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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 28, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." it's friday, march 29th. i'm kathryn kobyashi. people in cyprus are shuffling back to some sense of order. international lenders stepped in earlier this week to save the financial system. now managers have reopened banks for the first time in nearly two weeks. people have joined lines to withdraw their cash. some say they're relieved. others are unhappy that the government has limited withdrawals to 300 euros.
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foreign transactions of more than 5,000 euros are subject to state approval. they'll keep the ceiling on withdrawals and other capital controls in place or about a month. the president and members of cabinet will return 20 to 25% of their salaries to state could have coughers. under the terms of the bailout, the country's second largest bank is to be shutdown. accounts of under 100,000 euros will be combined with those of the largest bank, the bank of cyprus. accounts of more than 100,000ure/s will be frozen. people across cyprus are angry about how things unfolded. they're also worried the situation could get worse. nhk reports. >> reporter: sip rreyots waited
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for something that used to be an every day activity. but even though they can now go inside banks, they still face limitations. many are frustrated on controls on withdrawals and transfers. >> today a hundred only. that is the limit. >> reporter: it's enough? >> it's not enough, but we have no chance to do different. >> reporter: this man owns a used car dealership. he saw sales plummet as everyone fell into financial crisis. his profits have evaporated. he doesn't have faith things will get better. >> translator: i can't trust the banks any more. we probably facing much tougher times ahead. >> reporter: the impact of the
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crisis is also sending jolts through one of the country's largest foreign community. russians are considering their future in cyprus. more than 10,000 russia yans live in the resort city. russians are the top investors in cyprus. some are thinking of leaving the country. >> it's very bad. cyprus, it's very bad. >> i was very surprised, of course, by the situation, because we don't -- everybody was happy. we don't understand. it's leak come from the sky. are your cypriots have
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benefitted from the business russians bring. they are worried about the consequences. >> the russian community was very important. is that we lost, we killed our long established international business. we will lose much more than the other cities, because it was the main steam engine of the economy of the international business community here. >> reporter: cyprus has avoided financial collapse. but trust in the financial system has seriously eroded. leaders here have much more to do to rebuild their economy and calm fears about a future. nhk world. former south african president nelson mandela is back
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in the hospital to get treatment for a recurring lung infection. he is respected at home and abroad for his leadership in the fight against apartheid. he became the first black president in 1994. >> the doctors are atipding to him and ensuring that he receives the best possible expert medical treatment and he's kept comfortable. >> this is the third time in four months mandela lass been hospitalized. he's being treated in the medical facility in pretoria. the presidential spokes person gave no other details. in december he spent nearly three weeks in the hospital getting treatment for a lung infection and having a fwaul stone removed. mandela has not appeared in public since the 2010 world soccer championship. the swiss supreme court has
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overturn add lower court decision and granted indefinite operation for an aging nuclear power plant on the condition that sufficient safety mess usuals aric at thatten. the case centers around antiof nuclear demands. it has developed problems since coming online over 40 years ago. the plant's operator was ordered to shutdown the facility by june this year. the utility appealed the ruling. the supreme court rejected the plaintiff's request on thursday. the court permitted bkw to continue operating the plant on the condition that the power company implements enough safety mess usuals to address problems raised by the plaintiffs. the court also required the operator to follow instructions by the nuclear safety regulators. in the wake of the fukushima
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accident, the swiss government decided to phase-out its nuclear facilities. japan's defense ministry think tank has warned that the country might encounter an emergency situation with china around the senkaku islands. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. the national inch tult for defense studies has released a port. the report says that on the back of its expanding national power, china is taking action without fearing friction with neighboring countries. an emergency might occur if china continues to invade into japan's territory by sea and
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air. to stabilize relations it's crucial to promote meetings between the agencies of japan and china. the think tank also says north korea will continue to carry out tests under leader kim jong un. the report says north korea keeps insissing that its nuclear program is to dear united states. it will continue to launch rockets with similar technology. japan will provide over 5.1 billion yen or $540 million to myanmar. this will be the first assistance in 26 years. japanese finance minister promised a lone during his meeting with myanmar president. he hoped the assistance would be
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available by the end of this month. japan settled on the amount of assistance after consulting with moon mash. japan will earmark 2 $12 million to improve port facilities. japan can participate in the large industrial complex under a bilateral memorandum exchanged late last year. $148 million will also be allocated to repair thermal power plants and transformer sub stations. the rest of the aid or roughly $180 million will be spent on improving roads and drinking water systems. myanmar's economy is expected to continue to grow, but the company still needs to improve its infrastructure. japanese businesses are eager to participate in myanmar's development. the violence in the south of
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the buddhist majority country has killed more than 5,000 people. representatives gathered for closed door negotiations at a police straining center in the malaysian capital. they and members of the national revolution front, the brn, discussed disarming groups and improving security. they had a reminder of how volatile the situation is. mililtants carried out attacks in two provinces. one only two hours ahead of the talks. in that case the bombing killed three military rangers. the national revolution front is just one of many insurgent groups active. government officials have faced questions about whether talks with the brn alone will do anything to improve security. >> translator: i believe the brn
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is the plain group that can help to reduce violence. so we are talking to the right people. as brn chiefs can communicate with the armed forces on the ground. >> the thai government and the prn plan to hold talks regularly. government officials from japan, china and south korea have wrapped up their first round of free trade talks. they agreed on basic policies, including the goal of signing a comprehensive free trade deal. the representatives discussed investment rules, deregulating the service sector and other issues during three days of talks. they agreed to hold the next round of talks in china as early as july. china and south korea are not involved in the u.s. led trans-pacific partnership, a
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separate free trade network. they hope that completing a deal will further increase exports and invettements. panasonic president put the goal in the firm's three year biz plan through march 2016. he says his company will focus on boosting display sales to corporate customers, including medical institutions. he also mentioned about the loss making plasma display business. >> translator: if we decide on an outright pullout from the plasma display business, the loss would be clear, even though it would cost a certain amount. that's an easy choice, but we'll make every possible effort to keep the business going.
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and make it profitable again. >> but he did not completely rule out the poblgt of pulling out of plasma tv production. struggling japanese electronics maker sharp has received an investment of about $110 million from samsung electronics. this is based on a capital tieup agreement reached earlier this month. the investment will make the south korean maker the fifth largest shareholder in sharp. that means about a 3% stake. they have a deal to provide liquid crystal display. domestic auto production by the eight major japanese makers
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fell in february for the sixth month in arao. this is due to the expiration of government subsidies for buyers of eco friendly vehicles last year and the partial shift to overseas locations. the auto makers say their combined output came to about 767,000 units. that's down 15% from the same month last year. honda saw its production drop by 48%. nissan by 31% and toyota by 13%. six of the eight makers posted drop in their output. the auto firms say they plan to expand production in growing markets outside japan. that's despite the recent weakening of the yen. now let's take a look at the market figurenow let's take a l
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market figuremarket figures. president of japanese power utility has athounsed he'll scrap the building of a new nuclear plant na fukushima prefecture. it was only 10 kilometers north of fukushima daiichi. the president of tohoku of explained his decision. >> translator: after considering the situation and the feelings of the people of fukushima, we have decided it would not be appropriate to proceed with the planned construction.
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>> he noted many evacuees are still forced to live in government housing. he said the decision is absolutely natural under current situations. he urged tohoku to make good use of the land. they had been trying to win approval of the land since 1968. google has released panoramic images of a town affected by the tsunami. the internet giant street view service started offering 360 degree digital photos of the town on thursday. this is the first time people around the world get to see the exclusion zone around fukushima daiichi. the images show a shopping mall
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in the heart of the town littered with collapsed buildings. vehicles and traffic are not visible in the images. people in many countries have debated whether it's right
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to use corporal punishment on children. japanese parents and educators revisited the issue after a high school student committed suicide after being beaten repeatedly by his coach. teachers are grappling with other problems. nhk world reports from seoul. >> reporter: not long ago many south koreans believed physically punishing children was a necessary part of raising them. parents and teachers thought of corporal punishment of using the rod of law. this stick is traditionally used to whip children with a bad attitude. every school across the country used to be equipped with a stick. but its use is no longer allowed in schools. in 2011 the stick was retired. it followed several incidents in
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which students roughed up students. one pupil committed suicide. so all acts of force against students was banned. but the ban led to another problem. some students became aggressive and hard to control. others were even threatening or beating teachers. the number of these incidents more than doubled over the past three years. >> translator: teachers need some way of disciplining unruly students, but as of now, there is still no effective system in place for teachers to exercise such control. >> reporter: the problem has rekindled the debate over corporal punishment. >> translator: i used to receive corporal punishment. and it made me think about what
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i had done wrong. i think it's necessary. >> things can improve without corporal punishment, as long as there's good communication with students. i think that corporal punishment is wrong. >> reporter: now schools are seeking alternative way does keep students in line. at 6:30 in the morning, 300 high school freshman are awakened by a trainer. this boot camp was established in 2003. over the two day program, a former marine drill instructor uses traditional techniques intended to build the inner strength and cooperative spirit of ordinary people. last year 65 stewed inters were sent to the program. and the number is growing.
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>> translator: i want to use a variety of methods other than corporal punishment to help change students' attitudes. at this camp, i hope that students will become physically stronger and better able to persevere and learn to overcome hardship and adversity. are your meanwhile, some schools are adopting methods that encourage students to regulate their own behavior. last year this middle school started a system that let students make their own rules. about 40 people, a representative from each class are discussing changing rules. they deal with behavior and language during class. >> translator: we created these rules, so we feel bad if we don't follow them. this motivates us to stick to them. ive think the rules are a good thing.
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>> translator: during this transition, i trust in the students, and their ability to regulate themselves. i want to wait patiently and see what happens. >> reporter: students and tea teachers are still ironing out problem does this approach. but they're all hoping it will create mutual respect and a better learning environment. nhk world, seoul a special auction is and at this time anticipated in london. this egg measures 30 sent meters by 21 sent meter the. the ostrich like birds lived in madagascar. they stood more than 3 meters high and weighed about 500
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kilograms. the birds became extinct between the 14th and 1th centuries. >> it's very rare to find one that's complete, see one that's in such perfect condition is a real treat. >> christie's officials expect the rare egg to fetch about $40,000. our meteorologist joins us now with world weather. you've been keeping a close eye on severe conditions in china. >> persistent rain is affecting life in schn. we're talking about thunderstorms and a risk of hail. hong kong, you've had about 100 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. the heaviest rain in several months. still an additional 200 millimeters possible in some areas. the soil can't absorb any more
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rain. further flooding and landslides could occur. rain is also affecting taiwan and islands of japan. 70-mile-per-hour gusts as well. up towards the north, high and dry for the rest of china and the korean peninsula. temperatures a few degrees lower than usual. tokyo is going to be an exception, 20 degrees, looking like late april. down toward the south, sizzling hot. central thailand will see highs reaching over 40 degrees. in north america it's mostly quiet. but rainshowers will develop across arkansas and missouri. this is the place where warm air from the south is colliding with the cold air mass blanketing the northeastern part of the u.s. and eastern canada. so temperatures have been on the lower side across the east. only 12 degrees in new york
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city. actually new york has been experiencing the coldest march since 2001. the lower than average temperatures across the east will prolong into easter weekend. but across the west looking mild. 23 in la and 16 degrees in seattle. u.k. a spring officially started last week, but winter conditions prevail in many parts of germany, skiers in the mountains in central germany were not complaining. they're making full use of the snowy conditions. the brisk weather didn't seem to phase people on the beach. some locals were even surfing the rough waves.
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some people didn't mind the cold. now in terms of the precipitation, severe weather is likely to persist across the south. we are seeing a low system in the peninsula. snowshowers for the alpine region and the northern parts of the balkan peninsula will return. chilly once again. 1 degree for berlin and 2 degrees in moscow. out towards the west, only 5 in london. we should be at 13 degrees this time of year. but towards the south looking mild, 15 degrees in ma grade and 18 in athens. here is your extended forecast around the globe.
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chblts and that wraps up this
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edition of "newsline." i'm kathryn kobyashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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