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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  November 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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16-22 winds: 5-10 alo: 17 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 31-37 winds: w 5-10 alo: 31 dbq: 30 iow: 34 back to you. lalat weekend, thee3 democrats running for the 2016 presidential nomination met in des moines for their 1 and only iowa debate before the caucuses. republicans are back in eastern iowa this weekend, trying to pull in more support.. this includes a stop in wilton just within the hour for both ben carson and carly fiorina -- two of the "non-office holders" in the republican nomination. kcrg-tv 9's brea love joins us live from wilton... brea? more than 100 people met inside the wilton... ... community center for a chance to hear what carson and fiornia plan to do for the country. both candidates spoke on their personal paths and the reason they decided to run for the republican nomination. the touched on faith and took questions regardiig energy, international relations, and both spoke about
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tonight at 10, hear more from carson and fiorina if voters elect them to the white hous live in wilton, brea love, kcrg-tv9. florida senator marco rubio is also in the middle of 5 days of campaigning throughout iowa. he spent art of this saturdaain cedar rapids for this appearance at the hotel at kirkwood. while donald trump and ben carson have been leading the republican field for iowa polling, rubio and texas senator ted cruz have been placing high for those runningho are currrntly holding an ellcted office. the latest abc news - washington post national poll released today shows donald trump with a double-digit le over carson.n. he has 32 percent supuport, while carson is second at 22%. marco rubio holds onto 3rd at 11 percent. former florida governor jeb ush and ted cruz close out the top 5. on the deeocratic side, former secretary of state hillary clinton is due to appear in clinton, iowa in about 45 minutes. mrs.
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town hall at the clinton middle school to propose a tax credit - up to $6,000 - for families that provide care for "aging or disabled family members" -- such as an older parent, according to the campaign. hillary clinton continues to hold a majjity of supporrin the democratic polls. the latest abc news washington post national poll shows she has 60% of support among democratic voters. ermont senator bernie ssnders is 2nd with 34% support. for clinton, this is an uptick from 51% support in their polling last month. the same poll finds that terrorism is now 1 of the single most important issues amerercans care about in this election. it's a close second - to the economy, which has dominated the political landscape for years. this comes after the killed 130 people. ames today on iowa state athletics as the school has fired head football coach paul rhoads -- but he will not be leaving the football team just yet.
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at noon, the iowa state athhetic department confirmed the earlier reports that rhoads would be fired. yesterday, iowa state lost at kansas state 38-35, dropping the cyclones to 3-8. two iowa state fumbles in the final 90 seconds of the game led to kansas state's comeback, scoring 10 points in the final minute. rhoads will @oach the final game this week agginst west virginina. he is in his 7th year as head coach at iowa state with a 32-54 record. john campbell will lookt the paul rhoads era... later in sports. because of the winter storm,, the iowawahigh school athletic association moved all friday high school football state title games to monday. 3 teams from the tv-9 viewing area are playing. iowa city regina plays western chriitian in class 1a at am. mount vernon follows in 2a against spirit lake. superintendent gary o'malley tells us there is no school on monday at mount vernon and that pep buses will be running and they've sold out their 8000 ticket allotment. cedar rapids
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west des moines dowling meet in the 4a title game at 7. kennedy activities director aaron stecker said they have are planning to have 4 busses leaving from kennedy at 4:45 pm. there will be no live t-v broadcast for the games. university of iowa president bruce harreld is receivivig support, evvn though some on campus continue to protest his hiring. more than 100 community and business leaders met with harreld on friday morning. that included the executie director of the iowa city area developmmnt group, mark nolte. they apologized to him for the negative reaction he's received on campus since the regents @hose for the popition this fall. this isisideo from thh announcemenn some students, faculty and staff have criticized the selection because they believe the other finalists were more qualified over harreld - who has a background in business and not academics. did you knnw that, for ddcades, coal ash would be trucked from coal plants and placed into landfills throughout eastern iowa? in one
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cedar rapids neighborhood, newer homes are close to the stoney point laafill -- which has been covered for decades after having coal ash dumped into it. tonight at 10, we investigate coal ash in some pockets of the region and even test nearby water supplies for arsenic. that port is tonighgh on the kcrg-tv 9 nee at 10. a cedar rapids church is trying to help with the basic needs of children in places like honduras, kenya, and tanzania. hillside wesleyan church has been collecting donations for operation christmas child for the past week. tv9's brady smith spoke with the collection coordinor. is packed trailee represents thisisyear's hard work - at least so far - for john zamastil. hs collecting shoeboxes for operation christmasschild. each one is packed with personal hygiene products and school supplies that will be sent to a
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minneapolis, and then out to kids in 130 countries around the world. 19:41-:51 "they go to small villages, a lot go to orphanages, childrens hospitals." zamastil said donations had been a bit slow coming in saturday morning, possibly because of friday niniht's winter ststrm. hehes hoping theyyll pick back up so he can meet his goal of 10-thousand boxes. that would contribute to the national collection goal of 775-thousand. he says it's rewarding work. 21:22-0 "like i said earlier, this might be the only gift the child will ever receive in their lifetime. it's pretty amazing." hillside wesleyan church will be accepting donations for the last time on monday, from 10 a-m to 5 p-m. in cedar rapids, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. we're still accepting nominations for our 9 who care awards. each year, t-v 9 and our show you care sponsors honor nine outstanding eastern iowa volunteers. but we ask u to nominate ttose who you think have earned this recognition. to do that, just go
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nominations are due by december 1st.t. a major european city remains on lockdown today due to an imminent terror threat.. stores and schools are shutting down in brussels as authorities search for one of the suspects in the paris terrorist attacks.
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point over fears of a "paris-like" attack. the belgian prime minister and authorities are urging citizens to steer clear of crowds. " we have support from the
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secure here in brussels. " schools and universitts in brussels will be closed tomorrow, as well as the city subwau system. the terror alert will remain in place at east through tomorrow at the natton's capital. national leaders fear a serious and imminent threat of possible attacks similar the one in paristhat killed 130 people. theybelieve one of the paris attackers - salah abdeslslm - is hiding n brussssls. new york city police are preparing for a possible terror attack on the subway. the n-y-p-d put on the demonstration today to test officers' response to an active shooter or lone wolf-ststle attack. this drill was planned before the paris attacks. but safety leaders say it could not have come at a more crucial time. " trorism cannot prevail if the people refuse to beterrorized. " in atlanta, the w-w-e enhanced security at its wrestling even after reports that isis could
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credible information of a threat. but it takes every threat seriously. chris, i was sent out last night to buy snowpants for growing kids... definitely n the only one with that task this weekend... stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. tonight will not be as cold s last t ight, but still on the chilly side. winds from the south will
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from the south will keep our temperatures from falllg quiikly for the first half of the night, before westerly winds take over late. our workweek will consist of a gradual warm-up, starting off with highs near freezing on monday and likely in the 50s by thursday. overto a sn pack, dense fog will be a possibility from monday night through mid-week. raininbecomes likely on thursday, and along with the snow melt, we will keep an eye on possible flooding in some areas. tonight: skies clearing low: 16-22 winds: w 5-10 alo: 17 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 31-37
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winds: w 5-10 alo: 31 dbq: 30 iow: 34tomorrow night: p/cloudy, pachy fog low: 14-20 winds: light e alo: 15 dbq: 18 iow: 18tuesday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 17 wednesday: chance of showers high: 44 - low: 30 thursdy: showers likely high: 53 - low: 40 friday: mostly cloudy high: 35 - low: 33 saturday: mosly sunny high 34 - low: 21 sunday: mostly cloudy high: -
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announced today that paul rhoads will no longer be the head football coach. rhoads will coach the final game o the season at west virginia on saturday..fter 7 seasons, rhoos has dealt with some highs and lows. john campbell takes a look back. -0- iowa state hired paul rhoads to head the cyclone football program in december of 2008. he
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was a local guy who had also been an assistant on dan mc carney's staff. i am proud and honored to be the football coach at iowa state. although he dii not win enough to ep his job, rhoads racked up some of the most memorable victories in cyclone history. for instance 2009, winning at nebraska for the first time in 32 ars. the postgame celebration when viral. listen to me. i am so proud to be your coach the next year they won at texas. it was the first time iowa state had ever beaten he longhorns. 2011 a thriller at jack trice stadium as the clones topped the hawkeyes in triple overtime and this time the coach was almost lost for worrs. because of the unbelievable performance by two teams out there on a hot day, sun beating down the whole time. the weight of
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shoulders. and this classic shot of rhoads leaving cyclone football headquarters with a make shift cy hawk trophy cradled in his arms. later that year iowa state stunned the nation and the heavily favored , second rated oklahoma state cowboys. jeff woody scores he winning touchdown in the second overtime. to do it at home in front of cyclone nation in front of the fans who have been so supportive. i couldn't be prouder. two years later, the longhorns topped t te cyclones thanks in part to a highly controversial at the end of the game. to make a play onthe one yard line. with their backs against the wall....clear to everybody and have it taken away from them. that's hard to express!! in his last three years the losses became more and more lopsided, and the victories became fewer
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was not the recipe for paul rhoads to keep his job. john campbell tv9 sports. ... oth jaime pollard and paul rhoads will speak with the media tomorrow. ... the iowa football team is preparing for nebraska this week, but the hawkeyes have punched their ticket to indianapolis. ... iowa defeated purdue yesterday 40- 20 to clinch theebig ten western diviin title and a berth to the big ten championship. today, the hawkeyes climed up all the way to number 3 in both the a.p. and usa today coaches poll. it's their highest ranking in the ap since december 8th, 2002. "i don't think anyone saw this coming. our philosophy the whole ti has been do the little things right over and over again. once you do the little thiigs it turns nto success." "just to be able to have that goal and actually achieve, it's a great feeling. you can't really describe i would say. bb again, we''e still going to be very focused, humble and hungry in the aspect that we don't want to let off the gas just
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because we clinched. we want to practice next week and prepare the best we can against nebraska." trt: 32 oc: "we can againsns nebraraka" ... the uni football team had to win its final five games in order to make the fcs playoffs. that's exactly what the panthers did, and they were rewarded. ... the panthers are in the fcs playoffs for the 2nd straight year. they will host the eastern illinois panthers at theuni dome%on saturday november 28th, kickoff will be at 4 pm. these two teams have met before, uniniis 15-6-1 all-time against eastern illinois, but their last meeting was in 2001. head coach mark farley is feeling pretty good about his team's play in november. here's no onenehat can put a team on the field much different than what we faced over the course of the season. we played option football against cal poly. we played the big throwing game against eastern washington. we've played the power me at north dakakta state. we played the athletic quarterback at illinois state. so we've seen some great players and i'm sure eastern illinois has ome great players. they took
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doubleevertime. so, e've seen that. it's going to come down putting a good plan and execution of players." trt: 32 oc: "execution of players" ... and coach mark farley is my gueststor this week's sunday night spotlight. we'll talk more about the panthers matchup with eastern illinois, plus some specific players, inclclding arterback aaron bailey and defensive back deiondre hall. ... iowa women's basketball taking on northern iowa... panthers have only beaten iowa twice in this rivalry ... hawkeyes staat the scoring right away off the tip off... ally disterhoft with bucket in just 3 seconds for two of her 15 ... 2nd quarter action... alexa kastanek at the top of the key, drives, count it and one... then a little later, chase coley underneath the basket... she gets the kiss... coley had a double- double with 16 points and 14 boards... hawkeyes up 28-15 ... uni makes a comeback... benton community
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ree in the corner... she had 17... panthers trail by 9 ... later, it's iowa city west grad mikaela morgan... she ts the roll and the foul... uni sttll down by 9 ... closing seconds of the 2nd quarter... disterhoft finds kastanek in the corner... bingo... kastanek had a tm-high 22 as wa wins 80-65 thanks josh. meteorologist chris havely will have another check of your
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and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely
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for your final forecast. tonight wil not be as cld as last night, but still on the chilly side. winds from the south will keep our temperatures from falling quickly for the first half of the night, before westerly winds take over late. our workweek will consist of a gradual warm-up, starting off with highs near freezing on uonday and likely in the 50s by thursday. with this resurgence of warm air overtop a snow pack, dense og will be a possibility from monday night through mid-week. rain becomes likely on thursday, and along with the snow melt, we will keep an eye on possible flooding in some areas. thanks chris.
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