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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  November 1, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> live from berlin, this is the "journal" on dw. less money for europe -- the british parliament hands a defeat to prime minister david cameron over eu funding. >> as the u.s. northeast picks up the pieces after sandy, barack obama hits the campaign trail again. >> bayern-munich rocked to victory. >> the chris parliament has made it clear the budget for the
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european union must be reduced. >> members of parliament delivered an embarrassing defeat to prime minister david cameron late on wednesday in what the press there is calling kamins fright night. >> cameron has been calling for an eu budget freeze, but members of his own conservative party revolted, demanding brussels trim its spending. >> we have more now on the vote and the fallout beginning in london. >> when the vote was read out, it was a stunning defeat for the government. the opposition labor party is rubbing its hands in glee. 53 of david cameron is -- cameron's own party refused to toe the line, pushing through the amendment. kamen wants to freeze the eu budget over the next seven years, but these skeptics say a freeze does not go far enough. they want to see cuts in real terms. opposition labour is supporting the call.
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while wednesday's parliamentary vote to cut your spending is not binding, it is a significant challenge to david cameron's authority and puts him in a difficult position. the eu commission is proposing a 5% increase in the budget, a move supported by many eu member states. britain's deputy prime minister, and it clegg, a member of the democrats, is skeptical this government can single-handedly turn the tide of the use sentiment -- nick clegg is skeptical this government can single-handedly turn the tide of you sentiment. >> it is wishful thinking to suggest we could effectively give ourselves a free pass to undercut a single market. >> camera could find himself once again somewhat isolated among european leaders if he seeks to push through actual cuts to the budget at the eu
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summit later this month. >> that crunch summit later this month is shaping up to be a rather unpleasant showdown between countries who want more eu spending and members who want cuts. >> the possibility of a budget lockdown is already dominating talks among european leaders. on thursday, ireland's prime minister was in berlin. >> both angela merkel -- into merkel played down concerns over the you crisis. she said -- she stressed the importance of communication. and next, i will try to talk directly with david cameron. we are in close contact with britain, and germany will do everything to find a solution. >> clearly, there are different opinions being expressed by leaders in different countries. that is normal for politics. >> he also had other issues on
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his mind. ireland received 85 billion euros in 2010 to stabilise its banking system from the e you. dublin would like to draw on european stability mechanism funds to consolidate finances. merkel offered praise, but she gave no concrete promises. >> island is an outstanding example of how europe can emerge from this crisis stronger than when it went into it. >> at the beginning of 2013, ireland will assume the you's rotating presidency -- the eu's rotating presidency. >> let's check in with our political correspondent, who is covering the story on the budget tug-of-war here in europe. what can we expect or what is berlin expecting to happen at these budget talks later this month? >> chancellor merkel has already said she is confident that a
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compromise will be found. she's traveling to london next week to discuss the matter with david cameron, but there are two really compelling reasons why it is solution almost certainly will be found. the first is that the british house of commons vote is not binding. it is merely pressure on cameron in his starting position of negotiations. second, as you mentioned in your report, if you leaders are not able to agree on a budget running to 2020, they will be forced to debate individual annual budgets or possibly even monthly budgets, and that is a nightmare nobody wants, including the british. >> germany has touted austerity, austerity, austerity in response to the eurozone crisis. the obvious question is -- does that also apply to the european union budget? >> certainly, there are various starting positions in the negotiations, as i mentioned.
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france, on the one hand, is saying no cuts, otherwise it will veto the budget. that's because 40% of the budget is agricultural subsidies, and france benefits most from those. on the other hand, we've got the british, as we know, saying, "we want the budget slashed." germany is taking a middle position, saying we ought to emphasize growth. merkel has never argued that 70 is an end to itself. she sees only a correct mix, as she sees it, of stimulation of the economy on the one hand and reducing debt to recover the confidence of investors on the other. >> all right, our political correspondent. as always, thank you very much. >> u.s. president barack obama and his republican challenger for the white house mitt romney are back on the campaign trail with just five days to go until the election. >> some observers think obama's chances for reelection on
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november 6 may have gotten a boost from his handling of that monster storm, sandy. on that front, the cleanup effort is facing a number of challenges. >> u.s. oil company shell has confirmed, for instance, that the storm triggered an oil spill on a new jersey refinery, which is partly owned by shell, off the coast of new york city. there was at least one piece of good news for new yorkers today. >> some of new york's vital subway lines are up and running, like here below times square, but many subway tunnels are still flooded, and it is still not clear when full-service will return. especially hard hit, the brooklyn and manhattan connections and the financial district. but normal life is slowly starting to return to new york. >> i walked about 5 miles in total yesterday, so i am happy to have subways back for the time being. >> i walked to work yesterday. i walked about 70 blocks.
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it was an hour and a half. it is definitely nice to be back on the subway. >> one small consolation -- the subways are free of charge until friday. around 6 million people on the east coast are still without power. many of the overground electricity lines that make up the backbone of the power grid were damaged by high winds. u.s. president barack obama got back to the campaign trail today. initial opinion polls appear to give high marks for the president's handling of the storm crisis with even republican voters praising his quick response. >> for more, let's turn now to our representative who was in new york for the storm and is now following cleanup efforts. massive destruction in the region, but from what you've seen, how are new yorkers coping? >> i have just been to a neighborhood in brooklyn where the storm has been really hitting hard the people there. they were just desperate. some were crying. when you walk through the streets, you could see post a
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snap into the houses by the wind and water. it is terrible. people try to clean up their things. you can see furniture living outside, the couches, tv's, clothes. everything has been destroyed, and people just do not know what to do. it will take a long time to clean up. some cops are even stationed at gas stations because there have been fights. there is a--- a gas shortage. some parts still did not have any electricity. >> sounds very frustrating and overwhelming. tell us a bit more -- what is the mood like in the city? how long will it be before life gets back to normal, do you think? and the new yorkers are struggling to get back on their feet, and it is different. in some areas, it will take a long time until they can restore
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power, at least a couple of days more. you can actually smell the oil in the air because there's an oil in the basements, and with the flooding, there might be a fire or explosion, but in manhattan, they will restore power on friday or saturday, so you can see store signs saying they are bouncing back. hopefully, it will be sooner, but it will probably take a long time because the damage has been really hard. >> thanks so much for that update. the storm briefly put a halt on campaigning for the u.s. presidential vote next tuesday, but both candidates are back on the campaign trail. we will be visiting the western battleground state of colorado later in this "journal." >> rebels in syria have reportedly killed 28 government soldiers. the rebels attacked three army checkpoints on the main road from damascus to aleppo. five rebels also died in the clashes.
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>> human rights groups are reporting government attacks in and around the syrian capital wednesday. it is thought this video shows a syrian army jet bombing a rebel area not far from the city. some positive unemployment numbers coming out of the united states five days ahead of the presidential election. payroll processing company adp says the u.s. economy added 150,000 jobs in october, the biggest gain since february. >> official figures from the government are to be released tomorrow. the unemployment rate in the u.s. remains just below 8%, much higher than before the onset of the financial crisis that in 2008. those job figures pushed stocks up on both sides of the atlantic on thursday. our correspondent sent us this round up. than any better than expected situation at the job market in the u.s. is a very good sign,
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not only for the americans, but also for the stock markets all over the world, because it shows that the u.s. economy seems to bottom out. more jobs also means that people are more confident in their own income and that they are willing to spend more money. rising consumer confidence showed that in the u.s., and also the purchase manager index rose unexpectedly, which also shows that the companies are now willing and able to do more investments. >> let's get a quick look at how those european market numbers ended the session. the dax closed just barely down. if we could put those numbers up for you -- we do not have the numbers. all right. we will have to hope that i've got them here on paper for you. the euro stoxx 50 ended the day
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of almost 0.25%. we will get numbers across the atlantic in a minute. i'm being told we need to move on. is that right? >> that's right. next story. >> in a moment, we will look at all saints day. >> that's right, but first, here are some other stories making news. an investigative journalist is on trial in greece for publishing names of greek citizens with swiss bank accounts. he's accused of privacy violation and faces up to three years in prison if convicted. he says he was simply doing his job while the government did nothing to investigate the list for possible tax debaters -- evaders. >> at least 22 people have been killed after a gas explosion in the saudi arabian capital. more than 100 people were injured in the blast. eyewitnesses say the tanker hit
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a bridge. gas leaked out and then burst into flames. >> pope benedict has led prayers to mark the 500th anniversary of the inauguration of the sistine chapel in rome. the chappell's famous frescoes were created by michelangelo just 20 years after the discovery of america. >> catholics around the world are celebrating all saints' day on november 1. according to tradition, people go back to their hometowns and visit the graves of deceased relatives and friends. the declaration of the graves reflects hope that the debt are in the presence of god. and in mexico, the celebration is somewhat different. on the day of the dead, families build colorful altars to remember their dead loved ones. >> all right. we will be back in one minute with more news. >> that's right. stick around.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we want to go now to our series of reports from battleground states as the u.s. presidential election campaign into the final stretch. today, we visit colorado. >> gun control has been a hot topic, especially after a gunman killed a dozen people in a colorado movie theater early this year, but measures for more gun control often fail with citizens and politicians alike psyching the second amendment of the u.s. constitution, which gives the right to bear arms. >> opinions vary from state to state, but there's a prevailing belief in the u.s. that americans must be able to defend themselves, and some see having
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a gun as the best way to do that. >> glenn has a colt in his hand and his in the target. he and his son run a shooting range in colorado. i tell them i've never shot a gun before, and they say i have to try it. well, it is pretty fun, but i ask if the number of guns in the u.s. is a concern. >> no, because more firearms is just the opposite. an armed society is a polite society is the best way to put it. it is a deterrent to crime. more people in the united states walk around with firearms on their person ever before, and our crime is going down, not going up. >> he's right. even so, 9960 people were shot to death in the u.s. in 2010, 16 times the number in germany.
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but the right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the american constitution. he supports republicans, the party that is generally more averse to gun restrictions. he finds european criticism of gun ownership in the united states a bit of it. >> america still has firearms because we have not given up our rights, but some of the biggest competition is in the world are held in england and germany around shotguns and other events. >> all the same, there have been quite a few mass shootings in the u.s. and in the state of colorado. we are headed to the site of one in the city of aurora. a plaque recalls what happened here on july 20. james holmes a storm to the cinema -- stormed the cinema. he shot 12 people dead. we are not allowed to film close up. nearby, nancy is holding an
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election party. she is quite possibly the most enthusiastic obama supporter in her neighborhood. today, staff from obama's local campaign team are here training volunteers. polls indicate that american women are more likely to favor gun control than men are. she has a lot to say about the national rifle association or the nra, probably the most powerful lobby group in the country. >> mine is we need to get guns out of the hands of crazy people, and the nra is against that because every gun that they sell is more profit in the pocket. we need to protect our kids. >> both political parties are competing to win over women in colorado. in this swing state, there are more female voters than male voters. obama supporters say women should support the president because of his stance on abortion. >> i feel strongly that no one should be forced to have children until they are prepared to have children.
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i do not really think it is a pro-life versus pro-choice issue so much as it is my choice, not mitt romney's choice when i have children. >> obama's stand on abortion is one reason democrats are ahead with female voters in the state of colorado, and some number- cruncher's think this might decide the vote here in the tightest in state of the mall -- of them all. >> the german foreign minister is in mali for talks with the provisional government on the ongoing crisis. then the country fell into chaos last march after a military coup. shortly afterwards, radical militants including members of al qaeda took control of a power vacuum and took control over the country's north. >> a united nations security council resolution earlier this month has left open the possibility of international military intervention to reclaim this territory from the rebels.
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>> there are thousands of kilometers of desert in northern obverse -- mali. only around 1 million people live in an area more than three times the size of germany. most of them are torrance, traditional nomads who have had to give up their way of life. drought destroyed the grazing areas they needed for their livestock. many signed on as mercenaries for libya's former dictator, muammar gaddafi. after the duffy's demise last year, they returned. they are now armed, and they oppose the central government. within days this spring, they took control of the entire northern part of the country. the independence movement was quickly hijacked by islamist groups, with ties to the al qaeda terrorist network. last june, organizations such as defenders of the face and movement for when this in west
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africa wrested control from more moderate tuaregs. they oppose sharia law in places like timbuktu, formerly a leading tourist attraction. music and alcohol are prohibited. women have to wear veils. punishments are draconian. in the capital in the south, moderate muslims set the tone, and yet, the defacto loss of 2/3 of their national territory hurts, especially since many have relatives in the north. then i i am very afraid. if we do not succeed in solving the crisis in the north, we risk having the islamists come down south. >> the crisis is very bad for my country. i would like to put an end to it at any cost.
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>> the country has always depended on outside assistance, and we need it now more than ever. if we were able to solve the crisis ourselves, we would have already done so. we need an external help. we cannot do it alone. >> the army is poorly trained and equipped, and the state is politically weak. the provisional government which took power after a coup in march is divided within itself. last month, the government asked the united nations for help, and the un is currently investigating the possibility of an african-led force made up of 3000 soldiers from neighboring countries to battle the islamists. >> we are joined now by a representative with the german institute for international and security affairs who specializes in north africa. what's your opinion about all of this? what are the chances of an international intervention? >> there is by now broad international and regional support for an intervention that
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would involve some form of african combat mission, including in northern mali. it looks likely it will happen within the next few months. what it will look like is unclear at the moment because some very important questions are yet to be answered, such as which countries will send troops and who will actually finance the operation. it looks most likely that it will be the european union. >> do you see any possibility of a negotiated solution to this dispute? can you even get the no. factions to the table right now? >> and exclusively negotiated solution, i do not think so. that's unrealistic, but in fact, behind the armed groups in the north, there is much more than just a small branch of extremists. there are influential local businessmen, tribal leaders who have joined these groups for tactical reasons, so that is what makes the conflict so complicated, and that is what
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makes an african intervention so risky. at the moment, you do not have a government in the capital that is able to bring some of these groups in the north on the government's side. >> it is interesting, too, we mentioned that the european union wants to send military instructors and trainers. is there really any point in doing that? >> yes, it makes a lot of sense. the army since the military coup in march is unable to act. it has lost control over militias in the north. it makes a lot of sense to support the rebuilding of the army, but it would need to go beyond technical assistance and support. it would need to include formal reform, including reforming command structures of the army. >> we will have to wrap it up there. thank you for coming in and talking to us today. ok, some soccer news now.
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in munich did not let a bitter defeat last week and get the best of them on wednesday night. >> just the opposite in fact with a 4-0 victory. they showed the second division side who was boss. >> superstars watched this one from the sidelines. instead, newcomers took over. he was kept busy right from the start. the first goal in 11 minutes, and even off one more attempt. after that, the defense took control. the second half was a lopsided affair. in the 58 minute, the second goal. robinson scored his second ride before the final whistle. the final score -- 4-0.
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>> lots more german cup matches on wednesday evening. here is a roundup of all the results. had ever needed a penalty shoot up to subdue dresden. third division upset second division. also, a minor upset. he stood guard convincingly defeated -- stuttgart convincingly defeated thereupon. that brings you up-to-date on the "journal." >> we will see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute
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