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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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good morning, e,aryone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on thursday, already december 1st. >> unfortunately the rent is due today. i'm alan gionet."#kdvym??j it's cold out there. here's what's going in the ??line of duty. this happened last night in tacoma, washington, and there is still a standoff with the suspect going on now. coming up, the devastation the severe weather has left behind.? >> reporter: the moveover law has been in place since 2005, but law enforcement ??out this morning stopping drivers who break it. we'll explain why now coming up. good morning from colorado's weather center.
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upper teens, lower 20s. and an arctic blast still on ?? the way for next week. your forecast is straight ahead. the drive is starting to fill in across the ??denver met area. we'll look and see if the cars are causing delays. heavy hearts in taco?a, washington as police mourn the loss of one of their own and continue to try and coax a man who is holed up in ??a home. a police officer there is dead after a shooting. it happened called out to a domestic violence situation at the home yesterday. police continue to work that active scene as they believe ?? the suspect is barricaded inside the home where the shooting happened. two children and a woman were in the house when the man was in there ??as well when the sho were fired at the police officer. a witness says police tried to calm the man down, but ??a community is now dealing with a very tough loss. >> the tacoma police depasdment did any and everything they
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of him, his family ??and anyone else that was involved in this matter. >> when a good cop goes in and tries ??to help, they shouldn't have to die. >> last night police lined the entry of the hospital paying their ??respects to that fallen officer. as colorado prepares tomorrow to remember another police officer struck and killed on the side of a ?? highway, officers will be out in force today to remind us all to just ??move and arapahoe to talk about it. >> reporter: good morning. law enforcement out in ??full force today stopping drivers along this section of i-25, the southern corridor, for violation ??of that move over law. it is for educational purposes. but depending on the violation, you could be ??facing a citatio for that violation. in summary, the law requires that when you're driving, if ?[% there is an emergency vehicle trying to get through, you need to move to the right side of
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path. if you're passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road, you need to pass in l left to give that responder space to work. five different law enforcement agencies are teaming up today to take part ??in this campaign the law has been in place since 2005, but officials say they felt a need to remind ??people exists because they continue to see needless crashes because motorists either don't know the law or simply refuse ??to move over. the most recent example is last friday wh drifted over ??the fog line. he struck trooper cody donahue. donahue was pulled over on the ? shoulder of i-25, lights flashing, investigating a crash. he was killed instantly. trooper donahue takes place tomorrow. and there's an honor flight traveling this morning from new mexico landing in colorado springs this ??afternoon for celebration of life for trooper donahue. as far as this campaign goes
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the violation the motorist makes in this law, they could be facing a ticket. live ??in arapahoe county, jami leary, cbs4 morning news. thank you. severe weather in the south kills at least niwe people and leaves massive destruction b!ind. >> reporter: devastating scenes across the southeast after a round of deadly storms. at least three tornadoes ripped tirough northern alabama, according to the national weather service. jackson county saw worst damage. winds knnsked down trees and power lines and turned some buildings into ruins. one resident says a tree collapsed ??on his house. but he says it could have been a lot worse. >> i'm one of the lucky ones. i still have a bfof. >> reporter: in georgia, three suspected tornadoes touched down in the metro atlanta area. no one was injured, ??but residents describe a terrifying afternoon. >> it was so much wind. everything was ??flying everywhere. it was bad.
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just, like -- >> everything was just ??flying >> the whole door shook. >> reporter: two people were killed in tennessee, where weather officials say a tornado touched down in ??polk county. that state is already reeling from deadly wildfires that have killed seven so far. wednesday's rain provided ??som relief, but it's not enough to quell the region's worst drought ??in nearly a decade. good morning to you, alan, and good thursday morning, everybody. we have doppler 4000 showing clouds on the ??increase. in addition to, light snow in the mountains. any accumulation in the mountains today will be ??limit to an inch or two. bigger story is the cold air. 20 degrees in littleton. our weather ??watcher richard down there reporting that. at the bus stop make sure the
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chill. southeast aurora ??and towards commerce city, maybe a little bit colder than that. high temperatures today will struggle to reach into the ?? upper 30s. yesterday we had 40. i don't think we'll get there today with the extra cloud cover around. snow tomorrow and snow next ?? week. we'll show the full planning forecast coming up. now let's get over to joel. the morning commute won't be too bad ??if you're just heading out the door now. this is i-25 and 20th, making your way down into town. you're going to have cn]pany, but you will bere early. taking a look at the broader ?? map, i-25, 6th avenue and 285 nice and wide open. little patch of c-470 slow in the eastbound direction coming up the hill ??from santa fe out to university. thanks, joel. there is talk of a vigil tomorrow afternoon for the mother and two children ??found dead in their minivan yesterday outside an empty sports authority store in lone tree. we're working on ??the details. a family member tells us they
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to the community. here is our lauren dispirito. >> reporter: neighbors show their support #r a highlands ranch man after his wife, jennifer labor, and their sons, 3-year-old ??adam and 5-year-ol ethan, were found dead inside their minivan wednesday. >> we've ??lost a wonderful mom and two boys. >> reporter: by phone, jennifer's mother told cbs4 all three died from ??gunshot wound she had chatted recently with loving person. would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: investigators are not commenting on the possibility of a murder- suicide, but &ey there is no threat to the public. the three were last seen ?? tuesday leaving bear canyon elementary school early where ethan attended. >> everyone was blind sided. we had ??no indication, nothing like that. no abrupt behavior by any means. >> reporter: parents whose
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devastating. >> how something like this would happen ??is dumb founding to me. >> we have no words for it. it's just shocking and heart breaking. >> neighbors are planning that vigil for later on this week, tomorrow afternoon."#kdvym?rrwi in the south to show you. coming up, what they caught on camera. signw?of hate in one auror neighborhood. how city leaders are hoping to put a stop
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good morning. tough ??news to wake up to. breaking news on the deadly police officer shooting in tacoma, washington. we have just learned ?(he
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killed by police around 3:30 this morning. he has been holed ??up in there since yesterday. an officer was shot and killed ? while initially working this scene as a domestic violence situation. we are awaiting word on ta] officer. we know he was a 17 year veteran of the force. new information about a 16- year-old shot and ??killed at a warehouse party in denver. he was an avid drummer. at a party with other teenagers. his friends remember him fondly. >> it makes me sad, too, because he had his life in front of him. he was going to be a great musician, but he died. >> denver police say there was a fight at that ??party which spilled into the parking lot. a second person was also shot after a gun came out. that ??american was hit in the person was hit in the hand and survived. investigators don't have any suspects in custody. students are planning a ?? candlelight vigil tomorrow
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overland high school. 300 kids say they plan ??to attend. a family in aurora says it is the target of a suspected hate crime and this is the second time the2family's home has been targeted this month. here's our rick salinger with the response ??from city officials. >> reporter: the letters spray painted on the door we won't repeat, but they clearly ??spel hate. first, last tuesday at this aurora apartment complex, then same woman, who last week. she asked that we not show her face. >> you're putting people at risk by ??doing this and you're allowing other people to show their hatred in ways that is not acceptable. >> reporter: city ??leaders cam forward to condemn the action. >> hateful graffiti and ??other crimes have no place in our city. absolutely no place in ??our city. >> reporter: there have been 25 hate related crimes reported in
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since the election, november 9, juveniles shouting, now that donald trump got elected, you're going to become ??a slav then racial slurs to a black store employee. and a few days later an envelope on a ??car with a raci slur. police are appealing for help. >> that was rick salinger reporting. the city of aurora ??will hold forum tonight with immigrants at aurora central high school from 5:30 to 7:30. 4-?pgd city with members of the community ou election. violent storms ??across the south yesterday kept the storm chasers busy. this is from mississippi as they captured lightning strikes? as well as high winds and heavy rain and flying debris. this gives you a sense of ??how bad these systems were. all of it responsible for at least five deaths so far. and they are ??still searching for some victims. terrible situation there. and here at home, we are
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coldest air. >> no, not at all. though the cold air we have this morning is the still the same air ??that was brought in the front responsible for all the severe weather in the deep south, including in mississippi. 24 degrees the ??temperature right now in denver. sun will be up at 7:02 this morning. i want to quickly look at november, a review ??for you. wow, it was overall a very warm month. in fact, our tenth warmest november on record, anbhour records go back to the mid- 1800's. we end above ??normal, which may not stand like a lot, but from a climate standpoint that's ??big we are close to normal this morning. 21 at dia. 25 in boulder. 15 in greeley. there's not a lot of wind, ??bu enough that it makes a difference. feels like 11 with the windchill at dia. minus ? in leadville. also cloud cover moving in to the denver area. we're going to call for increasing clouds today. overall will not be$?as sunny a it was yesterday.
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light snow. any accumulation will be minor, maybe an inch ??or two along portions of i-70 and u.s. 40 over berthoud pass, maybe an ?? inch or two of ??snow. east coast rain. rain moving through idaho now that will bring some snow into the ??state tomorrow, including chance for a few flakes in denver. in the high country, inch or two of foothills tomorrow morning. if we see any accumulation in the metro area, it's going to be less than ??an inch. in the mountains, maybe a little bit more than that, 2, 3, maybe 4 inches for some areas. everything is on ??track for ou big arctic blast next week. cold air moving right out of russia and it will be over the rocky mountain region ??startin tuesday into wednesday of next week. high temperatures will struggle to get out of the teens the middle of next week. and ??we're still on track for to 10 inches of snow.
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increasing clouds. tomorrow ??34 with light snow possible. for the weekend, joel, looks brighter. little warmer as well. we'll get close to 50 ??on sunday. not quite, though. and monday 40. the snow arrives late monday, most likely after dark and ??th heaviest snow monday night into tuesday. it's hard to fully appreciate that, knowing ??what coming. i-25 and university, nice wide open drive, both directions through the bridges to the tech center. that's what we're seeing ??acro the denver metro area, if you'll be rewarded for that. in the high country a ??little bit of a crunchy drive. no chain and passenger traction restrictions are in place. thank you for that. less than ?;lx days ago we mark one of the dark effort days in u.s. history. the assassination of president john ??f. kennedy. now there is a new movie with a closer look at first ??lady jackie kennedy. oscar winner natalie portman
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>> reporter: in the dark days after president kennedy's assassination, the first lady showed ??both dignity and back bone. natalie portman takes on the role of one of the world's most faeots icon in the new film "jackie." >> scary, because when people are so familiar with someone, then you really feel ??like you are almost setting yourself up for failure. >> reporter: the movie focuses on the immediate aftermath of ?? president kennedy's death, creating a complex portrait of the still soaked in her ??husband's blood, she knows it's up to her to define his leea. she plans the funeral through the fog of her own grief, well aware she's writing a page for the history ??books. >> i think she understood history so well and understood that people need symbols ??and people need ritual and people need this sort of cultural identity. >> why are you ??doing this, mr
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>> reporter: as first lady, she was already admireed for her style ??and sophistication. but the film tells us mrs. kennedy also had serious grit. >> she was such a smart ??one that we've underestimated for so long, that it's great to give her due. >> reporter: in taking control of the moment, ??jackie protect both her husband's image and the image of a ??modern day camelot. jamie cc
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welcome back, everyone. before the election mortgaee? rates were a concern. now the rates have gone up. >> here totell ?e:hwhat it mean
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analyst jill ??schlesinger. happy december. why have the rates gone up to quickly? >> reporter: longer term ?? mortgages key off the treasury, and these yields closed at ??2. yesterday, the worst month for government bonds in seven years. here's what's going ??on, investors believe that president-elect trump's will heat up the economy. but that will prompt ??the fed hike rates more quickly and that will put an end to the era of ??ultralow interest rates. average contract industry for for a conforming rate increased 4.23%. it'7o)hby nearly 0.75 of a percent since the election.
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home purchase plans before rates go higher? >> reporter: i would say this is ??the most frequently asked question of the last week for me here. presuming you have run your numbers and it still makes ?? sense, yes. look, these rates are going to continue to rise next year most likely. but still, i ??don't want you t be so spooked, because mortgage rates are still historically low. it always boils ??down to your personal maybe you can ??aforward the extra -- afford the extra costs. factor in all the associated costs of closing the loan t-;"x line when refinancing. and for you buyers, you're cal lating not just the ??cost of t mortgage and property taxes and insurance, don't forget to add in that extra ??1.22% a year of the purchase price. every single year it's the on
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increases the cost of owning a home so include it. >> good point. jill, thank you very ??much. happy december to you. 5:25 now. let's get a check on weather ?? and traffic. good morning. >> good morning. salt lake city could ??have problems today, inch or two of slow, so maybe delays there. around colorado no major ?? problems. light snow in our mountains, not enough traffic disruptions. after ??severe weather weather the southeast portion of the ?? country, quieter today. all major airports across the country are in good shape now. let's get over to joel. he has the latest on ??our commute. should be a great drive if you are heading out to dia now. this is the drive through the tech center. filling in, so ??you're going t have company, but nothing that will slow you down. looks like we have a new trouble spot popping up along ?-
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we'll keep an eye on that. drive times heading eastbound along i-70 on the ??approach to that accident, you're going to have speeds into the 60s. thanks, joel. 5:26and the temperature outside about this morning. another police officer is killed in the line of duty. we'll ?zave response from a witness who was in the home when shots were fired. more than a dozen twisters ? hit the southeast. i'm roxana saberi in new york. coming up, the damage and deaths trevor siemian was at his ?? best in the second half against the chiefs. turns out in overtime he suffered a foot injury putting his status for this ??sunday in jeopardy. it happened when he was sacked at the end of the broncos' first drive in overt?yme. didn't realize it at the time as he played the next drive. he was absent from practice yesterday. he's in a walking ??boot. broncos say he is day-to-day
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sunday. e is hopeful. but patrick lynch said he'll be ready. >> just a little sore now. taking it day ?k?;hbay, hoping tomorrow is better than today and today was better than yesterday, so that's encouraging. >> i think that i'll be a lot more comfortablu i was for the first time, especially going against a really good falcons team at the? time. so i think i feel a lot more comfortable than where i was when i started that game, so we'll ?? happens. >> broncos ??also announced ?? yesterday fullback andy janovich done with an ankle
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it's a cold start to our ?? day. we'll talk about the arctic air


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