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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  December 4, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the "journal" on dw. >> here's what's coming up in the next half-hour -- nato gets the go-ahead for the deployment of patriot missiles to turkey. >> angela merkel warns of turbulent times ahead. >> germany's exports running high as firms continue to ship goods.
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nato has approved turkey's request for the deployment of patriot anti-missile systems to areas along its border with syria. turkey wants the patriots to help it intercept street fire from syria's civil war. >> the alliance has also expressed its grave concern of reports that syria may be preparing to use chemical weapons against rebel forces. the statement echoes a strong warning issued by u.s. president barack obama on monday. >> more than 40,000 people have been killed since the uprising began in march 2011. here's a look at what the alliance's defense will look like on turkey's border to syria. >> it is designed to detect, intercept, and hit an enemy missile. there are batteries like these stationed in germany. some could be deployed to turkey within weeks. berlin is calling it a
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legitimate request from a nato ally. >> turkey has already been hit by cross-border mortar fire from syria, so it is understandable that turkey is holon and has asked the alliance for a sign of solidarity. refusing that request would have profound implications for the alliance and send the wrong signal to the regime of president assad. >> nato is warning damascus not to cross a red line, for instance, by using chemical weapons. >> the use of chemical weapons would be completely unacceptable for the whole international community, and if anybody resorts to these terrible weapons, i would expect an immediate reaction. >> apart from germany, the u.s. and netherlands are also expected to supply patriots. both have backed a rapid deployment to their nato allies. >> i think if one of our allies
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asks us to help with that, i think you need to consider this very carefully and positively. >> the deployment of german patriots has to be approved by the german parliament. only then will it become clear where and how many missiles will be deployed. >> our correspondent has been following nato talks in brussels. we asked what nato's decision to deploy missiles at the turkish border means. >> sending these patriot missiles to turkey is more a political signal than a military necessity. nato wants to support its ally, turkey, and nato wants to reassure all those in the country who fear there might be direct entry into the civil war. in general, nato tries to deal escalate the situation -- d escalate the situation -- de- escalate the situation. the augmentation of the turkish
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air defense comes amid rumors that syria might use weapons against its own people in the civil war or against neighboring countries. >> thank you for that. while diplomats in brussels talk about the situation in syria, there was another day of fighting in the country itself. >> these images are said to show rockets being fired on the capital damascus from a ledge of government positions at a military airport on the outskirts of the capital. this internet video appears to show destruction after heavy fighting in damascus suburbs that until now have been government strongholds. as syria restricts access to journalists, the video cannot be independently verified. clashes have erupted in egypt as the country's constitutional crisis deepens. tens of thousands of protesters broke through police lines and
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surrounded the complex. demonstrators are angry over morsi's emergency powers decree and accuse his party of drafting a new constitution here the protests are the largest since the uprising that toppled hosni mubarak almost two years ago. for more on the situation in cairo, we go live to our correspondent. what more can you tell us about the situation in the egyptian capital? >> i do not know if you can hear it in the background -- this is in front of state television, a demonstration. we have another massive demonstration at tahrir square, and for the first time, people demonstrating in front of the presidential palace in the north of the city. there was a short outbreak of violence when people removed the police lines and then moved towards the walls of the presidential palace.
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now, it is basically peaceful and calm. >> what does all this mean for the future of egypt? where is all this heading? them of the muslim brothers and sell a fist to demonstrated today. it is the day of the opposition. also, we have strikes at the newspapers. every day, somebody else is demonstrating, which also shows the deep rift of the egyptian society. nobody seems to have a way out of this constitutional crisis. in supposedly two weeks, we have to vote in a referendum, yes or no, but many people today said they do not want to vote yes or no. they want the whole referendum to fall down. >> thanks very much for that. >> it has been a very big day for germany's christian democrats. the party put on a show of complete unity as they reelected
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angela merkel as the party leader. she will now stand in national elections at the end of next year. after being renamed cdu chairwoman, delegates stood and applauded for nearly eight minutes. >> 903 votes -- that is 97.94%. >> a landslide victory for angela merkel. the record results left the unusually unflappable leader of germany's conservatives struggling to find words. >> those who know me know that i am really overwhelmed and moved, and i would like to express my sincere thanks. >> merkel has been at the helm of the cd you since 2000, but her leadership has never received such a resounding endorsement. her popularity is at an all-time high, and her speech ahead of the vote struck a triumphant note. >> this coalition is the most successful government since germany's reunification.
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unemployment is at its lowest level since 1990, and employment levels are the highest they have ever been, creating work and security for millions of people and families. >> on the eurozone debt crisis, merkel called once again on brussels to impose strict budgetary discipline on eu member states. for her own party, merkel is cautiously pushing reform -- for instance, by backing agenda " for women in senior management positions. >> my patients on the subject is running out. i want to see results. companies need to deliver. they may not take advantage of the trust we have shown them and do nothing. >> delegates also elected a new party executive, which is younger and includes more women and minorities than it did, but a possible successor for angela merkel seems nowhere in sight. >> for more on this now, we are joined from the party congress
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in hanover by our chief political correspondent. merkel has been reelected by her own party by what was a landslide for her. does this bode well for general elections next year? >> indeed, the result was one that was worthy of a chinese party congress, nearly unanimous. it is precisely because we have elections coming up next year and the party well knows that merkel is their very best advertisement. she is the most popular politician in germany. her popularity ratings significantly surpassed those of the party as a whole, and therefore, the party is happy to have her as its head as it goes into next year's elections. the reason for that popularity is very much her handling of the eurozone crisis, the very same attributes that annoyed many of the eurozone member countries -- her caution, her insistence that structural reform must precede
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bailouts. >> this is being dubbed the merkel show. can she deliver, though? >> in fact, she is very much the main message here at the party congress, but not the only message. as we heard in the report, the party has been at pains to show itself as a modern party, a party focused on diversity. there were strong warnings to business, for example, that it needs to get more women into top management positions. we heard a very long discussion about tax treatment of same-sex marriages. the cdu trying to show itself as a party that is delectable by urban voters and that stands for diversity, as i said. >> ending the eurozone crisis has been a top priority, not only for merkel, but also for other european leaders as well. >> one key part of the plans is
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the creation of a banking union. finance ministers were supposed to be discussing the first steps to building such a union today, but the talks collapsed without progress. the discussions are very contentious, mainly because of the devolution of national powers to brussels. our correspondent has been following the talks and explained why they collapsed. >> another meeting on this next question, another failure. basically, the differences between member states were not healed. on the one side, you've got germany being very questioning about the central core idea, which is that the european central bank will become the supervisory body for the whole euro banking area, insuring heavy capitalization of banks to bolster them against future economic shocks. germany does not think that is necessarily the right body to do it. it certainly does not think that all 6000 banks in europe should
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be involved. france on the other hand -- france and spain leading the charge, saying that this must be done now. financial markets are being very good and not panicking, but if they see continued failure of eurozone finance ministers to agree to this, we might get the restoration of finance of duties, which of costa much trouble in recent years. the deadline for agreeing is no overarching bank advisory super body is meant to be in place on january 1. it does not look likely, and a lot of frustration at this meeting today with the sides deeply divided and no sign of agreement. that, of course, is the basic issue -- why has there not an overarching supervisory control? precisely because it was difficult to do then. the eurozone crisis highlighted that failure, and we've still got the same problems blighting the regular meetings of finance ministers.
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>> despite the eurozone crisis, german exports are still robust. >> we will have the latest on the german export data later on in the program, but first, in britain, the duchess of cambridge is said to be feeling a little bit better after spending a second day in the hospital for acute morning sickness. >> the wife of the second in line to the british throne, prince william, is expecting their first child. >> that secret did not last very long. kate is reportedly just two months pregnant. >> prince william visited his wife in this london hospital after she was taken their suffering from severe morning sickness. doctors say she will remain under observation for a few days. it is not just the doctors who will be watching, but much of britain and the rest of the world as well. >> i am delighted because i just think she is kind of a normal
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person going into the royal family, and i think it is what we hope for them. we just wish her a happy pregnancy. >> the baby will be third in line to the british throne after prince charles and prince william. a new addition to the duke and duchess of cambridge's family is likely to increase the popularity of a royal couple who have already won the hearts of the nation and the people around the natihe world.e people around palace officials gave no other details of the pregnancy, and in a country where bookmakers will accept bets on anything, many are already running a book on the name of the royal offspring, how long kate will be in labor, and even weather the child will have ginger hair -- whether the child will have ginger hair. >> coming up, record employment
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figures in spain. >> and where does kosovo stand after five years of independence?
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>> welcome back. the government of spain has been struggling for months now to turn the country's economy around. today, new figures were released showing the number of people out of work is at a new record high. >> some 4.9 million spaniards are currently registered. that's an unemployment rate of some 25%, and many fear the situation is going to get worse before it gets better. >> long queues at the unemployment office had become a familiar sight in spanish cities, and they keep getting longer. the number of jobless rose for a
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fourth consecutive month in november. almost 500,000 more are out of work compared to a year ago. >> i wish there were more jobs. we are sinking in unemployment. >> i think the bad situation we are in is going to last at least another two years. >> the government, of course, hopes that is not the case, but so far, it has not had any success in bringing down the jobless rate. >> these are obviously very bad numbers. unemployment continues to rise. we work hard every day to try and change that. we are dealing with a crisis. >> critics at home city government's approach of cutting spending is not working. last week, demonstrators protested against cuts to the education budget. like the queues outside employment offices, protests are also becoming more common.
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>> the eurozone may be having problems, but german exports are surging. in the third quarter, they went up 3.6% over the same time last year. >> that is mainly because german companies have been selling more goods to countries outside the eurozone. >> times are tough for countries like spain and portugal. the economic downturn in southern europe meant that manufacturers saw their exports to some countries shrank more than 10% year-on-year, but growing demand from overseas more than balanced out the losses on the european market. the total value of exports within the european union dropped by just under 1%, but business was booming in the united states, up 26%. that rise outstripped even the increase seen from china. german cars especially remained popular overseas.
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i of german exports continue to sell at this rate, they could reach a record 1.1 billion euros for 2012. >> how did companies react to the export news, and what does that mean for investors? our correspondence sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. > germany's exporters are still reporting strong profits, but companies which mainly depend on the european markets are preparing for tougher times. truckmaker m.a.n. announced that it is planning to reduce capacity by ordering more than five dozen workers to work reduced hours. news like this limits the upward potential, just like the discussion in united states about tax increases and spending cuts. each time a solution between democrats and republicans seems to become a bit less probable. investors are getting nervous again, also here in frankfurt.
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>> let's take a quick look at some market numbers now. the dax closed just a tad down at 7435. euro stoxx 50 closed about 0.3% up. the dow jones going up just a tick. the euro trading for $1.3099. >> a major coup for german authorities in their fight against tax evasion. state prosecutors purchase a cd containing data on germans with almost 3 billion euros stashed at swiss bank ubs. and to report includes the information on more than 250 foundations with millions of euros of untaxed assets. officials say there is no indication that ubs employees assisted german clients in evading taxes at home. >> in a moment, we will be taking a closer look at the
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situation in kosovo five years after the country declared independence. >> but first, other stories making news -- a fire in a garment factory in southern china has killed 14 people and injured one. because of the blaze is not yet known. senior officials have ordered an inquiry into the incident. workplace officials often fail to adequately enforce workplace safety standards. >> in greece, a bomb has exploded in an athens suburb. no one was hurt, but the explosion damaged adjacent businesses. some have called for banning the anti-immigrant party whose popularity has surged during the greek debt crisis. >> in belfast, protesters have clashed with police over plans to remove britain oppose the union jack flag from city hall. hundreds of protestant demonstrators attempted to storm the building after the majority catholic city voted to take it
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down. 15 police officers were injured. and these are testing times for a new push by the european union to reconcile serbia and its former southern province. >> although it has been almost five years since costs of a declared independence with western backing, tensions are just as high. still, there are optimists. we talk to the german commander of the nato-led peace keepers in the north of the country for more. >> our coverage begins. >> the bridge links the ethnic albanian and serve parts of the city appeared to this day, it is guarded by nato troops. on the serb side is a rebel barricade, a sign of the deep divisions between the communities. serbian town, proclaims the sign. no. cost of those home to some 50,000 serbs in a country dominated by ethnic albanians
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-- northern kosovo is home to some 50,000 serbs. is trying to build bridges, and she even speaks albanian. >> we want to give our contribution in that way. we are motivated because the future of our families is related to this town. >> her office helps people register a business or apply for government subsidies, but locals are still reluctant to come here. many people do not want their faces shown on camera. on the papers is the emblem of the cost of a national government, an entity most serbs here refuse to recognize -- the emblem of the cause of low -- the emblem of the kosovo
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national governor. they insist the region is part of serbia. they are damning of kosovan independence and the albanian community. >> look at their crimes. women and children were murdered in auschwitz, but the albanians are worse. they kill people for their organs. the international community refuses to see it. instead, they look for crimes here where there are not any. >> in reality, the ethnic serb parts are a haven for lawlessness. there's no police come in our judiciary. the security forces are not recognized here. attempts to change that have only lead to violence. last year, authorities tried to assert their powers by sending police into the region. for months, nato troops or caught in the middle as serbs mounted angry protests. many people were injured. today, international forces still patrol the ethnic serb parts of northern coast of of--
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kosovo. their kids -- barricades proclaim the serbian flag. >> they refuse to talk. if you try to start a conversation with them, they just clam up. >> if there is peace here, it is an uneasy one. these troops are part of a 700- strong unit, said in as temporary reinforcement. more than a year on, they are still here, but the german commander of the nato mission is hopeful. >> political dialogue has begun between serbia and cozumel -- kosovo. if tech of his momentum, there's a chance we will have a situation that will allow us to reduce troop numbers -- if that gathers momentum. >> there is hope as well in the citizens information office.
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>> the north cannot stay forever a place in which anything can happen and nobody is responsible. >> there are some here who believe the bridge could take on another meaning -- a symbol of bonds between ethnic serbs and albanians. >> the dutch football federation has canceled all 33,000 amateur football matches due to take place this weekend. >> this after a 41-year-old referee died of head injuries a day after he was attacked by three teenage players at the end of a game. people in the netherlands have reacted with shock to the incident. >> prosecutors say three teenage players will be charged in connection with the death. a minute of silence will also be held at professional matches. in the german second division game, berlin is ahead wises this
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goal. about 15 minutes after takeoff. but then the pressure was put on, and it was equalized after 15 minutes. >> brazilian playmaker ronnie got the winning goal just before the final whistle. his eighth goal of the season. the results simmons berlin's position at #2 below in the table. >> you are watching the "journal" on dw. do not forget, you can get details on any of our stories on our website. that is >> see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute
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