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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  November 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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good morning it's sunday november 20th. this is the news on cbs4. neighbors here hear gunshots close to the homes and police find a car in the ditch with a driver dead inside. latest on a homicide investigation in lakewood and president-elect donald trump is holding several meetings in new jersey as he works to build his team. latest list of visitors coming up. and. >> something i always wanted to do is play college football. >> see the one play om year-old college running back who passed down his love for the game to his son in the nfl. >> live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 morning news. and good sunday morning to you i am kelly werthmann we will have more on the soreies in just a moment but first, let's get your day started with a check of the forecast. good morning chris. >> good morning sunrise on eastern horizon there. a little cloud cover hanging around making for really pretty color this morning and some
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warm weather the map we have yellows and reds on the map this morning indicating that this hour today compared to this hour yesterday many places are 10 degrees or better in terms of temperature difference 34 degrees warmer in boulder than this hour yesterday and the reason why gusty west winds are flowing into the state. if you plan to play in the mountains today, areas of above 10,000 feet windstopping 10 to 20 miles mer hour. you have a guest gusty down sloping wind 40s and 50s there and a few places near 60 east side of town mostly 0s and 40s but look at dia we were 38 i believe last hour and we popped up to 52 so they must have a little pocket of gustier winds rogue through the area around the airport. heather jones the weather watcher in aurora checking in with 33 degrees this morning. there's the new storm system it's onshore moved on last
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little batch of light rain and snow trying to work its way into southwestern colorado. this is fairly light. but there are some rain and snow showers out there south of interstate 70 mostly in the vicinity of telluride so if you are taking the highway towards durango you may run into the activity. light for now so if you need to travel to the southwest part of the stay get going and get there because starting tonight into tomorrow the snow he will be more widespread and heavier. kelly some of it way. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit. >> thank you chris. at least 60 people are killed and 120 others hurt after several train cars derail in india this morning. railway officials say 14 carriages were thrown off the tracks. police say they had to pull the bodies out. india's railway minister tweeted the government will investigate the cause of the derailment and promised accountability with the
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the railway system has thousands of people dying in crashes every year. a person is found dead in a car after gunshots are heard in lakewood last night. it was found in a ditch near 9th and wadsworth. police asked us not to show the vehicle until the victim's family is notified. neighbors say a man was inside the car. lakewood police are investigating this as a homicide. now it started around 7 when police responded to shots fired near 9th and alison found the car in the ditch and the driver shot to death inside. neighbors tell us they heard as many as 6 shots before police got to the scene. >> it's scary that it's so close around my corner here but you know denver has grown and it's a big town and you hear a lot about this all the time. so, don't like it in my own neighborhood though. >> as this investigation continues, lakewood police say they do not believe there is
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president-elect donald trump and transition team. trump held meetings with potential cabinet appointees and we have the latest. >> reporter: president oee lect donald trump and vice president- elect -- elect donald trump and vice president-elect donald trump appeared upbeat. for most of the day he conducted interviews with potential cabinet members. >> seeing potential talent people that as i say we will make >> reporter: mitt romney who called trump a conman and phoney was among the guest they had a far-reaching conversation about the global interests. >> very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. >> reporter: mr. trump also held sit down was retired marine general james matis a candidate for secretary of defense education advocate and sacramento mayor kevin johnson.
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tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be the attorney general. and congressman pompeo to head the cia. he also reached a 25 million dollar settlement in trio of fraud lawsuits against trump university. he tweeted the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i didn't have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u. too bad. as the president-elect builds the team hundreds gathered in washington to protest the new government. cb trump will hold more meetings in new jersey today with former new york mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie. the president-elect by the way is very active on twitter this morning. after tweets on his transition team and asking the hamilton cast to apologize he also tweeted in part "i watched parts of saturday night live last night. it is a totally one-sided biased show nothing funny at all. an update on a fire that burned through a home in
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two people. 7 people were living in the home where the flames broke out wednesday morning. janel vargas died and her 32- year-old son gabriel suffered life-threatening injuries trying to rescue her. he was taken off life support yesterday morning. there's a gofundme page for the victims' family and you can find a link on the website cbs new information after a semicrashes into a building in sterling. police say they got the call or got several calls of a main street friday night. officers responded and they found the truck crashed into a building undergoing renovations and the driver 32-year-old travis ires is in serious condition. csu fans bid farewell to the stadium they called home formore than four decades they played the final game last night at the stadium and came out on top with a win. dillon thomas shows us and tells us that fans are feeling great about the end of the era.
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at the stadium. after 48 years of hosting the csu rams the fans made their wait out -- way out to say bye to a piece of history. >> it's gem and the world deserves to see how great it is. >> reporter: she and her family have hosted one of the biggest tail gates for years. >> it doesn't matter if we win or lose. of course we are still the best team in >> reporter: grandfather murph was here at 96 years young he remembers when he signed up to play after returning from war the head coach. >> the first table here's hughes and big signs starred here. >> reporter: he he played under him for a short period when there there was no stayed -- there was no stadium. >> out in back of the old main was bleacher of hardwood seats. >> reporter: he is still amazed to see his old coach's name on
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family game day in fort collins is bigger than football. >> the best saturdays of our lives have been here at hughes. so, we are all so lucky to be here. >> dillon thomas reporting. the team kicks off next season on the on campus stadium currently under construction the name of the road the new stadium is on is hughes way. a 55-year-old man becomes the oldest person to play division i football after running the ball for carolina state yesterday. >> i couldn't explan it to be honest with you. happiest day of my life today. >> joe thomas ran for 3 yards during the first quarter of the game and coincidentally on senior day thomas had been practicing with the team but didn't see any playing time until yesterday. after the game his teammates carried him off the field. thomas has a soon in the nfl joe thomas junior who is a linebacker for the packers. now let's get a check of
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pretty nice start. fair amount of sunshine but look at doppler 4,000. things will change over the next 24 hours the storm system moving in from the the west. i will outline what to expect coming up. >> next on colorado's newschannel how cell phones may be the cause of a rise in depression among teen girls. and the three reasons why a song may get stuck in your
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it's unethical if not illegal to post fake online reviews. tomorrow night on cbs4 news at 10, investigator rick salinger shows how people are willing to sell reviews for a price. >> reporter: we rely on reviews to guide us. but can they be believed? >> we can say your product. >> reporter: we created a product a fake one to see if we could buy positive revie >> it's outstanding. and get this it's affordable>> reporter: would it surprise you if i told you we are able to hire people to write fake reviews? we will show you what we were able to buy and how to defect if a review is real or fake. >> i love going there because the price is as great. >> see the full investigation in to online reviews real or fake tomorrow night on cbs4 news at 10. excessive cell phone use
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this the news in health. authors of a study in the journal peed ating are says the growing number of depressed teens especially teen girls highlights the need to better manage the disease. and researchers found women with a history of migraines could be at the a greater risk of having a stroke. the study of more than 900 women found more they are more than twice as likely to safer stroke with 83% higher ribs of cardiovascular problems including -- cardiovas cue lack proper leams including heart adack. -- cardiovas yew lar problems including heart attacks. it's estimated that 90% of us experience an ear worm at least once a week. that's when you can't get a song out of your head. but why do certain tunes play on repeat in our minds? mary malone yoi goes behind the
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music -- maloney goes behind the music. >> reporter: you are going to get pop songs stuck in your head. music psychologists in the uk created a survey to come up with this list of the catchiest songs and analyze the results to see what they all had in common. they found every ear worm had three essential grind cents. one -- ingredients. a faster pace something you can dance to. >> reporter: ear warms arhythmic pattern sounds may rise and go back down low and rise again. [ music ] >> reporter: many nursey rhymes fit the pattern to help childrenremember them. the songs break up the pattern with a few unique intervals to make it stand out ? i see a little silhouette of a man. >> reporter: researchers hope understanding how ear worms affect our brains will add insight into how we process memories and moods.
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mary maloney. chris is there ever a specific song that gets stuck in your head? >> times right now i got moves like jagger in my mind but not on morning tv. >> you want to show us the moves. >> no. >> okay we will get to the forecast. temperatures this morning all over the place. john snyder south denver 40 degrees and if you go up into the foothills of larimer 50 with gusty wind and that's why he is warmer. we have gusty winds right along the front range divide and foothills. winds will continue off and on and spread across the high country as the storm system approaches. 21 in greeley, 52 with gustier winds out that way 41 in boulder and 19 in gunnison and craig 35 over in grand junction this morning. so a storm system is approaching out ahead of it. there's a little batch of some very light rain or snow showers if you starting thanks giving travel today and your destination is western slope
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rain and snow but that's the key word it's light for now. starting tonight and tomorrow it will be heavier and more widespread. i will show you that on the futurecast. for today aside from the light rain and snow showers out west, mostly just occasional cloud cover passing through. starting tonight, watch here the rain and snow really increases on the western slope of the it will be -- slope. it will be heave every -- heavy at time early monday night and tuesday some will cross the mountsins and come into the denver air -- mounceins and into the denver area. the hf yes it -- heaviest stays along and west of the divide good snow for the ski resorts. they are jumping up a and down this morning. -- and down this morning. 50s and 60s across most of the sol are a dough. -- colorado. gunnison 48. telluride 49 quite a bit in the way of cloud cover with the approaching storm for denver a roller coaster ride and we will warm up with the the gusty
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docket for denver monday night into tuesday. kelly we are not expecting bitter cold air like we had with the last storm where temperatures got into the low teens. so don't think travel problems will develop for the city but you know we have to watch forecasts of course and it starts to clear out in time for your holiday travel. >> i think we will all take the sunshine on thanksgiving. >> yes we will. >> thank you chris. >> sure. christie brink lipley has been turning heads for -- brinkley has been turning heads for years but she is headed into >> i am involved here. it's my new workout. oh. >> reporter: no one will ever accuse christie brinkley of a lack of enthusiasm. now she is even more motivated. >> you can't say bellissima without bellissima. >> reporter: without wanting a drink. bellissima is her wine label a new range of prosecco the italian fizz that is about the
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u.s. sales are up a third each year lately. >> you are tasting nature not chemicals. >> reporter: and christie brinkley and partners think they found a way to break through the market clutter. her. of all the places i pictured you the loading dock was not one of them. >> i am involved in every aspect. >> reporter: more than four decades into a modeling career camera lens she didn't like. and that didn't like her back. >> oh. >> reporter: point one at her and this sort of thing happens. >> cheers. >> yes. >> christie brinkley spark les along with the wine and chicken that's hot stuff and a toast to a pina colada those stories and more
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food a brand of hummus is issuing a recall. what to look for on the sabra products to avoid a possible listeria contamination. this is the news on cbs4.
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,, ,, ,, time for the chevy sports
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football has a chance to go from worst to first. yesterday it was 10th ranked cu22nd ranked washington state two ranked teams in late november what sight. what a day threw for over 300 but a lot of the damage was with the feet. one of the 3 touchdowns giving them a 21-17 lead and all buffs in the fourth. lindsey that was his second of the day. buffs opened up a 14-point lead and gives credit to the defense for keeping cougars in check. buffs won 38-24 so if they beat utah next week the buffs will play in the pack 12 title game. i feel like we play everything together you know special teams and offense defense if we are going to be a championship contending team you have to have that together. i think that we went in and showed it today and i am proud of my men. >> cu host utah next week if they win they go to the conference title game.
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sports break brought to you by chevrolet the most awarded car company two years in a row based on 2014-2015 year in totals. visit your colorado chevy dealer today. sabra dipping company issued a recall of some of the hummus and spreads because of possible listeria contamination. this is is the news in your money watch report. the fda says the affected products were manufactured before november 8th at pl consumers are urged to discard product with a best before date through january 23, 2017 which is listed on the lid. sim vary but includes fever, muscle aches stiffness abdominal pain and diarrhea. ups will invest more than 75 million dollars to expand the main ohio package club in columbus. they made the announcement ahead of the busy holiday
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complete in 2018 sorting capacity will double allowing allowing them to -- allowing them to process more packages. ish. >>ly only customers in italy will be able to buy fiat cars and 3 model will be made available to start. car maker says prices will be up to a third cheaper than at dealerships. new study says most americans don't understand the relationship between prices and interest rates. jill schlesinger is here to explain. >> reporter: according to recent research from the investment education foundation, americans still struggle with basic financial concepts. most investigationing question for respondents was how bond prices respond to rising interest rates. only 28% of people answered that one correctly. considering that bond prices have plunged since the election
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the prices moved inversely to interest rates. here's why. if you own a 10 year u.s. government bond that's paying 5% it will be worth more now when new bonds issued by uncle sam are only paying 2.2%. if your bond is paying 2% while new bonds are paying 5%, no one will be interested in yours and the price will fall. so with current interest rates on the rise, your bond mutual fund will probably value. but don't worry. you will be able to reinvest the dividends at the lower prices which should help your portfolio over the long-term. in new york i am jill schlesinger. now let's check forecast with chris. >> i was looking at a couple new snow models. this is the rpm model southwest colorado has a lot of snow on the way. we will talk about the timing of all this coming up in the next half-hour. >> also coming up a. broadway
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>> we truly hope the show inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> after calling the cast of hamilton rude on twitter, president-elect donald trump continues to tweet about the on stage message what he had to ,,
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,, ,, live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 morning news. >> welcome back to colorado's newschannel 7:30 sunday november 20th a beautiful day in store chris spears is in the weather center this morning. and chris, you know it's bye week for the broncos but it's good football weather. >> it is. and you know, it's going to be a nice day to just get out and
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today. a live view for you right now from web camera down in ridgeway. they have pretty cloudy skies down that way. western and southwest colorado feeling the forerunners of storm system moving in. forerunner meaning a batch of rain and snow showers ahead of it mock into the southwestern part of the state -- moving into the the southwestern part of the state. there's activity north of grand junction. light for now so if you have thanksgiving travel and your destination is the western eastern utah get moving because it's light and will pick up in intensity later today and tonight. gusty winds into the mountains. gusts at times 20 miles per hour or higher along the continental divide the weather watcher is reporting gusty winds and 46 degrees this morning. down in there and west side of metro denver warmer than the east side due to winds off the
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that's a done sloping wind compressional warming with 30s over on east side. brighton 3652 at dia to show you what wind can do to the temperatures. coming up in a little bit we will outline the rain and snow moving into the state and time it out and talk about when it might get to denver. >> we can always use more know. new -- snow. new developments in the case of a woman whose dog was shot by police. osers -- officers claim the after they got loose but rios and her attorney says video from the incident tales different story melissa garcia has the story. >> reporter: body cam video shows police arriving to the scene of a call of pit bulls who had gotten loose from the backyard allegedly attacking someone outside of the aurora complex. a responding officer says the two dogs jumped up on his cruiser. he gets out and claims ann police report that the 3-year-
7:32 am
stance you can hear gunfire followed by wimperring as another officer's camera records the dog getting shot in the face and running off. >> okay i had to shoot one that came at me. >> he didn't deserve it. >> reporter: she had to put her dog angelo down from his wound. >> just angers me the way he talked about him the way they just joked about it. the way he ran off in pain screaming. he was just wagging his tail and he was shot. >> he had the idea i ed put the dog down. >> reporter: rios attorney says police should have handled the situation differently. >> the police department as a whole needs to have the culture changed in terms of these are not target practice for you these are family members. >> reporter: police say officers were doing their job and protecting the public and themselves from the dogs aggressive behaviors. in response to a request for comment on the body cam video, a spokesperson said police could no longer speak on the case due to pending civil litigation.
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right now president obama is in peru and last night he attended a dinner hosted by the country's president at the apeck conference in lima. obama wants to put some latin american leaders at ease before his term ends. >> reporter: president obama is trying to ease fears in latin america that his successor will pull out of american trade deals. at the a town hall meeting the president asked them president-elect trump a chancedespite his stance againstglobal trade deals he feels the preact e-- president elect will see the benefits. >> once tariq-- once they look at how it's working they will determine it's good for the united states and trading partners. >> reporter: president obama is meeting with chinese president and expected to talk with russian president putin on the sidelines of apeck. if it happens it would be putin and obama's first meeting since
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for interfering in the election by hacking democratic party e- mail servers. president obama tried to assure people here that how candidates campaign is not always the same as how they will govern. cbs news, lima peru. president-elect donald trump is addressing the hamilton controversy this morning. around 4:30 a.m. trump tweeted the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike behavior. the president-elect is referring to friday night's on stage speech by hal i am -- hamilton actor brandon dixon calling on mike fons uphold american values and work on behalf of all americans. theater goers cheered and booed pence and they had mix reviews on dixon's message. >> i think a show especially like hamilton where the message is about immigrants and you know the difference they have made in the country and it was something that the crowd was
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appropriate setting at all for anyone to be booing someone who is willing to serve our country. >> 15 minutes after making the hamilton tweet trump tweeted about his transition team plans saying numerous patriots will be coming to there today as i continue to fill out various positions necessary to make america great again. a state of the art satellite built in colorado is now in orbit. goes-r. >> the goes-r blasted off from cape canaveral florida last night and meteorologist dave aguilera was there. >> reporter: after taking a launch time down to the last- minute the launch of the atlas 5 rocket and goes-r satellite went off without a hitch. crowd gathered in great anticipation of the most advanced satellite ever built
7:36 am
a few minor issues that had nasa push the launch to the very last-minute. >> it was a little dicey you know towards the end because we wondered if we would hit the one hour window. we were only given an hour by the faa tonight. >> reporter: all system were go. in about 14 days, the satellite will be in the permanent orbit and fully devoid. info will come fast but has to be tested. >> there's a long process to make sure from orbit are what's on the ground. >> reporter: once that happens the four times better images and five times faster data speed will help forecasters issue faster severe storm warnings and better predict when big storms will hit. >> what you witnessed tonight is a new era for weather forecasting. >> reporter: and after about 6 months of testing and that type of thing we should be able to start to get data from the satellite. it may be a year or two until that date thea is put into
7:37 am
improvement in severe weather warnings. and tracking hurricanes and snowstorms in that time of thing. from cape canaveral along with photographer mark nitro i am meteorologist dave aguilera. some denver taxi drivers are going the extra mile to make sure families in need have a happy thanksgiving. we will ,,
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pply of tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare now about an aarp medicarecomplete plan.
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. >> the the national weather service -- the national weather service in michigan says lake- effect snow will continue into today for the area. additional inches are expected especially in the northwest lower and eastern upper part of the state. the nws says the combination of wind and snow will create near whiteout conditions at those -- at times and lead to dangerous travel conditions. so chris where's th that brought us our snow and cold the other day. it's way over here in new england bringing a lot of snow to upstate new york but on the backside of the low, the flow of wind coming out of canada across the lakes it picks up moisture from the great lakes and if you never been to the part of the country those lakes are huge they are like inland seas if you will. they have had waves up to 20 feet high reported off the break walls there in northern michiganin the upper peninsula in marquette.
7:41 am
storm system moving in and this will facet our weather as we roll through time. and there is a little batch of rain and snow out ahead of that in southwestern colorado. it's very light and if you have thanksgiving travel plans if you leave this morning i would get going so you can beat storm because it's going to be tough travel wise going into monday and tuesday in western colorado. gusty winds coming in associated with that storm wind gusts on the high mountain pass near es times. and temperatures mostly in the 20s and 30s up high and few teens like gunnison and craig eastern plains temperatures all over the place. wind is warmer like at the airport 52 if your winds are light 28 degrees in fort collins right now. and our weather watchers telling very similar stories on the the western slope this is a report from about an hour ago but doug had 43 degrees with increasing clouds. kelly coming up in a few minutes we will take the main weather segment and talk about snow totals and timing of when
7:42 am
to denver 23450 thanks. -- denver. >> thanks. taxi drivers bringing thanksgiving meals to families in need. and we tagged along for some of the special deliveries yesterday morning. >> everybody is happy. >> reporter: happiness was infectious early saturday outside the ep worth unitedmethodist church as several volunteers gant day with a smile. >> keep everybody fed and happy. >> reporter: as part of a holiday tradition with epworth foundation and metra taxi several hundred boxes were packed moved and loaded for very special deliveries. with the help of metro taxi drivers like hasan. >> i am with metro taxi and i have a box for you. >> oh okay. >> reporter: more than 1200 thanksgiving dinner packages complete with everything from the turkey to the stuffing were delivered to homes across denver. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> reporter: a holiday meal
7:43 am
the kind of thanksgiving they are going to have if epworth foundation didn't do what it is doing. >> i am so happy i got a box and i still enjoy thanksgiving and christmas. >> reporter: and that's the kind of infectious happiness hasan made sure to share throughout the day. >> that's all i need for them to say thank you or they don't have to say thank you they say thank you inside. that's all main the -- all that matters to see the that makes my day better too you know. >> and walmart helped to supply the food in the thanksgiving packages and some were delivered as surprise to families in need. coming up, families come together at the u.s. mexico border after years of separation. we will tell you why
7:44 am
,, agine a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters.
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time to look at today's top stories some people are upset after a rule is announced for bars looking to receive a marijuana license. voters approved the use of marijuana at specialty lines bars and restaurants but colorado's liquor enforcement division says businesses with a liquor license will be prohibited from allowing pot consumption. opponents say that goes against voters wishes. other businesses seeking the permits will have to receive ba neighborhood. >> thousands of mourners including first lady michelle obama gathered to remember gwen ifill who died monday after year long battle with cancer. eric holder was also there and read a letter out loud from president obama who is in peru. an emotional scene at the tijuana san diego border yesterday. families separated by the border come to see each other through the fence every weekend.
7:47 am
border patrol to open the door and allow families to hug and talk. they say the event was in direct response to the election of donald trump the event was brief but the border angels say they hope to organize more in the coming year. chris spears is here now with your forecast a beautiful day chris. >> yeah. we are starting off with plenty of sunshine along the front range that will change with time as we track a new weather system on the way into the state but there are some clouds out there. i want to show you williams sent in this morning she caught that sum with the bottom of the clouds over the front range. temperatures all over the place this morning. mostly 30s and 20s for the mountains in the northeastern plains. 40s in the southeast lamar 27. 529 at airport with a little wind. -- 52 at the airport with a little bit of wind. jonathan is at the base of the village town in telluride 39 waiting on snow to fall a cold
7:48 am
will bring rain and snow to the state. as we go through time and in fact we have a few light rain and snow showers down here in southwestern colorado. this activity is light but by tonight and early tomorrow, it increases in both the coverage and intensity. i will show you that on futurecast. so, clouds passing through today for the most part by late tonight early tomorrow morning watch the southwest corner. this rain and snow moving in from the the west and southwest and growing in coverage across the state during the day on nd westbound. by monday night, some rain develops along the front rain and by tuesday morning a little rain possibly even a little bit of snow mixed in therefrom time to time here in the front range and on the eastern plains. not anticipating a big storm for the city but a different story for the mountains where we have several advisories watches and warnings in effect. this is one of the snow models showing accumulation from tonight through tuesday morning. look at that. great news for the ski resorts.
7:49 am
south ket colorado -- southwest colorado could do the best. 50s and 60s east today a few 70s in the southeast. mostly 50s up high with increasing clouds as we track this new system coming in to the state. here's five-day forecast for denver. temperatures drop for the city monday kelly by tuesday, 42 degrees with some possible snow in the morning. but, we made a deal with mother nature to give you a good travel time on wednesday and thursday and it hooks like we we will clear things out in time for travel. kelly we have black friday and cyber monday but my favorite day is coming up saturday november 26th small business saturday and cherry creek north is celebrating in big way. >> it's an anual tradition to encourage everyone to shop local. cherry creek north has more than 175 shops and we have jenny and alex so thank you so much for being here to encourage us to shop on small business saturday. >> thank you.
7:50 am
so important to the cherry creek district. >> slut thely. well, out of -- absolutely wellout of the all the retailers 70% are locally owned small businesses so in 16 blocks we have one of the highest concentrations of small businesses. so it's really important day to get out and shop local. you know there's things that do affect retail and we want to make sure that we are supporting the stores that really make the biggest impact in our economy. >> i love some of the local shops you walk in and they the dogs there and just a lovely homey feel what can we expect if we come shopping on saturday in cherry creek. >> good weather. so thanks chris. >> yes. >> and it's one of the most walkable areas in the city of denver so we have carolers and elves sanding out surprises to shoppers and we have a lot offun surprises in store and the biggest thing is a lot of the local businesses are offering their own promotions
7:51 am
>> we love that. >> nice and we have on display the items from the artist -- artisans center one of my favorite stores. >> thanks so much. >> of course you have so many interesting items there so tell us what people can experience if that's where they want to go shopping for holiday gifts. >> absolutely we appreciate it. these are all items that are locally handmade. we carry about 30% local items. and so really truly you can come in for so sag little different -- something a little different handmade local craft we appreciate your business and we love supporting local cherry creek north. we are ready for you. >> you know what i love when you get a gift from a small business, it probably won't be duplicated under the tree and that's something i really love about small business. >> absolutely. >> right. >> some of the gifts artisan center you have neat trinkets made out of bike gars and bike spokes for anybody outdoor
7:52 am
>> -- things in a thank you. >> thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> hope people show up and support small and local businesses and small business saturday is november 26th and you can find more information on cherry creek >> thanks again. on the other side of the break 1985, one colorado child beat the odds. the doctor called it a medical miracle. 30 years later, we catch up with the now grown man and his st,,
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,, ,, a pediatrician from children's hospital colorado is one of 75 doctors who share their story in a book of medical miracles. and kathy walshers are covering the store consider -- walsh remembers covering the story of a boil 30 years ago. >> reporter: in 1985 a 2-year- old was living in the shadows after a blood transfusion at birth, he he was the first child -- he was the first child in colorado to test positive for aids. >> mom. >> reporter: his mother went public with the plight.
7:55 am
see his third birthday. >> we were stunned and horrified. >> reporter: 31 years ago the doctor helped diagnose jonathan at children's hospital colorado. the sick little boy was shunned by much of the community. >> the neighborhood pool didn't want jonathan to swim there because of the fear of constageon. >> reporter: his mother fought to get him in scone and there -- school and there was no treatment for aids. >> to this day i have no idea how he survived. miracles can happen. >> doing good. old jonathan swain. he lives in utah owns restaurants and has a 12-year- old son. he remembers being an outcast. >> not only was i not sped i was feared and -- not accepted i was feared and it's weird to grow thawp way. >> reporter: he still has aids but takes it latest drugs to control thevirus. >> your life changes once you take the medicines like you are supposed to. >> reporter: he is moth convinced he is a -- he is not
7:56 am
knows he beats the odds and never takes for granted the life has given. >> the proceed of the book goes to charities designated by doctors who contributed to the book. and you can find a link to buy the book on our website cbs a couple decided to get married on a float at the annual christmas parade andn battle creek michigan. phil oriley and jesse shoeman met through mute yule friend at the parade and the groom explains how the meeting helped with the wedding planning. >> >> where you met and we met at the battle creek christmas parade in 2013 on november 23rd to be exact. and so i put out on facebook and everybody started to chime in. and our friend tony said hey, it's time to build a float. >> and that float stopped for several minutes along the parade route while the couple exchanged their vows. we have new video of the
7:57 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> two families on the chair say they left their houses at 5 in the morning yesterday in hopes of getting on the first chair and it paid off. they join keystone and copper mountain to open for business in the past few days and they want to see more snow in the forecast. and you're delivering. >> i got your backs. look at this five-day forecast. we have a nice dose of snow coming for the high country mostly overnight ni day tomorrow and part of tuesday. kelly it clips by us monday night and tuesday in the city so a little rain and snow to start the week but it gets better for the holiday. >> good travel weather. >> that's it. >> saw some -- awesome. thanks for delivering perfect weather. >> working. >> thanks for joining us on
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