning it's sunday november 20th. this is the news on cbs4. neighbors here hear gunshots close to the homes and police find a car in the ditch with a driver dead inside. latest on a homicide investigation in lakewood and president-elect donald trump is holding several meetings in new jersey as he works to build his team. latest list of visitors coming up. and. >> something i always wanted to do is play college football. >> see the one play om year-old college running back who passed down his love for the game to his son in the nfl. >> live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 morning news. and good sunday morning to you i am kelly werthmann we will have more on the soreies in just a moment but first, let's get your day started with a check of the forecast. good morning chris. >> good morning sunrise on eastern horizon there. a little cloud cover hanging around making for really pretty color this morning and some


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