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tv   European Journal  KCSMMHZ  October 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> romania's community is concerned that the mayors of two towns build high walls around the areas they live with popular support. also today, music to their ears. ireland pass is a milestone on the road to economic recovery. -- passes a milestone on the road to economic recovery. and a faded u.k. seaside resort. leading figures like bill clinton have been taking part in an economic summit in ireland. now a report from the european commission shows that the medicine is working and the economy is improving. ireland could be the role model
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for other indebted countries to kind -- to to copy -- to copy. >> their milk is used in butter and business is booming. brian has a firm. it is family owned for nine generations. he has 150 cows and his herd is growing. >> milk prices are up. the weather is going extremely well. grass growth is extremely well. the cows are content. it is looking good for next year as well. >> the farm is a cooperative owned by the farmers themselves. that is good news for his business. the company's sales manager is paying a visit to introduce some of his latest products. the brand is a global success
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story. it is ireland's biggest food exporter. germany is one of its largest foreign markets. it is popular in countries like china and angola. >> i feel quite proud about it. getting my dairy products on markets around the globe gives a boost to ireland. >> the amount of food leaving dublin ports is growing all the time. that is helping the celtic tiger discovered its roar. at the same time, imports are dropping. purchasing power remains weak. the crisis is not over yet. this dublin family has been hit hard. the teacher and mother of four only has money for the bare essentials. there is nothing left for luxuries. >> a few years ago, because i
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work all the time, i find i go to different shops to get the bargains. i go to aldi or some of the other things. >> her husband paid's -- her husband's pay has been cut by 20 percent. they are 3000 euros worse off per year. >> we try to get through. some weeks are tough. we have to make the mortgage. the two things that are being paid are the mortgage and the food. other things are pushed to the side. you have to ask people to wait for money you owe them. it is constant. both of us are working at it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. >> the family is trying to get on with life.
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the whole country has had to tighten its belt. there was an international bailout. gradually, things are getting better. the banks are undergoing reforms. unemployment is still at 14%, a record high. brian is optimistic. out to tie -- appetite for irish food is growing. >> we are a food producing country. we are feeding 36 million people. we have the scope to feed 56 million. it is there and we just have to take it. >> it could be a while before the crisis is history. ireland is beginning to believe it can come back after the property bubble burst. emerald green shoots of recovery
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are appearing. >> the results of france's presidential elections are usually hard to predict, especially now. the favorite candidate, dominique strauss-kahn, is out of the race. his replacement has yet to win over a skeptical public. >> nicolas sarkozy is taking no chances. on this visit to northern france, only loyal supporters were on hand to welcome him. a wide area was cordoned off so demonstrators could not get close. sarkozy tries to work the crowd. it has never been his forte. many reporters seemed more
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interested in the birth of his wife's baby. >> i had him autograph this cd of his wife's. he says she is doing well. i love nicolas sarkozy and his wife. i would love to be the baby's godmother. >> a group of students has skipped school to see the president. >> he shook my hand and said, you are really big. he noticed me even though i am really small. >> short stature is one of the demands that haunt the president. it is a source of material for caricaturists. >> he wears less in his shoes. -- lifts in his shoes. he thinks they make them bigger, but he is completely wrong. >> president walked like this, looking at someone.
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sarkozy pat's angela merkel on the back and caused us -- calls journalists by their first name. >> he tries to take on too many things at once and never finishes them. more inspiration for the cartoonist. he depicts sarkozy as an hyperactive -- a hyperactive imp. >> he was to do everything. he wants to be all of the circus performance at once. >> sarkozy's approval ratings have plummeted. seldom has a french president and so on popular. the socialists are already rubbing their hands in glee.
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his opponent has the chance to be sarkozy's main challenger for the presidency. what is the difference between him and sarkozy? >> the fact that he is president and i am not. i am going to be present and he is not. where is your answer. -- there is your answer. >> he has lost at least 10 kilos for the campaign. >> can you trust someone who has lost 10 kilos? i do not know. since he lost the weight, he looks like a manager in a cheap supermarket. >> to secure his party's nomination, he has to win against the rival and party leader. >> she is often called the hard hitting mother.
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she has a maternal side and she would like to mother everyone. >> while the media obsesses over who will win the socialist candidacy, sarkozy faces an uphill task to come up with a campaign plan. they are hoping the far right candidate is enough support to beat the socialists in the first round of voting. sarkozy's chances of winning would be good. it is a familiar maneuver. in 2002, her father made it to the runoff against not sure that -- against chirac. >> if the results of the first round is her and sarkozy, people on the left will be obliged to vote for sarkozy. it is not impossible. >> sarkozy knows all lot can
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happen before the election next year. he listens patiently to the farmers and promises them better prices for their products. an election promise without an explanation of where the money will come from to pay for it. >> the roma are europe's most -- the biggest european minority. the roma says it breaches human- rights and romanian law. others are starting to follow suit. >> the roma are poor.
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they number about 1000. the area where they live is run down. a strong odor hangs in the air. the sewer system does not work. the other residents of the town rarely get to see any of that because the mayor has had a concrete wall built around the roma neighborhood. he says he did it to protect their children. >> i had this wall built because of all traffic accidents. the parents do not have their children under control. i had to create a barrier between the housing estate and the road. >> but the children still play beside the road. the wall has created a ghetto. those inside do not have work or while -- or wealth. >> he is a spokesman for the
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roma community. he visits regularly and ask how they are doing although the answer is all too obvious. he lives with his seven children in one room. >> tell me, what do you think of the wall? >> it is wrong. the mayor locks us in like prisoners and he treats us even worse. >> i was against the wall from the start. instead of spending so much money on that, they y could have paid off our debt to the utility companies. then we would at least have running water again. >> but nobody seems to care that
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that roma are upset and angry. the mayor has told them they are to blame for the situation they are in. many people across europe think like the mayor. other towns are events following his example. this town has not build a barrier to contain its roma that is 3 meters tall. the mayor has no qualms about what he has done. he thinks it is entirely justified. >> there used to be an old mill here. they trashed it and stole everything. they destroyed the fences and filled the place with rubbish. what i have built is not a wall. is just a barrier. >> this is home to roma, and gary italy's and rumanians. it has not seen in -- home to
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roma, hungarians and rumanians. it has not seen any ethnic conflicts. the wall goes right past his yard. >> we are poor. i have no income and i live off of welfare. my children and grandchildren have nowhere to live. now they have built this wall. why? >> the roma resist as best they can. someone has punched a hole in the wall. >> we throw our garbage through there. we do not go through ourselves because of the dogs. >> he lives on the other side. his dog is gentle. >> there was a wall wound --
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around west berlin. around the entire soviet bloc. fell. this wall will fall to. the people on the two sites will face each other. we have to face a fact. that we did not do a thing for the roma. >> these walls are not about to be pulled down. anti-roma sentiment is too strong. >> the election of denmark's first woman prime minister has been met with a sigh of relief around the eu. she announced she would scrap plans to reintroduce border controls. the plan had caused curie in germany. the european commission said in it would- -- caused fury in
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germany. >> denmark's new cabinet was to show that after 10 years of right-wing populist government, it will be doing things differently. >> the last time we had a social democrat government, i was an exchange student. i was proud of the fact that i came from denmark. i hope in the future when we go traveling, we will be proud to have the danish flat on our back that. >> it is a good day for denmark and for germany, europe and the world. we have a government that sees globalization as an opportunity. >> she is denmark's first female prime minister. she says she wants to improve the country's and ms. abroad, that is by- -- damagedimage abr.
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>> people can see that immigrants can be a success in denmark. this is not about to me. this is about my country. >> her appointment has gone down well in the district of copenhagen, which has a high immigrant population. >> we do not feel welcome. i have stopped watching television because of the bad news. >> the new government says denmark will not just allow highly skilled workers into the country. >> i hope that my children will one day be a part of this society and parts of denmark.
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>> did our's image and economy suffered as a result of -- denmark's image and economy suffered as a result of its immigration policy. it will have to rethink its attitude toward foreign workers. >> we want to show the world we are an open and attractive country for foreign workers. we are delighted the new government sees things this way as well. >> the new administration will have to work hard to regain the trust of denmark's european partners. relations were strained by the sudden decision to reintroduce border controls. germany was angered by the introduction of border guards in july.
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>> in the future, denmark will be more active in the year. we can -=-- active in the eu. we can also help to tackle crime. >> it is not yet clear if the new prime minister will ask other countries to join the euro. >> it is a problem for us not to be part of the bureau. we have to leave the room on important financial matters. it is a huge handicap. >> denmark takes over the rotating eu presidency next year. by then, there should be a clear
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picture of denmark's new political environment. >> margate was once a popular seaside holiday resort, especially for working people in the east end. its peak thrusts are -- its beachfronts are marred. it is hoped that a new art gallery will help restore the town's they did -- town's faded fortunes. >> it was once the tool on england's southeast coast. the town has become desolate. margate has been fading quietly for years. people have found alternative
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holiday destinations banks to package tatours and cheap flights to the mediterranean. a few years ago, people flocked to the dreamland amusement park. it provided employment for the locals. they painted the rise and sold lollipops. -- rides and sold lollipops. when it closed, the town started to die. >> everybody knew dreamland. there was a big terrace with 6000 seats. they would fire one rocket to remind you. everybody would come for the fireworks. >> they do not understand why
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the town council last the amusement park to crumble. >> somebody somewhere should be able to get the developer's heads and not them together and get this place going again. >> just up the road, the new margate is taking shape. turner contemporary is an art gallery and art venue. some locals were skeptical and bought a revived amusement park might be more profitable. but visitors are streaming in. the director says it has already made a big difference to the town. >> it was not a pleasant place to visit. people's lines have been changed -- minds have been
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changed. they see margate in a different league. it symbolizes the change from the margate of the past to the margate of today. >> they are impressed by the building, but not ravaged by the works on display. >> i have seen a lot of pretty things. two hours? it is not the sort of thing i
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would miss if i had at my house and did not stolen. >> the view from the balcony out there must of been lovely. -- must have been lovely. >> they are opening up a new candy shop to provide the tourists with traditional lollipops. the mayor even came for the grand opening. >> it is bouncing back. you can see it happening. it would never have happened if turner had not been here. we are attracting so many people from london on day trips. >> i am so thankful and grateful
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that they chose margate. they could not have picked a better time to put it in. >> turner contemporary is neither majestic or grant in appearance. it is attracting a lot of attention and art lover. s. glamour is returning to margate. >> i lived in margate for four years. i can understand how these guys were described as the lovely as in the-- t. he skies were described as the loveliest in europe. goodbye from brussels.
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