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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  October 4, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal."
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>> thank you for joining us. >> the headlines this hour, a truck bomb killed scores of people in the somali capital. the nobel prize in physics for their research on the expanding cosmos. >> france and belgium will step in to save the bank after shares suffered a dramatic plunge. >> the somali islamist group has claimed responsibility for a deadly truck bomb attack. several people were killed and dozens wounded when suicide bomber drove a truck into the gate of the government compounds. many of the victims were students. it comes after the government announced it would drive the militants out of the capital.
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the bomb ripped through part of the education ministry and the surrounding shops. anyone close to the explosion did not stand a chance of survival. most victims were civilians. many students came to apply for scholarships. >> so many people have died and many more were injured. my thoughts go to the students that came to pick up their results. >> the militant group claimed responsibility. the first major attack since the rebels withdrew from the capital in august. african forces are protecting the u.n. backed administration. tuesday's bombing has signaled that they have not given up the fight. in a statement issued after the attack, they warned somalis to
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avoid government buildings and military barracks. in the vienna, troops are facing resistance in the effort to capture one of the last strongholds of fighters loyal to gaddafi. families have been fleeing to find safety, food, and shelter. the red cross is warning of a humanitarian disaster as basic supplies have run out. the attacks have stopped. the troops fighting for the council are holding their fire. until they get orders to the advance, they are carrying out a few remnants of the regime that. residents are being given until thursday to evacuate the city. >> death is everywhere. but we feel sorry for our people. they don't have medicine, the
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tyrant to ruin their lives. the conditions they are living in are like the stone age. >> these people have already fled. more than 10,000 residents look for safety during the cease- fire. workers are extremely concerned about the situation in the city. dodge the international committee of the red cross is worried about evacuees. the number is increasing rapidly. they are cooperating with the libyan red crescent. >> government forces have taken control of a suburb on the outskirts. they found a house that once belonged to gaddafi. they will offer the items for sale to raise money for reconstruction efforts at home. a little later in the program, we will be taking an in-depth look at one of the leading figures in the new military that
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appeared in that report. stay tuned for that. the nobel prize committee has announced the winners of this year's prize in physics. the committee honored three americans and their work for studying exploding stars. they discover that the universe is expanding faster than previously thought. >> to the explosion of a supernova. they have witnessed many such spectacles and their observations sent them to an astonishing discovery. the universe is not just expanding, but it is also speeding up. it could eventually completely freeze over, as the english in all life. -- extinguishing all life. >> it gives us insight about the ultimate fate of the universe.
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>> that made this discovery in the late 1990's. their phones have not stopped ringing. >> people murmured about it, but i will believe it when it happens. the phone rang and it was a swedish sending people. i knew it wasn't ikea calling. they told me they were from the nobel prize committee. >> the trail blazing research has turned the scientists and the stars, at least in the eyes of these german researchers. they were full of praise for their colleagues. >> you can compare their work to the discovery of the expansion of the universe 100 years ago. it is a fact that has no bearing on our day-to-day life. but it will move even people that are just interested in physics as a hobby.
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>> the nobel prize is the ultimate recognition for any scientist, and a huge boost to the field of astrophysics. >> to derek and joins us in the studio. the cosmos is expanding. how did they figure that out? >> behalf to go back to the history of modern astronomy. 100 years ago, we believe in the universe was static. feinstein came along in his theory of relativity predicted an expanding or contracting universe, there had to be some kind of movement. they realized the universe was expanding. but it was only in the nineties when these teams of researchers on separate teams of trying to reach the same goal, to answer, what does the future of the universe looks like. they could look at these
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exploding stars hume very distant galaxies that all of those galaxies were moving away from us, not at the rate they expected, but that a highly accelerated rate. there leaving the space around us in der with every passing second. >> why is this important to us? >> trying to answer one of the basic questions that we are always trying to answer, what does the universe look like? what will it look like? trying to predict where it is going to go. it is not really a comforting future that they came up with. galaxies wandering off into a ever darker universe, and there is still a lot of unexplained questions, but that is the best picture so far. >> your painting a dark picture here. we know the sun will burn out in
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7 billion years. it is a bleak outlook? dr. that as a time frame i can live with. it is still very theoretical. there are a lot of undiscovered factors, at this picture could still change. it is the best one that we have. >> from the universe out in space to the universe of banking. finance ministers are trying to avoid a domino effect. >> hoping is not as bleak as the expanding universe into the darkness. 27 members have been meeting to discuss the debt crisis as well as the struggling banking sector. the german finance minister said that it had been agreed that all finance ministers would be preparing reports on the health of banks in their respective countries. >> the luxembourg meeting of
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european finance ministers was overshadowed by more bad news from the banking sector. they know they have to act now to prevent an effect like the one that brought banking to its knees three years ago when the u.s. investment bank went bust. >> no one can say whether this is going to be as bad as it was with lehman brothers. we are doing everything we can to avoid a repetition of that. >> the meeting also focused on the ongoing sovereign debt crisis. the word was that private creditors, the banks, might be called on to a foot more of the bill. but facing the media, they were keen to give reassurances about the eurozone's future. >> there is no doubt that greece
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wants to remain in the eurozone. there is absolutely no doubt about it. >> and one piece of good news on tuesday. athens had enough cash to cover its obligations to mid november. >> germany's chancellor has spoken out against a restructuring of sovereign debt. a regional congress for the christian democrat party, she told her listeners that solidarity with struggling nations was the only way out of the crisis. >> i firmly believe that we must solve our problems in europe together that there can only be solidarity for countries in difficulties if the countries do their homework. solidarity is cheaper than going alone and facing the same
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problems that switzerland is facing. their goods can no longer be exported and jobs are lost. that is my firm belief. >> high-level meetings are taking place to decide the fate of belgian banks in the face of the market's onslaught. it effectively turn to the high flying global lender into a penny stock. the discussions between the french and belgian governments and local entities with a major stake are reportedly holding it on a breakup of the bank according to a person close to the discussions. shares plunged further on tuesday to close at a value of 1.01. >> it is the latest of a to be hit by the debt crisis. shares crashed a 38% when
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trading began on thursday. -- tuesday. it gained some ground after they reassure depositors. >> a dozen european banks faced difficulties. we need a solution to the sovereign debt crisis. the eye can assure you deposits up to 100,000 are guaranteed by the french and belgian governments. >> france and belgium both hold stakes after it was bailed out during the 2008 financial crisis. the internal reform did not go far enough to cope with exposure to agree to that. >> when the two halves of our were joined up, the idea was that the french side would build up a network of branches across france, but that did not happen. >> even without the greek
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crisis, they would still be in a shaky position. it will be one of the first banks to collapse in the event of a greek default. >> of deutsche bank has issued a profit warning saying that the previous forecast of 10 billion and was no longer achievable following the upheaval that is correct markets in recent weeks. speaking at a conference in london, the bank planned to write down 250 million worth of greek sovereign debt in the third quarter. germany's biggest lender has seen a slowdown in the investment banking operations and is planning to cut 500 jobs as a result. a stick a look at tuesday's market action, germany's blue chips finished the session about 3% lower. the leading edge blue chips falling by more than 2%.
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across the atlantic, the dow finishing up 14 minutes ago, finishing at 10,800 may points. and some currency markets, trading at a value of $1.3355. ben bernanke says the recovery is close to a faltering, and partly blamed financial risks from europe. he said that europe had already dampened the mood of consumers and businesses. he urged the lawmakers cannot cut spending too quickly in the short term. the fed stands ready to take action to promote a stronger recovery if necessary. and that cheered up markets, we saw the rally in new york. how i felt -- the iphone 5 is a no show.
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instead, a more powerful version of their current model. the 4s was not the revamped next generation that fans might have been hoping for. it has a better camera, but it still said apple shares lower by about 4%. >> norway has opened the island to journalists. the island has been closed to most visitors since the july massacre that left 69 people dead. dodge the island was close to the public after the horrifying massacre by lone gunman. traces of that they can still be found across the island. the authorities are now renting access to allow people to see where the tragedy unfolded. >> hopefully, it will be a place where young people can gather in
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the future, discuss politics. our aim is to have activities of the summer camp here. >> they are still fresh in the mind of the 32-year-old german holidaymaker who save the lives of at least 32 people. he received the highest civilian award from the german president in berlin on tuesday. >> i can't think of a greater honor and i am very proud of it. >> 4 million and has been collected to repair damage on the island. the portion of the funds will use -- will be used to erect a memorial. >> don't go away.
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>> welcome back. in libya, gaddafi may be gone, but he is still was present as
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ever. just ask the government soldiers that continue to fight to gain control of the remaining khaddafi strongholds. on the ground, soldiers and civilians will tell you that libya will not find peace until the fighting ends and gaddafi is found. those fighting for a new libya remain hopeful for a better future. >> a military decoration awarded to a rebel. once an air force colonel under gaddafi now dispensed -- a defense spokesman for the rebels visits the wounded, acknowledging their bravery and service. he was wounded as he was fighting to liberate the desert town. >> our position was under fire and i called out to my friend that we should get out of there.
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suddenly, i felt my leg being shredded by bullets. my friend had been shot dead. >> his right leg had to be amputated at the knee. the rebels had fulfilled their main goal, but they don't want to leave it at that. >> we give them the gift, we captured the duffy -- that of the -- gaddafi. he also has a personal motivation for joining this revolution. 20 years ago, he was forcibly recruited into the military when he planned to study abroad. >> all my dreams.
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now i have a chance to destroy this. i don't want them to suffer as i was suffering. that first night in the academy until now, i am still feeling bad. >> he is on his way across the mountains in western libya where the events began earlier this year. many reinforcements have crossed the mountains to help topple the regime that. he meets local rebel leaders. his visit is political. people want more say, but regional quotas are not the way to have an effective government. >> who is qualified to be in the government, who is going to take our country forward?
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>> regional sensitivities have complicated the transition of the government. he explained his vision to be the first that called for the uprising against gaddafi. a salute to fallen comrades. over 200 rebels buried in the local cemetery. they continue to give their lives in the battle. the new regime that must be islamic. >> we will only give up our weapons with a new government and a new constitution are in place. the libyan people are islamic. we are not extremists. we want a state that respects religion and serves all the
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people. >> no longer in uniform, they visit the boss where the protests in the capital began. few here are extra tests. most are religious but not fundamentalists. they're preaching reconciliation and tolerance as basic values for a new democratic libya. >> he is saying to not help anybody else except for the procedure. >> he confronts the problem of the 20-year-old and the thousands like him. what does the future hold for
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them? >> we have heroes in libya. we'll be the first for everything. >> of the new leaders are trying to find the formula for a new era of peace and stability. but gaddafi continues to cast a large shadow. >> in light of that, from the institute for international and security affairs joins me to talk about libya and its future. we saw earlier that the libyans believe that they can't find peace pinto gaddafi is found. how important is it for them to find him? >> i would say it is more important to catch the towns, at his birthplace where he might be. nobody really knows. and another hot spot, that as a
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lot more important. it might be that they don't catch him because he is already out of the country, but many believe that he has remained in the strongholds, and this is one of the reasons why resistance is so strong over there. >> why is it taking so long to finish the job? >> the rebels are not a professional fighting force. the fact that they took tripoli is mainly due to the air campaign of the french, british, and americans. now that this air support has lost its military significance in the fight over these cities, it becomes obvious that gaddafi forces are stronger than these rival militants. >> of the leading figures in the national transitional council
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both say that they will step down once the security is obtained in the country. or are they promising better? >> we will see whether that is true or not, they have not been totally clear, but it seems as if they are already dominating the political scene. these figures are underbid pressure, especially with the islamist element in the military commanders that have won the war. they are now asking whether these are really credible leaders for the future. it might be one of the reasons why they seem to be so weak in this situation. >> what is the hope to create a stable democracy in libya? >> the country has been under a very brutal dictatorship.
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we don't know how strong the islamists are. there are no institutions that work in this country. if there is a democracy, it will be there, perhaps in one or two but not in the near future. >> the institute for international security. thank you for joining us and giving us your insights we wrap up the journal at this hour here. war news and information -- more news and information on our website.
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