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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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read as a child drew his aengs to japanese culture. he got hooked on the dynamics of japanese monga and yearned to know more about the culture. >> translator: i like ninja stories the most. they made me interested in japanese culture. >> reporter: warris received a hello welcome to "newsline." it is august 21st. bachelor of science in mechanical engineering in i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thailand. when he was learning about his career it struck him to go japan the last u.n. monitors are pulling out of syria after their mandate expired on sunday. and learn about the country he international diplomats have loves. he thought it would benefit him failed to bring the warring to learn from his country sides to a settlement. many citizens remain trapped amid the fighting. nhk world's ichiro futori reports from damascus. renowned for manufacturing. >> reporter: residents of the >> translator: japan is a country of state of the art syrian capital damascus come to the aid. technology. if you want it study but the streets are deserted engineering, japan is the best country. with signs of the battle on all sides. these u.n. monitors are leaving >> reporter: after arriving in
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japan, he enrolled in language their former headquarters in school and studied japanese central damascus. intensively. this is when he heard about the they are loading up to set off career development program for for the lebanese border. asian student at osaka university from his friend. the multinational observers made the graduate program targets no progress in bringing government and opposition forces closer to cease-fire. asian student who wish to study >> translator: our mission japanese manufacturing. failed. neither the government nor the they study not only japanese but opposition acted on their also specialized courses taught by lecturers with business commitments. experience. japanese companies are a part of the program as well. investing in scholarships and >> reporter: in the run internship programs. government-controlled area of the program helps students find jobs at japanese companies. the city, a gutted school is the program also aims to educate evidence of recent fighting. government sources said rebels asian students to become the best in their field. used the school as a base. this graffiti expresses support for the free syrian army. waris has been focusing his research on chemical plants. he was offered a position at the people find it hard to get fuel largest construction equipment with supplies cut short. manufacturing company in japan and will start working there next spring.
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many feel trapped with no end in sight. >> translator: i don't care who's in control. i just want peace to return to >>. >> translator: raising asian our lives. talents here in japan will bring >> reporter: an algerian us benefits. diplomat, lakhdar brahimi, will they understand japanese well and will be our best supporters and helpness the business world. replace kofi annan as the u.n. syria envoy. he faces a challenge to prove his effectiveness. >> reporter: waris livers in two many syrians are waiting to see if the diplomatic effort can be chinese roommates who are also renewed. studying in the same program. like waris, the chinese students most are resigned to a long wait. say they were attracted to nhk world, damascus. japan's advanced manufacturing technology. >> translator: i think what's >> rr arahimi is already at work. he met with french president if expected of me is to come up with ideas japanese people cannot come up with. if i can do this, i'm sure i can paris. he thanked rahimi for taking on make a great contribution. a role and there is no political solution unless assad steps
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>> reporter: it's been five down. years since the program's launch brahimi told reporters would he and 43 students from six asian listen to the views of all countries in the crisis. countries have studied in this program. waris is determined to commit himself to working in japan. he said the meet saggiing is a he says he needs to brush up on place to start. his japanese, but eventually a senior official with the opposition free syrian army said he's looking for playing an active role in making his yamoto was caught in crossfire company number one in the world. in the northern city of aleppo. she was a freelance journalist nhk world, osaka. >> people across japan were working with the press. glued to their tvs during the yamamoto was taken to a hospital london olympics. in turkey. the country had its most a colleague identified her body. snrs successful games with 38 medals, including seven golds. now the medallists are home and scientists say the arctic ocean's ice cover has shrunk to they paraded through tokyo to the smallest for mid august since records began. show their appreciation for their supporters. the japan aerospace exploration nhk world was there. agency used the satellite shizuku to measure the ice at 4.66 million square meters. agency analysts say they expect the ice to contract more as the >> reporter: crowds of shoppers season progresses. they say it could shrink to the flock here everyday to check out smallest level on record. the analysts suspect the the latest. contraction is caused by the a different type of crowd packed
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ocean getting hotter. the streets today to see scientists collected the data using the satellite's remote something else that is shiny. sensor. they measured microwave they came for athletes just back emissions from the earth's surface and atmosphere. myanmar's government says it from london with medals around their necks. has abolished censorship of all >> translator: they're so cool. publications including those >> translator: this is really exciting. covering politics and religion. the rules were enforced during the years of military dictatorship. but the government wants to show >> the japanese olympic the international community it's committee organized the parade. serious about reform as it seeks a permanent end to economic sanctions. athletes brought back 38 medals, the government abolished free beating the record set in athens eight years ago. publication censorship of sports and fashion magazines last year after thein sein became the country's president. with the new rules applicable to wearing gold in all around gymnastic. all publications, free publication censorship of printed media is now over. capturing a silver. western countries have eased sanctions but not lifted them the parade ran just one entirely. kilometer. it lasted only 20 minutes. by abolishing prepublication still -- censorship, myanmar's government wants to show it's committed to reform. >> translator: it's fun to see the athletes who were in the olympics.
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myanmar could be on track to >> reporter: some people say the medal rush inspired hope, as the join the ranks of asia's emerging tiger economies. country recovers from the disaster in march of last year. the asian development bank says it could take as little as two decades for myanmar to become a middle income nation, but only >> translator: this has lifted if the country continues to reform. people's spirits. the bank's latest report released monday predicts myanmar's economy could grow critics site a lack of public between 7% and 8% a year for a decade or longer. support to fail to get the 2014 that could see per capita income triple to more than $2,000 a year by 2030. adb vice president stephen groff olympics. international olympic committee will announce the winner next went as far as to call myanmar year. asia's next rising star. but he also struck a note of caution. >> translator: it's very rare for japanese people to feel united like this. >> we see in myanmar really quite strong potential for growth. getting the olympics in tokyo and i underscore that word would make us feel even closer potential simply because there are a lot of challenges the and give us a big lift, so i country faces. hope we can host the games in 2020. and second because in order to realize this potential, there >> reporter: tokyo hosted the needs to be a continued strong commitment to reform. summer olympics in 1964. >> the adb says myanmar's many say japan was embraced
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again. natural resources, young labor 20 years after the second world force and the strategic location between china and india all add war. some people say bringing back the games would also be to its economic potential. symbolic, a chance to highlight the bank recently established an japan's recovery. office and is studying the nhk world, tokyo. possibility of resuming operations in the country, >> parade organizers estimate suspended since 1988. around 500,000 people gathered to welcome the athletes home. >> public park officials in western japan are going back to basics. they've launched an experiment to reduce emissions while maintaining their land. snas chinese court handed down a suspended death sent to gu. officials in the city of ubai released two goats inside a the communist part was found park. the pair seemed a bit confused at first but adapted to their new role as an alternative to guilty. the sentence could be reduced to weed cutters. time in prison. >> translator: the goats are a nhk reports. way of sparing labor and >> gu was sentenced in the maintaining a more environment-friendly park.
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eastern city. maintaining tight security >> a first report on the around the court. environmental impact of the project is expected at the end of the week. gu was charged with conspireing rachel furgason joins us now with the world weather forecast. rachel wab the weather was steaming hot, i'm sure for those with an aid, killed last goats. december. but we were talking yesterday about stormy weather possibly in the two were drunk then she southern japan, parts of poured poison under his mouth. southern japan. what's the situation there? the murder occurred in the city >> all right, we have a very strong typhoon, which is heading where he was communist party towards taiwan, and it could chief. become a violent typhoon before gu traveled with him. making land fall here which is expected to do late thursday or into friday morning local time. just to give you an idea of a they say she wanted to kill him because she was ror rid the program could endanger herself. who was studying in the u.s. violent typhoon is a major hurricane. so this one is still strengthening and there the potential of what we kul a violent typhoon before making land fall here. as you mentioned, it is moving through southern okinawa as >> the court sentenced the aid well. at the time it is impacting the northern philippines with strong to nine years in prison. winds. gusts up to 234 kilometers an a court official said the two
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had decided not to appeal to a hour. and there's also pretty heavy rain involved with that too. higher court. you will notice that western party leaders suspended him from portions of the philippines are getting some heavy rain and that's under the influence of positions starting in march. the system, really enhancing the he is under investigation for southwest monsoon. we have behind it another street violations of -- of heavy rain and this is going he was destined for a position in the party. to belong to tropical storm bullivan. wind speeds are currently at 83 kilometers an hour. analyst want to know how the -- it is expected to intensify to a severe tropical storm within 24 they also want to see how it hours. and as you can see be, the affects leaders later this year. problem with this one is that it nhk world, china. is heading in almost exactly the same direction as the preceding storm. heading into taiwan, heading >> south cree yeahkorea's ruliny into southern japan and beyond that, we are expecting a second land fall in southeastern china. is primed and ready for the country's upcoming presidential so we have the two systems, one election. chasing another. and it is going to be very, very busy as we head into the mid members of the party picked park geun-hye as their presidential toll the latter part of the week. candidate for the december poll. it is a very serious situation she's the daughter of a former all together. leader and she's popular with aside from that, we also have voters.
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nhk world's anna jung reports. heavy rain moving through parts >> reporter: members of the of central china in chung ching ruling saenuri party came together in a convention hall on you can see anything from a the outskirts of seoul to choose their leader. hundred up to 250 millimeters of five candidates made last minute rain in the space of 24 hours. appeals to the crowd. it is this low pressure system then officials announced the result. that formed over the front which >> [ speaking foreign language ] is reenergized, up into russia. you will see that heavy rain continue. it is hot across much of japan but down south, under the influence of the systems we are getting strong moist flow and it means that weather is going to be very quickly changeable. so another thing to watch out for, the potential for pretty >> reporter: park set the tone severe thunderstorms today. for her campaign in her victory speech. hot across much of the country though. 34 degrees in tokyo. ind inland china as well. >> translator: suspicions of shanghai, 34 degrees. wrongdoing and corruption are when you see the rain moving through into chung ching, you mounting. get a bit of a break coming down to 31 for the high. as we head on into the americas, citizens could not even imagine the extent of the problem. we will continue to see heavy i will expose anyone who is rain across the southeast. engaged in this wrongdoing. a low frontal system here. particularly northern part of i will be sure to make a new florida. you will see the downpours south korea, one full of dreams
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and hope. continuing today. strong monsoonal floor. now we have a low pressure system heading into the southern plains and that's going to bring >> reporter: park won 84% of the vote. pretty nasty thunderstorms. also, seeing thunderstorms ballots cast by saenuri party tonight, during your monday into members and randomly picked tuesday overnight, alberta and d.c., watching warnings posted citizens accounted for for you. okay let's look at temperatures four-fifths of the final result. then. not too bad in toronto, 25. a public opinion poll made up the rest. but temperatures back up to the upper 20s in places like this is a long-awaited victory for park. winnipeg as well as in new york city today. 29 for you in oklahoma city and current president lee myung-bak we're in the mid 30s in houston beat her five years ago to as well as miami. let's go to europe, we are become the party's leader. seeing showers moving into she waited and won. western continental europe now. now she must unite her party and but unfortunately it is not convince voters she's the one who will help the country overcome the social problems it faces. enough to put into the heat. anna jung, nhk world, south korea. 16 in moscow. relations with japan are 27 in berlin. we are looking in upper 30s in places like budapest as well as, becoming an important theme of
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south korea's presidential race. park explained to reporters her stance on a group of disputed islands at the center of a madrid. diplomatic problem between japan all right, i will leave you with your extended forecast. -- seoul and tokyo. the islands are called takeshima in japan and dokdo in south korea. >> translator: this territorial dispute will only be resolved once japan accepts the islets are south korea's territory. we should be fully prepared for this issue. >> japan launched a strong protest after south korean president lee myung-bak visited the islands on august 10th. u.s. and south korean troops are training together to prepare for the possibility of war with north korea. north korean leaders have condemned the action. about 56,000 south korean and 30,000 u.s. troops are testing countermeasures. they are testing out what they will do if north korean forces attack south korea. a north korean foreign ministry spokesperson said the drill is a
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provocation. north korean state media reported kim jong un visited the military, speaking to troops on the island of pyongyang in 2010. kim told the servicemen, north korea will fight a sacred war for national reunification if enemies fire on its territory. south korea's red cross says one of our lead stories this it'll give $100,000 in aid to hour, a japanese journalist has north korea. thousands in the country are been killed while working in reportedly suffering after syria. recent heavy rain and floods. a senior official with the opposition free syrian army says the funds are force tents, food and sanitation. yamamoto was caught in the north korean state run media say crossfire in aleppo. she was a freelance journalist heavy rain from june to july caused floods in many parts of working with the group, japan president. she was taken to a hospital in the nation. they say 169 people died and 400 are missing. turkey. they say a japanese colleague identified her body. downpours have been effecting that's all for this edition pyongyang and other areas since of "newsline." last week. i'm catherine kobayashi in government officials have yet to tokyo. do stay with us. decide on aid to the north. we'll be back with more of your they say they are confirming the updates at the top of the hour. extent of flood damage.
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now we'll take a look at market figures. sngs r. people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the 2011 disaster. but it won't be aegsy. they have to rebuild homes,
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businesses, entire communities. we will show you their struggle answers successes on "the road ahead." student who study abroad get an education far beyond the classroom. they learn about customs, language and culture. the number of foreign students in japan remain constant until around the year 2000. by 2010, a record 141,000 student were studying here. and they keep coming. nhk world has their stories. >> student here are studying corporate confines. students are all from other asian countries. juarez came from thailand three years ago. he was interested in learning about japanese manufacturing and culture. we visited his apartment. >>. >> translator: this is a japanese manga. >> manga comics and cartoons he
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