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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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making news in america this morning -- breaking overnight. officers in four cities ambushed. one of them murdered in front of the police headquarters. the search for suspects. the latest on the investigations. extreme weather. parts of the northeast getting nearly a foot of snow. and it's not over yet. we're tracking more winter weather as the busy holiday travel week gets under marathon meetings for the president-elect. a parade of possible cabinet members. nearly two dozen people in two days sitting down with donald trump, as he takes to twitter to pick a fight with "snl" as well as "hamilton." and happening now, the pipeline protests in north dakota growing more violent overnight. demonstrators clashing with deputies who are using water
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good monday morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm mara schiavocampo in for diane. investigations are under way after a wave of violence against police officers across the country. officers were wounded in the line of duty in st. louis, sanibel, florida, and gladstone, missouri. and in san antonio, texas, detective benjamin marconi was murdered while writing a traffic ticket >> and this is the scene this morning. a growing memorial. signs, balloons, candles. all honoring marconi. this morning, police officers targeted. a manhunt under way in san antonio, where a traffic stop turned deadly. detective benjamin marconi, a 20-year veteran of the force, stopping a vehicle just outside of police headquarters. a man getting out, shooting detective marconi twice in the head through the passenger side window. >> i have an officer down in front of headquarters. >> reporter: the 50-year-old father of two rushed to the
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and overnight in st. louis, another ambush. an officer shot twice in the face while hit sitting in his patrol car. the unidentified father of three now in critical but stable condition. after a city-wide manhunt. police and the suspect exchanging gunfire overnight. the alleged shooter killed by authorities. also in missouri last night, an officer in gladstone was shot while making a traffic stop. the kansas city fraternal order of police tweeting that the officer is expected to survive. incident. and in south florida, an officer was shot in a drive-by while he was conducting a traffic stop on sanibel island. a suspect was taken into custody after an exchange of gunfire with police. the officer was hit in the shoulder and was treated and released at the hospital. in the wake of the shootings, st. louis will have two officers per squad car. >> san antonio is taking a similar stance. officers will not conduct traffic stops alone until further notice.
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extreme weather making a mess of roads and airports on this busy travel week. >> tricky timing. there's a major winter storm under way from the midwest to the northeast. communities like batavia, new york, midway between rochester and buffalo, expecting as much as nine inches of lake-effect snow. >> the strongest areas of the storm right now are over new york state, with some strong activity over pennsylvania, new jersey, and new engl from accuweather's paul williams. paul, good morning. >> good morning, kendis, mara. watching out for some snow throughout the upper midwest. soaking rain from sioux falls, chicago, all the way over towards buffalo. showers and thunderstorms slowing travel to the mississippi valley region. keep in mind, we're looking for tuesday, wednesday, possibility of three to six inches from fargo over towards duluth. in addition to that by midweek, look for scattered showers around the mississippi.
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the week as you get closer to thanksgiving. mara? kendis? >> all right, paul, thank you. president-elect trump is expected to announce more cabinet appointments as early as today, after a weekend that was jam-packed with meetings. >> trump sat down with a series of potential picks for key administration positions. but still found time for a twitter rant. against the most popular show on broadway. we get the latest from janai norman. janai, good morning. >> reporter: kendis and mara, good morning. as donald trump met with his top candidateshi couldn't stay off twitter. from a settled lawsuit to the play "hamilton" to calling "saturday night live" biased and not funny, the president-elect tweeted about it all. from president-elect to king of twitter. this weekend, we saw both sides of donald trump. >> we're going to have a great day. >> reporter: smiling and statesmanlike, trump lined up more than 20 meetings in two days. using twitter to tease possible announcements. he tweeted sunday, general james
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impressive. >> he is the real deal. >> reporter: the transition team promising to announce more picks soon. amid ongoing backlash over the five positions already filled. like national security adviser lieutenant general michael flynn who called islam a cancer. >> is he in line with how president-elect trump views islam? >> well, i think so. i mean, look. phrasing can always be done differently. clearly, there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic. >> reporter: also meeting this weekend former new york mayor rudy giuliani, new jersey governor chris christie, and former presidential candidate mitt romney, once a staunch critic of trump. >> his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> reporter: the president-elect taking to twitter. to address that very issue. trump university in friday's $25 million settlement to end the fraud cases against the now closed school, writing the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on trump u.
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what followed? three fiery tweets. calling the cast of "hamilton" rude. writing they harassed vice president-elect mike pence after friday night's show and calling for an apology. pence, seeming to disagree with his boss. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. >> reporter: and one big announcement from the transition team this weekend. word that future first lady melania trump and her son, barron won't be moving to the white house in january. instead, we're be staying in new york through the spring to allow the 10-year-old to finish school there. kendis and mara? >> our janai norman live in washington. thank you. and speaking of president obama, who is back in washington, home from his final overseas trip on board air force one, talking to reporters before he left peru, he said he doesn't intend to constantly criticize donald trump. but he will speak out if the president goes too far. the president was in peru where he met face to face with russian president vladimir putin for a
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president obama said he expressed u.s. concerns about syria and ukraine but did not bring up allegations of russian influence in the u.s. election. putin says he and donald trump share an interest in improving their countries' relations. still up ahead, gas prices going down. just in time for the busy travel week. why they could fall further. and breaking news, the north dakota pipeline protests hitting a boiling point overnight. police and demonstrators clashing. new video from the scene. plus, caught on camera an out-of-control suv slamming into a store. ? happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here. ?air marker spraayer!!!?
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into a cell phone store. reports say the driver was pulling into a parking space and hit the gas instead of the brake. thankfully, the store was closed at the time. neither of the people in the suv were hurt. crews have finished searching the last of 14 mangled train cars that derailed in northern india. with the discovery of more bodies, the death toll has risen now to 145. through a 27-hour journey sunday when it slid off the tracks. investigators suspect that poorly maintained tracks may have caused that accident. a christmas toy catching fire caused toys "r" us to pull the truck from the shelves. grandparents in washington state bought a tonka truck 12-v ridon for their grandson.
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into flames three times on the way home. even setting the bed of their pickup truck on fire. and sabra is pulling hummus from store shelves. one of its processing plants tested positive for listeria. sabra has issued a voluntary recall. it only affects hummus with best dates of january 23rd or earlier. well, here's a nice surprise for holiday travelers. gas prices are not expected to increase but may decrease this holiday season. not only is there plenty of drops are not that unusual for this time of year. the national averages for and aaa are just below $2.14. down a little bit from yesterday. and friday will be monday this week at walmart. the world's largest retailer kicks off its cybermonday deals on friday at just one minute after midnight. according to the national retail federation, last year more
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so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. here's a lake-effect snow warning right now through this evening in bin the national weather service reports there's already 15 inches of snow outside its office there. half as much snow as the area reeved in all of last winter. that's not the only area drivers will find snow-covered roads this morning. they're likely in the higher elevations of the rockies, with wet roads further down. watch out for ice from the dakotas to nebraska. wet roads likely in the pacific northwest and southern california. if you're flying, weather delays possible in los angeles,
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breaking overnight. police are now calling the clashes with protesters in north dakota a riot. this, of course, over the controversial pipeline project in the area. >> one officer was hit on the head with a rock thrown by protesters. deputies have been using water cannons despite the below-freezing temperatures. they're also using tear gas on demonstrators. as they try to push past a bridge on to a highway. the protesters argue the 1100-mile pipeline will damage sites th american indians. and could pollute the missouri river. one person was arrested. as the tense standoff continues. one of the two suspects heading to court over a brutal murder in manhattan is denying that they did anything wrong. joey comunale was stabbed 15 times after going the a luxury apartment with a group of people he had met at a nightclub. james rackover, now being held
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nothing to do with the situation. he had a troubled youth but was taken in by a prominent new york jeweler and given a second chance. busy weekend for coast guard crews in new england. they jumped into action in the waters off of massachusetts. a 72-foot boat called for help yesterday morning after it started sinking in 50-degree water. a rescue swimmer dove from a helicopter and tried to pump water out of the boat. after he realized the equipment was not working, he got all six off the boat and to safety. and strong winds in western europe made landing at amsterdam's airport quite a challenge. take a look at this. this is an emirates airbus a-380 double decker there from dubai. it looked like it was going nearly sideways there. it managed a safe landing, if not a little tricky. a swissair flight from zurich decided, you know what? we're going try this again later. or maybe somewhere else.
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week 11 of the nfl will wrap up tonight when the texans face the raiders. >> as for yesterday's highlights, here's our guy at espn. good morning, america. thanksgiving week is here. so may i be the first to wish you a happy thanksgiving. a great slate of games on thursday, that includes the washington redskins who played last night while you were probably sleeping. here's what they did against the green backpackers and aaron rodgers, who are really struggling. rodgers to jared cook. we're close now in the fourth. 29-24. here comes kirk third and seven. this is a beautiful pass. just gorgeous. down to the 1. jamison crowder. and then, robert kelly would score. back to aaron rodgers. they need two scores. they need an 8 and a 3, down by 11. but josh norman punches the ball out. washington recovers. they win. they're 6-3-1. they play dallas.
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how about jimmie johnson. wins the championship again. for nascar. the seventh of his career. he drove the entire chase with a tribute helmet to dale earnhardt and richard petty, the guys he's chasing to get number seven. and he does it. tying those two legends. he's 41 years old. he's got time to get number eight and be the number one championship driver of all time. that's it. i'm john buccigross. have a great day, america. >> all right. our thanks to john. up next in "the pulse." the american music awards. the big winners. the big moments. and red carpet fashion. and a record-breaking basketball shot. you've got to see this one to believe it. >> whoo. ? happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here.
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it is your monday "pulse." we're going to start with one of the biggest nights in the music industry and the hottest stars of that industry. >> the american music awards rocked l.a. and the rest of the country. ariana grande nervous and physically shaking. as she thanked fans for her artist of the year award. >> zayn malik was honored. as new artist of the year. the former one direction band member. sting took home the merit award saying his musical soul is all-american. >> one of the the highlights of the evening. selena gomez winning her first ama award for favorite pop rock female artist. >> yeah, she got really choked up. the 24-year-old gave an emotional speech in her first public appearance since taking a career break to treat depression and anxiety. here's selena. >> i had to stop.
4:22 am
and i was -- absolutely broken inside. and i kept it all together. enough to where i would never let you down. but i kept it too much together to where i let myself down. i don't want to see your bodies on instagram. i want to see what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation -- [ cheers and applause ] -- nor do i need it anymore. >> another big moment that's generating a lot of controversy this morning. host gigi hadid doing an impression of melania trump. controversial. and wasn't even that good either. >> it wasn't a great impression. >> my favorite part of the night didn't have to do with the awards themselves. apple had a drake commercial where he was singing and lip-synching to taylor swift. we have it posted at >> drake is totally lovable. perhaps most important last night was what people were wearing. the red carpet was read hot. >> chrissy teigen stepped out with a never-ending side split.
4:23 am
with safety pins. she had a brief wardrobe malfunction as the front of her dress flashed open, revealing she's apparently no fan of foundation-wear. >> oh, chrissy, we can do better, chrissy. i'm a big chrissy teigen fan. th she's much classier than that. lady gaga was in white from head to toe in this retro '70s pantsuit. >> seemingly doing the mannequin challenge. >> and ariana grande a big fan of white pants and apparently very little else. this weekend, turning to other news, a south carolina dad proves you're never too old to give up on your dreams. >> he's 55-year-old joe thomas. he's a senior. and now is the oldest person to play division i football. he ran the ball four times in south carolina state's win. over savannah state.
4:24 am
joined the team in 2012 when his son, joe jr., was still on the squad. >> joe jr. now plays linebacker for the green bay packers. joe senior says this was one of the happiest days of his life. records are meant to be broken. take a look. this is team from australia. they did this at a dam in geneva. it was quite impressive. >> yes, three aussies regained the record for highest basketball shot. they're from the how ridiculous gang. 594 feet high. finding the ring is the first step. that's why i partnered with the diamond experts at zales... to create the vera wang love collection. it's got to be special. modern interpretations of timeless designs... ...bring out the beauty in every bride. it's got to say yes. the vera wang love collection... ...designed for zales, the diamond store.
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breaking news. multiple police shootings overnight. in san antonio, a manhunt under way in connection with the murder of a police detective. benjamin marconi shot during a traffic stop across from police headquarters. he was killed while writing a ticket in his squad car. >> and in st. louis, an officer was shot in the face as he sat in traffic. he's expected to be okay. the suspect was killed. kansas city and south florida. we'll stay on top of these shootings. donald trump is holding more meetings today as he tries to fill his cabinet. he met separately with more than 20 people over the weekend, while also slamming the cast of the broadway hit, "hamilton," because they confronted mike pence. taking a look at today's weather, snow in the northeast. the great lakes. and freezing precipitation in the eastern dakotas. and nebraska. rain and snow in the rockies. 62, partly cloudy in denver.
4:28 am
more women are finding ways to have a career while working from home. >> abc's karen travers has that story. >> want a sandwich? >> reporter: elizabeth is a mom-preneur. >> i work for plexus worldwide. it's a plant-based supplement company. >> reporter: the word mom-preneur may be unfamiliar. but you have probably seen them in action. say, hey, i've been doing this for quite some time. the products are great. i would love to share more with you if you're interested. >> we would like to look at this more closely. i'll pass it around. >> reporter: it's like tupperware or mary kay cosmetic parties. except they've moved out of the living room and online. elizabeth is one of thousands of women working for companies like this. skin care company rodan and fields says it has 150,000 independent consultants.
4:29 am
million in 2015. a mom-trepreneur is likely to be in her 30s or 40s. a woman who wants to work but have flexibility. it's hard work. a lot of hustling. and not always lucrative. rodan and fields reports that the average income for a sales distributor was around $3100. when you're scrolling through facebook or instagram, it can sometimes feel like you just can't escape a sales pitch. careful not to overdo it and risk alienating friends and family. >> i've bought from some of them. i don't feel that i have to. >> reporter: as a military wife and mom of three young boys, elizabeth says this is the type of work she can do forever from anywhere. >> there's a huge social aspect of it. just communicating with people. and their lives. and just connecting. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, springfield, virginia. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america."
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have a great monday, everyone.y, from your 24 hour news source, this is ??? . a prayer service for cedar rapids police got the attention of a group also promoting the separation of church and state. search for a shooter. saint louis police are looking for the person who ambushed a police officer, shooting him in the face. hy-vee heroes. two iowa men are being honored for saving their neighbor from he good monday morning! it's 4:30 on november 21st. here's a live look at the


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