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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 15, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> live from berlin, this is the "journal" on dw-tv. i'm brent goff. >> and i'm steve chaid. here's a look at this hour's headlines. fighting continues to rage and the city of aleppo. >> no more branding. austria becomes the first country to ban -- australia becomes the first country to ban logos from direct packages. -- cigarette packages. >> years ago, and parts of germany were under water.
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>> the un says war crimes are being committed in syria by government troops and rebel fighters. in the u.s. human rights council report released on wednesday says the worst atrocity was committed by soldiers. more than 100 people were killed in the houla massacre in march. 30 people died in the air strikes carried out by government jets near the city of aleppo. that is where our coverage begins. >> the town of azaz, outside of aleppo, hour afters a government air strike that witnesses say killed 30 people. rebels said the dead included four lebanese shia muslim they have been holding hostage since may. they say seven others were injured in the air strike. earlier in damascus, explosive strapped to a fuel vehicle were detonated. the free syrian army has claimed
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responsibility for the attack. they say they're target -- their target was a meeting of military commanders. there was an attack near a hotel where you and monitors are staying. >>-- where u.n. monitors are staying. >> this is terrorism. it passed to be stopped. the international community should help us. -- it has to be stopped. the international community should help us. >> damascus claims terrorists were also behind the massacres earlier this year in the western houla region. but a u.n. inquiry has placed the blame on regime influences. the 100 people were killed, most of them women and children. the islamic world remains split over syria's conflict. leaders from the organization of arabic corp. are considering suspending serious membership.
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-- organization of arabic cooperation are considering suspending syria's membership. >> there is bloodshed during the holy month in many parts of our islamic world. >> as the violence continues, the investigators have accused both government and rebel forces of crimes against humanity. but they say the crimes committed by assad's regime out with the crimes of the opposition. >> 3 german iranians and the germans have been arrested for allegedly breaking the nuclear trade embargo on iran. they are believed to have helped deliver special valves for the construction of a heavy water reactor in iran. searches were conducted at their homes, including in hamburg. experts believe this could produce plutonium for nuclear
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weapons. >> the stock markets have struggled amid high volatility and investor nervousness in recent months. >> while their share prices have been weighed down amid the ongoing eurozone debt crisis, germany's dax has seen some good performance. >> vw clocked up the biggest sales numbers of all dax companies, 48 billion euros in the second quarter of this year. all companies listed in the dax index reported profits. none were in the red, despite the eurozone crisis. performance during the first quarter of this year was already strong. in the second quarter, sales shot up by 9% to 312 billion euros. profit before taxes went up even more, by 12% to 27.5 billion
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euros. these healthy figures are mainly the result of rising exports outside of the eurozone. the week euro is at a help. it means german products are cheaper in -- the weak euro is a help. it means german products are cheaper in non-euro countries. there may be a downward trend of global demand. >> let's look at the markets. after surging to a four-month high on tuesday, the dax slipped to modest losses amid weak trading session. our correspondent sent us this summary from frankfurt. >> german companies are doing very well, even with the debt crisis. some are, even with their shares, at or near the record highs here in the stock market. the big german companies are also getting more careful looking into the future. a lot of the companies that have reported for the second quarter are becoming more skeptical when
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they are looking at the next couple of months. that is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for the dax to climb over 7000 points. it has tried several times and failed each time. the big uncertainty here is the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone. how will it turn out? no one knows for sure. >> our correspondent from frankfurt. the dax finished the session down by 4/10 of 1%. euro stoxx 50 also giving up a bit. in new york, the dow is currently trading up a tad. the euro is trading at a value of one u.s. dollar -- $1.2292 u.s. germany has announced it is on the verge of a technology that could soon bring us self-driving
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cars. >> berlin has earmarked funding for the project. >> this is no ordinary steering wheel. developed by german researchers, it is connected to a computer system which can detect and avoid objects or people on the road. self-driving cars like this could eventually allow older drivers to stay behind the wheel longer and more safely. germany's research minister is backing the project with grants. >> on the second lap, i started to relax and realize the car does know what it is doing. the new technology is making possible a slew of innovative ideas in the field of unneeded -- unaided driving. >> we could have a car sharing service that could pick you and your neighbors up and take you all to work, or to the subway and bus stop. >> tests are underway in berlin
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and in the united states. though not yet ready for mass production, it has racked up some impressive results. >> we have been able to drive unaided, not anyone touching the wheel for 45 minutes in heavy traffic in berlin. >> experts say wheelchairs' and other vehicle could also eventually benefit -- wheelchairs and other vehicles could also eventually benefit from the technology. >> there was news that a whistle blower had sold several cd's with information on germans who had hidden from a taxable income in swiss bank accounts. more than 100 people in the state of baden-wurttemberg have turned themselves in and admitted to hiding money in switzerland. >> the germany's most whole -- high-profile tax evasion case was in 2009.
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it involved a 1 billion euro falling. -- fine. germany's most popular state, north rhine-westphalia, has bought a total of four data cd's. that has resulted in 2.5 billion euros in additional revenue. >> the german tax unit thinks it is right to help track down the tax dodgers. we are able to level the playing field with this data. our investigators are able to follow the trail. >> switzerland and germany are currently in the process of ratifying the treaty on taxes. once it takes effect, the purchase of bank data will become illegal and germany's accounts in switzerland will be subject to back taxes. >> off to australia, where
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packs of cigarettes will soon be looking quite different. among the country's highest court has paved the way for -- >> the country's highest court has paved the way for lawmakers to ban branding on cigarette packages. >> all packages will be covered with warnings and graphic images. >> the smoking habit kills 15,000 people per year. the plan is to cut the numbers by banning attractive packaging. there will be no logos, just graphic photographs and health warnings, and the brand name written in small type. the tobacco industry says it is unconstitutional, but australia's highest court has thrown out the complaint. >> this is a victory for all of those families who have lost someone to tobacco-related illness. it is for anyone who has lost
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someone to smoking. this is for you. >> we believe it is a very bad law. there are a number of serious, unintended consequences. many around the labeled tobacco and issues with pricing. >> will saying goodbye to the branded packages mean fewer people smoking? that is what a lot of people are hoping. >> i think it is a good idea. i see hundreds of people that suffer the effects of smoking, from obstructed-airways disease to lung cancer. >> people who are addicted to smoking -- i do not know how much of a difference it will make. >> the new rules in australia will be the toughest in the world. but other countries are looking at taking similar steps, including india, canada, and britain.
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>> in a moment, we will be looking at tango doral at best -- at the world's biggest tango festival. first, a look of other big stories. india has been celebrating 65 years of freedom from britain's role. prime minister manmohan singh promised to take all measures to boost india's growth. he said the time had come to view growth as a matter of national security. japanese emperor akihito and prime minister yoshihiko noda have presided over ceremonies marking the 67th anniversary of japan's unconditional surrender that ended world war ii. noda ask forgiveness for the atrocities of imperial japan, especially in china. >> police in moscow have broken up a protest in support of the jailed members of the punk band pussy riot.
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several dozen masked demonstrators gathered in front of the christ the savior cathedral holding placards that said "blessed are the merciful." 3 members were recently arrested after staging a protest on the churches altar. they could face up to three years in prison. >> time now to tango. buenos aires is the home of the popular dance. it begins its annual tango festival. >> i have my shoes on, steve. the event brought some of the world's best dancers out. >> the tango has seen a major revival since it was given a world cultural heritage status by unesco. >> tango enthusiasts from all over the world have converged on buenos aires. there is passion and seriousness, but also a lot of fun. [applause]
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>> every year, it gets bigger and better. it is good that people know about the championship and come and see the dancers. the old ones, the new ones, and those who want to learn. >> as well as the traditional kind of 10 go that is seen in dance halls, -- kind of tango that is seen in dance halls, there is also show tango. it is highly acrobatic. with traditional tango, it is the fancy footwork that the fans are looking out for. and they have the next two weeks to enjoy it. >> you can tango up the side of the building. >> defying gravity. >> some german corporations are
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granting scholarships to young people in sub-saharan africa. thousands welcomed the german olympic squad back home. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we start off in kenya, which has developed into a leading regional economy. to further boost business cooperation with kenya, german industry has launched an initiative for training future managers there. >> the program invites your leaders to germany, where they can gather professional and -- young leaders to germany, where they can gather professional and international experience. and these are souvenirs of her time in germany -- >> these are souvenirs of her time in germany. she completed an internship at the german auto parts company. she says she appreciates the value placed on order and punctuality in germany. she could depend on things, at
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least most of the time. >> one day, i had trouble with the water in my apartment. i could not believe that could happen in germany. usually, everything works great. but that one day, there was no water in my apartment. >> she was offered a job in germany, but she wanted to return home. she has been back in the kenyan capital, nairobi, for three years now. she is the department head at a company on the outskirts of the city. it is the first company in kenya that specializes in portable toilets for large even for family reunions -- events or family reunions. the company is looking to expand. she and her team are working to develop a new branch of business, waste-water treatment plants. it is a rapidly-growing sector in canada. she says it is a challenge, but
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for international experience has helped. >> the first thing i notice was how we do our meetings and are minutes. i changed the meeting's minutes template to task item responsible and complete. it has really helped. >> her boss says her fondness for order irritates her colleagues at times, but he values employees who are efficient and have international experience. >> we need to look at people who have longer-term projections on their life, longer-term plans. many people stay one year on a job and moved to the f next toor a 5% -- a move to the next job -- and move to the next job for a 5% in current, or even a 1% increments. -- for a 5% increment, or even a
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1% increment. >> it is sad that we rely on a 80% imports. we have been very smart people. the way i am doing waste water is very simple. we should not be importing it. we could design this year and manufacture it. but you find that, in our country, the support, like the financial support to fund r&d or people with innovations is not set in place very well. >> it is people like her who represent the new kenya, a country with confidence as well as know how. >>. biggest computer games fair -- >> europe's biggest computer games tfair, gamescom, has opened in cologne. >> the biggest draws our games made for phones -- draws are
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games made for phones. >> we have this report from a company in hamburg. >> it is easier for smaller companies. it started with the game "lords & knights," which has sold millions. >> some games can be programmed with relatively little effort, but go on very quickly to become a huge hit, selling in the millions. >> the gaming industry is increasingly important in germany's port city of hamburg. three years ago, around 2500 people were employed by computer companies -- computer gaming companies. that number has now risen to over 4000. >> within the gaming industry, hamburg is the german city with the most companies working on online games.
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online is the fastest-growing part of the markets. >> they're hoping for a share of the market. they are looking for international success. a specialist from mumbai is working on an indian version of the game. the company has created a version especially for china. >> one of the world's biggest private equity investors, the carlyle group, has announced it is buying a controlling stake in getty images. the deal is worth some 2.7 billion euros. it is one of the largest distributors of photos, videos, and multimedia projects. holdings include 70 million pictures and 30,000 hours worth of film archives. last year, the seattle-based agency did about -- worth of business. >> team germany has returned from london. they have been traveling in style on board this cruise liner. >> i watched them come in after
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. they arrived to a hero's welcome. >> thousands crowded to welcome the olympic squad home. their journey back from london took 36 hours. the cruiser finally pulled into port with 217 athletes on board. the mood was relaxed, although it was perhaps a little early for some. many of them have not slept much since leaving london. after months of hard training, the journal appears to have been one long party -- journey appears to have been one long party, with a nifty dance moves, and acrobatics -- with nifty dance moves, and acrobatics in the pool. today, it was back to the serious stuff. they showed off their medals.
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>> it is a great feeling and a great atmosphere. the fans followed us the whole time as we were coming in. it is great to get the recognition. >> and more celebrations followed. the athletes headed to hamburg city hall, where they were greeted by more bands before heading inside for reception -- more fans before heading inside for reception. >> germany are facing in argentina in a soccer match. -- in a football match for the first time they have played since july. miroslav started the match as stryker. there is a replacement goalie for the injured keeper. the match represents the start of qualifications for the 2014 world cup in brazil. 10 years ago, parts of eastern
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germany saw what some called the flood of the century when the elba river burst its banks. >> thousands lost their lives. thousands had to take shelter in temporary accommodations. the german state of saxony was the hardest hit, including the capital of dresden and the picturesque town of purna further up the river. but it has taken years to restore homes and businesses. >> some of the most striking images came from purna. this footage shot the whole country. the town was submerged and the metis of water -- the town was submerged under meters of water. thousands fled to safety. when the floodwaters receded, they left behind damage and destruction amounting to 175 million euros.
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the shopkeeper was one of thousands affected. the flood destroyed what had once been her clothing store. pimm at 80% of the shopkeepers will not survive -- >> 80% of the shopkeepers here will not survive. we do not have the capital to start over. >> 10 years later, she is back in business. her shop is up and running thanks to government aid that she and others received. >> the financial aid i got was quite extensive. without it, there is no way this could have. have >> after the flood -- there is no way this could have worked. >> after the flood, she decided to expand to selling women's fashoin, too -- women's fashion, too. her business is booming. she hardly has time to think back to the flood. there is one thing she still
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remembers. >> there was so much solidarity. people really help each other. i cannot stress that enough. help came in from everywhere. from individuals to whom i am still grateful. it is something -- it was something special. >> donations came from all across germany. pirna alone received more than 4 million donations. the buildings have been renovated, the old town restored. some people said pirna is even more beautiful today. the residents want it to stay that way. the town of pirna has put up floodgates at its lowest point. >> before it burst its banks, this will be closed -- before it can burst its banks, this will be closed. that is the direction the water would come from. we would be on the safe side
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here. >> the what gate is one measure being taken to prevent an inundation. the structure is still years away from completion. lines marking the high-water levels of 10 years ago testify to the destructive power of the river elbe, but they are almost the only traces left in remarkably reconstructed pirna. >> everybody likes a comeback. >> that will wrap up this edition of the journal's "." -- of "journal." join us again in an hour for more news.
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