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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 24, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the "journal" here on dw. life in prison. anders breivik is declared sane as an oslo court hands and the maximum sentence. >> the greek prime minister charles -- tells chancellor merkel this country needs more time to meet obligations. >> cyclist lance armstrong is banned for life for doping, and he is stripped of his seventh tour de france titles -- seven
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titles. . in norway, anders breivik has been declared sane by an onslaught " -- oslo court and sentenced to prison. >> his lawyers say he will not appeal the sentence. >> anders breivik in the court room, before the presiding judge read out the ruling against him. the court deemed he knew what he was doing when he committed last summer's attacks. it is the ruling breivik himself said he wanted. most norwegians agreed he should go to prison, not to a psychiatric institution. >> people wanted this verdict. it will give us an opportunity now to sort of get rid of him for a while and have him behind
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bars. >> it was a shock to most norwegians when this happened. i think this is a relief for everyone. yes, i think that this could be positive for most norwegians. >> breivik said he was launching a war against norwegian openness to other cultures. after months of preparations, he shot dead 69 people last july at a summer retreat. earlier that day, his bomb attack in oslo killed eight others. despite the suspect's content for the court, norway let the rule of law prevails. judges tolerated breivik's appearances, even though they caused discomfort to many. >> it was very emotionally difficult. on the other hand, it was good that he had an opportunity to explain himself because this is according to the norwegian law. >> breivik is now due to serve a
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21-year term in a high-security prison outside oslo, and authorities can keep the conflict there indefinitely if he is still deemed a threat to society. >> our correspondent was following the proceedings in oslo today. we asked if the norwegians were relieved with this verdict. >> first of all, this is definitely the end of the trial because while there are still 14 days for breivik to appeal the verdict, why would he? this is the verdict he had hoped for. he smiled when the judge delivered the verdict. when it comes to the people here, i doubt that there is a chance that this chapter will ever really be close. first of all, the investigation that got out a couple of weeks ago, that said that the 22nd of july could be prevented.
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this is still under discussion. there are still political consequences from that, and the other thing we should not forget is the people here in norway that were -- their families and friends will never have an end to their story. there will never be real closure to this case. >> in germany, chancellor angela merkel says that berlin will stand behind the government as it struggles to overhaul its economy, rebuffing the growing number of critics calling for a greek exit from the eurozone. she made the comment as debt crisis talks continue in berlin. >> speaking at a joint conference with the greek prime minister, merkel said the conditions for greece's international bailout remain in force. she also underlined the goal of austerity measures as to help greece reach the light at the end of the tunnel. >> greek prime minister samaras
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and german prime minister merkel start off their meeting with pomp but then got right down to business. samaras said greece needs air to implement the reforms, not more cash. >> we are not asking for more help, nor have we asked for more money. what we are asking for is some breathing room. greece is taking a deep dive now, and we want to reach the goal as soon as possible. >> merkel, for her part, dismissed comments by a senior member of her party, who said the departure of greece would not pose a problem for the euro. >> i want greece to remain in the eurozone. this is what i am working on. i do not know of anyone in my government coalition who does not also want this. >> samaras acknowledged that greece has made mistakes. he will continue on to paris
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where he is likely to get the same answer. whether greece gets more time to meet its goals will depend on the next troy to report to in september. >> agrees is very much on the edge, waiting for the september 12 german supreme court decision on the legality of the bailout mechanism and the troika report. >> berlin has already made it clear that before those states, there will be no more cash payments. most germans oppose any further bailout with one recent poll showing 54% of germans saying the country should stop fighting to save the bureau. >> germans have already put a figure on their personal liability should greece default on its loans, and it is a hefty price tag. >> it does not even take into account their liabilities for other troubled eurozone countries. >> berlin will not budge. germany is not prepared to make any concessions to greece. chancellor merkel will not pump any more money into the country without signs of improvement. as europe posey largest economy,
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germany is also most vulnerable to a greek the fault -- as europe's largest economy. germany has also put up guarantees, but that is not all. the european central bank has been buying up greek sovereign bonds as well. it has paid for 13 billion euros worth of those bonds with german taxpayer money. berlin is also guaranteeing international monetary fund payments to athens to the tune of 3 billion euros. and the greek central bank's outstanding payments to germany's bank come to a hefty 30 billion euros. together, germany stands to lose $83 billion in the event of a greek sovereign default. statistically, that would cost everyone in germany almost a month's pay for a cashier in a supermarket, and it represents some 33% of the government's annual revenue. >> the finance minister would have funding gaps in those years
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in which repayments would be due. of course, earnings on interest would cease immediately, which could lead to fresh borrowing under certain circumstances. or there could be fresh spending cuts. >> that is why many germans are skeptical about what is going on. and opinion polls say many fear the crisis could endanger the europe. >> one of many in a string of battles between apple and samsung appears to have ended in a drop. the two tech giants have a number of outstanding lawsuits around the world, but friday's ruling came in south korea. >> that is where a court issued a split decision on apple's claims that samsung copied its designs. >> the court found that the samsung galaxy smartphone does closely resemble the apple iphone, but it said the number of design possibilities for touch screen devices are
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limited, so the resemblance does not mean it is a copy. the court ruled both parties are guilty of infringing on each other's patents. >> the court ordered apple to stop selling or importing the iphone 3gs, iphone 4 in south korea. >> none of those are the latest and greatest models, and he finds both companies have to pay are modest, but the case could have wide-ranging significance. the verdict says apple infringes on two of samsung's telecommunication patens, so with confidence, some can deal of litigation in other countries. >> in particular in california where a verdict is currently pending in a huge lawsuit. apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages from samsung for allegedly infringing on four design patents and three software patents in the iphone and i had.
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>> to the markets now and european stocks rose on friday after authorities said the parties are considering setting new targets under a new bond- buying program. >> there seems to be no sign that the ecb or federal reserve may pump pressure -- fresh money into the markets and set a stimulus to the economy of the euro area and the usa. this led to a kind of disappointment also here on the frankfurt floor and to a very weak start into this last trading day of this week, but near the end of the session, the dax started a rally. wall street opened higher than expected, but at the end, the dax missed to jump over 7000
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points again. >> let's take a closer look at some market numbers now. beginning in germany where the dax ended the day about 1/3 up in positive territory. euro stoxx 50 up by .2%. the dow jones currently well in positive territory, and the euro trading for $1.2514. >> we have other news now. the organization of american states is discussing the diplomatic standoff between ecuador and britain over julian assange. >> the talks come at the request of ecuador, which says britain threatened to storm its embassy in london. britain intends to extradite him to sweden for questioning over sexual assault allegations. julian assange says he would be handed over to the united states
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because wikileaks published damming diplomatic cables and videos. >> what exactly is the status of diplomatic immunity? to get an answer, we -- we're joined by a professor of international law in berlin. does britain have a legal right to either storm the embassy and sees mr. assange, or take him, should he step outside? >> britain has no right to do so. it would be a grave violation of international law and would be very stupid because it could entail very -- international consequences. the two sides remain stubborn. there will be a long waiting period, and i should recall the fate of the cardinal who remained for 15 years in the u.s. embassy in budapest. that is a very long time and not very pleasant for the embassy people.
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>> what about ecuador? does it have any recourse under international law? >> there is an additional protocol to the conventional diplomatic relations, which permits every party to bring additional adjudication. i do not know whether ecuador will do that, but it will mean that it will be protected proceeding. it will cost a lot of money, and that person will remain in the ecuadorean embassy for a lot of years. this is not very comfortable. >> it is not. but it raises the question about the whole pr circus going on now. very bad press for britain. isn't diplomatic immunity a cornerstone of diplomatic relations? >> it is. there was a famous case where the u.s. diplomats had been
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taken hostage, and the icta was firm and is -- in saying it was despicable and should never occur again. >> in other news today, two people have been killed in new york city in a shooting right outside the empire state building. >> police said the gunman was a 56-year-old man who had been sacked from his job. he is said to of opened fire on a colleague, shooting him three times in the head and killing him instantly. he was shot dead by police as he tried to flee the scene. officials say nine other people were wounded. >> the u.s. anti-doping agency has stripped lance armstrong of all of his titles and banned him, recycling legend, for life for doping. >> it came after armstrong announced he is dropping his fight against the allegations. the u.s. ada said armstrong was
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using performance enhancing substances. after a short break, more on the armstrong case. we talk to our correspondent jeff for centuries. >> and a look at the peace movement as it goes international. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. >> thanks for staying with us. cycling legend lance armstrong has received a lifetime ban from competitive cycling. the u.s. anti-doping agency has also stripped him of his seventh tour de france title. >> that was after armstrong gave up his battle against the u.s. ada. the agency says armstrong used banned substances and blood transfusions throughout his career. >> lance armstrong announced he would no longer contest the u.s. anti-doping agency's kansas late on thursday. in essence, the cyclist was daring the anti-doping body to ban him.
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armstrong, nonetheless, maintains his innocence. on this web site, armstrong wrote that there comes a point in every man's life where he has to say enough is enough. for me, that time is now, but i refuse to participate in a process that is so one-sided and unfair. armstrong never officially tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. he has always claimed he won his seventh consecutive tour de france title fair and square, but armstrong has been accused of doping for years. in 2005, two of armstrong's urine samples from in 1999 to a friend's head retested positive for a blood doping agent, but the world anti-doping agency says that armstrong's decision is tantamount to a confession. >> he is failing to rebut the
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charges, very serious charges. he has effectively admitted that they have substance. >> and others, too, say armstrong's reputation is irrevocably damaged. >> we can no longer a sale that his wins were clean. he has zero credibility. >> armstrong says he will now devote all his time to his family and his private foundation, which supports people affected by cancer. >> could this decision, as disheartening as it is for so many, be a good move for cycling? let's bring in jefferson chase from the sports desk. armstrong has battled these allegations for years now. why has he given up at this point? because he thinks he can no longer win. the u.s. ada has built up a very, very strong case against him. that includes 10 of his former teammates -- 10 -- who say that they will take the stand and
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testify that they saw him using forbidden substances. i think he has just decided he cannot win the legal battle and would rather put it into the court of public opinion. he thinks he has a better chance to portray this as a kind of witch hunt against him. >> the agency strip him of all his titles. can they do that? >> well, monica, that is a very good question because this has never happened before. basically, what has to happen now is that the international cyclist's union has to come out and say that he is expunge from the history books, if you will -- they are taking a wait-and- see attitude. they have said they will not do anything until they hear the official justification for this. if they do strip him of the titles, it is creating a big problem because who do you give the titles to? most of the top cyclists from the era were found guilty of doping in some form, it is hard to see them handing them over to someone else.
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>> not only who gets the titles, but as you mentioned, now, the title has moved into the court of public opinion. is his reputation tarnished forever? >> it is definitely tarnished. that great story that we love to believe and of the guy overcoming cancer -- that is definitely compromised. on the other hand, i have been reading a lot coming under the united states today where people say they do not really care. everyone knows he crossed the finish line first seven times in a row. they do not care if there has been a legal thing that has come up years after the fact. >> jefferson, thank you very much. >> coming up, and millions around the world are joining an israeli facebook campaign against a war with iran. >> first, a brief look at some of the other stories brick -- making news. >> the demonstration against the egyptian president has ended in clashes between supporters and opponents of the president near cairo's tahrir square.
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these are the first such clashes since he took office in june. >> an autopsy is to be carried out on former palestinian leader yasser arafat after his death -- eight years after his death. a team of swiss scientists received the go-ahead from his widow investigating palestinian claims that the leader was poisoned by israeli agents in 2004. "we are not ready to die in your war" -- that is the message of a viral internet campaign founded by two israelis who are concerned the government is leading the country to a catastrophic war with iran. >> people are joining the facebook movement that they hope will slow down the machinery of war and replace it with diplomacy, dialogue, and the simple wish of everyday people to live in peace. >> along insider movement going mainstream now, and founders and followers believe that the power of numbers will eventually force
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them to heed the message. >> tell a b-based graphic artists launched their peace movement a few months ago. it reached a tipping point this week when nearly 2 million people visited the facebook page. they think war with iran will be folly. their message is blood. "we are not ready to die in your war. >> we certainly will try to make it bigger. the noises of war are louder, so the noises of peace will be louder, too. >> more and more people are getting in. it is starting to get critical mass. it started a few months ago. a few people started to share -- americans, israeli, a few americans. now, we have a lot of marines. a lot of people from all over the world. you can see the numbers. it is still growing. and the israelis of all stripes are wary of war with iran.
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they say the country has too much to lose in a conflict. the platform is bringing together like-minded peace supporters of all ages. >> i am a very anxious person. maybe i am not a good example, but some of my very cool friends are starting to be anxious, it touches more people. i see people always telling me that i'm always thinking about this -- thinking about it now. >> the twist in the online movement as it is connecting israelis with iranians in a new online way. a shared desire for peace is the glue for friendships once thought unthinkable, but founders say the israeli government is ignoring them. >> it is becoming more and more dangerous because they are, like, climbing on the tree, and at some point, they are going to have to shoot. to me, the way is -- the answer is trying to communicate with the people of iran. >> last week, he met secretly
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but in person with some of the young iranians who had joined the online movement. he says they discussed their fears but also their hope that war can be averted. >> onto sports now. he has done it again. usain bolt beat the competition, securing the top spot in the 200-meter dash. >> bulk -- bolt is no stranger to first place, ranking in three golds at the olympics. he is also not shy in front of the camera. this time he celebrated with a little bit of air guitar. >> he is always good for a show. it was no different as the jamaican sprinter stepped up to the starting blocks. bolt is still in devastating form two weeks after his olympic gold. a final spurt at the in saw him cross the line in 19.58 seconds,
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a new diamond league record. he left the 100 meters to his friend, countrymen, and greatest rival. and he nearly stole the show. blake crossed the line in 9.6 seconds. only bolt has run faster. the sprinters from jamaica -- the fastest man in the world. >> the bundesliga has kicked off again. at the moment, the score at halftime but did have time is 1- 0. >> the biggest rivals for the title will be bayern-munich. the bavaria's brought in new talent over the summer in a bid to stop dotrman -- dortman from taking first place.
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>> finishing touches are being put on the new stadium just in time for their bundesliga did you. 18,000 loyal fans are getting ready to welcome their team into the big league, but the coach has his work cut out for him. >> we need to play with a passion. we have to play tight. because bayern have players in every position. >> we've got to give it a go and try to unsettle them. on paper, they are the easy favorites. >> they have brought in a number of quality signings over the summer. the coach has the squad to challenge for top honors. >> we can score goals, but our position means changing over quickly after we lose the ball. that will be our focus. >> they have lost out in the title fight for the last two
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seasons. the new sports director has been brought in to change that. >> of course we want to be number once again, and we will give it our all. it is also a personal goal of mine. i want to be germany's best while wearing bayern colors. then a munich wants to send a clear message in their opening match. this year, they will settle for nothing less than the title. >> whoever wins, it will stay in the state of bavaria. >> we will have more when we come back, of course, at the top of the hour. for now, you can find out everything on these and other stories at >> thanks for watching. >> bye-bye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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