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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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iowa at this hour. this is a live look from our waverly city cam. meteorologist joe winters starts off tonight. joe, what can we expect overnight? snow and a wintry mix develop late this evening in the north and spread southward through the night. a dusting to two inches looks likely south of highway 20, although amounts will quickly increase near the highway 20 corridor with localized totals higher than four inches. amounts taper off near the minnesota border. snow ends early on tuesday, with another chance of snow arriving thursday. highs stay close to
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this weekend and beyond. today: m/cloudy, falling temps high: 42-48 winds: nw 15-25tonight: snow and wintry mix low: 21-27 winds: ne 15-25 cedar rapids says the city's had four big, "all plow" snow responses so far this winter. that's fewer than the eight to 10 that the city usually sees. the city says an "all plow" snow response happen when it dispatches everyone available to tackle snow. the city says it's also used
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tons of salt and three thousand tons of sand this winter. a cedar rapids man accused of trying to kill another person is awaiting extradition to iowa. today, the u-s marshals arrested... ... 28-year-old cordarryl smith in ottawa, illinois. that's in north-central illinois. authorities took him into custody after they say he tried to get away from them after leaving a home in a nearby town. police were searching for smith after they say he shot a 38 year old man twice back in september. it happened outside of the home at 1532 4th avenue southeast. the man survived his injuries. a waterloo man who was convicted of killing a man last year will get a new trial. 25-year-old perquondis holmes faces a first degree murder charge for the death in 2013. his attorneys say the judge shouldn't have allowed prosecutors to use some facebook photos during the trial. the pictures showed him and another man using gang
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police say holmes shot at another car that had an apartment building. the bullets killed 18 year old daequan campbell. a judge has not set a date for holmes' new trial. today, family members of a man accused of killing his wife took the stand in his trial in decorah. 41-year-old alexander fazzino faces a first-degree murder charge in the death... . of emily fazzino. police found her dead inside at the couple's home in boone back in 2012. alexander fazzino's family members testified about emily's use of alcohol and prescription medicine, saying it strained their marriage. they are among the first witnesses for the defense. prosecutors rested their case earlier in the day after calling on nearly two dozen witnesses. we have an update to a story we reported earlier this month. the f-d-a is demanding new safety trials and warning labels for a permanent form of birth control called essure. it's a coil that a doctor
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fallopian tubes to prevent conception. the f-d-a took action after receiving complaints from women who say they suffered serious complications from the device. side effects include severe pain, bleeding, and hair loss. the company that owns the device, bayer, says it plans to work with the f-d-a to ensure the safe use of the product. the state of iowa now generates more than 31 percent of its energy from the wind. the u-s- energy information administration says that's more than any other state in the country. ahead of south dakota and kansas. governor branstad says there is a potential for the state to generate about 40 percent of energy from wind in the next five years. an organization that helps revitalize neighborhoods in cedar rapids is expanding its reach. the non-profit - matthew 25 - plans to move a portion of its operations inside the newbo city market to provide fresh produce for more people. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie is live in northwest
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to? matthew 25 has an urban farm here on the northwest side. it's obviously quiet now but throughout the growing season, many people work together to grow fresh produce for families in need. now their produce stand will have a more permanent home. "there's some broccoli being started, yukina savoy - kind of an asian green..." the growing season has technically already started for matthew 25. " we'll start a few more trays in a few weeks, probably two weeks from now, just so we'll have a good succession to keep these things coming throughout the season." they'll need the produce because they'll be busy at newbo city market. "we are going to give them the permanent spot there within our anchor merchant areas." it doesn't look like much, but in may this will become matthew 25's space to sell produce from the urban farm. matthew 25's executive director says this will be a
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staff members and volunteers will staff the booth. "then long-term we do a lot with youth and food and we are hoping to use this as kind of a job-training program for high school youth." matthew 25 will sell the produce at half price to income-eligible families and full-price to other customers. it hopes to increase its reach to families who need this affordable, fresh produce. "the hope is we'll keep drawing more and more people in to be part of it." matthew 25 says its location inside newbo is on a trial run with hours on thursdays from 4 until 8 from may through november. but the market executive director wants this to mark the start of a longer relationship to have a bigger impact on the community. " it's certainly the hope of the market that they stay for the long term, but beyond that one of the things newbo city market is going to really focus on is expanding its charitable purpose and its charitable intent within the community and i think nutrition, food insecurity, those are good things we could
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from time to time last year matthew 25 set up a produce table outside the market. that, alone, more than doubled the families it helps. they are hopeful this arrangement will double the numbers again the this year. live in cedar rapids, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9. some maple syrup producers in eastern iowa are already hard at work. they say the recent mild weather is letting them tap their trees earlier than normal this year. and the cyclones took to the court for senior night at the hilton coliseum. first here's a look at the most popular stories today on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24 hour
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the recent mild weather we've enjoyed in eastern iowa has created perfect conditions for producing maple syrup. one dubuque county farm is making the syrup three weeks earlier than in other years. kcrg-tv's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us from the newsroom. katie, you talked to one family already at work? there's a lot of work that needs
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sap from a tree, into this. but the recent weather pattern, predicted snow included, is proving to be the perfect recipe for the sweet syrup. deep in the rolling hills of northwest dubuque county, the wolf family taps these mature maples trees, to extract what the rest of us love on our pancakes. "this one in particular is vacuum so it's actually sucking the sap out of the tree. " and that all starts just as soon as the weather cooperates. "i think this could be one of the best years we've ever had, ya know. " and it seems, this year, mother nature seems to have a sweet tooth. "you need it to drop below 32 degrees at night. and then above 32 degrees during the day. you have that freezing and thawing so you have that action in that tree and it releases the sap. " hundreds and hundreds of gallons of sap. "we process anywhere from eight to nine hundred gallons
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inside this old machine shed, the wolf's use this high tech boiling equipment to turn that sap into a savory syrup. then the family fills that sweet stuff into 16 oz bottles. "we are ready for the new season so we're ready to put this right on the shelves. so it will be fresh. " "this is all natural. there are no preservative in it. there's nothing added to it at all. just straight from the tree. " is proud to weather is set to return. "they call it a sugar snow and and we're really looking forward that. let it snow. " the family sells their syrup at hy-vee and specialty stores in dubuque, waterloo, cedar rapids and iowa city. they say most stores sell a jar like this for about 10 ten dollars. live in the dubuque newsroom, katie
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turning back to weather, joe, will snow affect driving
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snow and a wintry mix develop late this evening in the north and spread southward through the
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looks likely south of highway 20, although amounts will quickly increase near the highway 20 corridor with localized totals higher than four inches. amounts taper off near the minnesota border. snow ends early on tuesday, with another chance of snow arriving thursday. highs stay close to freezing this
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this weekend and beyond. today: m/cloudy, falling temps high: 42-48 winds: nw 15-25tonight: snow and wintry mix low: 21-27 winds: ne 15-25tomorrow: chance of snow early high: 26-32 winds: n 10-20low: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10wednesday: mostly
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white house hopefuls are making final pushes before a big number of primaries and caucuses tomorrow. it's super tuesday... with each party holding eleven contests... doling out hundreds of delegates. an update is up next. tomorrow's a big day in the presidential race. what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line
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republicans and democrats are each holding primaries and caucuses in eleven states. more delegates are at stake than on any other day during the entire primary season. a-b-c's marci gonzalez previews
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from austin, texas. tonight -just hours before super-tuesday voting begins-last minute rallies- nat sanders rally and tension protestor nat protestors interrupting a donald trump event - chanting "black lives matter" - nattrump " get them out" and as they left- a photographer thrown to ground by a secret service agent.. trump- making no mention of that- or of the controversy sparked by these comments on cnn about his endorsement from former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke jt: would you just say unequivocally you condemn them and you don't want their support? dt: well, i have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you're talking about. trump - later exlained he didn't hear the question- noting he has disavowed duke. but it isn't stopping the attacks from his opponents- wn: sot rubio: i don't care how bad the ear piece is klu klux klan comes through pretty clearly and he refuses to criticize it. cruz sot: either the klan or
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and it seems somehow that donald missed that briefing the latest national poll shows trump supported by 49 percent of gop voters- going into super tuesday- the biggest day of the campaign so far- with voting in 12 states?and more than 16-hundred delegates at stake. democratic front-runner- hillary clinton- hoping to solidify her lead tomorrow? already- looking beyond bernie sanders- and targetting trump: hrc i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole . tag- trump is polling behind here in texas- the biggest super tuesday state- where senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will give him a much needed win. mg abc news austin. sports is up next. stay with us. we'll be right
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state. and the fans said good bye to one of the greatest players ever to play for the cyclones. george niang along with abdel nader and jameel mckay. and a great game for the seniors nader for three of his game high 19.. and then the ally oop to mckay who throws it down.. but the cowboys cut the lead to 27-25 at the break on the jeff newberry buzzer beater.. a good second half for big george with the spinning kiss for two of his 17.. and then george
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finger roll.. and the clones took a 49-43 lead on another nader trey.. iowa state holds on for the 58-50 win heres big george after the game. i have never been so nervous before a game but i happy we can leave this place the right way. sot :12 oc: "leave this place the right way " they opened the state basektball tournament today at wells fargo arena in the late game tonight west branch took on defending state champion unity christian in the 2a quarter- finals and the bears led by as many as 5 in the first quarter.. haily poula hits the jumper.. but unity christian is tough and they came back for the 52-33 win.. still a great season for the bears who made it to the state tournament for the first time in 44 years...also tonight okoboji beat pekin 48-44.. john campbell continues our coverage with sprinville and kingsley peirson.
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the breakout to maddy wagaman. how about the inside presence of mikayla nachazel. springville by 6 at the break. the birds upped the lead to 14 on the feed to rylee menster. she also hit some key free throws at the end and springville knocks off kingsley pierson 60-53 thanks in part to 24 points from nachazel. "she is a dynamic post player.she can use both hands. footwork both ways" the trojans took control early. emily busta from long range.sadie nymeyer plugs the meter. before half shelby reicks slices the mt, ayr defense. 33-25 at the break. it was a 2 point game with 2 mins to go and reicks comes through again from the field and from the line. she had 17 and turkey valley holds off my ayr 55-51.
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on a roll i try my best to make things happen by driving or getting other people open."kee high's state tourney debut not as memorable. courtney cooper connects and their 9 pt halftime lead was down to 2. they were still on top on the fourth when mykayla gavin is ther for the outback. but burlington norte dame opened things up. riley mcbride rainbow three. later emma lynch inside and the nikes knock off kee high 55-51. john campbell tv9 sports the boys were playing for a trip to state tonight in class 3a. scott westerberg starts our team coverage in iowa city. --xavier and mt. pleasant playing at iowa city west....we pick this one up in the 3rd....ryan stulken with the two-handed flush....saints up 11.... --more from stulken...this time he takes the in-bounds pass and lays it the foul....xavier running away with this one, up 15.... --but mt. pleasant makes a run....jordan magnani
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rack and scores....pant hers within 9... xavier would take care of business after that....max techau, the hoop and harm as the saints are headed back to state with the 63-47 win.... --to the cell center for wahlert and waverly-shell rock.....go-hawks got a big game from center austin phyfe. this bucket pulls w-sr within 1.... --more from phyfe...the uni recruit gets by a couple defenders for two of his 20 points...he also added a dozen boards... --wahlert answers on the other end as josh schmitt buries a 3.... --then it's future hawkeye cordell pemsl with the bucket...the golden eagles are headed to des moines with a chance to 3-peat after their 50-45 win. scott westerberg kcrg-tv9 sports. the second game at the cell tonight matched highway one rivals mount vernon and solon. and the mustangs came out bombs away tommy hook with the triple.. solon answers with the baseline drive from streeter mcliravy for two of his . and the look at mcilravy with the nice look to jacob coons for two down low.. mount vernon answered from downtown again this time it is austin ash connecting..
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a 30-18 halftime lead luke ira with the long ball and the spartans are headed to state with the 49-42 win. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... snow and a wintry mix develop late this evening in the north and spread southward through the night. a dusting to two inches looks likely south of highway 20, although amounts will quickly increase near the highway 20 corridor with localized totals higher than four inches. amounts taper off near the minnesota border. snow ends early on tuesday, with another chance of snow arriving thursday. highs
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week, but warmth buil and now abc's "jimmy kimmel
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i had no idea people got so excited about leap day.


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