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tv   KCRG TV9 First News  ABC  November 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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months, police in waterloo are investigating a robbery at t he same cell phone store. if you could rename a road, what would you chose? the north liberty city council is looking for suggestions to rename a stretch of highway. a homeless sheltererin cedar rapids is anning to expand. in the future, they can serve a wider range of people. good thanksgiving morning! its 430 on november 26th. here is a live look at ty cam. first, meteorologis t britley ritz has your first alert forecast, bbitley... a feespotting showees will persist
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more likely as we enter into late morning. it will be a soggy thanksgiving as the rain continues through th afternoon and evening. for most of the day our temperrtures will remain above freezing allowing for the precipitation to fall as rain. as we enter the evening hours a few of us may watch the rain turn into a wintry mix. a few showers will linger into the morning hours tomorrow making for a damp black friday, otherwise we start to dry out and temmratures will sit in the mid to upper 30s. thanks britley. for the second time in less than three months, waterloo police are investigating a robbery at an i-wireless store. police responded last night at 7:50 to15-23 san marnan drive for a robbery. police say someone with a knife went into the store -
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police put evidence maaers outside the store's front door and in the parking lot. they were also searching several areas near crossroads mall. no one was hurt. in september, police say two men held upp an employee with a gun, while others robbed the store. people in the store saw the men take cash and cell phones. police later arrested six men in connection with the armed robbery. in a a v-9 follow-up this morning.. investigators are searching for the cause of a house fire in central city we first told you about yesterday morning. it happened at 22-hundred central city road just after eight o'clock monday night. firefighters say it started in a camper and then spread to the house. duane and cathy kenley lived there. they got out safely, but they lost everything. " there sn't anythininleft. we were told the house was totalled by several firefighters central city, alburnett and coggon the house
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their friends, donovan mabie-bahr and christina lutze , were staying in the camper. mabie-bahr suffered smoke inhalation when he went back into the camper to try to o ave a dog. former galena, illinois, police officer faces a felony charge for allegedly abusing his power as an officer. this week, prosecutors charged donald barklow with officiall misconduct. according to court documents, the charge stems from 20-14, when barklow was working for the galena police department. prosecutors say barklow used police resources to do a background heck on his ex-girlfriend's new fiance to access his personal information. using the system for personal reasons is a felony. barklow is not in custody now but is sscheduled to appear in court on december 8th. a dubuque man charged with stabbing and killing his girlfriend wants his trial moved out of dubuque county. an attorney for 27-year- old eddie hicks says media coverage will make finding
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difficult. he wants either the trial moved or the court to bring in jurors from another county. the dubuque county attorney's office is fighting the motion. hicc pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the incident on june 17th. prosecutors say he stabbed 21-year-old kahdyesha lemon more than 20 times at her home on arlington street. policic say hicks assd them to shoot him and then tried to drive off in a squad car. if you are travelling today for the holiday, several sheriff's departments in eastern ioioa are remindingngpeople to stay safaf. and they will be cracking down on seat belt laws and pulling over impaired drivers. this is part of a national effort during the busiest travel time of the year. in 2013, more than 300 people were killed on the road just during the thanksgiving weekend in the u.s. the iowa department of transportation points out that wearing a seat belt can save a life. people driving through north liberty cood see some chchnges in te near future. the city is considering renaming the portion of
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highway 965 that runs through town. many businsses sit along that stretch of the highway, from north of 230th street northeast tt around forevergreen road. kcrg-tv-9's jill kasparie tell us the city wants to give people something they can identify with. car nats highway 965 is typically bustling with activity. "it's certainly a key piece of ininrastructure, it's certainly a big part of what north liberty has for a business district." nats air efex is one business with a highway 965 address inside they're building and painting vehicles and more. "i talk to people, customers come from des moines and they can cce right offffhere, off the interrate and hit 965 no problem." nats? so what about changing the highway's name? "as long as people can still find the businesses, i'm okay with it." north liberty city leaders say they still need to identify the process they want to use in order to move forward. "there's always beeean interestt in sorrof giving north liberty a little bit more of its own identity and particularly what was an old rural highway through town to
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give it a little bit more identity." down the road from north liberty, coralville has changed road's names a few times in the past couple of decades -- highway 965 became coral ridge avenue and 1st avenue became hayden fry way. "it's a very usualalthing to change a name because changing names creates address issues and those kinds of publicity, marketing type of things, especially if there are commercial units there." coralville's city administrator says the city also contacted google. "so to have it be able to show up officially in google is probably`the most imprtant thing, so people can locate where you are talking about." north liberty plans to get started with the name- changing process in coming months. " 13:43:23 i think that those kind of identity things are importanto a growing down like north liberty " tv-9's jill kasparie with that report. north liberty says it's not sure of the cost yet, but the majority of it would come from new signage.
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the city says 965 will still exist, it'll just have a local name too. it's planning to take suggestions for names. dubuque's mayor is making a trip across the atlantic, heading to paris next week. but he won't talk about international safety or terrorist groups. mayor roy buol is co- leading a four-member delegation of midwest mayors traveling on december 3rd. the group will represent the mississippi river cities and towns initiative at the paris climatt confnfrence. they'll join leaders from 200 nations to try to reach an agreement on climate change. buol says it's important he and other midwest mayors attend this conference because climate chahage dramaticacaly affects the mississippi river. directors of a dubuque homeless shelter says they desperately need volunteers to help staff the shelter overnight. almost home is an over- flow shelter for the dubuque rescue mission. that means, when the mission is at capacity, homeless men are allowed to sleep at this shelter in the basement of saint john's
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right now a volunteer keeps watch over the men during the overnight hours. but directors say they only have volunteers for that position and he puts almost 70 each week. "i think it puts our whole program in jeopardy. because if anything were to happen to him, what would e do? " almost home says they could also use more lunteers to staff the early evening hours. one cedar rapids homeless shelter is planning a big expansion. the willis dady emergency shelter says construction will start in about 18 months to add more single beds and family-style apartments. this empty space right next o the shelter will hold four, long-term family apartments. shelter workers say the units will be open to single women with cildren - a group they haven't served in the past. the project will also mean four more beds ff single men on the first floor. that's in addition to the sixteen existing beds. second floor apartments will also get a makeover. 04:36:32 "what we're looking to do is make the current family apartments up to date for
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handicappccessibilityyand then dividing them so we can ether have one large family, which we have now, or we could have two small families that each have their own privateepace." trepp isn't sure exactly how much the project will cost. but she says fundraising will be key to making it all happen. right now, waypoint services in cedar rapids erates the madge phillips center shelter foo homeless women and children. it's at fourth avenue and sixth street southeast. the center has 16 private living spaces where women and children can stay for up to 30 days. thaasgiving dinnee is going to costta little more this year because of the turkey. according to the american farm bureau federation survey, a 16 pound turkey costs a little more than 23 dollars. that's up a dollar-39 from last year. the u-s department of caused turkey production to be slightly down this year. full thanksgiving& average 50 dollars and 10 cents.
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that's up about 70 cents from last year's average. today, elder services is dishing out thanksgiving dinner foo seniors free of charge. they will be serving traditional holiday must- haves from 11 this morning until 12-30. that will be at the elderberry cage in the iowa city/johnson county senior center. you don't have make a resesevation, but anyone under the age of 60 must pay 5 dollars. this morning, hundreds of people in cedar rapids will be burning off the calories they plan to eat later. the annual turkey trot kicks off at 99o'clock this morning. runners will be starting in downtown cedar rapids and run along the cedar river. you can still regster this morning. all trotters get a fleece hoodie and cinnamon roll. dozens of people in coralville are celebrating the life of a five year old boy who died in 2012. the dash for dashiell was a two-mile run and walk fundraiser last night, that's also a celebration of dashiell codd's birthday. he died after battling a rare pediatric liver cancer. the participants stopped at
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various statio along the two mile route. each one had activities that were special to dashiell. "17:06:55 i'm so grateful. i'm so grateful for this community. i'm so grateful for people who know us, know his story and also those wanting to do things for other families going through this." the money they raised will go toward the iowa city west high dance marathon, which helps families that have children battling cancer. 47 million people are travelling for the thanksgiving holiday and facing the weather to do so. but some travelers are more anxious about security just two weeks after the paris attacks.
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a few spotting showers will persist through the early morning hours, rain will become more likely as we enter into late morning.,it will be a soogy thanksgiviig as the rain continues through the afternoon and evening. for most of the day o temperatures will remain above freezing allowing for thee prpripitation to fall as rain. as we enter the
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evening hours a few of us may watch the rain turn into a wintry mix. a few showers will linnr into the morning hours tomorrow making for a damp black friday, otherwise we start to dry out and temperatures will sit in the mid to upper 30s. thanks ritz.
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for your holiday trip, you'll be happier at the pump. it's now been 18 straight days of dropping gas prices. that's coming up in america's money.
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nearly 47 million americans will start their holiday traveltoday, less than tw weeks after the deadly attacks in paris.
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president obama is assuring citizens that there is no credible threat indicating any possible terror plot on the united states. abc's stephanii ramos has the story. terror and the holidays...not what we want to think about. president obama ...with his top security advisors standing by his side .... says officials are " "orking overtime" and "without a break for the holidays " to keep americans safe. adding... sot obama: we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. with millions of americans expected to travel by railways...highways....and air... the president trying to decrease fears about terror threats. sot obama: i want the american people to know
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is that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. doing so with more policeofficers at airports...and train stations..... homeland security authorities call it a re inforcement of existing security. ... but not all travelers are re-assured.. sot chase whitaker: him saying that doesn't really make me feel more at ease. others not letting fears control their travel plans. sot brian fernbacher: if you're scared by it and you let it run your life, then you'll all be in a house somewhere hiding. in new york city... the macys thanksgivivng day parade oats d balloons prepped for the big strrt down city streets.... with police standing guard. with thousands of police officers set to patrol the parade route?including 13 hundred counterterro rism officers. new york city bill mayor bill deblasio and the nypd saying --- enjoy the parade while they do their job to protect. sot-bill deblasio: ww have t t stay our grouud, continue going about our business. tag: a worldwide travel alert issued by the state department is stln effect . ...and no matter where you go expect securittbmuchghter stephanie ram abc newsshingtonstay with tv9. it's . but today's gazette is also
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than normal. we have the special black friday deals version of the paper. it weighs a good few pounds, much bigger than regular. but they've got tons of coupons and advertisement s ithis today. britley, dodoyou think you'll use any of these? a few spotting showers will persist through the early morning hours, rain will become more likely as we enter into late morning. it will be a soggy thanksgiving as the rain continues through the afternoon and evening. for most of the day our temperatures will remain above freezing allowing for the precipitation to fall as rain. as enter the eveveing hours a few of us may watch the rain turn into a wintry mix. a few showers will linger into the morning hours tomorrow making for a damp black friday, otherwise we start to dry out and temperatures will sit in the mid to upper 30s. c's kendis gibson and good morning. topping "america's money" -- the lowest gas prices in seven
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years. >> aaa says the average price nationwide this mornrng, $2.05. this is the 18th consecutive day with a decrease. more than half the stations in the country have prices below $h 2. new details in the costco e. coli outbreak. blame it on the veggies. >> the salad sickened at least 19 people in 7 states. costco uses the same vegetable supplier nationwide. and katniss better watch out for a dinosaur and a boxer. >> the good dinosaur may stop "the hunger games, mockingjay part 2" this weekend. "creed" the latest 's "america's money." kohl's stores open thursday at 6pm and it's the best black friday ever! featuring black friday doorbusters in store only!
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