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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us, i'm britt moreno. this is the news on this friday, december 2nd. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now. people in denver are now better equipped to deal with package thieves, but you won't believe how bold some we'll show you. a massive show of force by police when a student brings a gun to a utah school. coming up, who was able to disarm that teenager. >> reporter: and hundreds will pack this church parking lot this morning in preparation for memorial service for csp trooper cody donahue. we have details coming up on cbs4 morning news. no snow showing up yet on
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i'll show you when it will arrive and how much we ought to see. the drive up through the high country looking good. no chain and passenger chain and passenger are in place. thanks, joel. family and friends will say goodbye to a veteran colorado state trooper. cody donahue will be laid to rest after being killed last . >> reporter: we'll get right to that statement, but hundreds are expected to pack this parking lot and law enforcement unfortunately wearing that black honor band around their badges. hundreds of lawmaker will be following a -- law enforcement will be following a procession as the honor guard escorts the body of trooper cody donahue. the family of the 34-year-old trooper released that statement. it's their first official
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support, pleading with people to stop carelessly driving and ask that drivers take note of the emergency responders pulled over on the side of the road. the statement ends by saying "two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and there's just no good reason." he leaves behind his wife and two daughters, ages seven and 10. court documents say the truck driver was driving accident on the side of the road, and the truck driver veered over and hit and killed donahue on the spot. the driver has been cooperating with investigators. a statement says he was a man so honest, he even gave his wife her own speeding ticket. now, in lieu of flowers, the family is asking that you make
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donahue's name. the procession will start at 9:45 and head west on c-470 from littleton. that's going to shut down that road while the procession is in progress, so do expected traffic delays. and they're also going to be shutting down 285 that goes by the church until that procession reaches the church. hundreds are expected to attend. we'll continue following this story. live at the first church of nazarene, jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> thank you fo this time of year people are trying to do what they can to probing their holiday deliveries now that purchases are rolling in. our karen morfitt says thieves are also looking to get away with easy gifts. >> reporter: his surveillance system usually is a deterrent for thieves. >> i think the cameras we place visibly on the porch and the
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helped a lot. >> reporter: thursday morning the reward was greater than the risk for this group of porch pirates. their scheme was caught on camera. first, targeting this fed ex truck. then waiting until the delivery is complete before moving in for the steal. >> here's what ends up being the passenger of one of the two vehicles. >> reporter: just a few blocks away, another couple caught a similar theft on their camera. this criminal shows up at he comes with another package already in hand. >> looked like he had been to somebody else's house and taken a package. >> reporter: it's not a new crime, but it is becoming more common, and the response from homeowners is often security cameras. >> really is valuable to us. this video is high definition. so it really helps us to identify a person if they're involved. >> reporter: officer robert gibbs says not every video will lead to an arrest. but the more evidence, the more
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we're going to look into it. want to get to weather and traffic every 10 minutes now. dave aguilera. >> yes, it's chilly this morning. teens and 20s around the region. 21 in thornton and littleton and ken caryl. doppler 4000 radar shows cloud cover in the mountains. little light snow there. from denver east still partly cloudy. once we get into the morning i think we'll still have sunshine once it tops up. there's a system that we have over arizona down here, sending moisture in our direction coming up later today. and that will produce a few flurries. late morning we could see flurries develop. by 9:00 a.m. about 25 with increasing clouds. light flurries noon through 3:00 p.m. should be about 31 at lunchtime. and about 34 for the high today. however, joel, i don't think it's going to be a huge issue for us, because the flurries we are expecting should only amount to maybe 0.25 inches to
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range. won't be a real problem doesn't look like. just enough to make it feel like winter. this is i-70 as you get to the eisenhower and johnson mountain tunnels. yeah, we've got sheen out there on the roads. watch out for that, up into the high country. that will change a little bit as the snow moves in. of course now no chain and passenger chain and passenger in place. that's going to change as we get through the morning. here we are across the denver metro area. slowing along i-25 past i-76. no accidents on the highway. we've been talking the trooper donahue funeral procession. you're going to have closures and delays from bowles to 285 and out to the church. these delays 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. especially, but between 10:15 and 11:00 a.m. there will be a full closure of
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get between university and colorado. thanks, joel. president-elect trump is holding more meetings today in new york. yesterday he was on a so-called thank you tour during which he also took a victory lap with insults for political opponents and the media. >> reporter: donald trump is back in campaign mode, giving a fiery speech to a crowd. he's still asking for support, this that i'm as he prepares to go into the white house. >> i am night as hard for these proposals as you fought for this great campaign of ours. >> reporter: he repeated familiar promises. >> we will finally end illegal immigration. we will construct a great wall. by the way, we are repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: it's the latest in trump's shifting position on health care. last month he told "60 minutes" he would be open to keeping
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he later tapped tom price as health and hum services secretary -- human services secretary. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> reporter: james mattis is a retired marine general with 44 years of service. in 2004, he led troops into fallujah, the bloodiest battle in the iraq war. he is the cabinet that's drawn criticism. >> he's putting wall street insiders into the jobs where he criticized wall street insiders before. >> reporter: loyal supporters aren't concerned. >> they're billionaires but they're smart with their money. we're going to be smart with america's money. >> general mattis would need a waiver from congress, because
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a statute requires a 7-year period to transition from a military role to a civilian one. a 15-year-old boy is facing charges for bringing a weapon to school, but his parents were able to disarm him. a heavy police presence was on hand in bountiful, utah. they say he brought the gun into a classroom and was able to fire a after they realized he had taken the guns from the home. they were able to take the gun away from him in a hallway. >> at least one shot was fired inside the school. we have no injuries. >> it just becomes that much real. there was a gun in my kid's school. >> parents arrived at the school shortly after hearing the news to make sure their kids were safe. this incident comes about two weeks after another utah student stabbed five high school classmates before he was
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the deadly mass terror attack, a shooting in san bernardino. ahead, what's just come out. a new ranking is out of the worst drivers in the country. colorado is not the worst, you could say, but certainly not the best either.
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good morning and welcome back. new information on colorado drivers. a survey finds we are the eighth worst in the country. they used data like accidents, tickets, dui's, even crash deaths to make the list. the worst are in utah.
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for both accidents and speeding and fourth worst for minor citations. the best drivers in rhode island. princess cruise lines will pay a record $40 million fine for pollution by a vessel. the department of justice says they fashioned a special pipe to discharge oily waste into american ports, then they orchestrated a coverup. princess says they have taken steps environmental standards. some shoppers in maryland had a double take when they saw a beaver doing christmas shopping. busy beaver. he checked out local dollar store. they took it off to a wildlife rehab center where he'll spend the holidays. >> here in colorado it could
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we've had those in some spots, haven't we? beaver looking for wrapping paper i guess. current temperatures this morning a little chilly if you're doing early christmas shopping. 21 fort collins. 15 in greeley now. it's 8 in leadville and 7 in alamosa. jim bruce is our weather watcher in rist canyon, 20 degrees. we've got a few little light flurries along the continental divide. a little bit of wind and no snow accumulating yet. there's a system digging over arizona, a low pressure area that's cut off down here. that will send in moisture up into colorado during the course of the morning, so late morning we could start to get a few flurries around the denver metro area and that will continue off and on throughout the afternoon. accumulation-wise, doesn't look like a lot. at the most maybe a quarter of an inch to half inch in some locations. by the noon hour some flurries. little more snow in the
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of snow in the sangre de cristos and san juans. high areas of park and summit county about an inch. moisture will be coming in later and the evening it will start to clear out overnight and will lead into a pretty nice weekend for saturday and sunday. highs today mostly 30s and 40s across the state. everybody cool. the cool spots, mountain valleys like alamosa here, up in steamboat, in craig, those areas will probably o it into the 20s, not above freezing today. our high today 34. few flurries off and on. 16 the low tonight. 44. 50 sunday. and we cool it off monday down to 44. the mix develops in the afternoon, rain/snow mix, ushering in that big arctic wave expected tuesday with only 19 for the high. accumulating snow and below zero possible for the overnight
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it looks like maybe 6 to 8 inches of snow around the denver metro area tuesday into wednesday. will be that light powdery stuff? >> i think so, yes. it will be cold. >> central park and i-70, it's a nice highway drive. a friday morning drive, you'll enjoy that away. in the high country no chain and passenger chain and passenger in place. along 285 similar situation, good driving conditions. look at this green we have across the map, leading to great e just 8 minutes from 120th to i- 70. thanks, joel. it's been one year since a deadly mass shooting in san bernardino, california. terror attack that left 14 people dead and 22 others wounded. there still is a lot we don't know about a husband and wife team who stormed inside the county building where they opened fire. there's newly released 911 calls as people inside the building were able to call people and describe what
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f0 >> reporter: in this same call, the woman is asked if she knows how many shots have been fired. >> reporter: the calls kept
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>> reporter: in newly released security video, you can see the terror couple driving their black suv away from the scene of their horrific crime. at one point, they even passed police on the road who have yet to figure out who they are. you see the couple once more make a slow u turn before leaving the scene. police ultimately tracked down the duo and kill them in shootout. >> they were firing at law enforcement. >> copy, subject firing at law enforcement. [sound of gunfire] later this morning san bernardino county employees will hold a moment of silence at 10:58, when those shootings
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,, we have a new big brother winner and the nominations are in for the critics choice award. here's our danielle nottingham with our today's entertainment. >> reporter: critics are loving la la land. the romantic musical starring emma stone and ryan gosling leads this year's critic choice awards with 12 nominations,. >> it's strange we keep running into each other. >> maybe it means something. >> i doubt it. >> yeah, i think so. >> reporter: it hits theaters december 9th. in honor of world aids day,
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tested together at an hiv certainty in barbados. morgan roulette is the winner of big brother over the top. the 22-year-old says she used her southern cheerleader charm to win over fellow house mates. >> julie opened the envelope and said my name, i looked at jason and said, i didn't just win. he goes, morgan, you won. i was like, no, i didn't. i was still in shock. i thought jaso bag. >> reporter: morgan won a quarter million dollar prize. that's your eye on entertainment, danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. here's dave. >> good morning. we're looking at the travel forecast. the west coast, a little bit of rain and high mountain snow, nothing heavy duty. san francisco sunny and 60. snow here in colorado. light stuff from northern new mexico into our area. if you're looking for rain, it
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houston. not looking for anything severe there. no big problems there. and a little bit of snow around the great lakes up here. little lake effect snow in sections of pennsylvania and new york. still all in all not too heavy there as well. in miami, about 78 and a little bit of rain. here in town today, joel, it's going to be cold, only 34 and a few light flurries later today. you say cold, but we know it's coming. i-25 and 8th, if you're up, maybe taking someone out to for doing that, and should be a good drive as well is. little truck in the middle of the road along i-25 at 8th. along i-70 and pena boulevard should be a great drive. the a line running on time. and alan and britt, eastbound along i-70 speeds into the 50s. temp outside at 23 degrees. >> really cold outside and a lot colder than we thought. the recovery process from
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ahead, the message from dolly parton to the fire victims. >> reporter: president-elect trump names a top cabinet pick and basks in his victory at a rally in ohio. i'm roxana saberi in new york. coming up, the details of his first day of his thank you tour. av's' coach says he has too many passengers now, players along for the ride. but it's not a joy ride as lost three in a row heading into last night hosting columbus. playing from behind in the second. the lead cut in half. and henley, first nhl game and goal. tied 2-2 after 2. in the 3rd, av's turn it over and blue jackets make them pay, 3-2 columbus. avs thought they tied it again but this goal was reviewed and
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they lose a fourth straight at home, 3-2 the final. they will wrap up this home stand on saturday. have a great weekend. ,,?'?? ,,
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f0 hi, everybody. we're at 5:29. this is december 2nd. and we're cold. we're 23 degrees. i'm alan gionet. good to have you with us. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. happy friday to you. i'm britt moreno. let's get over to dave, because dave is tracking some friday
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cold is sticking around. 23 in city park. we're watching cloud cover build up in the mountains. but it's down in new mexico where our flurries will come up from later today. i'll give you a time line on when coming up. for now at least as you go up hoo the high country it's a good looking drive. there is a sheen on the roads this morning if you're driving up that direction. that should mostly be some of the chemicals. later today tougher conditions and maybe chain and passenger traction restrictions. cody donahue was a husband, father of two and a state trooper. he'll be laid to rest after losing his life last week while on duty. jamie leary is live in denver for us. this is expected to draw a lot of people. >> reporter: a lot of people, in addition to the funeral service, a huge procession is expected to take place. it will honor the trooper donahue and his family


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