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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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live from view house centennial, this is xfinity monday live, brought to you by xfinity on the x 1 operating system, tv and internet together like never before. now your host, michael spencer. >> hello everyone and welcome to the view house centennial on a chilly monday night.
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next 30 minutes. joining me always mark and safety justin simmons, your second time. glad we didn't scare you too much on the first one. >> oh, no. a pleasure. >> . >> how are you doing. >> doing well. >> glad you are here. >> we get right into the game obviously. and talking about how hard you guys played and what went down, but obvious loss. how was the mood over there today? >> it was tough. obviously that's a tough pill to swallow. division game, you know, a lot riding on that football game and then, you know, like you said, we had plenty of opportunities to win the game on all sides of the game and came up short. it's a tough team and a tough bunch of leaders that have been through this before and know how to fight and persevere through it.
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today. we watched a film and get ready this week. >> putting the game behind him. how long does it take as a player to put this behind. >> learning what you have to learn and after that time you got to let it go and get ready for next week, especially in the nfl. there are so many teams and opportunities for teams to move for big wins. so you can't have a game like last night creep behind you and next you know you are two games down. >> the regulation, there seemed to be mistakes and penalties, fourth down on nine conversion. take me through that last drive. why do they have so much success in that drive?
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across the bordz, coaches and players could have done just a little bit more. and as far as executionwise, as far as getting off the field and, you know, off sides or, you know, penalties or whatever else we had going on, that's just about it, execution. >> obviously a big talking point and hindsight is 20/20. but the 62-yard field goal, made that. we are celebrating a victory. and he misses that and everybody starts to doubt. but gary kubiak says he made the right decision. the players say they didn't want to settle for a tie. >> b mack has an amazing play. we all trusted he could make that kick. they said with that miss they would have put that same situation with him back out there on the field. obviously, you know, you like to
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shows the trust he homicide on our defense and shows we got to get the job done next time. >> you feel like you let the coach down, you guys as a defense in general not being able to get that stop. >> oh, defensely. you ask any defensive player in our room, that game was on us. you are looking at 4th and 11 on the 15 maybe and we give them the first down, 1st and goal with 15 seconds and a 2-point conversion with one of the best dens in the league, that just doesn't happen. 100% we let not only kub dourn but the rest of the team. as far as the leadership in that room and coming back next week and finishing strong. >> you were in that defense, so what's your mind-set because it looks i obviously, goes awry
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rains, we are thinking 3 and out, maybe try to punt us deep, try and back us up and make get a turn overthere. but our mentality is turn over and get off the field. >> justin simmons on xfinity monday live, monday night live brought to you gig xfinity. the x 1 sports app makes it happen right on your tv while you watch the game. check it out we will talk positives, including the game with von miller. we will have that and much more coming up.
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zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. xfinity monday live from view house centennial. >> wco monday life, talking? broncos with safety justin simmons. a couple weeks ago justin did this. >> now, the extra point for the lead. >> simmons timed it perfectly and jumped over the center to make the block. >> takes it all the way back and denver takes the lead at 15-23. unbelievable. >> i think we watched that play
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did you think about doing it last night and why not? >> we didn't have it up last night. obviously the reason being is now teams are going to start keying on it. you don't want to have a type of penalty that puts the offense back on the field and able to score four more points instead of just getting three. >> what happened on the one, was it misalignment with the 7 guys on one side that ended up costing you guys the field goal? give them they ended up scoring a touchdown? >> like i said before, lack of execution. obviously mentally, you know, simple just getting lined up, things we have done numerous amounts of time and have never messed up on it once and get on the field and bullets are flying and things aren't going our way, we mess up one time and obviously that cost us big. just stuff you have to look at and move forward.
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light cold hard facts. pretty impressive including the six sacks. justin when you look at these. i think that's a pretty decent games you guys would take 9 times out of 10. >> definitely. you hold those numbers and what it really comes down to if you look at the game was obviously the 2-minute situations and obviously the overtime. right when they needed to score and need to make something happen, they did. and that's obviouslyea and that's something we will fix. >> we got to see you super man over the line of scrimmage, so @ let cli you are pretty gifted. you won the genetic lotter rig. tell me about von. the guy is a freak show. >> unbelievable. i think total was 10 tackles, three sacks, all over the ball, all over the place.
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he makes it so much easier for us in the back end to cover for three to four seconds at the most and his motor is always running high. that's not only in the game. that's through practice throughout the week and if everyone was there throughout practice to see, you would see how great. >> derick wolf, they had some plays too. >> derrick does a good job both in the run and pass game, getting to the quarterback and making plays and of the leaders in the secondary. he is just so smart, knows the game, knows what to do. always putting people in the right position to make plays. couldn't say more about him about being back out with us. >> and simeon, i'm talking about staring down the gun barrel taking shots, getting sacked five times, how great has
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that's one of the things coach kubiak and the offensive staff does a great job. everyone on that team is behind him and everything he does. we know there can be -- obviously some times a little bit of struggles and three and outs. but he will obviously get that together. the offense will find a way to move the football and score some points. that's the strength of our defense. can't say enough about trevor ha as a defense you have to pull that out not only for him, but the rest of the team. >> justin simmons, we have more broncos talk coming up this thursday. that's when we will tape the next episode of the football blitz presented by uc health, so come out and join us for the blitz. more to come on xfinity monday live, but first the studios with jim. >> following a late november
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firefighting efforts plus new mexico not backing down that lawsuit he,,
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back and following breaking news. this brush fire now has some homeowners being evacuated. these pictures, you can see those flames from miles away. they say the fire is at 300 acres just to be safe, west metro is evacuating. we do have two crews on the ground. we will bring you updates at cbs and tonight at 10:00. a lawsuit filed moving forward. new mexico pseudoour skate -- sued our state over the spill.
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mexico. they say our state is partly responsible, as well as toxic drainage from other mines. they are also suing is epa, they asked the obama administration about his views before moving forward. and significant delays on i-70. the work starts in clear creek county. will be stopping traffic in both directions between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and it's warning drivers could see delays up to 2 hours and expected to end wednesday. shoe boxes filled with gifts on their way to kids in need in mexico. we stopped by the processing center today. 650 volunteers packing up the boxes of toys and school supplies and hygiene items.
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boxes after he and his family escaped the genocide in rwanda. the box gave him hope when he needed it most. >> the shoe box allowed me to understand what it meant to be loved by god, not only that, but a family of believers across the world that loved me enough to send me something i needed. >> find out how to help out. click on links weather. providing snow for the high country. let's take a look at doppler. clearing along the front range, but still see that snow along the mountains and winter advisories continue until noon tomorrow. see all this moisture and cold air pulling right down into colorado. this is the way it goes. you can see the snow slowly dying down and see them off and on tonight and tomorrow see
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that means sunshine wednesday but still on the chilly side. 31 and 35, should be 46 and 20. lows tonight, teens and 20s. single digits for the high country and tomorrow a chilly day with 30s and 40s for the east. 20s, 30s, low 40s to the west. a little breezy, gusting winds to 25 miles per hour with 49 and the 30s, maybe 20s on friday with a few snow showers and sunshine returns on saturday. >> thanks. and continuing our conversation with justin simmons -- simmons. it is riddle me this, brought to you by colorado land rover and all new land rover discovery sport.
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moment of this bronco season? >> my favorite moment, wow, big hands down i would have to go with the blocked field goal against new orleans. >> it could have been making the team. it could have been one of those. i didn't ask -- i didn't write the question. >> i like how he thought about it. >> yeah, yeah. >> teammates have good plays. i'm going to go with the new orleans. let's see here. ray wants to know what other sports did you play in high school and why did you end up playing football. >> in high school i also played baseball and ran track and i chose football because in baseball i was 6, 3, about 190 pound center, so not too many 6,
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decision on your part. freshman summer going into high school. >> roger wants to know which receiver you have played or that you watch film on do you respect the most. >> oh, that's a good one. i'm probably going to have to go with kelsie, kansas city. obviously pro bowl tight end, but he is real shifty. he haez moves like he is a slider and exreceiver so it makes it tougher to recover, especially when you have other
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so i give it to him. >> of course you will be seeing him later down the road with some revenge. riddle me this and all new land rover discovery sport. before we,,
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,, xfinity monday life from view house centennial. >> monday live at the view house, xfinity. we all know how tough it is keeping up with your latest teams, so make it simple, track scores right on the sports app from xfinity. >> one of the things playing with the nfl, it's time to move on. i know you have studied them a little bit. your thoughts on the jaguars. >> i think they are talented.
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their route running is well done. it's another challenge, looking forward to sunday. >> they have lost six straight, is it difficult to not overlook them? >> you would think, but obviously after coming off a bad loss this week, you know, have that bitter taste in our mouth. at this time we are just looking for a win and jacksonville is the team in our way, so we have to get a win and obviously looking for thet >> you have some family going to be there. >> oh, yeah, a bunch of family wants to go. about a 6 1/2 hour trip, but they want to go. >> that's exciting play not guilty front of your hometown crowd and family. >> oh, defensely. brothers, we always talked about the nfl how cool it would be if we got to go to each other's games, so it will be nice to see him. >> justin simmons, if you want
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have got a few more minutes coming up. thank you. we are watching xfinity monday live. >> live from view house centennial, this has been xfinity monday live brought to you by xfinity on the x 1 entertainment operating system,,
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