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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 17, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko, kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. japanese leaders are looking for ways to stop chinese activists landing illegally again on islands in the east china sea. they are proposing more pro troels by patrols by the coast guard and penalties by intruders. >> translator: anyone who deliberately violate japan's sovereignty should get a heavier penalty than otheres who enter illegally. >> japanese officials deported 14 chinese activist and journalists on friday. the group took a boat from hong
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kong to the sankuku islands which are controlled by japan. activist remain defiant when they got home. >> translator: the islands are still occupied by japan. we're thinking about when to go again. >> japanese leaders want more po troels by the coast guard. still there is no way to prevent activists from landing on the islands again. chinese leaders are not likely to cooperate. they say the territory belongs to china. japanese leaders say they may take a territorial dispute with south korea to the international court of justice. court officials won't open a case unless both governments make a request together. the south koreans are refusing, so the japanese are thinking of going it alone to force them to explain why. the disputed territory is in the sea of japan thp pe are claimed
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by the japanese but controlled by south korea. the japanese called them tokashima, the chinese call them tokdo. japanese leaders say this he entered their territory illegally. japanese foreign minister summoned south korean ambassador and proposed jointly filing a request for ruling by the international court of justice. south korean leaders refused. they say noter toral dispute exists. if the japanese go to the court alone, the south koreans will have to give their reasons for not backing the request the japanese think this approach may be a way to show the south koreans have no claims to the islands. a south korean football player has learned the hard way that politics and sports do not mix. first, he was ban from receiving his olympic bronze medal in london for displaying a
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politically charged banner. now international olympic committee's investigating the korean football association maintains park is innocent and that his action was not premeditated. >> translator: the incident was not planned, not at all prepared. i explained that to fifa. >> the secretary-general of the korean football association, kim joong-sun said he explained to fifa officials that park's action after defeating japan in the bronze medal match on august 10th. the international olympic committee said making political statements cannot be accepted at the olympics. fifa will hold a meeting to consider south korea's explanation and then report its
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views to the international olympic committee. after the match pack held up a banner with a message asserting south korea's sovereignty over the islands. north koreans have given their olympic team a welcome home. they won four gold and two bronze. fans welcomed the olympians at the airport and cheered them as they toured the capitol. the athletes reported victories to the statues of the late kim ill sung and kim jung ill. >> i'm back to be back in the embrace of our expected supreme commander. >> the north koreans got the best results since barcelona 1992. analyst at a u.s. think tank say north korea could produce dozens more nuclear weapons by the year
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2016. the analyst at institute for science and international security estimated north korea's stocks of uranium, currently they have enough material to make at least six nuclear weapons. they started a light water reactor that the north korea notes are building. they say the north korean's may complete that reactor next year but don't know if they will use it to produce plutonium. they also say they don't know whether the north koreans have more than one plant for enriching uranium. still, analysts say they may have enough material for 48 weapons by the end of 2016. they are calling on u.s. leaders and their international allies to work harder to stop the north korean nuclear program. iranian president made one of his sharpest attacks yet on israel.
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he said there is no place for a jewish state in u fewer of the middle east. >> reporter: ahmadinejad spoke at an anti-israeli rally in teheran. >> translator: wherever there is war and clashes and murder they are behind it. this is a day of unity for all humans to wipe away this stain of shame. >> reporter: thousands of iranians have gathered in this central tehran square chanting anti-u.s. and anti-israeli slogans. they shouted "death to israel, death to america." >> translator: iran is in a tough situation because of economic sanctions. but we will continue our resistance until the end. >> reporter: israeli leaders
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have threatened to launch military attacks on iran's nuclear facility. iranian leaders say they are ready to hit back with missile. nhk world, teheran. a series of car bombings and shootings have killed more than 70 people across iraq. insurgents launched the attacks towards the end of the holy month of ramadan. four car bombs went off in the administrative district of the northern city of kirkuk on thursday. the explosions killed at least two people and wounded about 20. the victims include civilians who had gone to market to prepare for the end of ramadan on the weekend. groups allegedly affiliated with al qaeda and sunni muslim extremists have carried out attacks around iraq. since u.s. troops with drew last december. they killed more than 150 people this month alone.
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japanese defense minister offered reassurance about an aircraft officials plan it deploy in japan. he says investigators found a fatal crash was probably caused by pilot error, that a mechanical defect. osprey aircraft crashed in morocco in april. the results were reported of an investigation by u.s. military firls. he said the investigators found the copilot had tilted the plane's rotors too far. u.s. military leaders plan to deploy a fleet of ospreys this year at a base in japan's southern most prefecture of okinawa. more and more japanese are showing opposition because of the osprey's patchy safety record. here is the three day world weather forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keik
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