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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, ,, >> tonight, a douglas county school security officer charged with sexually assaulting a student. >> the man who killed a state trooper cadet apologizes before getting life in prison. >> i am sorry. >> dangerous escapes as fire races through a mountain town in tennessee. >> hit the gas!
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denver's explosive homeless problem? developing now, a security guard at a douglas county school has been arrested. >> he is accused of sexually assaulting a high school student. our jeff todd has been on this story since it broke this afternoon. tonight, he is at ponderosa high in parker. >> a lot of information is being withheld from the public. >> reporter: jim and karen, maybe the most pressing question that authorities would not answer for us tonight on if this was a consensual act we talked to students here at the school and they said gary postul is a nice guy. he is now on unpaid leave. this was the letter sent home to parents saying a member of the security team is being investigated. they got a report that gary postul sexually assaulted a student. he was arrested on suspicion of
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position of trust and one misdemeanor count of a sexual assault of a ten year age difference. he was hired in september of 2014. earlier this month, he was mentioned in a school district newsletter as a rock star nominated by district leaders. the write up said he was someone who truly cares for our students' safety and security. this write up information about him has now been deleted from district web pages. he posted a $5,000 bond. his next court appearance will be in early january. but the douglas county sheriff's office says this is an open investigation. anyone with information should contact them. live in douglas county, jeff todd, cbs4 news. >> new developments now in the case of a driver who killed a colorado state patrol cadet in
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christopher gebers was sentenced today. prosecutes say he was driving high and recklessly when he hit and killed taylor thyfault and injured another trooper. there was emotional testimony at his hearing. cbs4's kelly werthmann was there. >> reporter: life in prison without parole is the mandatory sentence for a first degree murder conviction. but he was given an additional 342 years in prison additional counts. it is a sentence that thyfault's family says is fair giver that he took the life of a young hero. >> we will live fiercely in his about dense. >> reporter: trooper taylor thyfault was 21 years old when he was killed in the line of duty. >> he didn't get to meet his end goal. it was taken from him. >> reporter: taken by christopher gebers who plowed
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family and fellow troops asked a judge to give him the maximum sentence including trooper clinton rushing who was also nearly killed. >> gebers will never have to experience that. not knowing that a man you are supposed to be responsible for that day had died. >> reporter: thyfault's grandmother read a letter he wrote to his mom when he was a junior in high school. times. that's the truth. i admire your strength as you come out stronger each time. >> i will forever be his mom. but do you know how hard it is to see your mom when you don't see your child? it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: he addressed the family. >> i'm sorry. if i could take it back, i would. and ... i'm sorry. >> reporter: other troopers who
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especially because they lost one of their own in the line of duty on friday. in boulder, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. and, the funeral for another state trooper is set this friday. trooper cody donahue was killed last friday responding to an accident along i-25 near castle rock. a u.s. foods truck drifted onto the shoulder and hit the trooper. and cbs4 has learned the truck driver has been with th richard whittaker was a driver there as well. >> great guy. i mean, he comes to work every day. smile on his face. always willing to help somebody out whether it be work related or personal. >> ruiz has been cited with two misdemeanor traffic violations. >> a massage therapist facing charges after allegedly assaulting two of his clients. our lauren dispirito is live in lafayette where that man
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allegedly happened here at the green leaf massage center. and they happened between august and october. brandon smith is now facing criminal charges after two women say he sexually assaulted them. the alleged assaults happened at the green leaf massage center in lafayette where he worked. clients tell police smith inappropriately touched them while they were nearly asleep. and is out on bond. we tried to reach him at his home and by phone. the owner tells cbs4 she fired smith in october when she found out about the allegations. adding in a statement, upon his hiring, there was no evidence to suggest that he was capable of this behavior. we are appalled and disgusted by the actions. and, these do not reflect the
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january. state records indicate he is licensed in massage therapy. and show no history of past discipline. police say 11 years ago, smith was arrested for raping a woman while she was intoxicated and he confessed but the victim did not want to pursue charges. the owner says she didn't know about the prior case when she live in lafayette, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. new information after chemicals were found inside a hotel room in golden. police and the bomb squad evacuated the courtyard this afternoon. investigators have not told us what chemicals were found, but, it is believed they were being used for criminal activity. police are trying to find the people who booked the hotel room using a fake credit card. families devastated after losing a father and husband in
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miguel beret was killed sunday near kentucky and federal. he stopped at a stop sign when a driver honked at him. he raised his middle finger. that is when the other driver david garcia shot him to prove a point. beret's family says he was a heart working man. >> you are suppose today go to work, work hard, be good, and i everything will be okay. that didn't happen for him. >> garcia's includes domestic violence. he is also a person of interest in a murder on thanksgiving. tonight, we are following a developing story. colorado's governor taking action to help the homeless in our state. governor hickenlooper is proposing a new plan to fund more housing in the denver metro area. now, the money would come from tax revenue off of marijuana sales. an industry many believe has contributed to the rise in homelessness around here.
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stan, an ongoing problem, but, a fresh approach. >> reporter: and jim, the governor wants this now, because, next year is expected to be a banner year for the marijuana industry. and, this plan wouldn't take any money away from the education component of amendment 64. you can see this area right here is where there is usually a large homeless encampment. it has all been cleaned out recently. with this new proposal, it is possible to keep the area looking like this. the solution to a homeless situation with no end in sight. allocating millions in expected pot revenues to housing and incentives to get people off the street. the state estimated more than 10,000 homeless people live in colorado. the money raised by marijuana revenues would directly help about 15% of that population. but, to do so, the governor would need to change language
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to specify where the money is going. >> this is carving out another priority with the additional revenue. this is not reducing any amount going into education. >> reporter: the aggressive plan the governor initially proposed to stay on course. president-elect trump's pick for attorney general. if confirmed, could decide to prosecute states that legalize the drug. >> is it a revenue can continue? that's a great question. and, it is one that in the budget process we factor in the fact that the states are coming own line. it is supply and demand. >> reporter: the state is hoping that on marijuana, donald trump the l stay true to a position to allow states to govern themselves and this proposal does not require any constitutional change to the law. live in denver, stan bush, cbs4 news. and, we have an update on
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mountain. firefighters now say it burned 96 acres last night. it is now 100% contained. dozens of homes were evacuated but none damaged and still no word on what caused it. developing tonight, a massive fire in tennessee turns deadly. why the situation is expected to get worse. >> plus, new information on the attack at ohio state, the new evidence that it was inspired by >> plus, talks heat up. >> and a woman believed to have been a hostage for three weeks has been found. how she and her husband are dealing with rumors it was all a hoax. >> quiet and cold across colorado. active in the southeast. we are talking our next storm system and colder temperatures on the way. >> the avalanche looking for revenge against the predators.
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>> apparently, the world of soccer is mourning after a plane crash in columbia killed members of a brazil team. only six of the 77 people on board survived. the club was scheduled to play tomorrow reaching the finals of a major south american soccer competition for the first time. the twitter page shared the video of the players celebrating the last win. let will be the last image of our warriors. a raging wild fire in tennessee is expected to worse. more powerful winds are forecast overnight. and, they will push a wild fire that is already killed three people. and destroyed an estimated 150 homes, churches, and businesses. >> hit is gas! >> reporter: this is video from two brothers as they escaped a resort area from the mountains of gatlinburg . the flames
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and flames raced through the drought stricken area. gatlinburg is at the edge of the great smoky mountains national park. the most visited park in the country. logan baker was at a hilton hotel when the flames came up. the fire chief has never seen anything like this. >> it is horrible. a lot of people lost their homes and businesses and everything else. things they have worked hard for. >> reporter: a thousand people showed up at the red cross shelter anxious about what is left of their homes. this family escaped with their pets, and the clothes on their back. >> a lot of my family. that is all that mattered. >> more than 14,000 people have been evacuated. the fire chief calls this tennessee's worst fire in a century. developing tonight, donald trump continues to fill out his
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romney will be part of it. romney and reince priebus had din tore night. trump is considering the former presidential candidate as secretary of state. romney slammed trump repeatedly during the cam paint also, nominees announced today were congressman tom price with health and human services. price is is a long time critic of obama care. he has a replacement plan that would abolish the expansion of medicate coverage for 15 million people, bu fixed tax credit to people can buy their ore insurance. steve minutian is a former goldman sachs executive. and elaine chow, labor secretary. new ins the case of the mother in california reportedly kidnapped allowed jogging.
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there were rumors it was a hoax. so her husband showed images of her bruises and burns and chained at the waist. her hair had also been cut off. investigators say they have no reason to doubt she was indeed kidnapped but no arrests have been made. growing evidence suggests an attack at ohio state university was inspired by terrorists. abdul razak ali artan drove his car over a curb into a group people. he slashed others with a butcher knife. he said if you want us lone wolf muslims to not attack, make peace. isis said he was a soldier because he did what they asked by targeting innocent american citizens. well, some genuine cold weather has settled in to colorado. >> and ed, you are tracking a chance of snow. >> snow right here in denver.
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northeast. let's take a look at the hour by hour forecast. skies clear for tomorrow. sunshine around over the eastern plains. maybe a flurry or two for the mountains. thursday, here come the clouds. snow showers in the mountains. then, friday morning, here is snow right along the front range. maybe even into the metro area. that is at 6:00 a.m. and watch how it hangs around just about all day long to the evening rush hour. that is at 5:00 p.m. so, we are going to watch this friday. all the action really taking place in the east as the high pressure building into the west. a very heavy line of thundershowers down there. as you can see, they had some very heavy hail. straight line winds and all the little red symbols are funnel clouds or tornadoes touched down. take a look. the green flash flood. you can see the gold, those are severe thunderstorm warnings. and, the red ones, tornado
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a very heavy line of thunderstorms southeast. the reason the cold air crashes into the warm moist air. you get the clash of the systems. speaking of cold air, we were cold today. only in the upper 30s . but let's go back to lauren whitney. and we have a chance of colder weather this week. >> it could get fridge around here. really feel like december in colorado. 26 now in denver, 26 limo country. 8 in leadville. 7 in gunnison. 22 in craig. 29 in burlington. take a look at the cold air up to the north. it is 21 below right now in fair banks, alaska. so, this cold air is going to make its way toward us. a little later on this weekend. and into early next week. the cold air will swing down toward colorado bringing us a cold shot of air starting on monday, so we will see cooler
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potentially. with single digits overnight. that's the front range. snow. it is a ways out for the moisture. so we will keep tracking it for everyone. >> you will see it in the forecast coming up in a minute. 38 and 39 our highs today after starts of 21 and 25. showboated 46 and 19. 18 below way back in 1877. the ice age was just 22 years later. we had a record high of 74. pinewood lakewood, 39. 41 in berthoud. 26 and 27 now with a rising barometer. mount evans by dawn's early light. phil curry, our weather watcher pilot. snow cover near buena vista silverton, great snow. and purgatory, looking good. temperatures tonight mostly in the teens and 20s over the eastern plains. single digits above and below zero for the mountains.
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then tomorrow, another cool day around here. 30s , 40s , we will find 20s for the mountains. out west, temperature ins the 20s and the 30s . now, let's take a look at the forecast. we will see clearing skies. that will make temperatures dive into the teens. then for tomorrow, we will look for fair chilly conditions around the 40-degree mark. then for the next several days, 39 on thursday. cooler on friday. there is that chance of snow. nice weekend though. good timing herement we get to near 50 by sunday with skies.
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>> the avalanche ending the month of november the same way they started november. a home game against the predators. but colorado hoping for a better outcome. nashville won the first meeting 5-1. we pick this one up in the second at pepsi center. tied at 1-1. seven seconds into the period. we are not editing the highlight. this is how fast it happened. nashville takes a 2-1 lead. that one became a trend. because in the third, 34 seconds joehansenn with the unassisted goal. a beautiful feed by tyson barrie. but it was too little too late. the avs fall 5-3. the predators have outscored the avs here in denver 15-6. >> it is a scary thing. it is like, we are the stuff from last year, that kind of cost us at the end. that being afraid to step up and make a difference. and, you know, instead of
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we don't want to make mistakes. we want to win it. >> when you take your team from 1-8 in conference play to 8-1. chances are you are doing something right. mike mcintire named the coach of the year. cu checking in at number eight. the buffs hoping they can keep climbing with a win over washington on friday. good luck finding anybody outside the state of colorado who gives the buffs a chance. the touchdown underdog. but they are okay with that. >> you know, i don't think ... i don't think anyone wants us to win. that is totally okay. we know with we are capable of. we know what uw is capable of. and we have to go out there and play. i wouldn't say a flawless game. but, beat a very good team like uw, you have to go out there and play very well. >> century link poll question. is the rise real or not. >> michael: 67% of you say yes it s. and this is not a one hit
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it is time to bury the hatchet. it is time to move on. the broncos turning their attention to jackson vivamente let's be honest. some games easier to move on from than others. sunday falls into the latter category. the loss was bad and it really hurt it is chances of winning the division. but the broncos say they are not worried about they. their only focus is jacksonville on sunday. >> we move onto the next team. we have to move on. we have to put it behind you. we played as hard as we could. didn't work out. let's move on. stretch run. i'm worried about jacksonville. we have to focus on playing better this week. play good enough to win a game this week. there is a lot of football left to play. a lot of great battles going on around the league. cr division is very good. but we have to stay focused. >> well, the comeback is almost officially complete. on thursday, tiger woods will tee off for the first time in more than a year. tiger taking part in the hero world challenge. the challenge for tiger is going to be keeping up with the competition.
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last year at 25 under. woods going to have to bring his a game. when we come back, these guys picked a bad time to fall asleep. but, at least jr smith kept his
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? my hero zero. ? ? such a funny little hero ? ? but till you came along ? ? we counted on our fingers and toes ? ? now you're here to stay ? ? and nobody really knows... ? zero really can be a hero.
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and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> hockey in russia, this goalie got lucky. taking a little water break. didn't realize there was a three on one rush coming at him. somehow ... the other team managed to miss e and then he was like oh, i should probably start playing. jr smith was not as lucky. the former nugget known for having a few screws loose. the latest installment of jr being jr happening in milwaukee. he is saying what is up to a buddy on the milwaukee bench: didn't realize there was a game going on. forgot to play defense. gave up an easy bucket. jr said afterwards i didn't
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realize that. >> yeah. >> has he ever played goalie? >> yeah. right? >> well, you know, sometimes, you get thirsty. >> exactly. it's a tough job. tough job.
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>> got a moose on the loose tonight. >> yes. take a look at this from judy williams. this is millie the moose. she comes around a lot. they have got ton know her in gilpin. she is looking right at you. >> all right,. >> millie the moose. >> right at home. >> all right, thanks for watching cbs4 news. the late show with stephen
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coming to from hollywood almost live, it's thomas unleashed. with your host byron allen. tonight byron welcomes john mendoza, earthquake and howie mandel. and now, the reason women need fresh batteries, byron allen! [ applause ] >> all right. yeah. thank you. thank you. thank you. yeah. let me ask you, let me ask you, you guys like this shirt? you like this shirt? [ cheers ] i'm going to tell you a story


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