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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  September 5, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to" on dw in berlin -- welcome to the "journal" on dw. germany remembers the attack on the munich olympics. >> international pressure on syria amounts as the fighting rages on. >> and more gold for germany's athletes at the paralympic in london. -- paralympics in london.
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germany has been marking a somber anniversary this wednesday. 40 years ago, palestinian gunmen killed 11 israelis at the munich olympics. the brazen act of terrorism in 1972 shocked the world. >> it raised questions about lax security at the olympic park as well as how a botched rescue operation was handled. then, the swift decision by olympic officials to continue the games also provoked criticism. today, ceremonies were held in munich to remember the victims. the choir of munich's synagogue, singing a lament at the airbase where 40 years ago the israeli olympic hostage drama took such a tragic end. relatives of the victims and surviving athletes said their return here brought back painful memories.
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>> it felt like it was yesterday. the feelings of -- are very strong. >> it was in the early hours of september 5, 1972, that a group of palestinian terrorists broke into munich's olympic village. they broke in and shot two of the israeli team and took nine others hostage. the terrorists wanted to force the release of more than 200 palestinian prisoners and leading members of the left-wing red army faction in germany. israel refused to negotiate. germany played for time. a battle of nerves in soon. that night, german police attempted and botched a rescue. in the following a massacre, all of the hostages were killed, along with five of the terrorists and one police officer. the olympics were interrupted for one day of mourning, but during the memorial service, the international olympic committee made its position clear.
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>> the games must go on. >> the decision to continue remains controversial to this day, but for many people, what is more important is keeping the memory of the victims alive. >> now, we are joined by our political correspondent. john, some of the victims complained that even 40 years after the event has happened, there has not been a clear admission of guilt by german authorities. >> the german authorities were suddenly need, and the police were not trained to deal with terrorism, but remember -- this was just 27 years after the end of the second world war. the atmosphere was one of euphoria in germany, that germany was hosting the games, that it was being received back, as it were, into the international sporting community. nobody was thinking about terrorism or a terrorist attack here compare that with the security arrangements at the
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recent london olympic games where there were squadrons of fighter jets in the air. 18 kilometers of electrified fence. some 13,500 soldiers deployed, it may seem reprehensible. but between munich 1972 and led in 2012 by the events of 9/11, which changed our world -- london and 2012 lie the events of 9/11. >> an earthquake has struck in western cluster rica. the atmosphere was 80 kilometers. the u.s. geological survey has issued a tsunami warning. local television stations showed images of shaking buildings. power was cut in some parts of the capital, san jose. then, there have been no reports of damage of casualties so far. we're joined by our
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correspondent from san jose. can you update us on the situation on the ground at the moment? >> yes, of course, thank you. authorities are calling on the population to remain calm. the only death was a 52-year-old woman who suffered a heart attack. because of a nervous crisis that led to her death. also, there were several people injured because of falling objects in their houses. we also have two main road collapses. the authorities are trying to remove buildings from landslides in the country. this is the main tourist province of our country. >> considering that it was a 7.6 quake, which is quite serious, it does seem that coaster rica
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-- costa rica seems to have gotten off fairly lightly. >> it seems to be our seismic code for buildings is very strong. our regulation is strict. so we are not having so much to regret today. about three years ago, there was an earthquake at the station, but not today. we were scared more. that is it. >> thank you for that report. >> onto echoes of the arab spring now, and the president of egypt has upped the pressure on the syrian regime, saying it is time for bashar al assad to leave power. he also said the needs to be a regional solution to the conflict in the country.
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>> meanwhile, turkey's prime minister said the assad regime is now running a terrorist state in syria and said the lack of action by the international community is worsening the bloodshed. >> the turkish prime minister expressed his frustration at the lack of international action on syria in a speech to his party. he pointed to one recent incident that he said revealed the true nature of the assad regime. >> they cut off the outside world for a whole week. they raided each house and massacred 300 innocent civilians. there is no difference between them and separatist terrorists. the syrian regime has become a terrorist state. syrians continue to flee across the border into turkey. ankara has called for greater help from the international community.
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refugees say they have no choice. "if the situation was ok in syria, people would stay there, but it is not, so they have to come to turkey. turkey has to find a place for them to stay. if a man has five children, he cannot let them stay in syria. he has to bring them here." in syria, hospitals have been struggling to treat people wounded by the fighting. many of the victims of a mortar attack on monday were children. the hospital itself was damaged in the air strike. syria also dominated a meeting of arab league foreign ministers in cairo. egypt's new president said it was the arabs' responsibility to end the violence, and he proposed a regional power in egypt, turkey, saudi arabia, and iran meet to discuss the situation. >> at least 40 people have been killed in southern india after a fire broke out at a fireworks factory.
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the fast-moving blaze destroyed the factory. it took several hours to bring the fire under control. the town is india's main center of firework production, and the factory was one of the biggest manufacturer is -- manufacturers. thousands of striking miners in south africa have marched. >> the situation was quite tense today, and a heavy police presence as well, and this was the largest protest since police shot dead 34 miners last month. >> the government is trying to mediate talks to end a pay dispute between the miners and management. >> the strike is now in its fourth week. the miners are demanding a pay rise to the equivalent of around 1200 euros a month, more than double their current salary. the demonstration remained peaceful, despite the police presence.
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it was a very different scene last month. police sent to break up a fight between rival union groups at the mine opened fire on protesters, killing 34 people. the militant association of mineworkers and construction workers has been involved in a violent turf war with the national union of mineworkers, linked to the ruling anc. strikes have spread to other mines like the gold fields mine, where 12,000 workers down their tools. south africa earns around 20% of its gdp from mining. this man was expelled by the ruling anc, and now blames his own party for the unrest. >> they are worried owners of these mines are not listening to us.
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leaders of the anc are in the mind. >> this latest march sends a clear message that the workers are not budging on their demands. it is one of germany's most intriguing corporate thrillers. three years ago, the luxury sports car manufacturers portia -- manufacture porsche tried to take over manufacturer volkswagen. >> porsche bosses are you everything was above board, but the case is being played out in court. >> porsche's former ceo was on opposing next to his company's sports cars, but he had his sights set on an even bigger future. the company launched a hostile bid for volkswagen, europe's biggest carmaker, with its focus on small and mid-sized vehicles. today, porsche is part of vw.
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the ceo at the time and two codependent -- defense are accused of using a risky financial instruments to come up with the 10 billion euros needed. one bank they turned to was france's bnp paribas. prosecutors say they misled the bank by concealing important information. prosecutors say they downplayed the total amount needed and the complex dealings involved. >> we are of the opinion that the bank would have taken both those points into consideration when considering the loan if they have been aware of them. >> one of germany's top eight executives until he was forced out rejected the allegations ahead of the proceedings. several key witnesses are expected to testify. he faces a possible three-year
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prison sentence. >> passengers trying to fly with germany's biggest airline, lufthansa, are suffering from the knock on effects of tuesday's strike by cabin crew. some 43,000 passengers suffered massive delays, and nearly 400 people woke up wednesday morning on cots at munich airport. crews walked off the jobs in frankfurt, berlin, and munich over the wage dispute. sources on both sides estimated as many as 600 flights might knockout friday if there is no last-minute solution. after swinging between gains and losses during the wednesday trading session, european shares ultimately finished little changed as investors await thursday's much anticipated policy meeting at the european central bank. our correspondent said as the summary of the session from frankfurt. >> new german bonds or government bonds were auctioned off this wednesday, and at this auction, demand from investors
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was smaller than at recent sales of german government bonds, but traders did not want to read this as too negative a sign. they said it shows that fewer investors are seeking a safe haven investments. of course, this thursday's meeting of the council of the european central bank again was the major discussion topic on the trading floor. the speculation of what mario draghi, the ecb president, might have to say pushed a little bit in the background corporate news and economic data. >> we say in frankfurt for a closer look at wednesday's numbers. the dax finished up by more than 0.4%. you're a -- euro stoxx 50 also looking pretty good. the dow at this hour unchanged. the euro trading at a value of $1.2595.
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>> that is it for now. we will be back just after the break. do not go away because we have a story about 10 somali pirates who are being tried at a court in hamburg. >> do not go away.
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>> welcome back. 10 somali pirates are being tried in court in hamburg in northern germany. >> in 2010, they allegedly took over a german vessel in waters off the coast of somalia before being overpowered by a european naval patrol. >> as the trial nears its 100th day, we look at how the german legal system is dealing with its first pirate case in a very long time. dan hamburg pose a criminal court has seen its share of villains -- >> hamburg's criminal court has seen its share of the lens, but this is
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the first time in 130 years that alleged pirates are appearing -- its share of villains. but that is not the only thing that makes the trial in room 337 unique. in its from somalia are having to face germany's legal system -- defendants from somalia. the phases must be pixilated to protect their identities. each has been appointed two public defendants. the youngest defended his 17 years old, and he was completely overwhelmed at the start of the proceedings. terrified he would be executed. >> i had to explain to him that the german constitution prohibits the death penalty and that because of measures in place to protect juvenile, he was unlikely to receive a long sentence. i had to explain to him that under the rule of law, he certainly does not need to fear for his life.
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>> on easter monday in 2010, the ship was overrun by pirates. the crew fled under fire into a specially designed shelter and radioed for help. four hours later, they were freed by the european naval mission. soldiers arrested 10 somalis. they were extradited to germany because that is where the ship was registered. some of the pirates then claimed they were forced to take part and had never been engaged in piracy before. hamburg's chief public prosecutor says that is not credible. he says it is not how the well- organized private networks in somalia operate -- pirate networks. >> they did not walk away from the mainland away from some career they were pursuing onto the boat. they were already involved in
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piracy. >> somalia is a failed state, played by famine and civil war. conflicts are settled by force -- played to -- plagued by famine and civil war. the courts must take these circumstances into consideration, are you the defense lawyers. >> it is especially serious when someone to -- commits an offense out of pure greed, but because the one to secure survival for themselves and their families. >> it is also a serious offense in somalia. also according to their religion. the defendants in this case know that very well. >> the defendants could face up to 15 years in prison, but whatever the outcome, they will not be headed back to their homeland, due to a ban on deportations to somalia. >> the german government says making your economy greener can
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open up a huge market opportunities, and it is an idea it is hoping to sell around the world. >> the global market for environmental and efficiency technology already totals $2 -- two trillion euros, but that is set to double in the next decade. and a climate change, food shortages, and disputes over resources put this type of business model directly in the spotlight -- climate change -- >> climate change, food shortages, and disputes over resources. >> this is traditional bread. the manufacturer is a pioneer of sustainable business. it uses green energy, pays a fair wage, and buys grain from local farmers. sustainability is now all the rage. then of being the first in the field is always difficult, especially in the grain business. the food sector is fairly set in its ways, and ecological production is not always taken seriously. it was even more extreme in the past.
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>> german firms are now hoping to exploit their expertise in environmentally friendly business around the world. the government wants to speed up the move to a green economy with companies' shifting to sustainable methods of production, and that can mean more profits, too -- companies shifting to sustainable methods of production. >> we want to make clear that these green businesses and these markets are now among the sectors driving growth in the german economy. they have got growth rates about double those in other fields. >> environmentally friendly technology has a market share of about 15% in germany, and the country's phase-out of nuclear power should see that grow. the government is hoping for a new green economic upswing. 400 scientists, business leaders, and environmentalists at this conference are discussing how best to achieve that. germany's approach has drawn praise from visiting -- from a
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visiting u.s. economist, who says renewable energies and the internet are the keys to success. >> i think germany is leading this new industrial revolution, but what is missing is we need our political parties, our business leaders, and our civil society leaders to tell the story. not just for germany, but also for europe. >> many large companies are already well aware of that. siemens, for example, earns 40% of global turnover from green technology. it is a lucrative sector. >> it can sometimes mean spending more money at the start. but if you look at it over the lifetime of the technology, the lower energy costs balance that out. so over time, it really is worth it. >> what works on a small-scale can work on a large scale as well, but for a real economic revolution, everyone will need to play their parts. >> no nukes on german soil --
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that was the about of the new government when it came to power in 2009 -- that was the vow. that pledge is looking increasingly shaky after newspaper revealed that germany has since bowed to nato demands to leave the nuclear weapons in place. >> the revelations but the government on the defense of, especially since german fighter planes are now being refitted to carry the nuclear deterrent. >> this lush countryside in the far west of germany is thought to conceal the deadliest of threats. experts say the air force base could be home to 20 nuclear warheads. that is a problem for the foreign minister, who has lobbied against the knicks since his party joined the government coalition in 2009 -- lobbied against the nukes. his ministry admits it has had to lower expectations. >> no one in the governor, not least the foreign minister,
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thought it would be an easy task. weapons control and reduction is, after all, a tough business. >> nato could conceivably call on tornado jets to fire off the nuclear missiles, so germany now finds itself having to modernize the planes instead of making the country nuclear-free. >> we have the latest from the paralympics in one moment. >> but first, stories from around the world. >> palestinians have welcomed news that france is looking into news that leader yasser arafat was poisoned. france has indicated it is interested in sending in a forensic team to exhume the body. he died in hospital in 2004 of unknown causes. in canada, a gunman has opened fire during the celebrations of
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the separatist party. one person killed and another injured. police have arrested a suspect. the elected premier was forced to break off her victory speech. then a catholic and protestant rioters have clashed with police for a third night in northern ireland's capital. tensions have been running high since a protestant marching band defied orders not to parade past a catholic church there last week. >> the mexican navy has captured an alleged leader of a notorious drug gang. known as el gordo, he was caught in the northeastern city. some 60,000 people have been killed since the mexican military declared war on drug gangs six years ago. and the german car manufacturer volkswagen has ruled out the latent -- rolled out the latest
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version of its golf model. over 29 million have been sold since the original was launched in 1974. >> onto sports now. at the paralympic games, the german team has won its 11th medal, taking the hall to 32 total. >> one writer clinched the top spots with a victory that was the follow-up to a double gold at the beijing paralympics in 2008. >> brenner was partially paralyzed after a riding accident. she and her mare have won over 16 medals, eight at the paralympics. >> my horse and i have grown together well. i always hoped we would get the chance to show what we can do
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together. >> the german swimmers just missed out in the 50 meters freestyle. the netherlands won the women's event. >> i was nervous at the start. incredibly nervous. i was just missing a bit of luck. >> in the men's event, china's swimmer was the man to beat. germany as a swimmer swam hard but only managed to come in fourth. germany's sitting bali team beat egypt 321, giving them a clean sweep of the preliminary round and securing their corner final slot. >> you are watching the "journal" on dw. >> more news at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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