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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 11, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> changes to the constitution raising concerns over the rule of law. >> japan marking the second anniversary the deadly tsunami that sparked a nuclear meltdown. >> the world's most lavish polling station.
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>> the year opinion and does not like what's going on in budapest. lawmakers have passed highly controversial changes to the constitution that critics say violate the. >> they say hungary is no longer a constitutional majority. >> the set of amendments passed through a vote of 265-11 passed since to the two-thirds conservative government. it further restricts freedom of the press and includes a controversial new social measures. the socialists boycotted the vote. for more, we go to budapest where stefan is standing by. why did the government feel the need to make these changes? >> they wanted to make the
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changes to ensure that the constitutional court can no longer intervene in their policies. the constitutional court overruled several measures including the limitations on churches, the media, and, for instance, forbidding students to go abroad if they receive state sponsorship. that is all gone now. with this new amendment, people will basically be forced to follow the line of the government. >> what about public support? how have hungarians been reacting to the vote? >> very angry. there have been several demonstrations already in budapest. they say this was not the government for whom they had voted. the ruling party lost many voters. of course, they still have a
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majority, but it is really now making sure that other governments cannot overrule these kinds of measures because you will need a two-thirds majority, which is very hard to get, for the divided government. in the years to come, it looks like they have changed course. >> where will they end up? >> we will see more reactions from the european union as well as the united states. we still have to wait, but there are some talks about cutting subsidies to hungary and there have been talks about cutting their voting rights. we have to see how this will play out, but the eu is not happy. >> thank you, stefan. >> speaking of reaction from the
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eu, this could spark a face-off with the european union. let's bring in nanotechnology in brussels. -- nina in brussels. they have been a consistent opponent of this amendment. are they now becoming a problem child? >> hundred continues to be the you problem child. the issue has just slipped off the agenda in the last few months because of europeans were busy solving the current economic crisis, but brussels has clashed with hungary over a series of issues in the past including what we have just heard, media freedom, control over the constitutional court, etc. they say that there in the process of making his state and authoritarian one which goes against the principle of democracy in. that is something of victor has to a year to since they are a
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member of the european union. they will study the amendments in detail what the president of the european commission has already said they have concerns that they do not comply with eu law. >> and what possibility is there a of the commission and applying pressure? >> political pressure is already being exerted, but he has not shown himself very impressed in the past with those measures and bilateral talks. the eu does have a set of instruments. they can take the case to court. they can freeze funds. they receive a lot of development funds from the eu. last but not least, as a last resort, they could strip hungary of the right to vote in the european council. all that takes a long time. possibly, the eu could be working on a way to reform itself so they could interfere before something actually happens.
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at the moment, they can only interfere not when a member state is in the process of threatening a fundamental doubt you violations. >> hundred is facing their fair share values on the economic front. there currency had already been struggling and it now has plunged to a nine-month low in response to the vote. >> they're worried about control over the central bank and is growing anti business rhetoric. it fell by 1 percent against the euro and on friday, two members of the central bank were fired under pressure of the government. the armistice guaranteeing peace between north and south korea for nearly 60 years is now history. south koreans have been reacting to threats of nuclear war from the north.
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>> anti-north korean sentiment has reached fever pitch. they're demanding an end to the nuclear program. moratoria has cut off emergency hot line to the south coming at the start of a joint military drills involving south korea and u.s. military troops. the indian government has a knowledge of a major security lapse involving the gang rape case. one of the men have been found dead in his cell. he took his own life, but his family does not believe it. >> the defendant was found dead in this maximum-security prison on the outskirts of delhi. used strips of his sleeping mat to hang himself, but the man's family and lawyers suspect foul play. >> there was no reason for him to commit suicide. he was not done stable.
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he was getting to see his family members every day. the court had given him special permission. the trial is going well. i cannot understand him what -- what led him to commit suicide. >> the defendant was the driver of the bus accused of encouraging the men during the attack. the brutal assault sparked a wave of nationwide protests demanding better treatment of women in india. it helped expose daily abuse and commonplace misogyny many women contend with. the trials are still set for the other five men accused of carrying out the attack. four of the defendants could face the death penalty. the fifth man is facing a maximum three years in prison because it was underage up the time of the attack. >> european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to
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discuss syria. they are at odds over how to deal with the problems. >> brahimi was on hand calling for a political solution. some countries are in favor of supply and rebels with weapons. germany and others think it's too big a risk. the internationals trying to shine a light on pervasive human rights abuses in iraq. >> it details human rights violations after the fall of saddam hussein. torture is widespread in prisons. it cites cases in which prison ers were denied food and sleep. they pinned the blame on the forces as well as the united states and britain and. they're being called authoritarians and weirdos who want to choke off the most
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vibrant economy. >> that is of the junior democrats describe the main opposition, the social democrats. >> they have put the finishing touches on their campaign including new taxes and the minimum wage. >> the social democrats know what they want. they are betting social issues can help win over voters. >> the majority of people think the economy is going strong, but only a few people are profiting from our economic strength. >> social democrats want to see a minimum wage of 8.5 euro an hour. there also pushing to afford -- start affordable housing projects. to finance at all, they want to raise tax rates on top tier earners. steinberg says it's necessary to
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ensure german economic health. >> successful economic policy is only successful if it encourages their economic distribution. >> the social democrats working hand in hand it to develop the platform taking over 40,000 suggestions from non-party members. the leadership pass the plan in a unanimous vote. >> we will have a look at soccer in just a short moment. >> first, here are some other stories making news around the world. pakistan and iran have started building a gas pipeline leak -- linking the two countries. the u.s. said this could incur new sanctions. this will enable them to sell more of their natural gas resources which the united states as undermine sanctions already in place. >> french police say they have foiled a terrorist attack.
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three men in their 20's were arrested after they found weapons materials and bomb making materials. they were within days of being able to carry out an attack. >> hamburg has managed to move back into european contention after their first win in three games over stuka guard. -- stuttgart. >> they dropped another spot in the standings to 14. >> this was a game a few chances as hamburg and start canceled each other route. -- and stuttgart cancelled each other out. stuttgart threatening with this kick turning it under the cross bar. ulreich had no chance when they struck again after the break. it put hamburg in a lead.
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he couldn't beat adler and hamburg taking home 3 vital points. >> five weeks ago, frankfurt look like a genuine contender for a champion's leave the place. >> they have neither won a game or scored a single goal. it was all supposed to change against hanover. he was let off the hook when this strike almost crept in. no goal, according to the referees. the results so another goal rolled out and then moments later he put the ball laid-back of the net only for the assistant referee to rule him offsides. the final score, nil all. you will not believe how far had the bavarian giants have managed to get. 20 points over stuttgart and could have the title wrapped up by the end of the month.
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a bad weekend for dusseldorf. holding out hopes of reaching the playoffs spot. he looked almost certain to be relegated this summer and now they have named the man the task for depression next season. >> the basement club has appointed frank kramer as coach. he has worked with used teams and recently in charge of relegation rival hoffenhiem as interim coach. >> a rally news for you just briefly. he is just one the rally in mexico is suffering an early setback due to technical problems. we have a lot more news coming norway on dw. >> when we come back, it's been two years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan.
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we have a look at how things stand today. >> more details on that. stay with us.
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>> monday marked a somber anniversary. it has been two years since the ocean rose against japan. they have observed a moment of silence for the 19,000 people lost on march 11th, 2011. >> they have a ceremony in tokyo appealing to people not to forget the victims lost and those who still suffer. the events are still etched into the nation's collective memory. >> the earthquake and tsunami devastated much of the northeastern coast and the fukushima of power plant causing the worst nuclear accident in a
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generation. >> silence and reflection. many people in japan still in mourning. on this day two years ago, at exactly to o'clock 40 6:00 p.m., an enormous earthquake rocked northeast japan. and also triggered a tsunami sweeping for coastal villages and towns. almost 19,000 people lost their lives. many are still listed as missing. for the victims' families, the pain has not gone away. >> my mother is still missing. it has been two years. >> the number and his wife led tribute to those who lost their lives. he said japan would never forget what happened that day. he called for more support for survivors and their families.
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>> i think the only way to help the victims rest in pieces by accelerating rate construction and by supporting the survivors. >> many japanese feel let down am forgotten. the tsunami destroyed the entire coastal areas. we construction work has been installed. 3000 people are still living in temporary accommodations. it includes people who lived near the fukushima dai-ichi milk plant -- if nuclear plant which released huge amounts of radiation into the environment. a 20-kilometer zone was completely evacuated. no one knows when it will be safe to return again. >> there are reminders beyond japan of just how much impact the tsunami had. the breeze swept out into the water is still washing up on shore is as far away as the west
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coast of the united states. >> the people who lived near the fukushima plant will never finish dealing with the fallout. they're not in agreement on how to handle contaminated things. >> in the 20-kilometer no go zone around the fukushima die ag plant. residents were told to leave and they are not allowed back, but things are starting to change. topsoil is being sliced off and they're trying to make the area safe to live in. >> we're doing this so residents can return. we have to reduce radiation levels to 0.23 microsieverts. >> they are moving everything into black plastic sacks.
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they only stop radioactive particles from spreading. they are then brought here for storage. nuclear experts from greenpeace are on-site. and they are not at all impressed at how the authorities are dealing with the radioactive waste. >> this is an improvised nuclear dump for storing other things found in the streets, fields, and in the woods. this illustrates just how few thailand is to try to decontaminate huge tracts of land. >> this is fukushima's district, 1 kilometer from the center. they're busy with the cleanup and the cat -- it decontamination. radiation levels are higher here, but what was radioactive was never evacuated. a local teacher, who does not want to tell us is named, it
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shows us around. everywhere you go, you see blue sheet covering up piles of waste. >> the irradiated soil was supposed to be buried, but it is not always possible because of power lines and water. >> they live with radioactive waste literally on their doorstep. greenpeace says it is impossible to decontaminate entire cities. near the main train station, they detect radiation hot spot giving a reading of almost 40. spending one day you're would expose it to the maximum safe level of radiation for a whole year. >> this is a nuclear waste. there are no two ways about it. it should only be handled by experts. >> nearby, an information office about decontamination and we asked them about a hot spot. >> i do not believe you can
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measure such high levels of radiation around here. >> the hot spot is in there, just 100 meters from the door of the decontamination team. nuclear waste continues to pile up on front lawns and there is no plan yet over to permanently dispose of it. two years on, the fukushima disaster is far from over. >> moving on to business news, a good start to the year for german exporters. new numbers showing exports were up more than 03% on a year-over- year basis. >> and imports up 3%. they say it's a strong of consumer spending of home. german demands were in demand in britain the, sweden, and poland. that positive data failing to lift stocks in europe. stefan has all the details from frankfurt. >> the german export business is
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in better shape than expected. this has been very good news. there have been no fireworks here on the frankfurt floor because many problems are remaining. the euro area remains weak. industrial production in france is going down and the downgrade of italy because refinancing costs will be moving higher which may cause big problems. also, the world economy seeming to lose steam. chinese retail sales did not rise as fast as people expected. this weighed on shares. the market started off lori -- started off very slow compared to last week. >> the dax close little changed, but keep in mind it is after last week's stellar rally. it is still hovering near a four
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and half year high. eurostoxx lower. the dow eking out modest gains, about 0.25%. the euro-dollar trending higher. >> there's been a lot of backlash in the banking industry, but now the co-ceo of deutsche bank is speaking out about the demonization of big banks here in germany. >> he said banks like his are systemically relevant for international markets. his comments come as they prepare to discuss new legislation for financial institutions. >> he made a fierce defense of his company at a meeting from angela merkel's christian democrat party. he said they need big banks like deutsche bank. >> use sometimes hear people say if we establish a few large savings banks that it would be enough and the state could not
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be blackmailed anymore. the people who make such frivolous suggestions made a serious consider it that could be a solution for our industrial partners. >> he also warned against strict national rules for banks saying it would affect german ability to compete with foreign institutions. the german parliament will be discussing possible new rules for the financial sector this week. >> not long left before the catholic church begins the process of choosing a new pope. the cardinals are holding a final round of discussions in the vatican. the conclave begins tuesday. the successful candidate will need a two-thirds majority to be elected. >> the conclave takes place in secrecy in the sistine chapel. we take a look at a unique setting for a very special election.
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>> scenes from the book of genesis and the last judgment in the most sumptuously decorated polling stations. up to 20,000 tourists file through the chapel to admire the economy are work. on this special occasion, the cardinals will have an all to themselves. 115 have gathered in rome to elect the next pope. michelangelo began painting the chapel ceiling more than 500 years ago. the work was commissioned by pope julius ii. instead of glorifying the papacy, there recreated scenes from the book of genesis featuring the most famous hands in hard history. -- ary history. god creating man is a sober reminder to maintain humility. christ's apostles, part of the original plan, are nowhere to be
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seen. this fresco on the altar wall prompting further irritation. his depiction of the last supper shows human souls descending and rising to prospective states and many of the figures are naked. dov at the time, it was labeled obscene and a moral. today, it is recognized as a great work of art and it will provide the backdrop during the conclave. shield it from the outside world, here the cardinals will choose the next leader of the catholic church. >> a story we will fully closely follow for you with special coverage on dw. >> we will have special coverage as soon as the smoke rises. stay with us.
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