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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  May 28, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal." >> i am sara kelly. here are our headlines. >> u.s. envoy kofi annan has a new bet on a piece. >> shakeups in an italian soccer. >> we begin in syria out with
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the head of the u.n. observer team. >> with more than 100 people dead, 32 children under the age of 10, the u.n. special envoy kofi annan is in the country desperately trying to bolster a cease-fire that never took hold. >> another effort by kofi annan to meet the syrian conflict. damascus has appealed to both sides. he said he was horrified by the massacre, which he called an appalling crime. >> we urge the government to government, but for every one.
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every individual. deaf ears. activists say more are being killed in syria every day. at least 24 people died on monday alone. opposition groups accused the assad regime of using heavy weapons in residential areas. this footage is reportedly from homs. hula is the only city where u.n. observers have confirmed tanks. the government denies this and claims islamists for the attacks. even russia, a staunch syrian ally, condemns the massacre. >> we don't support the syrian government. will support the kofi annan plan. -- we support the kofi annan
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plan. >> anon it has -- annan has scuttled a meeting. the u.n. is far from agreeing to these measures. >> as we just saw, sergei lavrov has qualified russia's support for syria. are they distancing themselves from assad? we put that question to our foreign bureau chief. >> wants to give that question that it is not the last remaining supporter of the assad regime. russia has been criticizing for some time for not fully implementing kofi annan's peace plan. the kremlin has already realized that assad will have to be
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replaced, and that behind the scenes, moscow is working on a plan for transition of power in damascus. but we do not have any confirmation up that. even now, russia refuses for assad -- refuses to call for assad to step down. >> for more on this, let's be joined in the studio by our middle east expert. we just heard from moscow there. how strong is russian support at this point for the regime in syria? >> the support remains very strong, but what we are witnessing now is a change in time keeping the russian government was saying today they could imagine the toppling of bashar al-assad, not the regime, but the president. it is a clear indication that moscow is getting nervous about
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events in syria. moscow knows very well should be regime change in the future, the russians will not be liked by the syrian people or the new syrian government. therefore, there is a very careful change we can observe. >> in light of this, it is this a point where we can now say syria is on the brink of civil war? how does this go down in history? >> i think this massacre is a turning point. in an event like this with more than 100 people killed, many of them civilians and children, there is such an outcry. there will be further actions in the region and the syrian government will have a very hard time to convince people that it is terrorists or islamists who are responsible for the atrocities. bashar al-assad is playing on time. he knows that the western states
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are really not very eager to intervene militarily in the future. >> what will it take? >> that is a difficult question. syria is such a complicated country with various religious and ethnic groups. you really open the box of the pandora. it is difficult to tell. we do have several civil wars going on in syria and the conflict may spill over into neighboring states. >> thank you so much for joining us. at least 19 have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in the qatari capital. >> if it broke out on the upstairs -- it broke out on the upstairs of an upscale mall. egypt's electoral commission
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says last week's presidential election may be decided by runoff between the top two candidates. >> the electoral commission said the muslim brotherhood candidate mohammed mursi will stand against a longtime associate of the mubarak regime, ahmed shafiq. the runoff is scheduled for june 16 and june 17. >> the bond markets are rocking today. interest rates on italian debt -- and spanish that have hit new highs. >> the spanish government says the country may use more sovereign debt to recapitalize the bank its director has asked the rescue fund for billions for losses on residential mortgages. >> bankia has told the government it needs another 19
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billion euros. the government says it will come up with the cash, but just how is far from clear. because the bar wing is allred -- the cost of borrowing is already soaring. this is more than spain spends on education each year. many say the money is going to the wrong hands. >> this money comes from taxes taken from people at the bottom. those on top do not have to cut back on anything. >> i don't think it's right for us to pay the debts of a private company whose managers produced the debts. no, i do not think it is fair. >> and the government may have to find more money to keep other banks afloat. they are also reeling from the bad loans they made when the
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property bubble burst. >> it is not just spain. the rejection of greek bailout terms and has sent that country into more turmoil. >> the anti-bailout street so -- syriza party has promised to renegotiate with the imf, >> it is getting harder to export goods to greece. according to a german newspaper report, and major supplier of passport credits is refusing to deliver to greece. but investors seem to be recovering something. shares rose unexpectedly on monday in athens, but they have fallen sharply since the
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elections on may 6, leaving greece without a proper government. analysts are scared the country's cash reserves will soon run out. >> with everybody is understanding is halt in security situation can be -- is a halt in security situation can be, especially for a lower financial community. >> the new elections are set for june 17. the outcome could well decide greece's future in the eurozone. >> those conflicting messages dominated trading on monday in frankfurt. we have this report from the trading floor. >> pro-austerity and pro-reform politicians in greece could win the parliamentary elections in
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the middle of june. that is what the news polls indicate and agreed relief to the people here. the share prices benefited in the beginning, at least, but the share price gains eroded away. there were new fears over spain. bankia, one of the largest financial entities and the country, need some much money to remain afloat. that made many people fear the banking sector in spain may be coming apart, and at the end of the day, it was completely different than at the beginning. >> let's look at those closing market numbers for you. we see frankfurt, as we mentioned, the blue chip dax down point to 5%. the euro trading for $1.3529.
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the u.s. market was closed for the memorial day holiday this monday. new subsidies for buying cars. a government official told the newspaper official that people would get a bonus for treating there old car for a new one. >> a similar program was launched in 2009. its spurred a wave of auto purchases. by contrast, china's luxury car market is at a standstill keeping to the u.s. market, where in san francisco, they are marking the 75th anniversary of its most famous landmark, the golden gate bridge. id opened back in may 1937. >> the locals are celebrating the symbol in concrete and metal of one of the country's biggest infrastructure projects. >> it is still called one of the
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modern wonders of the world. the golden gate bridge was built, and the grace of the structure captured the imagination. >> 75 years ago, the golden gate bridge said yes, you can do great things in america. >> may 28, 1937, opening day. >> many doubted the steel colossus could be built at all. but the ambitious design was completed under budget after four years of construction. one of the thousands who crossed the bridge on foot on opening day -- >> every time i see it, i have the memory of walking it on that day and knowing that is never going to happen again. >> since then, 1 billion vehicles have used the bridge. it has been a boost for tourism,
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too, as one of the most photographed objects in the world. >> you get your photograph in front of the golden gate bridge or in front of the taj mahal. it has taken on that kind of significant. >> the weekend culminated in style as fireworks lit up the night sky. >> as we just heard in that report, the golden gate bridge is one of the most photographed objects in the united states. i was in california. everyone was talking about the golden gate bridge. >> if you imagine how impressive it must have been at that time. i was there and i was not that impressed, but at that time. >> we have more coming up. >> yes? >> we will look at changes in the german national team's soccer lineup. >> and all the drama you want to
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know about, after the break. >> don't go away. we will be here.
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>> welcome back. but 11 days ago, joachim loew has announced his team for the championships. >> those cut include julian draxler, sven bender, cacau, and marc-andre ter stegen. they have all been sent home from the german training camp. and the german team is not the only one making last-minute adjustments ahead up 2012. italy suspended its defender.
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>> in early morning raids on monday, police searched teams based near florence. >> police carried out dawn raids throughout the country. at the national team's training camp, they searched the room, seen on the right, and warned the player he is under investigation. the italian football federation has dropped him from the squad for 2012. >> he tells me he is very sorry for the situation that has been thrust upon the federation and the german team. he insists that he is not involved. i hope he realizes how unpleasant the situation is. >> prosecutors say unmatched is under -- a match is under investigation. >> they are taking a closer look
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at this on carry in connection. we believe there has been a gain of around 2 million euros. some 600,000 euros were used to bribe players. >> another coach is under investigation. prosecutors are looking at eight games played last year while he was in charge. >> all around the world, millions are focusing on the start of the bureau 2012. >> we're looking at all 16 teams and assessing there chances. >> up today -- inland. -- england. inland will be hoping for safe passage. english fans routinely tout there team's victory in 1966. that me tell you all need to know. it has been nearly 50 years since they have 1. >> they have not exactly got off
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to a good start. >> id has been a difficult few months for england fans. fabio capello steered the team into the finals, but when he was dropped as captain, it triggered a major falling al. are replacement was found four weeks ago -- a replacement was found four weeks ago. >> if yes, well, i'm excited by the chance to work for my country and look forward to the days ahead. everyone knows is not easy. everybody within the country will get the opportunity. that is the team that counts. >> berlin will have to make to
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without there talisman -- their talisman rooney. it will be looking to other players to shoulder the burden until he returns. >> i think it would be disappointed if we expected any less of him. >> england are outsiders to be european champions, but they should reach the quarterfinals. dw gives them a 4 out of 6 rating. >> we will be looking at other teams as we approached the championship. >> here's a look at other stores around the world. >> -- a parliamentary leader has been reelected by a comfortable majority.
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he is also considered a favorite in the presidential poll next year. >> shops -- a blast in shops in the kenyan capital of nairobi. they now think it was a bomb keeping the prime minister has blamed it terrorists for the incident, calling it a heinous act. >> three days of storms and heavy rains in central chile have washed out homes and cut+ power. one woman died when a tree fell on her house. it was 25 years ago today that one young german stunned the world by flying at a light engine cessna into the heart of moscow. >> it was an embarrassment to pressure's defense. the teenager past and skate
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through the super power's antiaircraft systems. >> on may 28, 1987, the 18-year- old german mathias rust flew into red square, seemingly without anyone noticing. >> first the wanted to know where i was from. i said germany. they thought i meant east germany. no, i said. west germany. they were surprised and asked why. i said "for pc." i wanted to talk to gorbachev. >> what was not mentioned was out the country felt air defense failed to stop the plane. control officers were confused. he was sentenced to four years in a labor camp, but released after one year in prison in moscow. >> i am not a spy or a
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businessman or an adventurer. i came here for my own motives. >> the episode gave the soviet leader mikhail dobe for java -- gorbachev our reason to crack down on hard-liners in the military to oppose his reforms. hundreds were sacked. this is just what he wanted. >> that was my motivation. i wanted to support the overtop -- gorbachev. i was worried his enemies would try to get him out of office as soon as possible. and of course, if that had happened, germany would never have been reunited. >> that may sound diluted, but historians agree gorbachev managed to push forward with perestroika, even if mathias rust 's flight was not a turning point in history. he has had more precious with
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the police -- brushes with the police. today, he is working as a full- time financial analyst. >> the new president of germany will be holding high-level talks with political leaders. >> he is visiting iran.% >> this has captured the interest of a well-known israeli writer, and we visited him to find out why. >> his books are best sellers in israel, but he writes about berlin and the fascination at the city holds for young israelis. >> time has changed the way we see. my father went to work in germany in 1980's. but they did not want us to go and live and study.
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now, as a writer, i go to berlin, i go to germany. i see my books in german. >> he'd was a teacher for creative writing at a school in jerusalem. the holocaust figures in the work of many students. >> i feel like i am the bridge between the old generation and the very new generation who were born about the time that the wall fell and feel completely happy. they like the low rent. >> to most of his students come up berlin is germany. -- to most of his students, berlin is germany. >> there seem to be endless
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possibilities. there is true freedom. >> israelis are generally very conscious of the past when they are in berlin. >> i do not want to be judged by the actions of my parents, so i do not judge determines that white. i would like to -- i do not judge it germans that way. they grow up with a sense of guilt. >> israeli writers in berlin also want germans to know about their culture. >> it is this moment in the history of the relationship between east two nation's. getting to know each other from a place where you can really talk. learning about each other. >> thousands of young israelis
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go back and forth each year from berlin to there homeland. it is a form of cultural diplomacy. >> that is all for now. thank you for watching. we will have more news in half an hour's time, and we will have news on the un special envoy kofi annan's visit to syria and might of the massacre. we will have more on that. >> you may want to check out our web site -- we have multimedia, more stories. check out. >> goodbye.
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